1 SPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD: TRAN JOURNAL OF THE TRANSPORATION RESEARCH BOARD Acc ess TRR for Authors Revised Paper Your How to Upload gratulations on being accepted for publication in the TRR! To expedite Con publication, upload your final version as follows: es Figur Upload as separate files, with the figure number in the file name • Figure captions should be removed from the image file and placed at the • end of your manuscript • Image resolution should be at least 300 dpi See the TRR Figure Guidelines • for additional formatting information es Tabl • Should be in editable format (Word or Excel) • At the end of the manuscript --not embedded within the document • No internal headings or rules Equa tions (including those inline and displayed) • Should be in editable format (MathType, Word, or LaTex) • No images t Tex Word file with tables and figure captions at the end • • Numbered r eferences cited in numerical order in the text • Author contribution statement (before references) New • Tables and figures are called out (mentioned) in numerical order in the text LaT ex S ubmissions • Should include the unedited PDFs and .bib files. Aut hor Agreement Form • Upload a completed Author Agreement Form .

2 Include a PDF file describing how you have addressed the reviewer comments in your revised manuscript point by point . Information General REVI EW CRITERIA: • Is your narrative clear and easy to understand? Does the abstract clearly communica • te the scope and outcome of the study? • What is your important contribution to the state of the art or practice? • Are the methods clear enough for a knowledgeable reader to repeat the study? • Is the paper free of statements advocating special interests or recommendations on government policies or programs? • Is existing work well described and referenced? Are your data valid and important to the fin dings? • Is the conclusion clear and properly supported? • sentation and Publication Timeline Pre June 12 October Submission First decisions site opens made Mid -February Publication decisions made

3 AUTHOR RESPONSIBILITIES nuscript Length Ma The length of each paper, including the abstract, text, references, and tables, must not exceed 7,500 words. Each table counts as 250 words. For example, if five tables are submitted, the abstract, text, and references may total no more than 6,250 words. T ables that have been converted to figures will be applied to the word count. Papers not meeting this requirement may be rejected without withdrawn from the peer review process. review or nguage and Readabi lity La All It is the author’s responsibility to ensure be sub mit ted papers must in English. that the nature and conclusions of the work are easily understood . Authors are encouraged to engage editorial services prior to the paper submission . S ubmission to Other Journals e content must not have been published elsewhere and must not be of a paper Th If your submitted to another journal while it is under consideration for the TRR. paper is accepted for presentation only, please reference the published work and submit an extended abstract with your revis ion (see below for details) . hor Contribution Statement Aut T he TRR requires that all authors take public responsibility for the content of the work submitted for review. The contributions of all authors must be described in the following manner: The authors confirm contribution to the paper as follows: study conception and design: X. Author, Y. Author; data collection: Y. Author; analysis and interpretation of results: X. Author, Y. Author. Z. Author; draft manuscript preparation: Y. Author. Z. Author. All authors reviewed the results and approved the final version of the manuscript. A n author name can appear multiple times, and each author name must appear at least once. For single authors, use the following wording:

4 The author confirms sole responsibility for the following: study conception and design, data collection, analysis and interpretation of results, and manuscript preparation. agiarism Pl Pl of information or concepts from another article, website, or is the agiarism use attributing the source. Plagiarism is not acceptable. without report clearly or sections taken from another document, even if written by Phrases, sentences, must within quotation marks and the source must be the same author(s), appear credited. F ragmented Publication B a single piece of work into many papers reaking the information and dilutes makes for reviewers and readers to assess the advances that may have it difficult made. Papers submitted for review should stand on their own; been papers II, etc., will submitted as Part be accepted for review. I, Part not horship Disputes Aut for accepted rules authorship credit are stated in the 2003 Annual e generally Th as “ (1) Report of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) are follows: contributions substantial and design, or acquisition of data, or to conception analysis and interpretation of data; ( 2) drafting the article or revising it critically for important intellectual and ( 3) final approval of version to be published. All content; ) of these be met for authorship, ( 4 should anyone credited as an three conditions should have played a significant role author research and in the writing of in the the Albert & Wagner 2003).” paper ( mercial or Special Interests Com uthors are responsible for ensuring that submitted pape rs do to advocate special A interests and are a co mmercial nature. Papers that fall within this category will be removed from the peer review process. A paper also be removed from peer may disclosing i if it d the review of a product without escribes ts com position properties or manufacture . Generic names of products and equip ment should be used unless the cons iders the trade nam es or author manufacturer’s nam es ess ential to the purpose of the pape r.

