2 UF ALL ACCESS STUDENT FAQS 2 WHAT IS UF ALL ACCESS? UF All Access is a digital textbook program that has saved UF students $5 million since it began in 2013. Once you opt-in to the program, you’ll receive your course materials digitally at a discount before the first day of class so you can be prepared on day one. The digital textbooks come with study tools, including search, highlighting, and note taking. And, because all the materials have been hand-selected by your instructor, you know that you’ll use them in your course. DO I HAVE A PRINT OPTION? Yes. If you purchase UF All Access, you can choose the optional print upgrade at a discount. HOW DO I PURCHASE UF ALL ACCESS? The following link on the university website will take you to the appropriate place to purchase the UF All Access options specific to your course(s), at a discounted rate negotiated by UF: https://www.bsd.

3 UF ALL ACCESS STUDENT FAQS 3 HOW DO I REGISTER? 1. Go to and log in with your GatorLink account . 2. You’ll see a list of classes in which you’re enrolled that are participating in UF All Access, with the prices. 3. Select the “opt-in” checkbox next to the class you’re trying to access.

4 UF ALL ACCESS STUDENT FAQS 4 4. Then select the button below to authorize the charges. 5. Select the “opt-in” button next to the “Amount to Charge” once you have reviewed your course selections. 6. The access code is now displayed. Note: Copy this code. You’ll need it when registering in Canvas.

5 UF ALL ACCESS STUDENT FAQS 5 7. If you’re enrolled in courses utilizing a VitalSource or BryteWave digital text, you’ll receive an email to you UFL account ( through which you’ll confirm your registration. ****Late enrollment information may lag by an hour or so as we receive enrollment updates from the University. If you your enrollment isn’t found, please try again later in the day. ***** navigating your Canvas course or obtaining your access code , If you’re having difficulties contact the following address: [email protected] If you are having difficulties with an invalid access code , contact the following address: [email protected] Have a wonderful semester and good luck in your course! • Please note, access codes obtained through authorizing charges to your student financials account are provided at a discounted price. You must authorize charges on or before 9/8/17. If you do not wish to authorize charges to your student financials account or if it is after 9/8/17, you may purchase an access code at the UF Bookstore instead or direct from the publisher if available. • If you wish to purchase a print text you may also purchase those at the UF Bookstore when available.

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