Pinellas County All Hazards Guide 2018


1 HAZARDS ALL PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 2018 NATURAL INTENTIONAL ACCIDENTAL Inside Page 2 Page 10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . epare my business? What should I do to pr How will I know when something is happening? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . gency Preparedness Kit . Page 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Build an Emer Page 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . How do I know my risk? . How should I plan & prepare? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The storm is coming Page 4 What does “in the cone” mean? . . . . . . . . . . . Page 12 Page 13 . Should I stay or should I go? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5 The storm is her e . What should I expect? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stay or go? What ar Now what? e my options? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The storm has passed . . Page 13 Page 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . epare for? Page 7 What public shelters might be open? What else should I pr Page 15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . e “special needs” shelters? Important contacts What ar Back Cover Page 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . epare my home? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 9 How can I pr

2 How do I prepare to survive a disaster? Getting ready for a hurricane or other disaster comes down to three basic steps: Plan & Connect to emergency Determine 2 information. your risk. 3 prepare. 1 . 30 . Learn what you need to know . Then plan and prepare—and replace panic with peace of mind . Hurricane season is June 1 to Nov How will I know when something is happening? The Pinellas County website. www . nextdoor . com ) to join our Nextdoor During an ( ࡟ Connect to emergency pinellascounty www for org . partnership site in your neighborhood and . emergency visit receive emergency notifications that impact hurricane news and links to evacuation maps, information by identifying . shelter information and more . your area www youtube . com/pcctv1 ) ( YouTube . ࡟ Citizen Information Center . Call (727) 464-4333 at least two places you can for information before, during and after the storm for videos on how to prepare for emergencies (only open during or other county emergencies and historical hurricane information count on to get news and . emergencies) Includes Know Your ࡟ Pinellas County app. important updates. Emails about county news Zone, county news, PSTA bus information E-News. . Sign up at ࡟ . www . pinellascounty . org/news_subscription . and road/traffic signal/code enforcement and htm ࡟ Alert Pinellas. Sign up to receive emergency . other issue reporting notifications via phone, text or email Receive automatic ࡟ NOAA W eather alert radio. www org/alertpinellas pinellascounty . . . at News media. ࡟ alerts from the National Weather Service when Use reliable sources of information to receive official county news and weather . dangerous weather is in your area Ready Pinellas app. Personal assistance ࡟ updates via radio, newspaper, TV, online and with preparedness planning, evacuation Follow us on social media: ࡟ . mobile app zone lookup, checklists for when a storm is facebook Facebook com/ . ( . www approaching and more . ࡟ Download news and weather apps. Enable the ) for general county pinellascountynews notifications feature so you will receive breaking information, breaking news, preparedness tips . news and emergency alerts and emergency updates W ࡟ atch Pinellas County Connection Television com . twitter . www ( Twitter ) to sign up to receive . . or watch org/tv pinellascounty www (PCC-TV). Visit tweets via text message: on Spectrum 637, WOW! 18 or Frontier 44. @pinellasem for preparedness information and emergency updates @pinellasconews for general county information and emergency updates @pinellastraffic for real-time traffic updates PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 2

3 2018 Evacuation Zones How do I know my risk? Know your zone. Knowing your evacuation zone (also referred to as evacuation level) is the first step to knowing your risk and making your plans . Evacuations will be called according to “evacuation ” Check your evacuation zone at levels . Roads org/knowyourzone . pinellascounty . www . in dark you are considered If you live in a mobile home to be in a Level A evacuation zone/level, no matter blue are where you are located in the county, and must go when evacuations are ordered for mobile homes or a Level A or higher. evacuation Evacuation orders issued by Pinellas County routes. are for the entire county, including cities and . unincorporated areas Ther e are several ways to find out your evacuation zone: . . org/knowyourzone pinellascounty www ࡟ ࡟ Ready Pinellas mobile app Utility bill ࡟ operty Appraiser records Pr ࡟ (727) 453-3150 (automated for landlines only) ࡟ e ordered for storm surge risk as Evacuations ar . shown on the map at the right EVACUATION GUIDELINES (mobile homes MUST always evacuate) Potential Surge Heights (in feet) Mobile Home Parks (mobile homes MUST always evacuate) Evacuate red areas and all Up to 11' A mobile homes Evacuate red and orange areas Up to 15' B and all mobile homes Evacuate red, orange and yellow Up to 20' C areas and all mobile homes Evacuate red, orange, yellow and Up to 28' D green areas and all mobile homes Evacuate red, orange, yellow, green EVACUATION ZONES Up to 35' E and purple areas and all mobile homes Areas shown in white are non-evacuation zones. Evacuation Routes What’s the difference between evacuation zones & flood zones? Evacuation zones and flood zones are not the same. EVACUATION ZONES FLOOD ZONES Based on the probability of flooding from heavy Based on Tropical Storm and Hurricane scenarios Take note: rain or high tides My evacuation zone is Based on flood risk over period of years for Based on ground elevation and proximity to water insurance and building purposes Set by the Federal Emergency Determined by the National Hurricane Center Management Agency Look up online at: Look up online at: . www . org/knowyourzone pinellascounty PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 3

4 How should I plan & prepare? Flood insurance Questions to ask in reviewing Review your your insurance coverage Homeowners insurance policies DO NOT cover insurance coverage. damage from rising flood waters. If you own a What is my standar ࡟ d deductible? home in a flood zone, your mortgage company ࡟ What is my hurricane deductible? will require you to carry a separate flood policy. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, consider the ࡟ Do I have flood insurance? additional coverage . Learn more about the National ࡟ Do I have windstorm insurance? . Flood Insurance Program at Remember: a new policy takes 30 days to take ࡟ eplace my home Do I have enough coverage to r effect. For flood insurance technical assistance, visit and belongings? . ࡟ Do I have loss-of-use coverage for temporary housing expenses? Hurricane windstorm insurance ࡟ Do I have coverage to r ebuild up to current Insurance that covers damage from wind requires building elevation codes? an entirely different policy. Different carriers have different waiting periods, so do not wait until a storm is . approaching to purchase this Other insurance Not all insurance policies are created equal. Check your policy or talk to your agent to make sure you Consider insurance for mobile homes, cars, have sufficient coverage and to determine if any boats and businesses to protect against storm home improvements would qualify for a discount damage and flooding. on premiums . Information on insurance policies can be found through the Insurance Information . org . iii . www Institute at Why do I need to evacuate? ࡟ Debris in the water makes it even mor e dangerous . Hide from the wind. ater in your house is powerful . Consider that three W Hurricane wind speed is described in categories from feet of water in a 1,500-square-foot home weighs 135 1 to 5 . The wind scale below will give an idea of what tons. Compare that to an average pool, which holds damage to expect for each category . 21 tons . You do not want to be in your house when it fills with water. If you wait until the storm surge is ? coming to evacuate, it is too late. If you are NOT ordered to evacuate prior to a storm, no surge is expected at your location . ou can see an illustration of how Y storm surge would affect your property Run from the water. with the Storm Surge Protector Evacuations are based on the forecast depth of the on egis . pinellascounty org/apps/ . Storm surge is a dome of water that is storm surge . or through the stormsurgeprotector . It happens pushed on land by the force of the wind . Ready Pinellas mobile app fast and is extremely powerful, rushing over land and If you live in a high rise building in overtaking everything in its path . It is the greatest an evacuation zone don’t make the killer of people during hurricanes . Because mistake of thinking you will be safe if the water comes fast, evacuations are done well you stay on an upper floor. The higher in advance . the elevation, the stronger the winds ge can knock people off ࡟ Six inches of storm sur If water destroys the ground . will be their feet . floor it can jeopardize the safety of the entire building. You also will be cut off ge can float many vehicles. ࡟ One foot of storm sur . When ordered to from any assistance Two feet can sweep a car off the road. evacuate, evacuate. ge can undermine, tear apart, or Storm sur ࡟ . Storm surge is the greatest killer of people during hurricanes . move buildings Sustained Wind Damage Category Winds Very dangerous winds will produce some damage: Well-constructed frame homes could have damage to roof, shingles, 74-95 mph 1 vinyl siding, gutters. Snapped tree branches. Power outages likely. Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage: Well-constructed frame homes could sustain major roof and siding 96-110 mph 2 . . Near-total power loss damage Many trees snapped or uprooted . Hurricane Irma Miami, Florida Devastating damage will occur: Storm Surge: Well-built framed homes may incur major damage or removal of roof 111-129 3 An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a decking & gable ends . Electricity & water unavailable . mph Many trees snapped (major) hurricane or other intense storm . for days to weeks . Catastrophic damage will occur: 130-156 Well-built framed homes can sustain severe damage, including roof 4 mph Power outages for structure & some exterior walls . Most trees snapped . (major) weeks or months . . Most of the area uninhabitable for weeks or months Catastrophic damage will occur: High percentage of framed homes destroyed, total roof failure & wall 157 mph 5 collapse. Fallen trees and power poles will isolate residential areas. Power or higher (major) outages will last for weeks or months . Most of the area uninhabitable for weeks or months . ength in Pinellas County, yet power was out for In 2017, Hurricane Irma only had wind gusts to category 1 str several days for many residents Do not underestimate a hurricane or even a tropical storm . . PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 4

