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1 2014 SaleS, Demographic, anD USage Data eSSential FactS aboUt the compUter anD ViDeo game inDUStry [ i ]

2 “ our industry has a remarkable upward trajectory. computer and video games are a form of entertainment enjoyed by a diverse, worldwide consumer base that demonstrates immense energy and enthusiasm for games. With an exciting new generation of hardware, outstanding software, and unmatched creativity, technology, and content, our industry will continue to thrive in the years ahead.” — michael D. gallagher, president and ceo, entertainment Software association [ ii ]

3 What’S inSiDe Who iS playing Who plays computer and Video games? 2 4 Who buys computer and Video games? at play 5 What t ype of online and mobile games are played most often? 5 how many gamers play on a phone or Wireless Device? 6 how many gamers play games With others? parents and games 7 7 parents control What their Kids play 9 t op reasons parents play With their Kids the bottom line What Were the t op-Selling game genres in 2013? 10 What Were the t 11 op-Selling games of 2013? 12 Sales information: 2003–2013 13 t otal consumer Spend on Video game industry in 2013 Who We are 14 about eSa eSa members 14 other reSoUrceS 16 eSa partners the 2014 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry was released by the entertainment Software association (eSa) in april 2014. the annual research was conducted by ipsos mediact for eSa. the study is the most in-depth and targeted survey of its kind, gathering data from more than 2,200 nationally representative households. heads of households, and the most frequent gamers within each household, were surveyed about their game play habits and attitudes. [ 1 ]

4 Who iS playing gamer DemographicS 59% of americans play video games there are an average of the average U.S. household tWo gamerS oWnS at leaSt one dedicated game console, pc, or smartphone in each game-playing U.S. household “people of all ages play video games. there is no longer a ‘stereotype game player,’ but instead a game player could be your grandparent, your boss, or even your professor.” —Jason allaire, ph.D., associate professor of psychology at north carolina State University and co-director of the gains through gaming lab 51% of U.S. households own a dedicated game console, and those that do own an average of 2 among american households that own a device used to play video games: 68% 53% 41% PLAY GAMES ON PLAY GAMES ON PLAY GAMES ON A WIRELESS DEVICE A SMARTPHONE A CONSOLE Smartphone and wireless device use , respectively, over 2012 increased by and 22% 37% [ 2 ]

5 Who iS playing gamer DemographicS years old the average game player is 31 the average U.S. household 29% oWnS at leaSt one 39% 48% dedicated game console, pc, or smartphone 52% 32% GENDER AGE of Game Players of Game Players 52% male 29% under 18 years 48% female 32% 18-35 years 39% 36+ years Women age 18 or older represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (36%) than boys age 18 or younger (17%) the number of female gamers age 50 and older increased from 2012 to 2013 by 32% the average number of years gamers have been playing video games: 14 adult gamers have been playing for an average of 16 years, with adult men averaging 18 years and adult women averaging 13 years [ 3 ]

6 Who iS bUying gamer pUrchaSing Who bUyS compUter anD ViDeo gameS? the average age of the most frequent game purchaser: 35 of the most frequent game purchasers Female Male 50% 50% Purchaser s s Purchaser 44% of game players state that computer and video games give them the most value for their money, compared with DVDs, music, or going out to the movies 21% 48% of gamers said the quality of game graphics, of gamers said the price was an interesting storyline, a sequel to a the most important factor in their decision to purchase a computer favorite game, or word of mouth was or video game the most important factor in their decision to purchase a computer or video game [ 4 ]

7 at play hoW We play casual/social game play on mobile devices and online has increased significantly over the past year. among most frequent gamers, social games are now the most popular genre, increasing in popularity by from 2012 to 2013. 55% typeS oF online gameS playeD moSt oFten: Other 8% Persistent Multi-Player Universe Casual/ 11% Social Games 30% 24% Action, Sports, Strategy, 28% Puzzle, Board Game, Role-Playing Game Show ivia, , Tr Card Games of gamers play on their smartphone 44% of gamers play on their wireless device 33% typeS oF mobile gameS playeD moSt oFten: Persistent Multi-Player Universe 4% Casual/ Action, Sports, Strategy, Social Games 46% 11% Role-Playing 9% Other 31% Puzzle, Board Game, Game Show, Trivia, Card Games [ 5 ]

