1 S ATURDAY , J ANUARY 12, 201 9 FOR THE OIN US ON J ARRIORS ’ U C HEERLEADING C OMPETITION W LTIMATE This competition offers a fun, exciting and competitive atmosphere for cheerleaders of all ages. Come and experience the exhilaration of competing against some fant astic squads from the Tri -State area. SNOW DATE IS SUNDAY, JAN. 13, 2019 9 STRIPS for all divisions *All Star & REC teams AM session only *Scholastic teams in the PM Session only ion paperwork All Star & Rec teams must also provide Insurance Certificate with registrat AND submit any Tax Exempt Certificate if applicable 125 per squad; -refundable Entry fee: $ Non $150 per squad if registered AFTER January 1, 2019 Times are subject to change with flow of the event. Star Session & RECREATION Session 1: All- sion 1 check -in begins at 7:30 a.m. Ses Warm up time begins at 8:00 a.m. with an initial warm up schedule being distributed to all coaches th no later than Jan. 9 . Spectators will be admitted at 8:00 a.m. The AM competition will begin at approximately 9:30 a.m . Times are subject to change with flow of the event. All Stars (levels on registration form attached). Please indicate level when registering. Divisions will be separated by THE LEVEL YOU REGISTER AT AND AS OUTLINED BY USASF, and ONLY divided into small and large if more than 5 teams registered in a division/level. (non Recreation Divisions: -school affiliated teams that cheer for an organized sport and must not be formed solely for the purpose of competition. Recreation teams may be asked to present rwork of affiliation) pape Session 2: Scholastic, Cheer and Dance Session II check in begins at 12:30 p.m. ), followed by a 1:00 p.m. warm -up (no earlier than 12:30 please and a 2:30 p.m. competition start time. PLEASE NOTE REVISED VARSITY DIVISION SIZES b ased on NYSPHAA 17 -18 Guidelines Modified/Middle School (grades 6 – 8) High School Dance Junior Varsity Varsity, Small (16 or less) Varsity, Large (17 -32) Mixed/ Co -Ed JV/Varsity: Squads with more one (1) or more male participant (s) SPIRIT/SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD FOR THE SPECTATORS!! We’re bringing back the - TEAMS – Have your parents and fans dress in your team colors, make costumes, posters, banners and select the best ways to showcase their team/school and true spirit and pride. One “Swanna Spirit” Champion Award to be given for each session.

2 ALLSTAR & REC TEAMS (ANY NON -SCHOLASTIC TEAM) MUST PROVIDE A COPY OF YOUR INSURANCE CERTIFICATE AND TAX EXEMPT CERTIFICATE (IF APPLICABLE) TO BE SENT IN WITH REGISTRATION PAPERWORK OR FAXED PRIOR TO COMPETITION DATE. COACHES WILL SIGN A TEAM WAIVER FORM UPON REGISTRATION AT ALL COMPETITION. Non -refundable Entry fee: $ 125 per squad; d AFTE R January 1 , 2019 $150 per squad if registere Checks should be made payable to MVHS Send all entries to: Patti Archiere s MVHS Cheerleader PO Box 217 Slate Hill, NY 10973 Spectators: $5 per person, Children under 5 free Contests, to include longest held full, etc., will be held at the end of each session. Cost is $1 per cheerleader, per entry. Proceeds from contests will be donated to a l ocal charity (to be announced). PLEASE SEND A PHOTO OF YOUR TEAM TO INCLUDE IN THE PROGRAM BOOK! Registra tion form s/PHOTOS received after 12/ 30/18 may not be included in journal due to printing time NOR put on the back of the competition shirts. If you -3263, or send an E -mail to [email protected] have any questions, please call us at (845) 742 We look forward to seeing you on Januar y 12, 2019 ! Cheers! Patti Archiere Minisink Valley High School Cheerleaders

