outlook setting up automatic reply


1 Setting up Automatic Reply Setting up Automatic Replies for Out - of Office situations couldn‟t be easier! Plus, you - can create your auto - reply with start and end dates, so that you no longer have to remember to start or stop the auto - reply. Very cool, indeed. Here‟s how: click on the „File‟ tab of your Outlook page. You will see several icons. - Click on the icon „Automatic Replies (out of the office)‟, and you will see the various options available to you.

2 etting is “Do not send automatic replies”. If you click You will notice that the normal s “Send automatic replies”, the system will start sending them immediately and continue to do so until you turn off the rule. If you want to start and stop replies based on specific ers, click “Only send during this time range”. date/time paramet There are also tabs for creating your auto reply based on whether it is an internal response (GVSU) or external (everybody else). Note: During the conversion phase, those department that still use Grou are considered external to the Outlook pwise system. Once you‟ve tailored your reply, simply click “OK” and you are done.

3 For more detailed information regarding this feature or other Outlook capabilities, click on the Blue Questionmark in the upper right - hand corner of the page. This will bring up the Outlook Help panel:

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