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3 ALWAYS AVAILABLE COMMUNICATIONS Reliable communication, everywhere you operate, is crucial for an effective operations and for the safety of your personnel. Responding to a natural disaster, routine traffic stop or ensuring safety at a parade, they all ® need reliable, mission-critical voice and data communications, regardless of the conditions. With ASTRO 25 you can change the outcome. RESILIENT AGAINST SERVICE DISRUPTIONS CAPACITY WHEN YOU NEED IT Built with multiple levels of redundancy and fallback modes, ASTRO 25 Large scale incidents and disasters can put increased demands on your systems maintain wide-area communications under the harsh conditions, communication system. With advanced channel management technology even in the event of multiple points of failure. and system engineering, ASTRO 25 can handle the load and ensure the most urgent communications will get through. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS SECURE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS COVERAGE EVERYWHERE Mission-critical systems are a primary target for eavesdroppers and Because nobody knows where the next incident will occur, you need hackers. ASTRO 25 authentication and encryption technology blocks a communication system with superior coverage. With best in class unauthorized access. And if one of your devices is lost or stolen, ASTRO 25 prediction tools, system designs and radio performance, you know can disable the unit and track its location to assist in the recovery. ASTRO 25 will be there. | 3 ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE BROCHURE

4 INTEROPERABLE COLLABORATION IMPROVE MULTI-AGENCY RESPONSE Connect and collaborate across systems, technologies, frequencies and geographies while you maintain control and extend your communication boundaries. INFORMATION SHARING INTEROPERABILITY 25 STANDARD COMPLIANT P More and more, operations require Communication is all about the sharing of Because ASTRO 25 is certified APCO Project information, but today this means more collaboration among multiple agencies and 25 compliant, it can connect to and work organizations. Seamless communications than voice. More than ever, mission-critical with other P25 compliant systems, radios and information includes location data, text requires connecting disparate communications dispatch consoles. This makes it easier for messaging, database queries, identity and systems so that everyone can participate. you to support radios and equipment from Transverse technologies with secure PTT more. ASTRO 25 shares information across other agencies, regardless of manufacturer, for talkgroups between radio and broadband users applications to deliver critical data to P25 mutual aid and joint operations. across town or across the country. radios and broadband devices, keeping everyone more informed. | 4 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

5 CONVERGENCE SUITE SHARE MORE INFORMATION WITH MORE USERS Simplify the ability for multiple applications to come together for seamless communications. Whether in ASTRO 25 or broadband environments, multiple applications can subscribe to key services for a common view. Information such as talkgroups, location and presence is available to any application and any network. This reduces network traffic by eliminating the need for each application to ping each device individually. Different mapping applications can now each plot the same location of P25 and LTE devices, providing a common operating view regardless of the application or network. Likewise, shared presence, identity and talkgroup data can be used to send text messaging to groups of users on radios, laptops and smartphones. | 5 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

6 FUTURE-READY PLATFORM The end user services being demanded today require a new kind of platform that bridges between the talkgroup ® dominated services of P25 with the data-oriented services of broadband. ASTRO 25 has evolved into a software-defined platform that converges radio and broadband services. The result is a flexible IP solution that maintains P25 compliance and offers new capabilities made possible by the integration of voice and data. FLEXIBLE SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS CONVERGENCE Public safety organizations are customized to Get more out of PTT by augmenting it with Broadband is changing the landscape of public meet the unique needs of the community they safety communications, and ASTRO 25 is already software applications that give you more serve. Because ASTRO 25 is a software-defined leading the way toward converging P25 voice control and efficiency of voice services. system, you can easily expand capacity and Combine talkgroups with text messaging to and broadband data services. With WAVE and activate new features to meet your specific needs. form talkgroup text messaging. Integrate Intelligent Middleware, ASTRO 25 can provide location and dynamic regrouping with seamless interactions of voice and data between A wide set of available Application Programing LMR and broadband users. Video cameras and talkgroups to ensure everyone at an incident Interfaces (API) give you access to raw system broadband integrated into speaker microphones is on the correct channel. Stay safer by data and developer interfaces to integrate broadcasting your location and alias ID with with an Android user interface bring the LMR 3rd party applications or build your own every PTT to everyone on your talkgroup. and broadband worlds closer together. customized application. ASTRO 25 SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS Expand beyond voice with a variety of applications chosen and developed specifically for the needs of mission-critical communications. SYSTEM MANAGEMENT DISPATCH A suite of applications giving you key metrics to As the centralized control point for your operations, monitor and manage your system so that you know it make your dispatch the the information pipeline is ready for the next mission. on which your team can rely for relevant, real-time intelligence. FLEET MANAGEMENT INTEROPERABILITY Reduce the time and effort to manage your fleet with Empower your team to connect across technologies tools that can automatically push software updates and collaborate with others whether on a radio, to every radio with no loss of user productivity. smartphone, computer or tablet. LOCATION SERVICES SECURITY Improve the safety of your personnel with Neutralize system breaches and block eavesdroppers applications that show where everyone is located that can put your agency at risk during and post incident. and can ensure everyone within a geofence is communicating on the same channel. INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) SAFETY Remotely monitor the performance of your critical Increase safety with purpose-built applications that infrastructure and correct problems instantly to extend monitor and verify the status of your personnel. the life of your assets and better safeguard your personnel and communities. | 6 ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE BROCHURE

