Order regarding the accused's motion for leave to reply and for extension of time Holbrooke agreement motion


1 ?r 17- - s I" & - S !J - D 2.~+C :b'2o~f.& UNITED 2. Ju N I!i 2. •• .9 2. NATIONS International Tribunal for the Case No.: IT-95-5118-PT Prosecution Persons of Responsible for Serious Violations Date: 22 2009 June Law of International Humanitarian of the Territory Committed the in Original: English since Yugoslavia former 1991 THE TRIAL CHAMBER IN Judge lain Bonomy, Pre-Trial Judge Before: Hocking Mr. John Registrar: 22 June 2009 of: Order PROSECUTOR v. KARADZIC AN RADOV PUBLIC ORDER REGARDING THE ACCUSED'S MOTION FOR LEAVE TO REPLY AND FOR MOTION EXTENSION - HOLBROOKE AGREEMENT TIME OF Office of the Prosecutor Mr. Alan Tieger Ms. Hildegard Uertz-Retzlaff The Accused Karadzic Mr. Radovan

2 I, lain Judge of the International Tribunal for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible Bonomy, Serious Violations for Humanitarian International in the Territory of the Committed Law of 1991 ("Tribunal"), since Yugoslavia former OF the Accused's "Motion for BEING to Reply and Extension of Time - SEISED Leave Agreement Holbrooke publicly on Motion", June 2009 ("Motion"); filed 19 that, in the Motion, the Accused seeks to address a number of issues which were not NOTING addressed his directly in Agreement Motion" filed 25 May 2009, but which were "Holbrooke to by in the "Prosecution Response Prosecution Holbrooke Agreement Motion", the discussed 16 June 2009 ("Response to the Holbrooke Agreement Motion"); filed that been that have already NOTING addressed by the Accused in the Holbrooke issues that Motion Agreement be reiterated in the reply, and need only new issues that arise from not the Prosecution's Response to the Holbrooke Agreement Motion should be addressed in the Accused's reply; Motion, OTIN due to the time sensitivity of the that, a response from the Prosecution is not G N necessary; that it would be in the interests of good case management CONSIDERING allow the to only the to the Response to the Holbrooke Agreement Motion, but as insofar to Accused reply addresses new reply arising from that Response; issues CONSIDERING further that it would be in the interests of good case management to allow the Accused more time file address but that, given the subjects the Accused wishes to to in a reply, as extensive as requested; be not this reply, additional time need his PURSUANT TO Rules 54, 65 ter, and 127 of the Rules, HEREBY: to the Accused leave to reply to the Prosecution Response GRANT the Holbrooke a. as only new issues are addressed; and Motion insofar Agreement 2 June 2009 22 Case No. IT-9S-S/IS-PT

3 b. ORDER the Accused's reply be filed by no later than 25 June 2009. that text in and French, the English English being authoritative. Done ~ /-b"'-.-.. ~ Judge lain Bonomy Pre- Trial Judge of June 2009 this twenty Dated day second At The Hague The Netherlands [Seal of the Tribunal] 3 June 22 2009 IT-95-5/l8-PT No. Cast'

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