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1 ho Am I Project W Exploration Activity Interest Future Map Supplies Needed: Paper Writing - - depend on product the student chooses to produce. Additional supplies Instructions: future map is a way A to represent the dreams and goals you have for your life. You can focus on the 25 or 50 years of 10, life, it’s up to you. next your Pretend you are at a party that is • being given to you to celebrate your accomplishments before you retire from your career. Visualize where the party is, who is there, and most importantly, what they one. about you. This exercise is supposed to be a realistic are Given that you control a great saying number in your life, what do you really think people of will say about you if you accomplish events your most important life goals? • Spend a few minutes writing down things that you think people at your party would say about who you as a person, and the things you’ve done throughout your life. are about what you would like to be included in your life. • Consider these questions: Think What have? you like to o employment/career would education or training will you have? o What How will you be involved in your community? o o activities will you be doing? What volunteer What family will you have around you? o o How will you support the relationships you have with your family? (How will you treat one another?) how you do? (Where? For traveling will long?) o What Where will your home be? o (In the City? Suburbs? Country?) o What interests and hobbies will you have? o Will you incorporate spirituality/faith into your life? How? o What you do? sports or fitness will o What skills or abilities will you have? o What kind of person will you be? (What would your friends, family and neigh bors say about you?)

2 o will you continue to learn and grow intellectually? How skills, with adults you admire. What aspects of their life do • respect? What Talk lifestyle choices you or beliefs would you like to incorporate into your own life? • Write a list of all the things you’d like to be included in your life at each stage (2, 5, 10, 25, 50 years into future) the • Decide what kind of product you will create. Some ideas include a written timeline, short story, video.

3 Who Am I Interest Exploration Activity Story Sticks Needed: Supplies - Dowels Wooden - Markers sheet - Instruction Instructions: sticks have several historical and cultural backgrounds -- as Story way to share culture, events and a matters for and communities. what individuals, families Take really impacted on about the big events in your life that have who some time to think o and write them down. today you are Next, create a timeline, putting the events/experiences in the chronological order in o which they happened. Think about each experience and determine what color would best represent you Would there be a symbol that would remind that of this experience? event. take o your talking stick. Using a pencil, mark Next, each experience on the stick from one end to the other in the order in which it happened. Be sure to leave room at the end of the stick for the future. Using and put any symbols on the stick that you want o markers, color in each event/experience well. to use as willing to done with your stick, think one you are that you are about share with someone Once event Why did you choose this else. How has it shaped who you are today? How can you draw on event? this experience in the to help you in your future life? Variations: • Students can write a vignette to give sensory details on an event on their story stick. happened • can create a visual map of where events Students geographically, with a key bearing symbols for the events. • Students can create a timeline (to scale) of events in their lives, and can extend this timeline to reflect the events on their Future Map (see above)

4 Am Interest Exploration Activity I Who My School Experiences Supplies Needed: Construction Paper - Scissors - Markers - Glue Sticks - Old newspapers or magazines for cutting - Instructions: has a Everyone story to tell about his/her school experiences – some good, some bad. o On a piece of paper, brainstorm and reflect about your experiences in school at each grade do level beginning with Kindergarten. Was it a good year? What you remember doing? What – are some of the memories of each of those times? What was the feeling/theme of that grade? o the materials available, create a visual continuum Using of your K - 16 experiences. You can choose any metaphors or similes to represent your experiences; maybe there are song titles, that colors lines of poetry or convey your message. o Once everyone has had a chance to create their continuum, choose two grade levels to share out with the group.

5 Who I Interest Exploration Activity Am Past Map Needed: Supplies Writing Paper - supplies depend on product student chooses to produce. Additional - the Instructions: you’ve project helps you document important life experiences had that make you who map A past are. You can go as far back into your past you as you want (even from the time you were born). map will help you figure out the things in your life that have this affected you and Basically, interests and the way your you live your life. influenced Take a large piece of paper and fold • into thirds. Divide your age by three, and then mark each section with the years that represent the first third of your life, the second third of your life and the you of your life that brings to your present age. last third Brainstorm a list of all the important people, events and experiences you’ve had in your life • list and them in the corresponding section on your folded paper the approximate age when these events at took place. Consider the following questions: What people have influenced you positively or negatively? (e.g. o grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, boy/girlfriends, religious leaders, neighbors, teachers, etc.) What hobbies, interests or activities o pursued throughout your life? What did you have you like to do when you were 5? 7? 10? 12? o groups have you been a part of? (e.g. sports, leadership roles, community groups) What jobs, volunteer or internship experiences have you had? How have they affected you? o What What obstacles have you faced in your life? How have you overcome them? o in your life? the happiest moments o What made you feel happy? What were proud What done that you are the most have you of? o things What have you done that you are o least proud of? the o What skills have you learned throughout your life? o What parts of your culture (or other’s cultures) have affected you? (e.g. music, art, dance, books, language, traditions, beliefs about society, beliefs) religious to your family – what other events or experiences can they remember about you? Add these • to Talk your list. to your friends – which experiences • that Talk you’ve had together have had the greatest impact? Add these experiences to your list as well. it • you how want to represent your map. Will Decide be a written timeline? Will you illustrate it? Collect photos? Create a poster or banner? Edit a video? What product do you want to show at your exhibition?