5 flashlight & batteries medical supplies food clothes water flashlight & batteries Strengthen your home. Should I stay or should I go? Adding storm shutters, garage door braces and medical hurricane straps to the roof will make your home supplies flashlight safer from wind damage and could lower your & batteries Use this guide to see if and when you would have insurance costs See page 9 for tips on preparing . food medical . your home for a hurricane to evacuate. supplies clothes food Start Here clothes water Do you live flashlight & batteries in a mobile Go medical home park? water supplies You are considered food to be Zone/Level A YES and must ALWAYS flashlight & batteries evacuate when medical Level A or higher clothes supplies is ordered. food water clothes Decide whether you will water flashlight & batteries use sandbags. NO Sandbags may be helpful during flooding events medical if the sandbags are stacked correctly . Commercial supplies flood barriers may be a better option and are flashlight & batteries available online or from home improvement stores . food flashlight flashlight & batteries & batteries medical flashlight Do NOT rely on sandbags to save your home supplies & batteries medical medical supplies They are not or business from major flooding. supplies food medical food supplies clothes effective for fast-moving hurricane storm surge. If you do not live food clothes clothes If you plan to use sandbags or other flood food in a mobile home, water barriers, buy them now. They sell out quickly water do you live in an water . when a storm is coming evacuation zone? clothes flashlight & batteries During some flooding events, the county and clothes medical supplies water municipalities may make sandbags available to food esidents; however, quantities may be limited. r water flashlight . Check org . or your city/town pinellascounty www & batteries Most sandbag giveaway sites are hall for updates . clothes medical supplies self-service. You fill the bags with sand and load food water YES NO them into your vehicle . I DON’T clothes KNOW Remember , sandbags generally don’t work in a flashlight & batteries massive storm surge and flood, so if a hurricane medical water flashlight supplies & batteries is coming soon, don’t waste precious preparation medical food supplies time on sandbags . clothes My zone/ food Look up your evacuation zone: food clothes level is Stay ࡟ (727) 453-3150 (automated—for land water clothes medical lines only) supplies You will not water ࡟ www org/knowyourzone . pinellascounty . water be ordered to ࡟ Storm Sur ge Protector on evacuate in flashlight www . pinellascounty . org/emergency & batteries any hurricane . and on the Ready Pinellas mobile app medical Consider being supplies a host home to Utility bill ࡟ flashlight & batteries Are you in food . friends and family medical ࡟ Pr operty Appraiser records supplies “Evacuation food Zone A”? You do know your zone! clothes food clothes food Write it down and follow the guidelines . clothes clothes medical supplies medical water supplies water clothes food water water medical supplies water flashlight For a 5'x3' area you'll need 55 sandbags, & batteries clothes food properly stacked . clothes food NO YES medical supplies medical medical supplies water supplies Elevation water flashlight Stair-Stepped & batteries food flashlight flashlight & batteries & batteries medical Go Stay supplies medical supplies food medical clothes You must supplies If you are in Evacuation ALWAYS Zones/Level B, C, D, or E clothes food clothes evacuate. food you should have two plans . food water water When level medical If an evacuation is called supplies A or higher water for your zone you will have Plan clothes is ordered. . If your zone is not to leave clothes included in the order you Overlapped . can stay water water clothes food flashlight & batteries medical medical supplies supplies food For information on the proper use of water sandbags search for "U.S. Army sand bag clothes techniques" online. water 5 PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE flashlight & batteries medical supplies food flashlight & batteries flashlight & batteries medical supplies medical clothes supplies food clothes food food water medical supplies water clothes clothes water water clothes food medical supplies water clothes food clothes food medical supplies medical supplies water water

6 Why are shelters a Stay or go? last resort? What are my options? Think of a shelter as a Staying home? lifeboat, not a cruise ship. Emergency Management at (727) 464-3800 If you live in an area that is not being evacuated, . staying home could be your best option . Staying at If you can shelter at home, please consider being home also avoids the hardship of trying to re-enter a host home by offering in advance to host friends, the county after the storm, when bridges may be , colleagues or others you know who need a family damaged and traveling limited . place to shelter . Start a hurricane club with other Befor people from your neighborhood, social group or place e the storm arrives, check on others in the of worship . neighborhood to make sure that they are ok Companionship during a hurricane can be If you know someone and have what they need . a great comfort, and teamwork to prepare and stock who may need special needs assistance, tell up for the event makes the work much easier . them to contact their local fire department or call I may have to evacuate, where will I go? Once you know you What public shelters are: may have to evacuate Safe places to go during danger . ous weather ࡟ you have several Located at public schools, community centers ࡟ options: family and . and chur ches friends, host homes, ࡟ Cr owded—in a major evacuation, each person leaving town, hotels could have a two-foot by five-foot space. . and public shelters Public shelter should , bright and busy. ࡟ Noisy be your last resort . ࡟ Uncomfortable, especially when they lose power. , you only Remember need to evacuate to higher ground The . best evacuation plan could be a 15-minute ride to one of your Think 10s of . options miles, not 100s. Host home Not everyone has friends or family who live in non- Businesses can also consider opening up the evacuation areas or higher evacuation levels like facility to employees and families. What public shelters are NOT: Those with nowhere to go often are . levels D and E . Quiet ࡟ All host homes should consider welcoming pets. Be forced to stay in a public shelter, or worse, they equire clear on the “rules” if you do so. Even if you r Clean ࡟ . stay at home, which could be a deadly decision. that they stay in a carrier, they will still be safe and That is why the host home program is one of the eservations . They do not take r ࡟ the owner will be grateful . If you can’t host anyone greatest services that an organization can provide . They do not have cots or air mattr esses or mats ࡟ but have room for pets, consider making the offer . its members . to shelter one or two This would give the pet owner Most do not have generators, expect it ࡟ By using the tools pr ovided on the Pinellas County . more options for their own evacuation plans . to get warm website, you can match up people who have to If you ar e invited to stay at a host home for the duration evacuate with people who do not. Churches, civic They do not have much r ࡟ oom so only bring of the hurricane, be a part of the preparations, helping groups, community organizations and other agencies your Go Kit with supplies we recommend to secure the house and yard, gather emergency Learn more at . can easily provide this service (see page 11) . supplies and even sharing the cost of a generator so org/emergency/hosthomes htm www . pinellascounty . . . Be safe and take shelter during the storm . Consider that you can all be more comfortable in the days that other options first, but you will never be turned follow a hurricane . away if you go to an open shelter . Leaving town If you decide to evacuate the county, plan to leave often at the last minute—and a single storm can be days ahead of the hurricane—generally before an hundreds of miles wide . evacuation order—to beat overbooked flights and After the hurricane passes, you may not be able to jam-packed highways . get back into the county right away . Flights may be Plan on traveling to an ar canceled, highways closed and bridges damaged. ea that is nowhere near the There are many examples . hurricane’s potential path Traffic may be restricted until it is safe. of people evacuating to other parts of Florida, or to If you know you have to be available right after the a state to the north, where the hurricane ends up storm, consider other options. hitting the hardest . The path of a hurricane changes— Hotel What do I need to bring to a shelter? ee to five days. Change of clothes for thr ࡟ Be sure to make reservations early and call ahead sure it will not need to evacuate . Choose wisely and remember to leave early enough so that you can to confirm. Look for pet-friendly lodgings for your ࡟ food and water is supplied, you must bring While cats and dogs and check pet policies . . travel safely Check the your own food if you have any dietary needs evacuation level of the hotel you plan to use to make Consider (Diabetes, gluten free, allergies, etc.) . bringing some of your own comfort foods and . snacks as well . (2 week supply) Medication ࡟ How will I get there? win-size air mattress, chair or yoga mat T ࡟ If you have to evacuate, be ready to leave your home or for a special needs shelter . You also may register . to sleep on www early because all of these services will stop when online at . . pinellascounty org/specialneeds . Ear plugs, sleeping mask. ࡟ conditions get dangerous . ࡟ If you ar e driving to your safe place , be sure to . Important papers ࡟ fill your gas tank as early as possible, get cash and ࡟ If you ar e in need of transportation to a shelter , bring your Go Kit PSTA buses run free to shelters during evacuations Your goal should be to have all . ࡟ Flashlights. as long as it is safe They also run regular routes . preparations done by the time an evacuation order . Buses will stop running just before the winds is issued so you can leave as soon as the order For special needs sheltering, please see comes out . increase to give staff time to reach safety. additional items on page 8. ࡟ ࡟ If you plan to use taxis or other commer cial If you need transportation or have special transportation services, do so early . These , call Emergency Management at medical needs drivers may have to evacuate themselves and may (727) 464-3800 or your local fire department. They . can pre-register you for a ride to a regular shelter stop providing transportation during an emergency PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 6