5 Clearances a nd aterial Copyrighted M m ust secure clearances and written pe rmissions for Authors necessary from any presentation or superv isory agencies involved contract or publication ing holders on m aterial used in the pape r. or from of copyrights in the research concurrence from coauthors Authors before sub mitting mu st have or coworkers or publication by TRB, and all presentation papers for to the work contr ibutions be proper a paper accepted for pub lication conta ins must ly acknowledged. If ly previous co py righted authors must ob tain written p er mission fr om material, authors copyright . TRB will assume the ) have obta ined this the holder(s mission before sub mission per manuscript for inc lusion on the TRB Annual of the Meeting TRB will retain unrestricted rights to the material. Online. Re fe renc e Guidelines and Citing Research Reco rd Papers rching Transportation Sea tool to assist authors in TRB rev iew provides a conducting a literature identif ying references for papers — Access TRR for Authors and tool is available to provide ac cess to the This in formation on rese arch extensive published past volu mes of the Transportation Resea rch Rec ord . in idel ines efere nces Gu for R nces The refe should cont 1. onl y refere rence list that are cit ed in the text, number ed in the orde ain r in w hich they are f irst cit ed. Bibl iogr aph ic lists wi ll not ished. Pape rs th at do not conform to be publ bered refere nce style . the num may be rejected n efe at the appropri ate place in the text wi th an it aliciz Denote a r bic numer al i re nce 2. ed Ara par enthe ses, e.g ., ( 2 ). Do not den ote text refere nces with superscripts. d no at w oul ere in the ref t be nce list pe rsonal commu nic ati ons or similar m ate rial th not incl ude 3. Do thor’s ilable to r nstead, cite the unpublished w ork in the text and encl ava the au eaders. I name ose al ong with the ter m “per sonal comm unication” in parent heses. 4. Do not rep eat a re fe rence in the list, and do not use ibid ., idem, op. cit ., or loc. cit . I f a r efe rence is cited m ore th in the text, re peat the number first assign ed to the r efe rence. an once prepari Use the cont 5. ide lines a nd samp les in fo llo wing ng r efer ence lists: ent gu RR Journal Articles T Note: Do not a dd “In” be fo re the journ al title; do not i nclude t he publ isher or pl ace o f publ icat ion. Dew em R. E. Sm ith. Crea an, anag S. A ., and ent Repo rts from a Loc al Ag ency ting Asset M Pa vem ent Ma nagem ent System. Transpo rta tion Res earch Rec ord: Jour nal of the T ranspo rtat ion Research Bo ard , 2018. Volume : doi or page range.

6 RB Presentation Papers T Ghiasi, A., J. Ma, F. Zhou, and X. Li. Speed Harmonization Algorithm using Connected Autonomous Vehicles. Presented at 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Researc h Board, Washington, D.C., 2017 check references citing papers presented at the Annual Meeting to see whether or Please TRR not the paper was subsequently published in the ). If Transportation Research Record ( the paper was published in the TRR , the reference should be changed to the corresponding citation. TRR ther Journals O B. L. Hog enwiede, and K. O. A nderson. Mit Dawle of Instabili ty Rutting of Asphalt y, C. B., igation Pa ents in Canada. Journal of Association of Asphalt Pa vem s , 2018. 59: Concrete ving Technologist 508. 481– M., J. M. Lin, and W. Sansalone, ee tt. Dete rmining the Depths of Surface -Op ening Cracks B. Str Using act -G ene rated Stress W aves and Ti me -of-Flight T echniques. ACI M aterials Journal , 2018. Imp 68–177. 95: 1 at ions ubl ic TRB P Sh cous, K. Wang, P. C. T Mor or, and S. P. G., ah. NCHRP Repor t 819: Self-C onsol idating ayl Concr ete for Ca st-in- Place Bridge Co mponents. Tra ns por tat ion Research Boar d, Was hingt on, D .C., 2016. http://dx.doi 17226/23626. .org/10. Book Wil Ran Vi brations: Sp ectral and Wa velet Newland, . John dom ey & Sons, Inc., New D. E. Analysis 19 98. York, in a Book Chapter G. A. Urban Shunk, ms. In Transportation Plan ning Ha ndbo ok (J. D. Edwards, T ransportation Syste 22. Prentice Englewood Cliffs, N. J., 199 2, pp. 88–1 Jr., ed.), Hall, Govern ment Report Von Quin tus, H. L., and A. L. Simp son. Documentation of the Backcalculation of Layer Parameters 01-1 13. for L TPP . Pu blication FH WA- RD- Sections FH WA, U.S. Depart ment of T ransportation, T est 2002. • Websites References to websites should include corpo rate or personal authors, title of docu ment, plete date (if avai lable), web ad dress (com of document URL), and date acc essed by the autho r.

