Set Up AutoReply


1 Set up Automatic Reply (Out of Office) Message in O ffice 365 Outlook Web Access (OWA) Open Automatic Replies Window 1. Log in to Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2. Click on the “?” icon in the top right corner o f the window 3. Type “Automatic” in the search bar 4. Click on “Automatic Replies” to open the “Autom atic replies” window. Set up/create Automatic Reply 1. Select “Send automatic replies” 2. Check “Send replies only during this time period” (recommended) 3. Enter start and end time 4. Review optional check boxes 5. Type your Out of Office reply message 6. Click “OK” in the top left corner  Setting the time period is recommended as this will automatically remove the Out of Office reply at the end time. If you choose not to set a time period, you will need to go back in to Auto- matic Replies and turn them off manually. 1 of 1 O365_OWA_Set_Up_AutoReply_Final_V1_05-03-17

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