7 5 ASTRO 2 SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS SELECT THE RIGHT SYSTEM FOR YOUR NEEDS ® 25 platform is designed to give you maximum flexibility and scalability. From a single site to The ASTRO multisite to statewide, ASTRO 25 software-defined platform gives you the flexibility to grow the system as your needs expand. REGIONAL MULTISITE SINGLE SITE ASTRO 25 ASTRO 25 ASTRO 25 M CORE SYSTEM L CORE SYSTEM K CORE SYSTEM Built for large scale systems and This multisite system provides the channel For wide area conventional repeater service, multiple agencies, the M Core supports a efficiency of trunking on a software-defined the K Core provides an IP platform that comprehensive list of feature and capabilities platform with the flexibility to grow and add can connect multiple repeater sites with IP to meet the variety of needs of its users. features as your needs change. dispatch systems and data services. M CORE K CORE L CORE TRUNKING TRUNKING AND CONVENTIONAL CONVENTIONAL FEATURES Geo Redundant Core • Analog Conventional Mutual Aid Only • • P25 Phase 1 (FDMA) Conventional • • P25 Phase 1 (FDMA) Trunking • • P25 Phase 2 (TDMA) Trunking • • Integrated Voice & Data (IV&D) • • • Enhanced Data • • Intelligent Middleware • • • WAVE Broadband PTT • • P25 ISSI Interoperability • • Encrypted Voice • • • Encrypted Data • • • Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) • • • Group Services • • | 7 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

8 G-SERIES EQUIPMENT THE BUILDING BLOCKS FOR ASTRO 25 SITES The G-Series hardware platform is the primary building block ® of ASTRO 25 radio site equipment. Software Configurable • Backwards Compatible • Smooth Technology Migration • Front Accessible, Hot-Swap Modules • GCP 8000 SITE CONTROLLER Used at ASTRO 25 trunking sites to: Assign voice and data channels • Manages and reports alarms on site resources • Provide Ethernet switching • GPW 8000 RECEIVER GTR 8000 BASE RADIO ASTRO 25 base radio Used in voting or simulcast applications: • Supports Control, Voice and Data channels • Conventional and Trunking sites Trunking and conventional configurations Increases in-bound signal coverage • • • Dual receive module reduces space • VHF, UHF, 700, 800 and 900 frequencies • FDMA and TDMA GCM 8000 COMPARATOR Used in voting or simulcast applications: GGM 8000 GATEWAY Multi-purpose network communication unit • Conventional and Trunking Operation • Performs frame-by-frame voting on multiple Interconnects devices and networks within • received signals ASTRO 25 systems • Recombines the frames to produce a signal • Provide a clear demarcation point between with the best possible audio quality your IP networks and ASTRO 25 | 8 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