7 What public shelters might be open? Pasco County Trinity Blvd South County Not all shelters Keystone Rd go High School 17) Lar 1 are open for all Tarpon Ave 410 Missouri Ave. N. • Largo 2 evacuations. High Point Elementary School 18) 3 Klosterman Rd 5921 150th Ave. N. • Clearwater pinellascounty . org . www Check the website before heading to a public shelter to make East Lake Rd 19) Pinellas Park High School Pinellas County . Updates on open shelters sure it is open Hillsborough County 6305 118th Ave. N. • Pinellas Park . will also be provided to local media Alderman Rd 4 20) Bauder Elementary School North County 5 12755 86th Ave. N. • Seminole arpon Springs Middle School T 1) Tampa Rd 501 N. Florida Ave. • Tarpon Springs 21) John Sexton Elementary School 6 1997 54th Ave. N. • St. Petersburg 2) Br ooker Creek Elementary School Curlew Rd Tampa Rd 3130 Forelock Road • Tarpon Springs 22) Lealman Intermediate School 7 4900 28th St. N. • St. Petersburg 3) East Lake High School Belcher Rd 1300 Silver Eagle Drive • Tarpon Springs Main St 23) New Heights Elementary School Pkwy Enterprise Rd 3901 37th St. N. • St. Petersburg Carwise Middle School 4) McMullen Booth Rd Phillipe 8 3301 Bentley Drive • Palm Harbor 11 . 24) Petersburg High School St 9 10 Main St Sunset Point Rd 2501 Fifth Ave. N. • St. Petersburg Palm Harbor University High School 5) 1900 Omaha St. • Palm Harbor 12 25) Fairmount Park Elementary School Hercules Ave Drew St Courtney Campbell Causeway 575 41st St. S. • St. Petersburg Palm Harbor Middle School 6) 13 1800 Tampa Road • Palm Harbor Old Old ch of St. Petersburg 26) First Baptist Chur 14 16 Tampa Tampa 1900 Gandy Blvd. N., St. Petersburg 15 Dunedin Community Center 7) Belleair Rd Bay Bay 1920 Pinehurst Road • Dunedin 27) Boca Ciega High School Keene Rd Indian Rocks Rd 924 58th St. S. • Gulfport 17 Dunedin Highland Middle School 8) Howard Frankland Bridge West Bay Dr East Bay Dr 70 Patricia Ave. • Dunedin 18 28) Gibbs High School Gulf Blvd 850 34th St. S. • St. Petersburg Dunedin Elementary School 9) Ulmerton Rd Roosevelt Blvd 900 Union St. • Dunedin 29) John Hopkins Middle School 19 118th Ave 66th St N Friendship Trail 701 16th St. S. • St. Petersburg McMullen-Booth Elementary School 10) Seminole Blvd Belcher Rd Gandy Blvd 102nd Ave N 3025 Union St. • Clearwater 131th St N 30) Campbell Park Elementary School 28th St N 1051 Seventh Ave. S. • St. Petersburg 26 Safety Harbor Middle School 11) 20 113th St N Starkey Rd Starkey Rd 901 First Ave. N. • Safety Harbor Park Blvd Jamerson Elementary School 31) 1200 37th St. S. • St. Petersburg 12) Clearwater Fundamental Middle School 4th St N 49th St N 58th St N 58th St N 49th St N 1660 Palmetto St. • Clearwater 54th Ave N 21 32) St . Petersburg College Park St Park St 22 Dr. Martin Luther King St N Midtown Campus est Elementary School Skycr 13) 38th Ave N Tyrone Blvd 23 1300 22nd St. S. • St. Petersburg 10 N. Corona Ave. • Clearwater 22nd Ave N 35 34 14) Belleair Elementary School 33) Gulfport Elementary School 5th Ave N 1156 Lakeview Road • Clearwater 2014 52nd St. S. • Gulfport 24 Central Ave 25 15) Ross Norton Recr eation Center good Marshall Middle School Thur 34) 29 28 27 30 31 1426 S. MLK Jr. Ave. • Clearwater 3901 22nd Ave. S. • St. Petersburg 32 22nd Ave S 33 Gulf of Gulf of 35) James Sanderlin Elementary School Oak Gr 16) ove Middle School 34th St S 34th St S 1370 S. Belcher Road • Clearwater 2350 22nd Ave. S. • St. Petersburg Mexico Mexico 54th Ave S Pet-Friendly Shelters Special Needs Shelters (see page 8) Tampa Tampa o protect your mobile home: T Bay Bay Why do I always have to evacuate Replace rusted anchors and connections . ࡟ ࡟ . Tighten straps if I live in a mobile home? Add anchors and straps if needed. ࡟ awnings and parts of the homes become missiles Skyway Bridge Sunshine Remember that mobile ot and termite damage at connections, ࡟ Fix wood r in the wind, making the mobile home parks . joists and trusses themselves dangerous places to be . homes are not safe in Befor e you evacuate: Despite new tough laws, Hurricane Charley ࡟ devastated Punta Gor . da’s mobile homes in 2004 . ࡟ Put shutters/plywood over windows a hurricane. Community centers in mobile home parks ar ࡟ e not . om around your unit Remove loose items fr ࡟ ew destroyed 90 percent of the ࡟ Hurricane Andr . safe to stay in due to debris . mobile homes in Miami-Dade County in 1992 ࡟ Lower TV and radio antennas. If an evacuation is or dered, all mobile homes must ࡟ Even newer mobile homes, built under tougher ࡟ . emove awnings Lower/r evacuate Plan and prepare now to take shelter . t withstand the force of hurricane-force laws, can’ . somewhere else ࡟ Elevate belongings if your park often floods. wind gusts or tornadoes. In addition, carports, If you rent, discuss plans For landlords For renters with your landlord. Consider getting insurance to pr . Take steps to make your rental storm-ready ࡟ otect your As the storm appr personal belongings oaches, secure your rental: The landlord’s insurance . ds need to talk about Renters and landlor does not protect anything that you own . responsibilities for protecting the home in the ࡟ Shutter windows . event of a hurricane . There may be cases when ࡟ e emergency contact information, Always shar e your tenants are safe and have the Make sur ࡟ the landlord wants renters to evacuate even if an in writing . . supplies they need if they will shelter there Landlords and tenants . evacuation is not ordered d know where ࡟ If you will evacuate, let your landlor . should put their agreement in writing It may even ࡟ Make sur e your tenants know their responsibilities . you will be . . be included in the lease ake care of your responsibilities T ࡟ . Find out wher ࡟ e your landlord will be staying. e and after the storm . ࡟ Check on your tenants befor PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 7

