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1 Hilary Staples biography Hilary Staples has been a science oth in the field educator for over 20 years, b and in the classroom. She believe s in bringing relevance to edu cation by working with the important topics of bot h personal and environmental he alth. This can be seen through her teaching classes in AP Psychology, Biology, AP Environmental Science and even a mini-course in Yoga. Hilary has been teachi ng APES since its early years and has been worki ng as an AP Reader since 2003 . Hilary has also been a leader in technology, and the 1-1 iPad program init iated by her school in 2010 and sees it as anot her tool for creativity and s ustainability on campus. Her work on campus has eceiving both been integral in the school to r an Apple Distinguished School d esignation and the Green Ribbon School Award in Sustainability from the Depar tment of Education. One of her favorite ways to integrate scientific i nnovation with a reve rence for nature is through the lens of Biomimicry. Hilary is also a publ ic speaker on the topic of Bio mimicry for schools, conferences and other community groups.

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