Isaiah 6 (Here am I Send Me) Official Chord Chart


1 isaiah 6 ( here am i send me) INTRO VERSE 4 Dm - C - Am - Bb (2x) Dm C With burning hearts we will take this task VERSE 1 Am Bb C Dm And give our lives for what you asked There are roads that are still untouched C Dm Am Bb The calls gone out and we must respond That have yet to receive Your love Bb Am C Dm To Your voice And all creation is crying out Am Bb CHORUS F For the cross Dm Gm Oh God! Here am I, send Me VERSE 2 C C Dm Use me for Your Glory Their are hearts that have yet to see Dm Bb F/A Am Bb Oh God, Here am I, send me the power of Christ that has set them free C Dm C Pick me up and write your story For such a love you have sent Your Son Am Bb BRIDGE To save what’s lost Gm F And we will go till the whole world knows PRE-CHORUS Dm C Bb Am C Dm That Jesus is alive So Who will go? (repeat) F/A Bb And we will run burning with Your love VERSE 3 Dm C Dm C With fire in our eyes Now your eyes run to and fro Am Bb To find the ones who will rise and go C Dm To any distance far or wide Am Bb To take your heart Written by Lindy Conant, Gabriel Wilson © 2016 Lindy Conant, LLC in partnership with RMA . ℗ 2016 RMA Lindy Conant Publishing, ASCAP

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