8 play at hoW We play gamers who are playing more video games than they did three years ago are spending less time: 48% 47% 47% watching watching movies going to tV at home the movies gamers who own dedicated game consoles use them for other entertainment media, in addition to playing games: 50% 26% 24% 8% USE THEIR CONSOLE USE THEIR CONSOLE USE THEIR CONSOLE TO USE THEIR CONSOLE WATCH TV SHOWS TO WATCH MOVIES TO WATCH LIVE CONTENT TO LISTEN TO MUSIC 47% 62% 77% of gamers play games of gamers play of gamers play with others, either with others at least one social games in-person or online hour per week a majority of gamers play games with their friends and family members: 18% 32% 42% 14% play with other play with play with their play with spouse or friends family members parents significant other [ 6 ]

9 at play parentS anD gameS 88% 85% of parents are aware of parents whose children play games believe the eSrb rating system is of the eSrb rating system either very or somewhat helpful in choosing games for their children “all games, by their very nature, have a deep relationship to the core Stem skills of logic and reason, empiricism, the scientific method.” ork University —Frank lantz, director of the game center at new y parentS control What their KiDS play 87% of parents believe that the parental controls available in all new video game consoles are useful. Further, parents impose time usage limits on video games more than any other form of entertainment: 80% 83% 76% 70% of parents place of parents place time of parents place of parents place limits on television time limits on time limits on time limits on video viewing movie viewing internet usage game playing of the games rated by eSrb in 2013: 19% 46% 23% 12% received a t received an m received an e received an e10+ (everyone) rating (t een) rating (mature) rating (everyone 10+) rating [ 7 ]

10 at play parentS anD gameS 82% 91% of children receive their parents’ of parents whose children play games are present when games permission before purchasing are purchased or rented or renting a game 95% of parents pay attention to the content of the games their children play “y ou create these communities around the game that do an incredible amount of intellectual work, and when they’re done with the work, they will leave the game and go on to another game that’s more challenging. can you imagine if we had that kind of environment in classrooms?” — constance Steinkuehler Squire, associate professor in digital media and co-director of the games+learning+Society center at the University of Wisconsin-madison, and former senior policy analyst in the White house office of Science and t echnology policy 56% of parents say video games are a positive part of their child’s life Families with children Under 18 at home See benefits of playing computer and Video games: [ 8 ] [ 8 ]

11 play at parentS anD gameS 58% 42% of parents whose children are of parents whose children are gamers play computer and video games gamers play with their children at least monthly with their children at least weekly top reaSonS parentS play gameS With their KiDS: ➎ ➊ it’s fun for the entire family: 88% because they’re asked to: 84% ➋ it’s a good opportunity to socialize with their child: 75% ➌ ➍ it’s a good opportunity to monitor game content: 61% ➎ they enjoy playing video games as much as their child does: 47% “games provide a wonderful platform for intergenerational play and learning. Kids often take the lead in showing their moms what they know how to do in the game—they are the experts! this gives both moms and their children a chance to interact and learn together, which we know from a developmental perspective has great benefits.” —Katie Salen, executive director of institute of play [ 9 ]

12 the bottom line top SellerS best-Selling ViDeo game Super genres by Units Sold, 2013 Other Games/Compilations 1.2% 3.4% Strategy 31.9% Action 12.7% Sport Games Adventure 6.9% 0.2% Arcade 20.0% Shooter 2.3% Casual Children's Entertainment 0.3% 5.5% Family Entertainment Role-Playing 7.0% 3.9% Fighting 0.1% Flight Racing 4.6% Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service “i consider video games a form of design that is amazingly important today and that is going to become even more important in the future, because it is a way we interact with machines and screens.” — paola antonelli, senior curator of the museum of modern art’s department of architecture and design best-Selling compUter game Super genres by Units Sold, 2013 Other Games/ 2.3% Action Other Games/C ompilations 2.3% Compilations Adventure 7.1% Arcade 0.1% Strategy 38.4% Strategy 28.3% Casual t Games Spor 0.1% Children's Entertainment 0.6% Family Entertainment Flight 0.7% Shooter Sport Games 0.3% Racing 0.4% 7.1% Shooter 12.3% Role-Playing Role -Playing Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service Racing [ 10 ] [ 10 ] Fligh t Fighting Family Enter tainmen t tainmen Children's Enter t 4.0% Casual Other Games, Compilations 2.1% Strategy 2.8% 19.0% Action Casual 14.8% Sport Games 9.5% Adventure Arcade 0.2% Arcade 18.4% Shooter 0.8% Children's Entertainment e Ad ventur Family Entertainment 11.0% 7.2% Role-Playing 3.7% Fighting Racing 5.8% Flight 0.6% Ac tion

