adding newborns


1 Adding a Newborn in Healthplanfinder : Mother is open on Washington Apple Health in Healthplanfinder and needs to add her Scenario newborn. Step 1: From the Primary Applicant’s dashboard under “Quick Links” , select “Report a Change in Income ” . or Household Step 2: On the “Report Changes/Life Event” page: or removed from my list of household  Select “Yes” for “Someone needs to be added to . members to be considered for coverage” and click “Next” Updated January 2016

2 Step On the “Do you have other household members or tax dependents?” question: 3:  Click “Add Member.” Step 4: For the “Add Household Member” screen  Comp lete all required fields marked with a red asterisk* to add the newborn  The reason for the add is “Birth”.  Click “Save” and then “Next” to continue  not required, but is helpful to include if available Please note that reporting a SSN is

3 Ste p 5: On the “Set Household Relationship” screen: Complete the household relationships and click “Next” to continue  Step 6: On the “Additional Questions” screen:  Update the pregnancy question to “No”

4 Step 7: le: On the “Pregnancy End Date” modu the Pregnancy End Date to the newborn’s date of birth .  Update Step 8: On the “Additional Questions” screen: Update the “Date of Residency” to the newborn’s date of birth.   Remember: Newborns born to a mother on Washington Apple Health are U.S. Citi zens . Step 9: , making any applicable changes . Continue through the application Step 10: After the “Application Review” screen , a pop up box will request “Verification of Citizenship/Lawful Presence” for the newborn if no SSN was input for the newborn .  Click “Continue” .

5 approving the newborn on health care coverage. Step 11: The “Eligibility Results” page will display ,

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