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1 NICE Quality Central Insight Analyze Everything to Empower Everyone.

2 Monitor Enabling True and Improve Metric-driven Key Metrics Quality Management Quality Central Insight helps contact centers The modern customer experience has evolved, and with it, so have more effectively improve key metrics the needs of contact centers. World class contact centers know they need to uncover actionable insights across all channels, deploy automation tools and leverage quality metrics to drive business objectives. Quality assurance programs are challenged to make 10%-30% an impact in this environment with too many manual processes decrease in average handle time and decisions based on evaluations of small, random samples of interactions. As a result, they find that they simply don’t have enough 5%-25% resources to effectively influence contact center goals, and ultimately miss important opportunities for improvement. decrease in hold time Quality Central Insight revolutionizes quality management with the power of speech intelligence, enabling contact centers to create an 15%-40% effective metric-driven, omnichannel quality program with insight increase in customer satisfaction based directly on the voice of the customer. Available on premise or in the cloud, Quality Central Insight automates and customizes all 15%-40% quality processes in a single application to: increase in first call resolution • More effectively identify ways to improve agent performance. • Deliver exceptional customer service. 10%-20% • Drive efficiency, giving organizations a competitive advantage. improvement in sales effectiveness • Provide consistency with evaluation results and feedback.

3 Gain Insights Direct from the Voice of the Customer with Quality Management Innovation • Identify positive and negative outliers for reward or correction, enabling faster transition to desired agent behaviors. • Evaluate any data source or channel, unifying all quality processes into a single application. • Provide end-to-end quality automation with complete customization of workflows. • Personalize with the ability to segment data for custom reports and individualize dashboards. • Seamlessly Integrate with other NICE Solutions

4 Realize Immediate Value Enable Data-driven Decision Making Quality Central Insight enables organizations to leverage verbal expressions to identify with precision interactions on the phone, chat and email channels that are having the most positive or negative effect on the business. Use the knowledge gained to make smart, effective decisions about coaching, feedback and process improvements. Accelerate Feedback Leverage speech intelligence to gain a holistic understanding of quality from 100 percent of interactions. Rapidly drill down into anomalies from dashboards and reports or conduct ad-hoc searches on specific words or phrases to reveal which agents are struggling most with specific types of interactions or channel. Spend less time reviewing interactions by focusing only on the relevant part of the conversation which is marked by event tags. Gain Insight into Hidden Trends for Better ROI Instantly uncover hidden trends affecting organizational performance with pre-configured categories that cover the most popular business objectives such as sales, customer experience and organizational effectiveness and powerful query search capabilities. This provides new opportunities to improve and meet goals. Operate Independent of Recording Unlike traditional quality management solutions, Quality Central Insight functions and updates independently of the recording platform. This eliminates the risk of recording system data loss or downtime, as application updates are not dependent on recording platform upgrades.

5 Adapt Quality Management to Meet Contact Center Goals with Speech Intelligence Quality Central Insight provides a comprehensive, end-to-end view of quality within an organization. Make use of Big Data for quality monitoring or compliance programs by unlocking key insights into agent and organizational performance. Evaluate all channels for quality, including phone, e-mail, chat and social media. Audit back office work such as orders, claims, transactions or various support documents. Monitor the effectiveness of any sales, service or audit process. Create custom categories to track, measure and coach to the metrics that matter most to the organization. Augment analysis by including business data such as CSAT scores and CRM information to pinpoint and cross-reference opportunities for improvement.