13 the bottom line top SellerS top 20 Selling ViDeo gameS oF 2013 by UnitS SolD ranK title eSrb rating granD theFt aUto V matUre 1 call oF DUty: ghoStS 2 matUre 3 maDDen nFl 25 eVeryone 4 battleFielD 4 matUre 5 aSSaSSin’S creeD iV: blacK Flag matUre 6 nba 2K14 eVeryone matUre 7 call oF DUty: blacK opS ii JUSt Dance 2014 eVeryone 10+ 8 9 eVeryone 10+ minecraFt 10 DiSney inFinity eVeryone 10+ 11 FiF a 14 eVeryone 12 inJUStice: goDS among US teen 13 SKylanDerS SW ap Force eVeryone 10+ 14 eVeryone poKemon X 15 the laSt oF US matUre 16 poKemon y eVeryone 17 nba 2K13 eVeryone bioShocK inFinite matUre 18 19 lego marVel SUper heroeS eVeryone 10+ 20 batman: arKham originS teen Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service top 20 Selling compUter gameS oF 2013 by UnitS SolD title ranK eSrb rating StarcraFt ii: heart oF the SW arm eXpanSion pacK teen 1 Sim city 2013 eVeryone 10+ 2 3 the SimS 3: UniVerSity liFe eXpanSion pacK teen 4 the SimS 3: Starter pacK teen 5 teen the SimS 3 6 the SimS 3: iSlanD paraDiSe eXpanSion pacK teen 7 StarcraFt ii: WingS oF liberty teen 8 WorlD oF WarcraFt: miStS oF panDaria eXpanSion pacK teen matUre 9 Diablo iii 10 teen the SimS 3: SUpernatUral eXpanSion pacK 11 the SimS 3 SeaSonS eXpanSion pacK teen 12 the SimS 3: petS teen elDer ScrollS V: SKyrim matUre 13 ciVilization V eVeryone 10+ 14 15 battleFielD 4 matUre 16 teen Final FantaSy XiV online: a realm reborn 17 gUilD WarS 2 teen 18 age oF empireS 2 teen 19 WorlD oF WarcraFt: battle cheSt teen eVeryone 10+ 20 amazing hiDDen obJect gameS 3 pacK Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service [ 11 ] [ 11 ]

14 the bottom line SaleS inFormation U.S. computer and Video game Dollar Sales growth DollarS in billionS* 17.1 16.7 7 7.5 15.2 15.4 Combined Dollar 6.7 9 Sales (shown for 11.7 2010 – 2013) 10.1 Other Delivery 9.5 .65 Formats** .43 9.4 .38 Computer Games 8.7 7.3 7.3 7 6.9 8.1 s Video Game .22 6.1 2010* 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2012* 2009* 2013* 2011* 2008 Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service; Games Market Dynamics: U.S. * Figures include total consumer spend Other delivery formats include subscriptions, digital full games, digital add-on content, ** mobile apps, social network gaming and other physical delivery. 2003-2009 figures are sales of new physical content at retail exclusively. U.S. computer and Video game Unit Sales growth UnitS in millionS* 298.6 290.1 268.1 267.4 29.9 248.4 245.9 240.1 239.5 25.2 227.4 16.5 260.2 242.2 229.5 188 13.2 159.8 174.8 Combined Computer 9.3 and Video Game Unit 150.5 Sales (shown for 2009 – 2013) Computer Games Video Games 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010* 2011* 2012* 2013* 2003 2004 Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service; Games Market Dynamics: U.S. * Figures are sales of new physical content at retail exclusively [ 12 ] [ 12 ]

