1 ©2005 St. Mary Medical Center  many group support programs. What You May Expect from Us:  center, physical therapy department, diabetes our state-of-the-art fitness center, pain management  available to you in or near our Wellness Center such as In addition to these services, there are many resources Questions regarding the information contained   in this brochure may be directed to: education program, spiritual care department, and facilitating your health and healing To be greeted by caring professionals dedicated to To be monitored on each visit, with progress updates sent to your doctor upon request ... and, most importantly, To be provided with holistic services conducted in a To be cared for by healing companions who assist you in setting aside your pain and stress so that you stress, and revitalize your spirit! lie within! Let us help you interests symptoms, your lifestyle, your goals and your To be supported with resources matched to your increase relaxation, decrease pain and emotional peaceful and confidential setting intended to may rediscover the health, peace and vitality that 1201 Langhorne-Newtown Road, Langhorne, PA 19047 St. Mary Holistic Center take good care of yourself! 215-710-6948 www. 215-710-2000 ... ... not only of the body, but also of the mind and spirit. of the mind and spirit. not only of the body, but also ease stress, maintain health, and improve the in conjunction with conventional medicine to relieve pain, More and more, people are seeking out and utilizing these services and spirit. encourages peacefulness and stillness within the body, mind, Holistic Center services are infused with a spiritual foundation that quality of their lives. effectively and heal more completely. lifestyle enrichment classes are offered as companions–key components to helping you cope more In this balanced approach, various services such as massage therapy, mind-body-spirit techniques and ... the area’s first hospital-based, holistic services department dedicated the body, but also of the mind and spirit. to promoting the understanding that healing is a journey not only of lifestyle. The St. Mary Holistic Center was created for this purpose. condition; or to deal with the pressures of an overly demanding diagnosis; to address the symptoms and stress of a chronic health consider what else you can do to cope with the challenges of a serious person is essential to stimulating the healing process. This is holistic care. emotional and spiritual issues, we are aware that treating the whole needs. Knowing that health is influenced by physical, mental, understanding that you are an individual with complex issues and At St. Mary Medical Center, how we care for you is based on the In addition to quality medical care, often times it is important to

2 As you and your doctor make decisions about various treatment options, it is also important to consider quality of living enhancement options. issues and challenges of wellness, illness, and injuries. T Holistic services provide relief for conditions such as: here are many things to consider when addressing the Low Energy, Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Symptoms of Cancer and Cancer Treatments Diabetes Digestive Disorders Fibromyalgia High Blood Pressure Chronic Pain and Back Pain Orthopedic Conditions Stress Weight Challenges Arthritis Cardiac Conditions You May Experience           questions such as:   Holistic services provide solutions to  Some of the Many Benefits  amidst the challenges in your life management tools Relaxation and stress relief – finding your “calm” cancer treatments Relief from symptoms associated with cancer and Learning life-changing coping mechanisms and stress Support of your body’s natural healing processes Increased ability to relax and sleep well How can I cope better with my health condition? energy through healthier lifestyle What else can I do to manage my pain and discomfort? The experience of being cared for and nurtured How is my frame of mind affecting my health? Increased vitality through body movement; increased What type of exercise is best and how much? Relief from muscle spasms, soreness and stiffness How can I relieve my stress and symptoms so that I may sleep better, feel better, be more productive, and spend more quality time doing quality things? Relief from pain and fatigue Four Aspects To Remember When Choosing Your Holistic Services 1. Ensuring the Right Fit 2. Encouraging the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection 3. Choosing the Right Bodywork Therapies 4. Learning Tools to Take Home make sure you receive the right service or combination of services. internal strength and A peaceful, relaxed state of mind creates relaxation and peace within the body. At the Holistic Center, we foster optimal healing by including coping skills, counseling approaches and stress reduction tools. (Refer to Mind-Body-Spirit Therapies.) In holistic care, one treatment “size” does not fit all. Our A standard massage is not appropriate for everyone. At the Holistic Center, our therapists are trained to work with people with varying medical histories, and carefully choose the right combination of massage techniques to ensure that your comfort is our primary concern. (Refer to Bodywork Therapies.) detailed, self-care consultation focuses on you – your By learning tools that promote self-empowerment and mental tranquility, a new relationship is formed between the mind and the body. An individual develops symptoms, lifestyle, current strategies and goals to learns to abandon fear and stress for inner calmness and vitality. (Refer to Lifestyle Enrichment Classes.)  Programs and Individual Services: Service hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am - 7 pm and scheduled weekend hours. Inpatient services are provided with your doctor’s permission within 24 hours of request. Cash, checks and credit cards accepted. Gift certificates available. Self Care Consultation and Plan, $60 Mind-Body-Spirit Therapies: (specializing in issues related to health, chronic pain and stress)  which services are right for you, please contact the Holistic Center to interest and participation with your doctor. If you are unsure about  If you are considering a class or service, you may wish to discuss your  and well-being is the right choice.  specific time. Perhaps an out-of-pocket investment in your health  consider carefully the potential benefits of the type of care at this  Contact your insurance provider for more information and also fee-for-service, some may be reimbursable under insurance. A word about insurance...While most of these services are     Bodywork Therapies:      members and colleagues)  (Call for full list & dates; discounts for Wellness Center (Fees subject to change without notice) Lifestyle Enrichment Classes:    discuss options. “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster,” $65 Therapeutic Massage, $60/hr; $35/ Warm Basalt Stone Massage, $90 Clinical Hypnosis, $100/session (initial consultation 2 hrs) Meditation Classes, $60/4 wks Manual Lymphatic Drain Massage, $60/hr CranioSacral Therapy, $60/hr Hypnosis for Stress or Weight Mgt, $60/4 wks Bodywork Evaluation and Therapy, $90 Spiritual Counseling, $60 Shiatsu, $60/hr Reiki Certification Classes, fees vary per level Reflexology, $60/hr Myofascial Release Therapy, $60/hr Counseling Services, $90/session Deep Breathing Techniques Coaching, $60 Guided Imagery, $60 Reiki, $60/hour; $35/ Intensive Stress Reduction Program, $400 (8 wks and Yoga and Tai Chi Classes, $60/6 wks 1 / 2 day retreat) 1 / 2 hr 1 / 2 hr

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