1 City of Chicago COMMISSION ON HUMAN RELATIONS | IN THE MATTER OF: | | ______________________________________________ | Complainant | Case Number ________________ v. | ______________________________________________ | | ______________________________________________ | Respondent(s) COMPLAINANT'S REPLY TO RESPONSE This is a reply to __________________________________________________________________ 1. ABC Company's response to the complaint State what response you are replying to and who submitted it (e.g or ) Richard Roe's response to the amended complaint . Attaching additional sheets if needed, briefly state your position about the response to Position statement. 2. which you are replying. For example, explain why the Co mmission should reject the respondent's defenses to your complaint, or what factual statements you dispute and w hy. You may include a memorandum of law in response to any legal arguments. If there are documents or witn esses that support your position, you should submit that information as well; you may use the Commission's Supporting Documentation form. Signature and certification. 3. Signature of outside counsel is not sufficien t. If a complainant will be represented by an attorney, an attorney appearance must be filed and served. See Regs. 210.250 and 270.310. I certify that the statements set forth in this reply a re true and correct except as to those stated to be on information and belief, as to which I cert ify that I believe them to be true. Signature Date Signed Print name. Title & organization if signing for a business _____________________________ __________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _____________________________ __________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ This reply contains ___ pages including this one. You must SERVE a copy of this response on ev A Notice of Filing and ery other party and file proof of service. Certificate of Service form is available from the Commission. See Regs. 270.210 and 270.220. File original and one copy at Chicago Commission on Human Relations 740 N. Sedgwick, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60654 Fax 312-744-1081, Phone 312-744-4111, TTY 312-744-1088

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