7 State and Progr am. Va lue Pricin g . Hubert H. Hu mphrey Institute of Public A ffairs, Local Policy of Minn esota, Min polis. www vp/vp _org. nea University Feb. 5, essed Acc 2008. to Developing Performance -Rela ted Specifications . FH WA- RD- 98-155, FH WA- RD- 98-156, Guide WA- 171, Vo l. II I, Appendix C. www pec. 98- RD- FH March Accessed 5, 20 03. Unpublished papers . References to unpublished papers presented at me etings should incl ude • spon me(s) thor(s); title of paper; and ti tle, of au sor( s), location, and dates or year of m eeting. na C orbett, ward Environm ental Stewardship: Charting the Course for Marine Transportation. J. J. To Washington, Presented at Meeting of the T ransportation Research Board, Annual D.C., 2018. 83rd ermissions P For papers accepted for publication, please refer to SAGE Guidelines . For papers accepted for presentation at the TRB Annual Meeting, TRB will include all papers on Annual Meeting Online. Upon submission of papers considered for presentation at the TRB Annual Meeting, authors will be required to accept the following Annual Meeting Online Terms and Conditions for Papers Accepted for Prese ntation: S hould my paper be accepted for presentation, I understand and agree that my paper will made available through TRB’s Annual Meeting Online (“AMOnLine”) unless I opt out and provide an extended abstract of the paper for inclusion in AMOnLine. Papers and extended abstracts made available through AMOnLine are provided by TRB on a complimentary basis as a service for all Annual Meeting registrants, TRB Sponsors, and TRB Patrons. Others may obtain access to papers and extended abstracts on AMOnLine upon payment of a nominal fee. If my paper is accepted for presentation, the presentation acceptance letter will provide me with the instructions and deadlines for submitting an extended abstract for inclusion on AMOnLine in lieu of my paper. The extended abs tract must meet all TRB requirements for submission and be approved by TRB. If I do not submit a timely, conforming, acceptable extended abstract, I hereby grant the National Academy of Sciences/Transportation Research Board a nonexclusive, royalty -free, i rrevocable, worldwide license to include my paper on AMOnLine. I understand that any agreements with or licenses granted to the National Academy of Sciences/Transportation Research Board are contingent upon my paper being accepted for presentation.

8 M etrication are encouraged measurem ents in both SI (m etric) and U.S. Authors to provide ary s. The om unit cust unit of the or iginal research should be followed measurement for conversion parentheses. Papers accep ted in public ation equivalent by the hout unit wit will be publish ed with the conversions measurement units as mitted. general will not supp ly specific conversions for the pape rs; a sub TRB of each chart in the front pag es appears volume of the conversion Tran sportation Resear ch Record . Table 1 supplies some frequent ly used unit conversion factors. of weight te U.S. cust om ary measures converting (force) and m ass in to : When No units, and weight (force) in newtons SI mass in kilograms; exp ress express 2 in. square inch (psi or lbf/ per pound ) of pressure or stress in kilopascals force (kPa). For SI uni ts, use prefixes instead of powers of 10. Fo r tables figures, provide only the units of the original and and show the research base unit conversion in a footnote; for exa mple, NOTE: 1 mi = 1.61 km. the Alternatively, in f equivalent units may be shown on igures, top and right axes of data plots.