8 What are “special needs” shelters? Pinellas County’s special needs shelter program is Important things to know when intended for those who need transportation and/or require MINIMAL medical assistance. Registration is going to a special needs shelter: required for those needing transportation. ecommended that you bring a family member It is r ࡟ or a caregiver with you to the shelter . Three ways to register for ࡟ om Pinellas County Schools and Personnel fr a special needs shelter: Florida Department of Health provide staffing at . special needs shelters Fill out a form at 1) . . . org/specialneeds www pinellascounty Assistance is limited to medical monitoring, ࡟ . oxygen and some backup electricity 2) Call Pinellas County Emer gency Management at Medications in the original container ࡟ (2-week ࡟ Oxygen is available, but the shelter could lose air (727) 464-3800 . supply) . During a state of emergency, there is . conditioning in a power outage no time requirement for refills. 3) Call your nearest fire department. If you have a home . ge amounts Bedding is not available in lar ࡟ Bring a health care provider, discuss this with them. ࡟ Printed updated list of pr escriptions/dosages . . twin-sized air mattress Residents who are unable (Ask your pharmacist.) to sleep on the floor should consider a hotel or a Once you are registered, a medical needs review will host home (See page 6.) . ࡟ earable medical alert tag . W If you . determine your eligibility for a special needs shelter ” . Bring your “Go Kit ࡟ do not qualify, other options will be discussed with you. , cot, folding chair or air mattress. ࡟ Blanket, pillow (Special needs shelter cots are limited in number.) ࡟ Let an out-of-town contact know wher e you The county has are going . three special needs ࡟ Complete change of clothing for several days . . shelters for residents ࡟ W ear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes . Activities ࡟ (cards, games, books) . Plan ahead and e trained to assist a person Service animals that ar ࡟ ࡟ Special dietary items (sugar-free, low sodium, communicate with with a disability are allowed in any shelter, hotel gluten-free, etc.) with can opener if required. friends, family or or motel—no registration required. Remember to caregivers if you ࡟ Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, wipes, soap, . pack their supplies too will need extra help hairbrush, adult diapers) . . evacuating and sheltering during a storm Y our pets will not be allowed to be with you in the . alking or braille clock T ࡟ . It is important to make prior special needs shelter If you have your own transportation, r egistration is arrangements for your pets . Dogs and cats with no . Pen and paper ࡟ NOT required but is strongly recommended. arrangements will be cared for by Pinellas County Flashlight and batteries. ࡟ If you make other arrangements after you register, you Animal Services, who will bring your pet to the are not obligated to go to the shelter . . Portable radio and batteries ࡟ Pinellas County shelter and return them to you when you return home . Keep in mind that the shelter will be inside a school . Phone and backup battery ࡟ and will likely be cr owded and noisy. It will be safe, What to take to a special needs shelter: ࡟ Earplugs, headphones, sleep mask. but it is not for everyone . Any durable medical equipment or supplies you ࡟ d. Important papers, valid ID, insurance car ࡟ may need such as: , If you live in a nursing home or assisted living facility Printed list of contacts . ࡟ contact the administrator about emergency plans . • Portable oxygen. , walker or cane. • Wheelchair Let friends/family know the plan and share important ritten instructions or orders regarding your care . W ࡟ Hearing aids with batteries. • Eyeglasses. • . contacts with them . Nebulizer Oxygen concentrator • . • If you ar e homebound or receive home health services, discuss your plans with your caregiver. How do I prepare for my pets? Just like other members of the family, pets need to be part of your disaster plan. If you have to evacuate, do you know if pets are allowed where you are planning to stay? If you are staying home, what will your pet need if your family must survive without basic necessities after a storm? , if you must evacuate, you may have Remember https://vetmed-extension . sites . medinfo . Extension Sheltering With Your Pet to care for your pet for an extended period of time . - ࡟ e the If you will evacuate during a storm, make sur . Plan accordingly pdf horse-farms . host home, hotel or shelter where you are going If you do not yet have a carrier for your pet, Build a go kit for your pet. . accepts your type of pet pur chase one now. They may not be available later s pet identification form at Download the county’ ࡟ ࡟ Call V isit St. Pete/Clearwater at (727) 464-7200 for . in the season www , fill it in and org/animalservices . pinellascounty . options or search the web for pet-friendly hotels in . tape it to your pet’s kennel Post-disaster lost pets the area . Some hotels have emergency policies to take pets in an evacuation . ecords Immunization r ࡟ . After a storm, stray animals will be picked up and taken to temporary collection sites and then ࡟ Do not assume a kennel will take your pet in an ࡟ County rabies tag . transferred to more permanent sites that will be emer gency. Call ahead to find kennels in non- ࡟ Food & water with bowls (two-week supply) – can announced to the public. If you lose your pet, look in evacuation zones that could take your pet . . opener if needed the area around your home or call Animal Services at equire proof of vaccinations. Kennels r . (727) 582-2600 ࡟ Carrier or portable kennel (with r oom to stand and Animal shelters, such as Pinellas County Animal ࡟ turn around) . ampa Bay, CANNOT accept Services or SPCA T Volunteer for pet pickup Muzzle, collar and leash. ࡟ . your pets during an emergency Residents who will be brought to special needs shelters will have their pets cared for by Animal ࡟ Medications . If you plan to stay with a family member or friend ࡟ Services . Can you help the county transport pets for outside the evacuation zone, ask them now . ࡟ T oys/blanket citizens with special needs during an evacuation? . whether you can bring your pet Cat litter , pan and scoop. ࡟ Call Animal Services at (727) 582-2600 for Horses. . more information Plastic waste bags ࡟ . ࡟ Ther e are no public park areas to leave horses ࡟ . Disinfectant during an evacuation, so it is important to make Paper towels ࡟ . More information is arrangements in advance . available from the University of Florida/IFAS ࡟ T ake a photo of your pet to keep with you . Should I involve my kids? Owlie Skywarn • National Weather Service Definitely! Make plans with the whole family. Helpful Links www . gov/owlie weather . Let childr en help build your emergency ࡟ Becoming Storm Smart • Pinellas County Emergency Ready for Kids • National Hurricane Center preparedness kit . (see page 11) Management www . gov/kids . ready -of-fact language to discuss safety Use matter ࡟ Pinellas County Hurricanes for Kids Activity Book Weather Wiz Kids . steps you will take org/kids . . www pinellascounty . weatherwizkids . www . htm com/weather-hurricane s pretend” games with young children to Play “let’ ࡟ Kids Get a Plan • Florida Division of Emergency . help them work out “what if” situations . kidsgetaplan . www Management com PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 8

9 How do I secure How can I prepare my home? There are several simple steps to making your home storm ready, and they do not have to be expensive fixes. my boat? No matter how seaworthy you or your boat is, do not ever consider staying with Prepare Your Yard *Brace Your Gabled Roof . your boat in a hurricane Gabled roofs—two slopes that come together to a Rock mulch, sagging tree limbs and yard furniture Make preparations early peak at the top—are prone to failure if not properly are among the objects that could become deadly and evacuate for your . High winds could cause missiles in high winds. Keep your trees pruned, braced in construction safety Monitor weather . clean out your gutters on a regular basis, and your end wall to collapse. See the Florida Division . If watches or warnings and sea conditions closely of Emergency Management’s Hurricane Retrofit . . . when a storm is coming are issued, do not venture onto the water. Guide for advice: . Dispose of any piles of loose tr • ee limbs Follow the tips below to minimize damage to your or debris . vessel during a hurricane . • Bring in all lar ge yard items, such as furniture, grills and bird baths . *Protect Your Marina Slip or Private • Super chlorinate the . Do not drain your pool Windows water and turn off the electricity. Dock Storage Note: The bottom of the pool is one storage Your best option is to install impact eate a hurricane plan for your boat and file a Cr ࡟ . option for outdoor furniture resistant windows or hurricane copy with the marina operator . shutters. Otherwise, be ready to ࡟ T ake a photographic inventory of your boat and cover your windows with commercial its contents . exterior plywood—7/16" minimum— Duct . when a storm is approaching ࡟ Pur chase and stow mooring line for the storm— tape provides NO protection. the line should be about twice the diameter of . normal line ࡟ When a storm is appr oaching, remove loose items on the deck—Bimini tops, dinghies, etc. —and store them on land. Shut off fuel lines at the tank . ࡟ Keep batteries char ged; make sure bilge pumps are operating properly . . ࡟ Keep insurance up-to-date Secur ࡟ . e hatches and doors Double up on mooring lines and spring lines to ࡟ e the boat in its mooring . secur ࡟ Use several cleats to distribute the load on the boat . ࡟ Allow extra line for tide and storm sur ge. ࡟ Wher e lines will rub, use several feet of chafing gear—such as a reinforced radiator hose— on both sides of where the lines will rub to protect them . ࡟ Disconnect electrical, water and other dock connections . ࡟ Remove valuables . Land Storage ࡟ Stor e boat and trailer in a secure covered building, such as a garage, if possible. ࡟ e using ground hooks If left outside, secur and straps . ࡟ Fill boat partially with water for stability . Keep water away from engine/batteries . ࡟ Put wooden blocks between trailer frame and springs for extra support with added weight . Anchored Storage Check Seals ࡟ s position may change Remember the boat’ drastically during the storm . Replace any worn out weather stripping or caulk around windows and doors . otective land rather Anchor on the lee side of pr ࡟ . than mooring to a dock Prepare Your Vehicle Use two anchors and no ster n anchor . ࡟ Keep up with your car’ . • s maintenance ࡟ Line length should be six to nine times water *Brace Your Garage Door • Keep gas tank half full—fill tank during a ge shift depth for storm sur . Hurricane W . atch Old garage doors in good condition can be ࡟ ged; make sure bilge pumps Keep batteries char Build a survival kit for your car: first aid, non- • braced with retrofit kits while new doors . are operating properly must meet stringent wind requirements. After , tire inflater, tool kit, perishable food/water jack and spare tire, jumper cable, road flares, Hurricane Andrew, engineers determined four ࡟ Batten down the hatches! out of five homes that suffered major structural flashlight, DC/AC power inverter, mobile damage lost their garage door first. device chargers, map with shelter locations. Drawbridges During the approach of a hurricane, Pinellas *Protecting windows, gable roofs and garage doors are the most important steps to take. County’s 10 drawbridges will operate in a modified mode to give preference to evacuating vehicle traffic until the bridges go into lock-down position to ensure barrier islands are evacuated and to Should I get a generator? . protect the bridges from wind damage and doors to avoid carbon monoxide exposure A fuel-powered generator can keep your appliances . S . Coast Guard will coordinate with local and The U . NEVER operate a generator indoors. NEVER use going after a disaster and would keep you more state agencies to issue a special marine advisory comfortable You can buy a small one to run your a generator in an attached garage, even with the . when the bridge operations will be modified. medical equipment. But keep in mind, generators garage door open . The 10 drawbridges are located at Pinellas Bayway, come with the dangers of carbon monoxide, ࡟ ectly into the generator or use Plug appliances dir Tierra Verde, Corey Causeway, John’s Pass, electrical shock and fire. a heavy-duty, three-pronged extension cord. Tom Stuart Causeway, Indian Rocks, Dunedin Follow these safety measures: ࡟ NEVER plug the generator into a wall outlet— Causeway, Beckett Bridge, Park Boulevard and . this can cause electrocution Use generators outdoors and away fr ࡟ om windows . Treasure Island PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 9