15 the bottom line total conSUmer SpenD on gameS inDUStry total consumer Spend on games industry 2013 DollarS in billionS Accessories $1.88 total : $4.26 Hardware $21.53 $15.39 Content billion Source: The NPD Group/Games Market Dynamics: U.S. “i would say the evolution of video games has been very rapid. because video games rely so much on technology and innovations, the possibilities of video games have been very quickly transforming before our eyes.” — christian adame, assistant curator for the phoenix art museum, one of 10 museums to host the Smithsonian institution’s traveling “the art of Video games” exhibition, on the advancement of video games * recent Digital and physical Sales information 47% 71% 68% 59% TOTAL PHYSICAL FORMAT TOTAL DIGITAL FORMAT 53% 41% 32% 29% 2013 2012 2011 2010 Source: The NPD Group/Games Market Dynamics: U.S *Digital format sales include subscriptions, digital full games, digital add-on content, mobile apps and social network gaming [ 13 ] [ 13 ]

16 the bottom line Who We are SaleS inFormation aboUt the entertainment SoFtW are aSSociation ESA offers services to interactive entertainment software publishers, including conducting business and consumer research, providing legal and policy analysis and advocacy on First Amendment, intellectual property and technology/e-commerce issues, managing a global content protection program, owning and operating E3, and representing video game industry interests in federal and state government relations. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter: eSa memberS aS oF march 2014 345 gameS 505 gameS actiViSion blizzarD banDai namco gameS america inc. capcom USa, inc. Deep Sil Ver inc. Dena DiSney interactiVe StUDioS, inc. [ 14 ] [ 14 ]

17 Who We are electronic artS epic gameS, inc. FocUS home interactiVe gloopS international, inc. Konami Digital entertainment america leVel-5 inc. little orbit maD catz interactiVe, inc. microSoFt corporation natSUme inc. neXon america inc. nintenDo oF america inc. niV al nViDia Sega oF america, inc. Slang Sony compUter entertainment america , inc. Sony online entertainment SQUare eniX, inc. taKe-tWo interactiVe SoFtW are, inc. tecmo Koei america corporation tencent trion WorlDS, inc. UbiSoFt entertainment , inc. Wargaming Warner broS. interactiVe entertainment inc. XSeeD gameS [ 15 ] [ 15 ]

18 other reSoUrceS eSa partnerS For more information about eSa and its programs, please visit are rating boarD (eSrb) | entertainment SoFtW The ESRB is a non-profit, self-regulatory body established in 1994 by ESA. ESRB independently assigns computer and video game content ratings, enforces advertising guidelines, and helps ensure responsible online privacy practices for the interactive entertainment software industry. acaDemy oF interactiVe artS & ScienceS (aiaS) | The AIAS was founded in 1996 as a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote, advance, and recognize common interests and outstanding achievements in the interactive arts and sciences. The AIAS conducts its annual awards show, the Interactive Achievement Awards, to promote and acknowledge exceptional accomplishments in the field. To further enhance awareness of the AIAS’s vision, the organization created the D.I.C.E. (Design, Innovate, Communicate, Entertain) Summit in 2002, a once yearly conference dedicated to exploring approaches to the creative process and artistic expression as they uniquely apply to the development of interactive entertainment. With more than 24,000 members, including Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, THQ, Day One Studios, Epic Games, and Insomniac Games, the AIAS promotes the creativity and craftsmanship of video games worldwide. international game DeVeloperS aSSociation (igDa) | The IGDA is the largest non-profit membership organization serving individuals who create video games. The IGDA advances the careers and enhances the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community. These core activities advance games as a medium and game development as a profession. the npD groUp , inc. | The NPD Group provides global information and advisory services to drive better business decisions. By combining unique data assets with unmatched industry expertise, we help our clients track their markets, understand consumers, and drive profitable growth. Sectors covered include automotive, beauty, consumer electronics, entertainment, fashion, food / foodservice, home, luxury, mobile, office supplies, sports, technology, toys, and video games. ViDeo game VoterS netWorK (VgVn) | The VGVN is a grassroots organization of voting-age gamers who organize and take action in support of computer and video games. Since its creation in 2006, more than 500,000 grassroots activists have joined the VGVN. [ 16 ]


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