6 I Who Exploration Activity Am Interest Life Lines Needed: Supplies Variety Beads of - String - the beads for Instructions: life line is a A symbol of the people who matter to us. • Make a list of the people who have made real difference in your life from birth to today. a Some people may have brought challenges or disappointments, while others may have encouraged and you. inspired – to hold on to and remember you want to • After making the list, choose up to 10 people who remind you of what you have learned, how you have grown and what help to you now. matters • Take some string and thread a bead on the string for You can tie knots in each person. between each bead or string the beads all together. write a paragraph • complete, choose one person and Once about that person being as descriptive as and include why you chose him or her. possible

7 Am I Interest Who Exploration Activity Learning to Learn Needed: Supplies - clay Play Doh or modeling Cleaners - Pipe Instructions: a hand/mind connection Create using your creativity to visually represent a time where you were by really engaged by learning something. • about a time when you were really excited and engaged in learning something new, Think or going into depth with your learning. • Using the Play Doh and Pipe Cleaners, create a visual representation of that time. • Once everyone has completed their representation, spend a few minutes sharing your creation and the time in your life that it represents.

8 Exploration I Interest Activity Who Am Inside/Outside Me Needed: Supplies Boxes - Small - Variety of materials to decorate the boxes Instructions: a hand/mind connection using your creativity to visually represent a time where you were Create by really engaged by learning something. • Select a box and some decorative materials • it using representations of what people see when they look On the outside of the box, decorate at you. Your ‘Outside Me’. • On the inside of the box, decorate it using representations of what you hold inside that people don’t Your ‘Inside Me’. always see. • Once everyone has completed their representation, spend a few minutes sharing your creation what it represents.

9 Interest Inventory Who Am I? – your paper 1 20. Write as many answers to this question as you can, but no fewer than Number - You can list actual roles, feelings, things you do, or essential qualities. Really think about who twenty. are and how you you feel about these various aspects of yourself. Interest Inventory – Self Assessment that best describe you: 1. Circle the qualities Assertive Attentive to Alert Details Calm Candid Cooperation Courageous Creative Curious Decision - Maker Diplomatic Driven Easy - Energetic Enthusiastic Expressive going Generous Good Listener Helpful Funny Leader Loyal Mature Honest - Minded Optimistic Organized Open Outgoing Patient Playful Polite Public Speaker Quick Thinker Reliable Respectful Punctual Self - Controlled Sincere Spontaneous Tactful Team Tidy Tolerant Versatile Player well under Work Other: Other: Other: pressure What qualities that you DIDN’T circle would you like to develop? 2.

10 Who Am I Unit Plan plan of overview complete a gives and , all Big Picture schools for developed was unit the This reflection BPL approach and the processes of self - the students introducing for necessary steps to work. project and ently Running concur r student Identify interests Investigating • passions r th oughout the beginning of events o Current o Magazines/newspapers the p oject development will r Movies o o Advisory discussions be ice - b r eaker & team - o Partner interviews Journaling o building activities, scheduled inventories o Interest pieces o Sculpture / art each day or at least multiple Personalized, Project Why Learning? - Based r times per week, in o der to discussions readings & Group • Journaling • e build a e of trust whe r cultu r o Reflections on school experience applications o Reflection on knowledge/real world students feel comfortable o Reflections on careers/interests & preparation • Introduction arc of themes and curricular sharing, collaborating and o Who Am I? o Who Am I in My Family? pushing themselves. o My Community? Who Am I in o Who Am I in the World? the Components Investigating The Work: • o Past Map o Future Map o Autobiography The Final • Product: o Photo Essay o Epic Poem o PowerPoint Presentation Detailed/Illustrated Timeline o