10 What should I do to prepare my business? Get help with business disaster planning Sign up for emergency notifications A hurricane or other major disaster could shut Sign up for emer ࡟ You can get help preparing a comprehensive gency notifications and other down your business for weeks . It is critical to plan ahead for a possible evacuation and determine business continuity, emergency preparedness news from Pinellas County Economic Development org/subscribe www . and disaster recovery plan at no cost . Schedule . at how your business would recover in the aftermath . pced . of a catastrophe an appointment with the Florida Small Business ࡟ Make sur e members of your workplace Development Center at Pinellas County Economic are signed up for Alert Pinellas, pced . www . org/sbdc Development at . . org/alertpinellas . pinellascounty . www Emergency Business Secure Go Kit Your Business Back Up Your Data Turn Off Power ID & Papers For Re-Entry Keep Cash GAS On Hand Steps to prepare your business nally and externally— ࡟ Assess your risk—inter especially your business’ evacuation zone . Turn Off (See page 3) Water & Gas ࡟ Analyze your critical business functions. ࡟ nate location; expect to work with Plan for an alter limited or no water, sewer or power for at least two weeks . ࡟ Communicate your disaster plan to employees; , when you will shut down operations specifically and send them home, as well as your plans for reopening and your expectations of them . ID for re-entry ࡟ . Consider supply chain pr eparedness ࡟ Business owners and critical employees will need ࡟ Back up your data and practice r estoring -issued photo identification such as an employer . your technology ID or corporate placard to gain access to their facilities in a disaster area . ࡟ eate an employee, vendor and key client Cr communication plan; share this plan and test it epared to show ࡟ Business owners should also be pr with your employees . a license, utility bill or lease document with the Loan assistance to get . property’s address Assemble an emer ࡟ gency kit. ࡟ Pr ovide staff with an emergency personnel ࡟ Review your business insurance coverage . Does it back to business list on company letterhead, including contact include business interruption coverage that would SBA disaster loans information . State the need for early access and compensate you for lost income if your company the forms of identification your company has is unable to operate because of disaster-related Once a disaster has been declared, the U.S. Small . provided to key personnel damage? If not, talk to an agent about whether this Business Administration provides low-interest coverage is a good option for you . disaster loans to businesses of all sizes, private Barrier island business owners need an ࡟ non-profit organizations and even homeowners and gency Access Permit to re-enter after a Emer ࡟ Keep cash on hand in the event you must work renters. SBA disaster loans can be used to repair or (See page 13.) . mandatory evacuation without electricity . replace real estate, personal property, machinery and ࡟ Secur e your building as a storm is approaching . equipment, and inventory and business assets. For Business go kit . . more information, visit www . gov sba T urn off electricity, water and gas if your business ࡟ Key contact list—employees, key customers ࡟ . is in an area being evacuated Bridge loans and clients ࡟ Pr epare a Go Kit with key contacts, insurance Should disaster strike, Pinellas County Economic ࡟ Insurance policies and agent contact information policies, important documents and a photo Development will help businesses apply for inventory of the interior and exterior of Backup files/drivers for electr ࡟ onic data Florida’s emergency bridge loan program. This the business . program provides a source of expedient cash flow Copies of contracts, plans, etc. ࡟ to businesses impacted by a catastrophe so they ࡟ Consider making your business a host home Photo inventory of business inside and outside ࡟ shelter for employees if you are located outside can begin repairs and replace inventory. For more (See page 6.) ࡟ Pr operty management contacts and repair vendors . the evacuation zone . information, visit PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 10

11 Build an Emergency Preparedness Kit Basic Supplies for Pets ❑ Enough pet food and water for two weeks ❑ Identification/chip (remember to update) ❑ License ❑ ecords Immunization r ❑ Photo Collar and leash ❑ Medications for two weeks with instructions ❑ T oys/blanket ❑ ❑ Cat litter , pan, scoop Basic Supplies ❑ Plastic waste bags ater—at least one gallon of water per person ❑ Extra batteries for medical devices such as ❑ W Disinfectant ❑ hearing aids, etc. per day for drinking, and one gallon per person Paper towels ❑ per day for hygiene and cooking Eyeglasses and extra contact lenses ❑ Carrier or crate ❑ ❑ One-week supply of fluids to drink and non- Extra bottled oxygen if dependent on it ❑ Newspaper or other lining ❑ perishable food that does not r equire cooking, Small generator for electrically dependent ❑ for example: dried fruit, canned tuna fish, peanut equipment like an oxygen concentrator (Remember comfort foods.) butter, etc. or nebulizer Non-electric can opener ❑ + If You Go TMs are out of service—small ❑ Cash for when A Medications and copies of pr escriptions (Ask ❑ bills will make purchasing easier your pharmacist for a printout. Get refills without Host Home or Hotel Go Kit ds, board games for entertainment ❑ Books, car having to wait, once the governor declares a state of local emergency that includes Pinellas.) ❑ Full tank of gas in vehicle In addition to basic supplies: Rain gear ❑ Cell phone with char ger, extra battery backup, ❑ Pillow and blankets ❑ solar charger Flashlight or lanter ❑ n ess, sleeping bag, floor mat or Air mattr ❑ ❑ Contacts in mobile device and in print other as needed Battery-operated or hand-crank radio ❑ for backup Food and water . Find out from the host what ❑ ❑ Extra batteries Information downloaded to your mobile device ❑ you can bring, including the perishable food First aid supplies—over ❑ -the-counter pain (contacts, maps) . you have left reliever, anti-diarrhea medicine/laxative, anti- A paper map ❑ ❑ Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils histamine, anti-itch cream, antiseptic Paper and pencil ❑ . Check with your host to see what they need Sanitation—wipes, antibacterial hand ❑ gel, soap, toilet paper, hygiene supplies, ❑ een Sunscr feminine supplies epellent Insect r ❑ Public Shelter Go Kit – General + In addition to basic supplies: earable medical alert tag ❑ W ❑ , cot, folding chair or twin-size Blanket, pillow If You Stay or When You Return air mattress ❑ Complete change of clothing for several days Stay Kit for Home ❑ Special dietary Items (sugar-free, low sodium, ❑ Dust mask, to help filter contaminated air Even if you are evacuating, these gluten-free, etc.) with can opener if required. Sheets of plastic and duct tape to seal windows ❑ supplies will be needed when you return. (common food and water is supplied) dered to do so and doors if or wo weeks of fluids to drink and non-perishable ❑ T Personal hygiene (toothbrush, wipes, soap, ❑ oof container Matches or lighter in waterpr ❑ food that does not require cooking, for example: hairbrush, adult diapers) dried fruit, canned tuna fish, peanut butter, etc. ge garbage bags ❑ Lar Earplugs, headphones, sleep mask ❑ Remember comfort foods om a boat or camper, ❑ Portable toilet—use one fr ❑ Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils or make one using a 5-gallon bucket with lid, Special Needs Shelter Go Kit trash bags, chlorine bleach Cooler with ice (Make extra ice in plastic bags and ❑ plastic food storage containers and keep it in the Household chlorine bleach with medicine ❑ In addition to basic supplies: freezer to keep food cold longer.) (Do not opper to disinfect or treat water dr . Any durable medical equipment or supplies ❑ use scented, color safe or bleach with added ❑ Insect r epellent you may need such as: cleaners.) ❑ Sunscr een ❑ Portable oxygen Extra gas if you have a generator and ❑ arps ❑ T ❑ Wheelchair , walker or cane somewher e safe to store it d ❑ Rope or elastic cor (for tarps if necessary) Eyeglasses ❑ ❑ Extra pr opane or charcoal for outside grill ❑ Whistle to signal for help ❑ Hearing aids with batteries ed fan Battery-power ❑ ❑ ools, including wrench to shut off water, utility T Oxygen concentrator ❑ Camera to take photos/video of damage ❑ knife for sheeting and duct tape, hammer and ❑ Nebulizer nails to make temporary repairs Medications in the original container (2-week ❑ . There is no time requirement for refills supply) Important Documents . once the governor declares a state of emergency . ❑ Titles to house, cars Take photos of your documents for backup ❑ , cot, folding chair or air Blanket, pillow (available cots are limited in number) mattress Pay stubs for disaster assistance eligibility ❑ . Put paper copies together in a sealed plastic bag Complete change of clothing for several days ❑ d Household inventory for insurance claims – ❑ Driver license or ID car ❑ photo or video documentation stor ed online ❑ Personal hygiene (toothbrush, wipes, soap, gency Access Permit for barrier island Emer ❑ hairbrush, adult diapers) eplaceable papers, such as birth, Other irr ❑ residents/businesses marriage, divorce, death and adoption ❑ alking or Braille clock T Social Security car d ❑ certificates; passports; military records; wills; Pen and paper for communicating emer gency ❑ gency contacts Important numbers and emer ❑ trust documents information ecords – pharmacy prescription record, ❑ Medical r edit cards, savings Account numbers for bank, cr ❑ Earplugs, headphones, sleep mask ❑ doctors, medications, dosages, blood type and investments . ritten instructions or orders ❑ W Insurance policies for home, health, flood, ❑ ds Preparedness Guide for ❑ This All-Hazar regarding your care enters auto, r reference, which you can also download from www pinellascounty org/emergency . . . (Pets do not stay with you—see page 8) ❑ Pet Go Kit PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 11

