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1 ® ® March 2008 Edition 1 My Mini Biography ® ® Vol. 64 No. 6 ISSN 0736-0533 Get to Know ® ® Bret Jan t Do you know Jan Brett? You might have . books read one of her ® ® She has written and illustrated a lot of them! books Cut on the dotted line. Put the pages together to make a book. When Jan was older, she went to art school. She loved to museum walk around the art near her school. She would stare at the pictures there. Here is Jan museum when she was in art school. buTTERfly fROm GOlDIlOCkS THE THREE AnD COVER ART CREDITS—CAT fROm GInGERbREAD bAby ©1999; HEDGEHOG fROm THE HAT ©1997; IlluSTRATED by AnD bIRD fROm HOnEy...HOnEy...lIOn! ©2005. All wRITTEn mITTEn, ©1989; bADGER fROm THE fOx, AnD bEARS ©1987; Owl, , nEw yORk, ny 10012. All RIGHTS RESERVED . JAn bRETT AnD uSED wITH pERmISSIOn fROm pEnGuIn uSA, 345 HuDSOn STREET

2 RESERVED THE mITTEn, AnD THE THREE SnO pERmISSIOn Of pEnGuIn uSA. All RIGHT RESERVED pAGE 2: ART Of mRS. TIGGy-wInklE fROm THE TAlE Of mRS. TIGGy-wInklE by bEATRIx pOTTER, uSED wITH pERmISSIOn fROm pEnGuIn uSA. All RIGHTS RESERVED . . pAGE 5: ART fROm DRAfT Of THE THREE SnO When Jan was a little girl, w bEARS uSED wITH pERmISSIOn fROm pEnGuIn uSA, 345 HuDSOn STREET she loved to draw. She also loved to read books. She . pAGE 7 COVERS Of GInGERbREAD bAby, HOnEy...HOnEy...lIOn!, HEDGIE’S SuRpRISE, THE umbREllA, wanted to be an illustrator w bEARS uSED wITH pERmISSIOn fROm JAn bRETT when she grew up. Jan, age 4 illustrator Fun Fact! . ART fROm THE THREE SnO , nEw y When Jan was little, one of her ORk, ny 10012. All RIGHTS favorite characters in a book was a hedgehog named Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle was in a book w bEARS uSED by Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter. the hedgehog any form or format without special permission from the publisher. trademarks/registered trademarks of Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Materials in this issue may not be reproduced in whole or in part in McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65102-3710. Jefferson City, MO 65102 and at additional mailing offices. POSTMASTERS: Send notice of address changes to SCHOLASTIC NEWS Edition 1, 2931 East Apr.; Bimonthly Nov./Dec. and May/June (8 issues), by Scholastic Inc., 2931 East McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65102-3710. Periodical postage paid at POSTAL INFORMATION: Soon, Jan began to draw and write SCHOLASTIC NEWS Edition 1 (ISSN 0736-0533) is published monthly during the school year, Sept., Oct., and Jan. through children’s books. Copyright ©2008 Scholastic Inc. SCHOLASTIC, SCHOLASTIC NEWS, and associated designs are Traveling helped her write about different places. For one book, PRINTED IN THE USA . Africa Jan went to She learned how to draw elephants there. Africa

3 Jan has worked on 33 books. Her newest one is about a little girl and three polar . Jan already bears has ideas about the books she will write next! bears Find It! You learned that one of Jan’s favorite characters when she was little was a hedgehog. Do you see a book about a hedgehog? Draft It takes Jan about a year to do each book. She makes a draft of each page . She thinks about how Finished Art to make it better. The finished art is always a little different from the draft. page

4 >> Name (ARTIST p JAn Of JAn ©COuRTESy Of JAn mRS. CREDITS—p bRETT; TIGGy-wInklE by bEATRIx pOTTER, uSED wITH pERmISSIOn fROm pEnGuIn uSA. All bRETT; (pICTuRE AlETTE) © JupITERImAGES/COmSTOCk ImAGES/AlAmy; (bOOk COVER) ©2007 uSED wITH pERmISSIOn by pEnGuIn uSA. pAGE 7 (pORTRAIT Of JAn AGE 1: (JAn Jan Brett Timeline bRETT; Here are some important dates in Jan’s life. bRETT) ©JOE HEARnE; fRAmE) ©D. HuRST/AlAmy; pAGE 5: publISHER InfO TkTk; bRETT) ©TSAR pAGE 2: (COlOR fEDORSky; pAGE 3: (InSET) ©COuRTESy Of JAn pAGE 6: (bACkGROunD TREES) © DEnnIS HAllInAn/AlAmy; (buS) ©COuRTESy pEnCIlS) ©nIC HAmIl pAGE 8: (JAn bRETT) ©JOE HEARnETEDD TOn/AlAmy; (mRS. TIGGy-wInklE) fROm THE bRETT; (muSEum) ©fRAnk TOZIER/AlAmy; 2007 1968-1969 December 1, 1949 RIGHTS Jan’s newest Jan goes to Jan Brett RESERVED y; (bEAR) ©JuDITH COllInS/AlAmy; book comes out. art school. is born. .; (b/w A pHOTO) ©COuRTESy I N R B How many years did Jan B TAlE pAGE 4 spend in art school? R U Of E I L D Now, Jan is famous. People all across the country want to meet her. Jan takes a big road trip each year to meet her fans. For each trip, her bus gets decorated with art from her newest book! road

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