11 Self - group - evaluation & goal - setting evaluation, Students begin self - evaluation of academic & personal skills • Learning Plan is implemented • Learning Modalities/Multiple Intelligences o Students set goals learning their work and o for of Quality standard o Setting the Creating a culture of Critique o The group sets norms for behavior and work (as a group) • Planning Project proposal • Examining the proposal format o Setting expectations for the proposal o Timeline/Goals • Connecting the project work Plan o to the Learning benchmarks, steps o Setting goals, o calendar Utilizing a the importance our work will impact others, and how of o Reflection/journaling on deadlines through development (ongoing Skill project completion) o Identify what skills will be necessary to complete steps and create product o Use record skill goals Learning Plan to what demonstrates learning to Meet — Expectations, Exceed Expectations, etc. o Rubrics Students work on organizational o skills & personal qualities • Organizing work (binder) calendars • Using • time Managing “The Work”/Research/Learning (Continues through the remainder of the unit) o skills Research o Networking Direct instruction on English skills o o Vocabulary/notes o of Learning Plan & Portfolio Updating o Revisit timeline — is it still relevant/possible? o Do we need to re - configure goals? o Will after - school lunch work be required to meet deadline? or

12 Revising/Polishing/Preparing Perfecting our product o skills o Editing/revision o Checking facts Checking calculations o Speaking o Skills Public Culture of Critique • Giving, Receiving and Incorporating Feedback o product Presenting finished Presentations • Project Learning o Showing Evaluation & o Reflection commemorating completed project •Event community Week 1: Introducing ourselves and creating our Questions: Who am I Guiding as a member of the community? Who am I as a person? Activities: Students will create a coat of arms that shows something about themselves/their values. 1. 2. As an advisory, students will read essays on community (suggestions: Plato, Socrates, This I Believe website) and discuss the ideas of what a community is, what our individual roles/ responsibilities are, what our individual needs are from our advisory community. and complete daily journals on identity and community. 3. Students will At the end of this week, the advisory will create a list of norms. The advisory 4. also will collectively develop expectations journals. for complete the Big Picture Interest Inventory. 5. Students will Students will develop 6. under the Essential Question “Who Am I?” questions 7. Students will look ahead at the following weeks’ activities. Products: Advisory Norms o Journal Prompts o o Journal Rubric Week 2: Introduction to Unit Topics Guiding Questions: Who am I as a person? Who am I as a learner? Who am I in my family? Activities: 1. Students will read and discuss articles on nutrition and exercise, with its connection to performance, emotions and learning.

13 2. advisory will develop expectations for their nutrition and exercise tracker. The Students will begin keeping their and exercise tracker 3. nutrition Students research learning styles, hypothesize about will their individual learning style, 4. take a quiz to determine and their learning style. will develop questions about their Students family members and family history. 5. Students will complete daily journals on nutrition, exercise, learning styles and family. 6. Products: Nutrition and Exercise Tracker Rubric o Nutrition and Exercise Tracker o Family Questions o Prompts o Journal Beliefs Week 3: my Guiding Questions: Who am I as a person? Who am I as a learner? Who am I in family? Activities: Students will create interview questions for family 1. and begin crafting an oral member(s), history. essays will read and compare This I Believe 2. Students (suggestion: see This I Believe curriculum at 3. Students will study Scientific Method, and develop an experiment to test a hypothesis about how they learn best. Students will begin to conduct their experiments. 4. and Students will to their nutrition continue exercise trackers. 5. complete Students will complete daily journals on family, beliefs and learning style 6. experiment. Products: Family Interview Questions o Learning Style Experiment Procedure o Nutrition and o Exercise Tracker cont’d o Journal Prompts Weeks 4 6: Independent Work Time - Guiding Questions: Who am I as a person? Who am I as a learner? Who am I in my family? Activities: 1. Students will learn about IWT 2. for IWT. Students will generate norms 3. Students will begin utilizing IWT. 4. The advisory will develop expectations for their This I Believe Essays. 5. Students will learn about the writing process. 6. Students will brainstorm, outline begin drafting their This I Believe Essays . and

14 7. members. Students will conduct interviews with family Students will their Learning Style experiments, Oral Histories, and Nutrition 8. continue Exercise and trackers. Students will complete daily journal prompts. 9. Products: IWT Norms o This I Believe Essay Rubric o Brainstorming, Outline of This o I Believe essay o on family interviews Notes Prompts o Journal 7 - 10: Wrapping Up Weeks Work, Reflections Our Guiding Questions: What have I learned? Who am I? Activities: Students will continue to work on drafts of This I Believe Essays, Oral Histories Students analyze data from Nutrition and Exercise tracker, as well as will Learning Style experiment. editing do Students will of work. peer Students will reflect on norms for advisory and IWT. Students will daily journal prompts. complete Students will learn about exhibitions (suggestion: see Dennis Littky’s book The Big Picture) Students will begin personal narratives. Students will begin Learning Plans for next term.

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