9 EXPANDABLE SITE SUBSYSTEM GTR 8000 SPACE EFFICIENT, SELF-CONTAINED SITE Comprises G-Series and other components to make up a complete standalone RF site in a single rack • Factory configured and tuned for your system making installation quick and easy Completely front serviceable means you can back it up to a wall with only 6" clearance • • Easily expand site capacity by adding additional racks ® 25 core to become part of a wide area communication system • Connects into an ASTRO COMPACT SITE G-SERIES SELF CONTAINED OUTDOOR SITE • Built with G-Series components • Complete site engineered for outdoor installations • Pad, pole and wall mounting options lower site construction costs and reduce environmental impact • Ideal for difficult to reach terrain or file-in site coverage A CONFIGURATION FOR EVERY NEED DEPLOYABLE PORTABLE MOBILE FIXED | 9 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

10 ASTRO 25 DISPATCH COMMUNICATIONS MOBILIZE AND INFORM WHERE AND WHEN IT’S NEEDED MOST As the world continues to become more connected, the expectation for instant coordination and a seamless flow of information is increasing. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in the field and the community they serve. MCC 7100 IP DISPATCH CONSOLE MCC 7500 IP DISPATCH CONSOLE MCD 5000 DESKSET SYSTEM FEEL RIGHT AT HOME IN A MOBILE WORLD POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE VOIP BACKUP IS NOT ONLY ON SCENE Make your Dispatch Center an information COMMUNICATIONS Manage the flow of information from anywhere pipeline, on which first responders can rely for in the field with an internet connection. Ideal for Extend your communications with powerful and permanent or mobile solution without sacrificing the relevant, real-time intelligence they need flexible VoIP technology. Scalable from small with the Project 25 (P25) standard-based any of the functionality and capability you count on operations to complex control centers and MCC 7500 IP Dispatch Console. Enable to coordinate and inform first responders. geographically dispersed operations, this easy effective, secure communications to keep to deploy solution enables communications responders connected and informed when it across your network when and where you matters most. need it most increasing safety, awareness and coordination of your first responders. PROVIDE THE RIGHT INFORMATION, RIGHT AWAY ENSURE THE SAFETY OF YOUR FIRST RESPONDERS Provide the timely and essential information to your first responders by turning dispatch positions into information pipelines. Allowing them to respond faster and provide the necessary mission-critical intelligence ensuring the safety of your first responders. Provide clear and reliable voice communications across ® your ASTRO 25 Trunked and Conventional Systems and when voice is not an option rely on Talkgroup Text Messaging for silent on-demand collaboration. THE INTELLIGENCE YOU NEED, EVERY TIME ENSURE INFORMATION ALWAYS GETS THROUGH, SECURELY The inherent reliability and security of ASTRO 25 ensures first responders and dispatchers stay connected no matter what and with the assurance that they are operating in a secure environment. For peace of mind that the right information always gets through, rely on our smart voice prioritization and intelligent audio routing capabilities in your dispatch positions. Furthermore, continuous link and resource polling gives your dispatchers the confidence that once connected, they stay connected. EASE OF USE FOR MORE EFFECTIVE SUPPORT ENABLE AN EFFECTIVE AND EFFORTLESS RESPONSE Provide dispatchers with an intuitive means to organize resources, coordinate a response and communicate valuable information. A highly configurable, intuitive user interface allows dispatchers to quickly adapt to a new system with minimal training. Purpose-designed workflows with minimal click-throughs critical resource information displays and contextual right-click, menus are just some of the features that can help your dispatch operation become more streamlined and effective, and your dispatchers more efficient and productive. Customizable features including window sizing and placement, color schemes and icons, allow you to create a workflow unique to your agency’s needs. SCALE UP YOUR SYSTEM, NOT YOUR COSTS SAVE RESOURCES AND MINIMIZE DOWNTIME Help keep costs down with flexible servicing and voice processing module (VPM) deployment options. That means less purpose-built hardware for you to buy and maintain, with additional savings on the space and electricity needed to run the system. The software based nature of the platform makes it easy to manage via a centralized single point of contact and reduces the time and skills needed for updates. The scalability of the platform lets you grow as much or as little as you need, making it a perfect choice for long term use. | 10 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

