1 SESSION 1939. LAWS, 195. [Cn. 648 CHAPTER 195. 128.1 B. [H. OF REBATING WAGES. wages, of rebating the declaring labor; to relating ACT AN wages certain deductions and agreed of underpayment from wages to be unlawful; providing penalties and pro- remedy. civil a viding Legislature of the State of Be it enacted by the Washington: vice-prin- officer, or employer Any 1. SECTION as whether said of cipal agent or any employer, em- or an elected public of- be ployer private business in ficial, who employee any receive collect or from (1) Shall paid by part theretofore of any wages of rebate a such employer employee; to such or deprive em- the to intent with and (2) Wilfully of his wages, ployee any of any part shall pay the wage such employer wage a lower than employee pay to any statute, or- by such employee obligated is or contract; dinance, or make to cause another or make wilfully Shall (3) records or books employer's any in entry any false to an wages more of payment show the to purporting received; or than such employee employee with person charged a or an employer Being (4) or records books employer's any of keeping duty the show fail to another to cause or fail wilfully shall such employer's in due course and in clearly openly from or deduction of rebate any records and books or any employee's wages; from any receive or accept wilfully Shall (5) . for wages; receipt any false employee Penalty. Shall be guilty of misdemeanor. a Any employee of employment the in continue or accept shall who above any of vio- of the is guilty who any employer is guilty such employer that with knowledge lations, misdemeanor. of a guilty be shall thereof, make not shall 1 section of provisions The 2. SEC.

2 1939. SESSION LAWS, CH. 195.] (649 Authorized or divert withhold to employer for an it unlawful required when wages an employee's of any portion or law federal or state by do so to or empowered in authorized expressly been has deduction a when for a lawful employee by the advance in writing nor employee of such benefit the to accruing purpose for it unlawful make 1 section of provisions the shall for medical, deductions withhold to an employer any to service, pursuant or care hospital or surgical, de- the employer That Provided, regulation: or rule and deduction such from benefit no financial rives due course re- in clearly and openly, the same is books. the employer's corded in actions. civil vice-prin- any officer, and employer Any SEC. 3. violate any shall who any of agent employer or cipal (2) of sec- (1) and of subdivisions of the provisions by the aggrieved shall liable in a civil action be tion 1 the twice for to judgment assignee his employee or or with- unlawfully rebated amount of the wages way with damages, exemplary by together held of fees: for attorney's sum a reasonable and costs of suit benefits That of however, the section Provided, this has who employee any shall not be available to to violations. such submitted knowingly Deduction of- or any employer an by The 4. SEC. violations winul. of any of any employer agent or ficer, vice-principal, of (5) (4), and (3), of subdivisions provisions the of any deduc- that presumption a raise shall 1 section wages employee's any of or underpayment tion from was wilful. such violation with connected partial or sentence sub-section, section, any If 5. SEC. unconstitutional, adjudged be shall this act of clause of the validity the affect not shall adjudication such sentence section, sub-section, any or of as a whole act unconstitutional. adjudged not thereof clause or 1939. 8, the House March Passed 7, 1939. Senate March Passed the 1939. 17, March Governor the by Approved

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