Saving FDA Form 3331a


1 Saving FDA Form 3331a Creating a read only PDF of the completed FDA Form 3331a using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader This is the version of the FAR PDF file that should be attached to the email generated the Submit Button on the FDA F 3331a along with the XML file. by orm PDF file: How to Print to a read only File When you select the Print option the ‘P rint ’ options screen is displayed. / In Adobe Acrobat select the option ‘Adobe PDF’ and then click the Advanced Printer button. rd the Printer option ‘ your 3 In Adobe Reader select party PDF print utility ’ and then click the Advanced button.

2 Saving FDA Form 3331a Print As Image On the ‘Advanced Print Setup’ screen c heck the box Adobe Acrobat Screen Adobe Reader Screen Click the button to close the Advance Print Setup screen and return to the ‘Print Options ’. OK Click the Print button Enter or e File N ame of the new PDF as needed dit the Click the Save button

3 Saving FDA Form 3331a Saving an editable copy of your completed FDA Form 3331a This option is only for users who are using the full version of Adobe Acrobat. (not Adobe Reader) Using Adobe Acrobat gives you the ability to save the completed form in an editable format that can b e in your clearance process before submission to FDA. F iles in t his format should not be submitted used to the FDA. Your Initial FAR submission can be saved and the form updated to submit any follow -up • or final FARS. • Information that is always the same (reporting firm and contact information) can be saved in the file and used as a template for new FAR submissions. How to Save an editable PDF File: From the Adobe menu bar file select File / Save As When prompted for the File Name enter a name that will identify what is in the file . Examples: XYZ Pharma FAR 3331a.pdf FAR NDA000000 2017- 06 -01.pdf Click the Save button

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