11 ASTRO 25 CYBERSECURITY ASSURANCE SOLUTIONS KEEPING YOUR VOICE AND DATA COMMUNICATIONS SECURE Cyber breaches are the reality of the world we live in. Attackers today are more pervasive, persistent, and proficient at evading and disrupting your operations. With the mission and the safety of your personnel on the line trust the worldwide leader in mission-critical communications to give you the confidence you need to identify and manage cyber risks in a constantly changing environment. NIST CYBERSECURITY FRAMEWORK The NIST Cybersecurity Framework was developed under the auspicious of the US Government with industry leading best practices. This framework highlights a set of processes which, when executed concurrently and continuously, serve to improve an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Organizations that adopt the framework are better positioned to comply with future cybersecurity and privacy regulations. KNOW YOUR CRITICAL SAFEGUARD YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE ASSETS Safeguard your critical infrastructure Know your physical assets, people and with a set of tools designed to ensure the processes to understand your risk posture. Understand the actions to take to mitigate, confidentiality, integrity and availability of your mission-critical operations. react, and respond to cyber threats based on your unique operational requirements DETECT THREATS WITH SEAMLESS RECOVERY PROACTIVE MONITORING AND LESSONS LEARNED It is not enough to simply barricade Quickly recover from an event and ensure your network with advanced firewalls, the continuity of your operations, even in anti-malware, encryption algorithms and the event of a catastrophic event or attack. sophisticated access controls. You need to continuously monitor your system 24x7x365, looking for unusual activities, traffic anomalies, suspicious logs, and RESPOND IN REAL-TIME WITH failed logon attempts. A MULTI-PRONGED APPROACH Stop an attack in real time in order to maintain system wide availability and isolate compromised components while at the same time increase security for the rest of the network. CERTIFIED HARDWARE ENCRYPTION KEY MANAGEMENT DISPATCH CONSOLE ENCRYPTION Encrypt and decrypt radio traffic directly on your wireline Secure your voice and data communications with certified Simplify encryption key management remotely over the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware encryption. air from an easy to use web-based management tool. dispatch console positions for end to end encryption. | 11 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

12 ASTRO 25 SYSTEM MANAGEMENT To achieve peak system operating performance you need complete visibility and control of your system ® components and the devices that run on them. The ASTRO 25 system management portfolio includes a comprehensive set of fault management, configuration management and performance tools needed for daily operation of the network and radios. And, when you need customization, ASTRO 25 has application programming interfaces to connect to third party or your own developed management application. FCAPS NETWORK MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK The FCAPS Network Management Framework was developed jointly by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The framework defines the major functions of network management systems and services. FAULT MANAGEMENT UNIFIED EVENT MANAGER (UEM) As the primary fault manager tool, the UEM provides system administrators a single interface to view the health of their system infrastructure. Drill down from a high-level dashboard to identify the finest component-level alarm, view metering data and access environmental status and controls. UEM System Map CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT PROVISIONING MANAGER (PM) The PM application is a web-based interface that allows you to provision the subscriber radios, consoles and other devices that need access to the system. Default configurations and batch creation simplify the provisioning effort. Role based access, centralized user authentication and agency partitioning enhance security and control. UNIFIED NETWORK CONFIGURATOR (UNC) The UNC is a network provisioning and configuration management tool that enables administrators to manage the configurations of networks and devices in an ASTRO 25 system. The UNC offers automatic discovery of devices and enables configuration changes to the network using a centralized tool. LICENSE MANAGEMENT The License Manager is a central software and licensing hub designed to simplify and speed the time to add new features and capacity. An easy to use web interface allows users to Provisioning Manager PM view existing licenses, purchase and activate new licenses. | 12 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