12 The cone contains the probable The storm is coming. path of the storm center but does not show the size of the What does “in the cone” mean? storm. Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone. The National Hurricane Center uses a graphic of a cone to show the probable track of a storm on . weather forecasts You can use it as a guide for the type of preparations you should make . The closer the hurricane is, the mor e accurate the But be aware that hurricanes often shift . forecast direction at the last minute, so you need to be prepared if you are anywhere near the cone . d down Do not let your guar . As you make your pr eparations, remain calm. After all, you have learned about hurricanes and hazards, you know your risks and what you plan to do, and . have made the preparations to do it This information is also part of the Ready Pinellas mobile app. Google Play Apple App Store Evacuation order Hurricane watch (48 hours ahead) Listen carefully to the evacuation order. What LEVEL (or zone) is being told to evacuate? Prepare as if the storm is headed directly for your . Be ready for a Hurricane Warning within a few home Are you in that LEVEL? hours if the storm remains on track and continue NO I do NOT live in an evacuation level/zone that 5-day cone implementing your disaster plan . is included in the evacuation order . If Pinellas is in the 5-day cone it means a storm is on a ࡟ Fill vehicle gas tank. If you do not live in the evacuation level/zone that probable path to reach our area in five days. ࡟ Get cash, secur e papers and valuables. is being told to evacuate, you do not have to leave Implement your plan. . Review your plan and your decision on your home ࡟ If you could not r efill your medications in the 3-day cone If you do not . ࡟ Know your zone whether you will stay or go . (See page 5) timeframe try again now. Fill containers and tubs with already know your zone, look it up. water, even if evacuating—you may need the water I live in an evacuation level/zone that is being YES ) ( www . pinellascounty . org/knowyourzone when you return . ordered to evacuate . Review your family disaster plan ࡟ . e yard equipment and furniture. ࡟ Secur . I live in a mobile home YES . Get your survival kit and important papers r ࡟ eady ࡟ Shutter your windows . If you answer ed YES you must evacuate. epare your home and yard Begin to pr ࡟ . ࡟ e to evacuate the area if you are If your plans ar ordered to, secure your home so you can leave as egiver ࡟ If you have special needs, have your car Steps Before You Leave soon as an evacuation order is issued . begin to implement your plan. If needed, be sure . you are registered for a special needs shelter ࡟ If you ar e registered for a special needs shelter and will be getting transportation, be sure you have ou do not need to wait for an evacuation order if Y ࡟ . everything you need for your Go Kit you do not wish to. Just remember, if you plan to evacuate to somewhere else in Florida there is no Just . ou do not need to wait for an evacuation order Y ࡟ way to tell this many days ahead exactly where the remember, if you plan to evacuate to somewhere else storm will hit . in Florida, there is no guarantee that area will not be hit by the storm if its path changes . ࡟ Be pr epared for an evacuation order to be issued 3-day cone at anytime . If Pinellas is in the 3-day cone it means a storm is on . a probable path to reach our area in three days Hurricane warning Step up your preparations. (36 hours ahead) Double check your survival kit and make any last ࡟ Stay tuned to local news and get your weather ࡟ . chases necessary pur eady radio r . en, ࡟ Gather special supplies for infants, childr ࡟ eparations to evacuate or to Complete final pr . seniors and pets shelter in your home . urn off the water and gas utilities. T ࡟ Be sur e you have all materials and tools necessary ࡟ ea and If your plan is to travel out of the local ar ࡟ . Lock windows ࡟ to shutter windows . you can leave at this point, go. You can expect Close all doors ࡟ . ࡟ If your plans ar e to evacuate, make arrangements, traffic to get heavier as the hurricane nears. book reservations and pack what you can in ࡟ T ell friends and neighbors where you are going . If you ar e registered for a special needs shelter ࡟ . your vehicle If you are evacuating locally, get to your shelter and will be getting transportation, be ready to location within a few hours of the order . nor has declared a Refill medications. (If the Gover ࡟ leave . Rescue workers will begin pick-ups shortly state of emergency that includes Pinellas you can ࡟ If you ar e going to a host home, go there now. . after an evacuation order is issued get a 30-day refill without the insurance company’s . e of your evacuation time range Be awar ࡟ ࡟ If you ar e going to a host home, assist with home usual restrictions ) . Evacuations will be issued with beginning and end preparations and bring emergency supplies there . ࡟ Y ou do not need to wait for an evacuation order if . The end time means that sustained tropical times ࡟ Y ou do not need to wait for an evacuation you do not wish to. Just remember, if you plan to storm force winds are expected to arrive by that order. Just remember, if you plan to evacuate to evacuate to somewhere else in Florida there is no . time and all evacuations should be complete somewhere else in Florida there is no guarantee way to tell this many days ahead exactly where the that area will not be hit by the storm if the ࡟ . Stay safe during the storm . storm will hit forecast changes . ࡟ epared for an evacuation order to be issued Be pr . at anytime How will I get official information during and after a disaster? ࡟ Pinellas County Connection TV : Spectrum Channel When the Pinellas County Emergency Operations 637; Frontier Channel 44; WOW! Channel 18 Center (EOC) is activated during a disaster, residents Radio, television stations and newspapers ࡟ can find around-the-clock updates: ࡟ Alert Pinellas: Sign up at ࡟ Citizen Information Center: (727) 464-4333 (only pinellascounty . org/alertpinellas www . open during emergencies) If modern technology is not available, speak with your org ebsite: ࡟ www Pinellas County W . pinellascounty . neighbors and visit your local library or city hall for the witter and Nextdoor Pinellas County Facebook, T ࡟ . latest news PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 12

13 The storm The storm is here. has passed. What should I expect? Hurricane Irma gave us a small taste of what life could be like in the case of a . major hurricane Power outages and heat were two of the biggest challenges . Now what? Expect these conditions to last days and even weeks . Can I start driving once a storm passes? Do not attempt to travel after the storm passes until officials say it is safe to do so. If... Then... The Power You will need a battery-powered radio, flashlight, batteries, cell phone and battery Goes Out charger, non-perishable food, water. Check your emergency kits to make sure you can make it at least a week without power . You will need ways to cook or boil water in the weeks to follow, like an outside grill or camp stove. If you can find an open store you will need cash. You also will want items to keep you occupied: books, board games, etc. The Power If there is food in the refrigerator , move perishable foods into an ice-filled cooler. Stays Out for Put a thermometer in the cooler to make sure it stays below 40°F. Meats and other Six Hours perishable foods can stay above 40°F without spoiling for two hours. e will be trees, electrical wires and other ࡟ Ther dangers on the roads . The Power , it can be stored safely for two days if you keep the If there is food in the freezer Stays Out for freezer door shut. Once the storm passes, cook any unspoiled food outside and Without power ࡟ , traffic lights will not be working, Two Days . consider sharing with your neighbors . Emergency making driving very dangerous personnel will be busy trying to get to the calls om this point forward you will need non-perishable food. Fr they could not answer during the storm . You put (When you know a hurricane is coming, if you have a lot of frozen food, use it to prepare them in more danger by being on the road . your meals. Otherwise you risk having it spoil in a power outage.) en’s ࡟ It is highly likely that your workplace, childr . Many roads and schools and stores will be closed The Water It is always possible that the drinking water supply could be affected during a . bridges are likely to be closed or blocked Supply Monitor the news for boil water notices, which means there is a possibility of disaster. Is Affected ࡟ gency crews will be dispatched as soon as Emer . contamination In this case you should be prepared to disinfect the water . conditions are safe to begin clearing major roads of Boil—Bring a pot of water to a r olling boil for one minute to ensure bacteria, viruses or debris and open up routes to reach hospitals, fire . parasites are gone stations, police stations and other critical facilities. Bleach—Add 1/8 tsp. of unscented bleach per gallon of water and let stand for 30 ࡟ . Be patient and stay home until it is safe to travel minutes; bleach should contain 5.25 per cent sodium hypochlorite. This is less effective Once officials say you can drive, you should still than boiling, but will work if there is no way to boil water. be very car eful. Bleach can also be used as a disinfectant for cleaning by mixing nine parts of water to raffic lights may still be out. Treat all intersections T ࡟ . one part bleach and locations where there is usually a traffic light If water is out, use your emergency supplies. as an all-way stop sign . There Is a . ࡟ Roads may still be litter ed with debris If a sewer outage is announced, DO NOT flush your toilet. Powered sewer lift Sewer Outage stations may be down, which could cause a sewage backup in your home. Use a ࡟ outes may be flooded. NEVER drive Many r portable toilet, like one used on a boat or camper, or set one up by using one of the . . Remember: Turn around through standing water following methods: Don’t drown . ࡟ 5-gallon bucket —Line with heavy-duty trash bag and use household bleach as Make sure it has a tight lid . . disinfectant Will I be able to get ࡟ T oilet bowl —Turn off your outside water supply first and flush once to empty before back home? lining with a trash bag . Do not use kitty litter . It cannot be flushed after the sewer system is running. Once given the OK by officials, dispose of the emergency toilet’s contents into you . Thoroughly sanitize your emergency toilet with bleach before household commode storing or disposal . Phone, Cable Use a battery- or crank-powered radio —radio broadcasts are usually the last & Cell Ser vice . communication source to go down . Tune in Get a portable radio and lots of batteries Is Down . Severe weather alerts are transmitted through to National Weather Service advisories the NOAA Weather Alert Radio. Local radio stations usually report on emergency situations and AM stations can broadcast longer than FM stations. Pinellas County FM HAR 96.3—Use your radio to tune in to the county station for After an evacuation, many parts of Pinellas County information on local traffic. may be inaccessible due to damage, flooding or debris blocking major roadways. Access into the If your . Mobile Text Messaging—Texting often works when other services do not Coming home immediately is . county may be closed phone’s digital clock works, then you can send and receive texts. . not a guarantee Chargers and batteries—Keep your phone and other devices charged Make sure you . ࡟ Stay tuned to social media and local news for have the connection you need to plug into a vehicle, even if you do not own your own updates on flooded ar eas, road closures and car. Invest in a backup battery charger. There are many models, including solar-powered. re-entry points before attempting to return to the Do not forget the basic spare batteries for your radio, flashlight and other emergency county, your home or your business. . . Make sure your extra batteries have not expired items ࡟ Be pr epared with proper ID that identifies you and the address of your residential or business Apps—Mobile apps were invaluable during Irma. In addition to Pinellas County apps, know . property for re-entry after a storm which others could be useful, like GasBuddy to find open gas stations or local weather If you live or own a business on a barrier island, ࡟ . org apps. If you have WiFi even if your phone’s data is down, check www . pinellascounty for gency Access Permit will make accessing an Emer . information on new county apps the island after a mandatory evacuation faster and easier . You can get a permit from your City Hall Your Home —an interior room, closet or hallway on the lowest level Take refuge in your safe room and visit www . . com/emergency-access- pcsoweb Is Breached The center of your house is the safest . . of your home permit for more information . If you do not have an Lie on the floor under a table or other stur dy object if you cannot make it to a Emergency Access Permit, you will be required . safe room to wait in line at the law enforcement checkpoint Consider leaving your home ONLY if remaining is more dangerous than the weather outside. to show identification or other proof of residency, ownership, or employment every time you want to Wait until the storm has passed to tend to any damage . . access the island PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 13