6 with Automation Boost Efficiency of All Quality Processes Workflows Coaching Forms Versatile forms can be customized, Supervisors can send personalized Quality Central Insight’s pre-configured workflow templates simplify quality coaching feedback – links to knowledge automated and transformed into actionable database resources, instructions and due coaching opportunities for agents. Helpful management programs. These include: tips on scoring practices, automatic dates – with the click of a button. Coaching • Interaction work assignment backups and versioning are particularly effectiveness can be tracked from the • Calibration assignment and reporting valuable for eliminating wasted time supervisor and agent dashboards. and protecting work. Evaluators can • Agent self-assessment create forms in advance and schedule • Request evaluation rescore an automatic release date for added AutoScoring • Audit-the-auditor convenience. Quality Central Insight provides the ability • Coaching to auto-score interactions based on speech Quality Central Insight also enables analytics and metadata such as a transfer Reporting managers to customize any workflows or repeat calls. Auto-scored interactions with easy-to-use visual tools. This allows Supervisors draw on an extensive results can appear directly on a scorecard. supervisors to create plans that assign collection of standard reports or create Additionally, questions on the evaluation work automatically, regardless of the their own with over 200 available data forms are automatically answered (and organization’s unique needs. Automated points. Reporting dates and time scored) when a given interaction meets alerts can be created for any work items metrics can be scaled and customized (or fails to meet) designated KPI or agent approaching their due date, enabling using fiscal or calendar year options. script criteria. This provides a savings in contact centers to meet strict policies. processing time, allowing more customer contacts to be evaluated.

7 Drive Greater Employee Engagement and Performance Employee satisfaction is directly correlated with customer satisfaction metrics. Quality Central Insight promotes employee engagement by driving awareness, enabling coaching and fostering collaboration. Personalized Voice of Dashboards the Employee • Give managers and supervisors access to Programs customizable dashboards and reports to evaluate • Launch a “Voice of the Employee” performance for groups, specific teams or individual program that systematically collects agents, and assign training, reference knowledge feedback on process improvements. resources or a coaching package based on these insights. • Make employees stakeholders in process improvements to increase morale and • Empower agents with easy-to-use dashboards reduce turnover. to review evaluations, performance against peers, monitor progress and conduct self-evaluations. Increased Collaboration • View category trend reports to see where changes • Empower teams to work together in a more purposeful way. are occurring immediately and over time – and take • action to help agents improve. Enable evaluators to collaborate on work items and prioritize tasks.

8 Leverage Metric-driven Quality Management Across the Contact NICE WFO Suite Center with the Quality Central Insight integrates with the NICE Workforce Optimization solutions suite, aligning employee engagement and operational excellence across all customer service operations. Recording Desktop Analytics Although Quality Central Insight is an independent Analyze what an agent is doing on a desktop along with what is application, users of NICE Recording realize all the benefits being said to customers for a more complete picture of quality. of a quality program tied to a recording platform, including: Voice of the Customer • Single-point-of-user administration. Leverage VOC survey results in a quality program. This allows • Point-and-click playback of calls. supervisors to focus on evaluating and coaching interactions • Viewing of chats and emails. that have the greatest impact on NPS or CSAT ratings. • Links to call recordings from forms and reports. • Ability to launch Quality Central Insight’s evaluation Workforce Management form within the recording platform. Quickly access an agent’s schedule in the WFM system from Quality Central Insight. Launch a coaching session Speech & Text Analytics or set evaluation plans based on an agent’s availability. The Nexidia Analytics early discovery analysis reveals what you don’t know to look for – the emerging issues, Performance Management trends and topics that merit quality monitoring. Neural Quality scores and other quality assurance data can be ™ combines the strengths Phonetic Speech Analytics harnessed for root-cause analysis in NICE Performance of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and phonetic Management. View quality evaluations and listen to calls indexing to yield highly accurate results. directly from the performance dashboard or reports.

9 Visit the NICE Web Site For More Information About NICE NICE (NASDAQ: NICE) is the worldwide leader of software on Quality Central Insight solutions that deliver strategic insights by capturing and analyzing mass quantities of structured and unstructured data in real time from multiple sources, including, phone calls, mobile apps, emails, chat, social media, and video. NICE solutions enable organizations to take the Next-Best-Action to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE solutions are used by over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies. www.nice.com

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