13 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT ZONEWATCH DYNAMIC AND HISTORICAL REPORTS Proactive resource planning decisions are easier with the ZoneWatch real-time monitoring A variety of reports enable you insight into trends feature. See real-time channel usage and radio traffic activity with the intuitive graphical display. in call activity and system performance that can help you plan future system design changes. RADIO CONTROL MANAGER Remotely control radios in the field to check the status, monitor for emergencies and status events. Commands sent by your system managers can change the radio channel, issue storm plans and inhibit a lost radio. GENESIS GENWATCH3 GenWatch3 is a 3rd party developed performance management suite, certified, sold and supported by Motorola Solutions. GenWatch3 collects data from ® multiple ASTRO 25 interfaces to display real time activity, send critical notifications, and archive data for forensic reporting and analysis. Zone Watch SYSTEM MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK ASTRO 25 systems offer a robust suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable you the ability to integrate 3rd party solutions and applications customized to meet your needs. AIR TRAFFIC INFORMATION ACCESS (ATIA) NORTHBOUND INTERFACE (NBI) The NBI provides a real-time event stream using an The ATIA provides an access point for air traffic call information, including talkgroup and site industry standard protocol to forward events to a fault management application or to a centralized Network affiliation information on the ASTRO 25 system. Operations Center (NOC) for event management. This raw data provides a wealth of information for customized system management uses. PROVISIONING MANAGER INTERFACE (PMI) COMPUTER AIDED DISPATCH INTERFACE (CADI) The Provisioning Manager Interface (PMI) allows The CADI feature improves the level of service to radio users by integrating system monitoring and importing and exporting of subscriber data between dispatch capabilities allowing a CAD server to 3rd party applications and the central database. The PMI allows access to configuration data and supports receive radio status information. The CADI also application developers with message specification provides a programming interface for performing content (e.g., billing and accounting). dispatcher actions within a radio system. | 13 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

14 ASTRO 25 SERVICES IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT HAVING THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY... IT’S ABOUT ACHIEVING PEAK PERFORMANCE PLAN Designing a radio system to meet the unique needs of its users is both a science and an art that is best learned from experience. Through knowledge gained on thousands of systems over multiple decades, ® Motorola Solutions has the experience and custom-built tools to design an ASTRO 25 system to meet your coverage, capacity and service needs. DEPLOY Deploying a network that your personnel will rely on for their safety should not be left to beginners. Motorola Solutions has unparalleled expertise and experience in deploying large-scale public safety networks that marry IP-based networks with optimized transport of voice and data services across wide and local area networks in the most challenging environments. | 14 BROCHURE ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE

15 SUPPORT Operating a modern mission-critical network can be complex, with evolving user needs and rapidly changing technology. Yet it is vital to get it right: the safety of your personnel and the public depends on it. Rely on Motorola Solutions to help you operate your network at peak performance levels. As the global leader in mission-critical communications, we provide expert engineers and network specialists, so you can focus on what matters most – your mission. DRIVE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE RIGHT LEVEL OF SERVICE Each package provides an increasing level of support, transferring more of the risk and responsibility to Motorola Solutions. ESSENTIAL ADVANCED PREMIER MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE AND REDUCE IMPROVE RESPONSE AND CONTINUITY BASIC SUPPORT WORK YOU NEED IT With advanced services, Motorola Solutions’ When the unpredictable happens to your RISK Transfer the day-to-day operations network, Essential Services provide you access expert service teams will monitor your management of your mission-critical system system remotely, proactively detecting and to Motorola Solutions’ Technical Support teams and resources for troubleshooting and and technologies to Motorola Solutions’ resolving network issues. Get fast response by our qualified technicians who analyze and experienced, managed services professionals maintenance. And when remote resolution is diagnose your network as well as deliver not possible, a local field technician will be focused on ensuring availability and maximizing performance. Premier Services are routine maintenance. With Advanced Plus, you dispatched to resolve the issue. can cost-effectively extend the lifespan of your tailored to address your performance goals and relieve you of the financial and operational system with planned upgrades to the latest risks of managing your communication system. hardware and software required. Motorola Solutions will be fully accountable for guaranteed performance and assured outcomes 24x7x365, enabling your staff to focus on core tasks and objectives. | 15 15 ASTRO 25 SYSTEM AT-A-GLANCE BROCHURE

16 At the heart of every mission is the ability to communicate in an instant to coordinate response and protect lives. Trust the world’s most widely deployed P25 voice and data platform will always be available, helping you collaborate across agencies, jurisdictions and technologies to get the job done. And come with us as we lead the way to a future of P25 and broadband working together to deliver your lifeline during your next mission. For more information on how your organization can gain the benefits of an ASTRO 25 solution that fits your needs and your budget today, contact your Motorola Solutions representative or visit Motorola Solutions, Inc. 500 West Monroe Street, Chicago, Il 60661 U.S.A. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 01-2017

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