1 How to save on your new Take advantage of energy and budget On your new Time-of-Use rate plan, Time-of-Use rate plan management tools by logging in at when you use energy matters Pricesarelowerduringtimesofdaywhendemandforelectricityis  off-peak times. generallylowerandthecostischeaper,called Budget Billing   Pricesarehigherduringtimesofdaywhendemandforelectricityis times. peak generallyhigherandthecostisgreater,called  Averageoutyourmonthlypayments,soifyourenergy  usagechangessignificantlyfromseasontoseason,you   won’tseebigspikesonyourbills. Shift your energy use to lower-priced Bill Forecast Alert times to save on your new rate plan  Avoidthesurpriseofahigherenergybillbyreceiving  T P S R E I C W E O L notificationsbyemail,phoneortextthatyou’renear     anamountyouset.You’llhavetimetoadjustyourusage WEEKDAYS  andstaywithinyourbudget.   MondaythroughFriday4to9p.m.arethe PM .  onlyhoursthatare higher-priced (peak) . lower-priced (off-peak) Allothertimesare Home Energy Checkup H E I C I G R H P E S T Answerafewsimplequestionsonlineabouthowyou   useenergyandreceiveapersonalizedsavingsplan   T P S R E I C W E O injustfiveminutes. L WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS  Onweekendsandmostholidays,all  Log in with your username and password. Ifyoudon’thavean  AM/PM . lower-priced (off-peak) hoursare onlineaccount,youcanquicklycreateonewithacombination   ofyouraccountnumber,phoneorsocialsecuritynumber. T P S R E I C W E O L Time-of-Use 4 to 9 p.m. We’re here to help. To speak with Have questions? PM SEASONAL PRICING 1-800-743-5000 a Customer Service Representative call ) ETOU-B ( H E  Thecostofelectricityonyourrateplanislower I C I G R H P E S T duringthecoolermonthsfromOctobertoMay,   andishigherduringthewarmermonthsfrom  JunetoSeptember.Forfullseasonalpricing . details,visit  “PG&E”referstothePacificGasandElectricCompany,asubsidiaryofPG&ECorporation.©2017Pacific  GasandElectricCompany.Allrightsreserved.TheseofferingsarefundedbyCaliforniautilitycustomers  andadministeredbyPG&EundertheauspicesoftheCaliforniaPublicUtilitiesCommission.PG&Eprints soy-basedinkson itsmaterialswith recycledpaper.CRS-0817-8551

2 Top Electricity-Hungry Appliances Simple shifts to pay less for energy To maximize savings on your new  Onyournewrateplan,electricitypricesarehigherfrom4to9p.m.  rate plan, try using the following   onweekdays,especiallyinthesummer.Considerthesesimpleshifts appliances during lower-priced touselessenergyduringhigher-pricedtimesoftheday. times of day: Morning to Late Night Evening Mid-day Dishwasher Clothes Incorporate stove-free Program your thermostat. Plan a mini-marathon Dryer dinners. of your favorite shows. Ifyourthermostatis   Whetherit’sleftovers, programmable,youcan  Latenightisaperfect  grilling,orworkingcold   scheduleittoheator  timetounwindand    mealsintotheweek,there  coolyourhomeduring  catchuponyour  areseveralwaystoenjoy   lower-pricedtimesof     favoriteTVshows. dinnerwithoutusing     — day savingyouup Watchpre-recorded  Electric Lighting yourelectricity.   to10%onyourannual   Oven heatingandcooling   havefunwhilesaving    costswhilekeeping money.  Load first, run later. yourhomecomfortable.  It’sonlynaturaltowant    Do laundry in your sleep. tocleanupafterdinner   Unplug your chargers  Washingordrying  soyoucanrelaxforthe Air Space before you leave the house  overnightmakeslaundry  night.Onyournewplan, Conditioner Heater in the morning.  easyandconvenient.  youstillcan.Simplyload  Andthebestpartis,it’s  Afteryou’verecharged   thedishwasherafter donewhenyouwakeup  cellphones,tablets,laptops   dinner,andwaituntil  Remember: thenextday. andotherdevicesover  after9p.m.orthe   night,avoid“vampire”  morningtorunit.  Onweekdays,energy  powerbeingwastedby  Pool Television unusedchargersduring  Pump  costslessbefore4p.m. theday. andafter9p.m. EVENING: HIGHEST PRICE (PEAK)   Energyalwayscosts EVENING & LATE NIGHT: MORNING TO MID-DAY: LOWEST PRICE (OFF-PEAK) LOWEST PRICE (OFF-PEAK) lessonweekendsand  4 p.m. to 9 p.m mostholidays.  9 p.m. to 5 a.m. 5 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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