premium quality checklist


1 Quality Checklist Store Aesthetics Shown in Walkthrough Video —Store Design— —Store Accessibility and Comfort— Accessible aisles, bathrooms, POS, and Clearly displayed permanent store sign gaming areas Well-maintained and inviting exterior Public transport links nearby or parking Inviting interior layout and design available Appropriate imagery (including marketing Clearly defined merchandising areas items) Professional, uniform retail fixtures and displays, kept clean and in good repair Comfortable space between tables and seats Well-stocked with most recent Magic product —Store Amenities— Excellent overall level of lighting Supplies available (pens and note pads) Professional, comfortable, and uniform Food and drink available onsite tables and chairs, kept clean and in good repair Guest/player computer(s) (for account creation or demoing MTG Arena, etc.) —Store Housekeeping— Professional trash bins, emptied often Screen or TV(s) for events and/or advertising All store areas kept free of trash, dust, Professional presentation of events and clutter (table numbers, prize structures, & Shipping boxes/cardboard kept to non- pairings) public spaces —Customer Interaction— Clean, organized environment, including POS area Clearly marked sales policies Toilets available and kept clean, well Professional “store rules” prominently supplied, and maintained, with adequate displayed amenities for larger events Up-to-date physical and online event calendar

2 Quality Checklist Customer Service Established by Secret Shopper or Visit —Customer Interaction— —Staff— Welcoming to all types of people All customers immediately greeted Professional social media presence in two Professional demos offered to anyone or more platforms (including website) expressing an interest Professional business interactions and Positive and professional manner demeanor Training regimen (general + WotC brand Actively and professionally engage with knowledge) customers and prioritize new customers Store-branded apparel (i.e. shirt, lanyard, Events regularly promoted or badge) to identify staff Magic Staff on hand who can provide —Play Experience— product and event recommendations, properly correlated to customer Run all WPN programs experience level Events available for all play levels Staff on hand with knowledge of the basic (beginner, casual, and competitive) Magic features of all current products, including Standard-legal sets Magic Online and/or in-store preregistration system On-time events Instructions and prize details communicated at start of events Staff available to assist players

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