14 What is my responsibility Report price gouging How can I help? In a declared state of emergency, it is illegal to sell There are new programs that give faith communities during recovery? . necessary goods or services at increased prices and other organizations the opportunity to help Be prepared to take care of yourself and each By working with others in their time of need . ࡟ Once you start pur chasing gas and other items, other for at least a week. If a hurricane were to Emergency Management, interested groups can and hiring contractors, be on the lookout. devastate the county, it could be a week before roads receive guidance on preparedness, disaster training Make sure the professional you are hiring is are opened and rescue workers can deliver water and and even become a shelter during a storm or a licensed contractor . . basic food to the area It could take weeks to restore afterward for displaced residents or emergency If you believe a business or individual is price basic services and for many grocery stores and other workers coming in from other areas . Preparation is gouging, call Pinellas County Consumer businesses to be able to open again In other words, . . key to success at (727) 464-6200 or report it to the otection Pr you may be on your own for quite a while, and you Billboar d Emergency Alert System (B.E.A.S.) Florida Attorney General’s Office at (866) 966-7226 should prepare for this. This is your responsibility. Private or through . businesses and Neighbors helping neighbors organizations When will the debris be From Texas to Puerto Rico to the Florida Keys, last often have large year’s hurricane season brought devastation to digital signs to picked up? But the many areas . advertise or tell goodness of people people about was shown over and community over, as neighbors events . The helped each other B.E.A.S. program through the worst of invites sign operators to work with Emergency each storm and aided Management to share important information and in recovery Here in . alerts using their signs If you own or manage a . Pinellas County, after digital sign along any road in the county, you can Hurricane Irma passed, neighborhoods got together be a part of saving lives in Pinellas County. Find to share power and food . Community centers and . . out more at pinellascounty org/beas www . faith communities answered the call to provide cooling Adopt-A-Shelter stations, and others with power opened their doors to The Adopt-A- allow people to cool off and recharge their devices. Shelter Program Pinellas County (for unincorporated areas) and each This is what will get us all through any disaster: is an opportunity municipality may have different procedures for debris . working together for non-profit, pickup. That’s why residents may receive different faith-based directions about dealing with yard debris, regular or private Will there be help after . trash and bulk items ganizations to or offer shelter to a hurricane? ocesses will likely ࡟ Normal daily schedules and pr . those in need vary after a storm . ous weather, you may be able to open During danger Disaster assistance ence as The type of storm will also make the differ ࡟ your facility as a shelter to your employees, to whether large items will be picked up, if yard Following a disaster, organizations will come into the congregations or the public. Or maybe your group debris will be in piles or bagged, etc. Be patient as . area to help Check the county website for updates . would like to be trained and help at a public shelter urgent needs will be taken care of first. and listen to the news for announcements . e will be displaced residents and After the storm, ther For information and instructions after the storm, ࡟ out-of-state rescue workers who need a place to Disaster assistance is not meant to get people back , follow check the website of your city or the county stay. To talk about how you can help, call . e they were before the storm to wher It is meant to . them on social media or stay tuned to local news . Emergency Management at (727) 464-3800 get people through the disaster . Those who live on private r ࡟ oads may need to make Faith-based communities It is your responsibility to arrange for loans, insurance, . additional plans for a location to dispose of debris Faith-based contractors and the other items of business that congregations you will need to get back on your feet . Get your ࡟ Contractors that you hir e to do work such as are in a unique business in order now and put your important cutting a tree down, fence work, flooding repair position to help documents together . or removal of household items are responsible with disaster That is included in your fee so for debris removal . . assistance FEMA be sure that they are licensed and that they fulfill They have their responsibilities . After a disaster, if a Presidential Disaster Declaration great resources, is issued, survivors must register with the Federal facilities and Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) if they talented, committed and skillful members. Most feel they need help from any of the FEMA disaster importantly, we trust our faith leaders to give us assistance programs. Applicants will be asked to . good information and advice that we can count on apply for a Small Business Administration Loan, even Faith communities can help in many ways: hosting . if they are not a small business (See page 10) a speaker to educate members about personal preparedness; starting a host home program to help ࡟ If the loan is appr oved, then a low-interest loan is members find shelter; or offering your facility as a available to help you pay for repairs . shelter to your members or the public, during or oved, then you are referred ࡟ If the loan is not appr after a disaster. You can help with childcare, getting back to FEMA, who determines your eligibility for neighborhoods cleaned up and distributing additional disaster help . information. To find out how you can get involved, call Emergency Management at (727) 464-3800 . What should I do when I return home? and chemicals. For information on cleaning up Do not enter a home that has major damage to ࡟ There is no way to know if . oof and/or walls after a flood, go to the r it is safe . property/cleanup ࡟ W Get r equired permits before you start any home ࡟ atch for critters such as snakes, raccoons, repair, improvement or construction. opossums and insects that may have moved into your evacuated home, since they too look for ࡟ Do not sign an . e a licensed contractor Hir shelter and relief from flood waters. Assignment of Benefits contract as a condition of There could be ࡟ . Keep kids and pets with you . having your home repaired dangerous conditions in the neighborhood, such ࡟ File your flood insurance claim as soon as downed power lines, fallen trees and debris. A ࡟ void downed lines; there is no way to tell if they as possible . Be sure to . are electrical and if they are still live ࡟ Photograph and list all damaged or lost items Service damaged septic tanks, cesspools, pits and ࡟ report downed lines to the power company . . including their age and value wher e possible . Damaged leaching systems as soon as possible Take photos of water in the house. Adjusters need ࡟ A void flooded areas and standing water. . sewage systems are serious health hazards evidence of the damage to prepare your estimate . ater may be contaminated or electrically charged W • T ࡟ ake extra care to prevent mosquitoes from . e starting work Contact your insurance agent befor ࡟ from underground or downed power lines . breeding in standing water and to protect yourself . from bites Use the 3 Ds: Drain water when event Remove wet contents immediately to pr ࡟ • Flood waters can contain raw sewage, bacteria, mold. Wet carpeting, furniture, bedding and other possible; Dress in light colors and cover all parts of . viruses and other germs that can cause disease the body; and Defend with DEET, Picaridin or Oil of items holding moisture can develop mold within 24 eas where floodwaters have Use caution in ar ࡟ Lemon Eucalyptus repellents Clean and disinfect everything that got . to 48 hours . receded Roads may have weakened and could . wet. Mud left from floodwater can contain sewage collapse under the weight of a car . PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 14