9 E quations text variables defined at first use, either in the be or where the equation All should is listed. 1 in . Fractions ayed equations should be stacked, in accordance with displ preferred mathe mati cal practice. 2. If a displ ayed equation is numbered, use an Arabic numeral in parentheses, pl aced flush right. distinguish the following: 3. Carefully - capital and lowercase letters; All 0 (zero); Capital O (“oh”), lower case o (“oh”), and -

10 - l (“el”) and nu mber 1 (one); Lowercase Letter X , Greek chi ( χ), and multiplication sign ×; - 1 Prim one ’, and superscript ; and - e ́, apostrophe English and Greek letters such as - B and beta ( β), uppe r- or lowercase k and kappa (κ), • and • eta (η), v and nu ( ν ), n and upsilon (υ), u and mu ( μ), and • u Uppe r- or lower case p • d rho (ρ), and w and lowercase omega ( ω ). an Footnotes Do not use footnotes to the text. Incorporate the information into the text or delete the notes. Abb reviations, Ac ronyms, and Symbols Abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols must be fully defined at first use in both the followed by the abstract and the paper; the full term should be spelled out first, thout abbreviated term in parentheses. The following acronyms may be used wi definition: American Association of State Highway Officials AASHO AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Airport Cooperative Research Program ACRP APTA American Public Transportation Association American Socie ASCE ty of Civil Engineers ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials (known by abbreviation only) Environmental Protection Agency EPA Federal Aviation Administration FAA Federal Highway Administration FHWA FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FRA Federal Railroad Administration FTA Federal Transit Administration IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ISO International Organization for Standardization ITE Institute of Transportation Engineers NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration SAE Society of Automotive Engineers SHRP Strategic Highway Research Program SHRP 2 Second Strategic Highway Research Program TCRP Transit Cooperative Research Program TRB Transportation Research Board

11 Acknowledgments that report of research sponsored directly or indirectly by Authors of papers results indicate sponsorship in an Acknowledgment section programs should this federal of the text, above References. Contract, award, or project codes or at the end rch Reco not in the Transportation Resea published rd . are numbers Appendixes use appendixes . Include pertinent material in the paper itself or Do not , where necessar include a note that background material —such as derivation of y, or survey forms the author or in another formulas, specifications, —is available from which should be cited in the reference list. report, THIS GUIDE ABOUT The TRB peer review process is used both for papers submitted for presentation at TRB’s Annual Meeting and for papers submitted for publication in the Researc h Record : Journal o f th e Transportatio n Researc h Board. Transportation The peer review process is organized by TRB’s standing technical committees under the supervision of TRB staff. A minimum of thre e reviews are required for a publicatio n recommendation or a presentation decision . Th e proces s als o allow s for scholarl y discussio any paper scheduled fo r publication , alon g wit h an author - n of closure. prepared Th National Academy of Sciences was established 1863 by an Act of e in by President Lincoln, as a private, nongovernmental institution Congress, signed the to advise on issues related to science and technology. Members are nation by their peers for outstanding contributions to research. D r. Marcia McNutt elected is president. e National Academy of Engineering was established in 1964 under the Th charter National Academy of Sciences to bring the practices of engineering of the to advising nation. Members are elected by their peers for extraordinary the contributions to engineering. Dr . C. D. Mote, J r., is president. Institute of Medicine) was e National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Th the charter of the National Academy of Sciences to established in 1970 under advise nation on medical and health issues. Members are elected by their peers the

12 for distinguished contributions and health. D r. V ictor J. Dzau is to medicine president. Academies work together as the National Academies of Sciences, Th e three to provide and objective analysis and Medicine advice Engineering, independent, problems and other activities to solve complex nation and inform to the conduct policy decisions. The Academies also encourage education public research, and recognize contributions to knowledge, and increase public outstanding in of science, engineering, and medicine. understanding matters L more about the National earn of Sciences, Engineering, and Academies Medicine at ww w.national Th e Transportation Resea rch Board is one of seven major programs of the National Academies of Sciences, and Medicine. The mission of the Engineering, Research Board is to increase the benefits Transportation that transportation and innovation contributes to society by providing leadership in transportation progress through and information exchange, research a setting conducted within that is objective, y, and multimodal. The Board’s varied committees, interdisciplinar task forces, and panels annually engage about 7,000 engineers, scientists, and and practitioners from the public and private other transportation researchers sectors and academia, all of whom contribute their expertise in the public interest. The is supported by state transportation departments, federal agencies program including the component administrations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other or ganizations and individuals interested in the development of transportation. earn more about . T ransportation Research Board at www the L

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