15 What else should I prepare for? A Go Kit in case of evacuation. ࡟ Preparedness for any hazard, whether natural or manmade, is all about understanding the threats, ࡟ A Stay Kit in case you have to shelter in place. planning ahead, and being ready to put that plan . This should include plastic sheeting and duct tape . into action Many other hazards provide little or no ࡟ A safe meeting place in the neighborhood that your warning or preparation time If anyone is hurt or if . . whole family knows you need immediate help, call 9-1-1. Emer ࡟ . gency contacts (mobile and printed) For more detailed information on these hazards and org/emergency/ . pinellascounty . www others visit wareness of your surroundings. Even while doing A ࡟ . htm other_hazards outdoor activities, take note of locations that might be good for a safe shelter if needed . Some things you should always have: . gency plans Good communications about emer ࡟ oom inside your home, workplace, school and ࡟ A safe r . other locations where you spend time ࡟ A two-week supply of food and water at home in . case you need to shelter in place gency notifications. ࡟ At least two ways to get emer www Sign up with Alert Pinellas at pinellascounty . . escription drugs such as pain relievers, ࡟ Nonpr and know where to get g/alertpinellas or stomach remedies, cough and cold medicines, . reliable news fluids with electrolytes and vitamins. gency plan for home, business, school and ࡟ An emer other locations you frequent. Thunderstorms and Suspicious behavior House fire If You See Something; Say Something Get Out, Stay Out, Call for Help lightning While we may not be able to predict If a fire starts in your home, you may have When Thunder Roars Go Indoors an act of terrorism or shooting, as little as two minutes to escape . Florida has over a million lightning strikes per year. we can be alert to suspicious behavior and let ࡟ Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, Pinellas County has regular storms—especially in the officials know when we observe something we inside bedr . ooms and outside sleeping areas summer—that come up fast can lead to grave danger If you see something that think could be a threat . To avoid getting hurt . for those not paying attention T est smoke alarms every month and change the ࡟ you think is suspicious, contact your local law by lightning: . batteries twice a year . enforcement agency e you go and keep an eye ࡟ Check the weather befor ࡟ T alk to your family about a fire escape plan and . on the sky practice it . Have two ways to escape . Active shooter oaching and hear If you see dark clouds appr ࡟ om anything Keep items at least 3 feet away fr ࡟ If an active shooter is in your vicinity: thunder, find a safe place to take cover, like . that gets hot 1) Run—If ther e is an accessible escape restrooms in a park, a shelter on the beach or even path, attempt to evacuate the area. . Do not smoke in the home ࡟ a business near to you . Hide—If evacuation is not possible, find a place 2) T urn heaters off when you leave the room. ࡟ es. Get off of any elevated structur ࡟ e the active shooter is less likely to find you. wher each Keep matches and lighters out of the r ࡟ ࡟ Do not lie flat on the gr ound. esort, and only when your life Fight—As a last r 3) . of children is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or ࡟ Do not stand under a tr ee . . ࡟ Never leave a bur ning candle unattended . incapacitate the active shooter . ࡟ Get as far away fr om water as possible If a fir e occurs, get out quickly and call for help. ࡟ For additional r esources visit: ࡟ Stay away fr om anything that conducts electricity . Never go back in for anything or anyone . ready www . gov/active-shooter . Tornadoes Wildfires Pandemic disease Duck and Cover In Pinellas County, wildfires can occur in It is a small world and infectious diseases When you get a tornado warning on your open spaces, parks, preserves and even can spread quickly by human contact, emergency weather radio or from Alert Drought and freezes . in your backyard animals, insects or food. You can help . Pinellas you will not have much time: about 12 minutes raise the chances of fire. Wildfires can be caused by prevent the spread of infectious disease: lightning but usually they are started by humans— Find your safe r oom now and make sure everyone ࡟ Get r outine and travel-related child and ࡟ either by accident or intentionally . in your home knows it Look for an internal room . . adult vaccines . with no windows as low in the building as possible Maintain the outside of your home and keep it fr ࡟ ee ash your hands frequently with soap and water ࡟ W The safe . Many use a bathroom or a closet of anything that will easily burn, such as firewood. or alcohol-based sanitizer . room can also be used when a shelter in place . Prune vegetation and clean gutters regularly . order is given void close contact with sick people. A ࡟ If you see a wildfir ࡟ e, call 9-1-1. Do not assume If you ar ࡟ e in a car, park safely, get out and seek . someone else has reported it void touching eyes, nose or mouth – that is how A ࡟ . . Cars are easily overturned Do not try to shelter . germs spread If you think you may have to evacuate, get your Go ࡟ . outrun a tornado Kit, seal doors, cover vents, close gas valves and Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when ࡟ If you ar ࡟ e in a mobile home, you must get to a n off pilot lights. tur . you cough or sneeze safer place. Identify a safe place now, perhaps If or dered to evacuate, do it immediately. ࡟ . Stay home if you feel ill ࡟ the community restrooms, laundry room or ࡟ Do not r eturn home until officials say it is safe. . ࡟ Use a face mask if advised to . community center ࡟ For additional information visit: If you find yourself out in the open, lie down in ࡟ . cdc www . com . pinellashealth www or gov . . a ditch or culvert, or if all else fails, lie flat on the gr . ound What if we’re told to shelter in place? What not to do: ࡟ Leave home, work or the building you curr ently Shelter in place means to stay in the building What to do if you are home or at work occupy—for any reason, even to get your kids from . you currently occupy and protect yourself there oom (interior room ࡟ Get everyone into the safe r school Schools have emergency plans and will . Make sure you are receiving your emergency . with the least number of windows possible) . keep your children safe until the danger passes notifications and tune in to local broadcasts for If instructed to do so: ou may put them and yourself in great danger if Y official instructions. you attempt to get them . ࡟ Seal all windows and doors with plastic and There are many reasons you might be told to shelter . duct tape It could be that there was a chemical spill in place . What if I am driving? It may . in the area or that a violent act is suspected urn off air conditioning and other ࡟ T Safely park your car as soon as possible and go ࡟ only be a matter of hours, not days, that you will be . ventilation systems est public building . inside the near . asked to stay sheltered ࡟ Remain indoors until officials say it is safe. e are no buildings in the area, park safely ࡟ If ther e notified of an emergency and do not If you ar (preferably in shade), close your windows, and if Stay updated and be sur ࡟ e you are know what to do, play it safe and shelter in place. instructed to do so, shut off your air conditioning/ signed up through Alert Pinellas After a hurricane, shelter in place. Officials will let heat/fan and seal the vents if possible . Use only www . pinellascounty . org/alertpinellas you know when it is safe . recirculated air. Listen for emergency notifications on your mobile device and listen to the radio for updates . PINELLAS COUNTY 2018 ALL HAZARDS PREPAREDNESS GUIDE 15

16 IMPORTANT CONTACTS (non-emergency) Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Emergency preparedness: Utility companies (727) 582-6200 Alert Pinellas Emergency Notification Service Clearwater Gas www . pcsoweb . com www . org/alertpinellas (general) (727) 562-4900 pinellascounty . (727) 462-6633 (gas leaks) Pinellas County Solid Waste Find Your Evacuation Level . www clearwatergas . com (727) 464-7500 (use home phone) (727) 453-3150 pinellascounty org/solidwaste www . . www . pinellascounty . org/knowyourzone (report outages) Duke Energy (800) 228-8485 Pinellas County Utilities (open Pinellas County Citizen Information Center . . www duke-energy com (727) 464-4000 only during emergencies) www pinellascounty org/utilities . . (727) 464-4333 Frontier (800) 921-8101 Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) Pinellas County Emergency Management . . frontier www com (727) 540-1900 (727) 464-3800 . psta www net . pinellascounty . org/emergency www . Spectrum (855) 222-0102 St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport Municipalities (727) 453-7800 htm org/municipalities . . www . pinellascounty TECO Peoples Gas (877) 832-6747 (gas leaks) Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater Other county numbers . peoplesgas www . com (Hotel/motel evacuation info inside county) Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County www visitstpeteclearwater com . . (727) 824-6900 TECO (report outages) pinellashealth . www . com (877) 588-1010 State of Florida . . com www tampaelectric Pinellas County Animal Services Florida Attorney General’s Office (price gouging) (727) 582-2600 WOW! (866) 966-7226 . . www pinellascounty org/animalservices (866) 745-3685 . . www com wowway Pinellas County Consumer Protection Florida Division of Emergency Management (727) 464-6200 (non-emergency) . pinellascounty . www Other agencies org/consumer (850) 413-9969 2-1-1 Referral Line—Tampa Bay Cares Pinellas County Economic Development org . . www 211tampabay (727) 464-7332 Florida Highway Patrol org pced www . American Red Cross . / (727) 570-5010 (mobile phone) *FHP (727) 898-3111 Pinellas County Information Line (727) 464-3000 / V/TDD (727) 464-4062 Federal Alliance For Safe Homes (FLASH) org . www . pinellascounty Federal agencies (877) 221-7233 Pinellas County Schools Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (727) 588-6000 (800) 621-3362 Insurance Institute for Business and Home School Bus Info Line www . fema . gov (IBHS) Safety (727) 587-2020 National Hurricane Center org (813) 286-3400 . pcsb . www gov . nhc . noaa www . org www . disastersafety . National Weather Service/Tampa Bay Area United Way www . . gov/tbw weather (813) 274-0900 . . unitedwaysuncoast org www NOAA Weather Alert Radio (SAME) Specific Area Message Encoding code for Pinellas County: 012103 The All Hazards Preparedness Guide is the official guide for Pinellas County published on behalf of the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners in cooperation with Pinellas County Emergency Management and published by the Pinellas County Marketing & Communications Department, 333 Chestnut St., Clearwater, FL 33756 • (727) 464-4600 • www . pinellascounty . org . For additional copies, please call (727) 464-4600. Pinellas County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To obtain accessible formats of this document, please call (727) 464-4062 (V/TDD). Funding for this publication was provided by Pinellas County Emergency Management. 05/18

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