3 Warriors’ Ultimate Cheerleading Competition January 12, 201 Minisink Valley High School, 9 – Be an informed coach; know your rules, age division, please. Rules RULES AND INFORMATION DIVISION AS WELL AS PLEASE KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE RULES FOR YO UR COMPEITTION. THE SCORE SHEET FOR THIS • All Scholastic & Rec teams must follow the National Federation of State High School spirit rules. All Scholastic & Rec teams must follow NYSPHAA rules and guidelines. • • Scholastic & Rec teams will be competing with the New York State Scor e Sheet. All /SCORE SHEET o VERY IMPORTANT TO VISIT THIS LINK FOR RULES/GUIDELINES -Cheerleading/Coach -Resources o • A sound system will be provided. Please bring 2 copies of your music. • Team trophies will be awarded to first, second and third place teams in each division. This is subject to change depending on the number of teams within the division. • will be open for breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The concession stand • Cheer apparel and other items will be available for purchase. USAF: All Star rules / NFHS -Spirit Rules: Schools and Rec. • PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THEIR EAVE THE CHEERLEADERS UNATTENDED/UNSUPERVISED AT CHEERLEADERS. DO NOT L ANY TIME. SHOULD ANY DISCIPLINARY PROBLEMS, UNSPORTSMENSLIKE CONDUCT OR DISTRUCTION OR MISTREATMENT OF THE SCHOOL FACILITIES OCCUR, THE TEAM WILL E FUTURE. BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED AND NOT INVITED TO RETURN IN TH All rules will be discussed in further detail at the coaches’ meeting on the day of competition. Judges will be certified, qualified and impartial individuals representing NYSCJA for scholastic portion. All -Star & Rec portion of program will includes certified judges from all facets and styles of the cheerleading realm. General Liability: a. Minisink Valley officials and entities are not responsible for personal items that may be lost or stolen. b. Minisink Valley HS is not responsible for any injury to participants. Participants assume all risk and responsibility.

4 Warriors’ Ultimate Cheerleading Competition Januar Minisink Valley High School, y 12, 2019 REGISTRATION FORM Please co mplete a separate form for each team. Registration F orm -- 8. Deadline, December 30, 201 Purchase orders or a letter on school stationary will be acceptable with the registration forms for proof of payment. Forms can be faxed to (845) 355 -5198 – attn.: P. Archiere or email to [email protected] School/Organization Name: ____________________________________________________ Address : _____________________________________________________________________ School/Org. Number ____________________________ Fax: __________________________ Mascot ________________________________ Colors _______________________________ Coach’s Name: _______________________________________________________________ Home Phone ____________________________________ Email ________________________ s school affiliated teams (non - Recreation Divisio n : Star USASF Di visions All - that cheer for an organized sport and must not be All Star Tiny (5 yrs & under) formed solely for the purpose of competition. All Star Mini (8 yrs & under) Recreation teams may be asked to present paperwork All Star Youth Division (11 yrs & under) of affiliation) All Star Junior Division (14 yrs & under) Mini Pee Wee Rec (grade K and younger) All Star Senior Division (18 yrs & under) nd grade & under) Pee Wee Division (2 All Star Senior Co -Ed (18 yrs & under) th Youth REC Division (4 grade & under) Open All Stars th grade & under) Junior REC Division (6 th Senior REC Division (8 grade and under) *Please note: We will do our best to accommodate level divisions if registration supports it.* Pl ease circle the division(s) you are entering & indicate # of members & level TEAM REGISTRATION for all stars. Division Division Level for # on team # on team Check if you are All Star (School/Rec) a Rec. Team ALL STARS MINI Pee Wee Rec Tiny All Stars PEE WEE Rec - Mini All Stars Youth Rec Junior Rec Youth All Stars Senior Rec Modified/Middle School Junior All Stars HS Dance Junior Varsity Senior All Stars Senior All Stars Varsity Small (16 & under (Co - Ed) ) ( Varsity Large 17 – 32) Open All Stars - Ed Varsity Co (1+male)

5 Warriors’ Ultimate Cheerleading Competition , January 12, 201 Minisink Valley High School 9 ) [email protected] or email to SEND IN WITH REGISTRATION FORM **DON’T FORGET TO EMAIL YOUR TEAM PHOTO** ers of your squad and include a team photo (send .jpg file to [email protected]) Please list all memb School: ___________________________________________________________________ Division: __________________________________________________________________ Coach(es): _________________________________________________________________ Squad Members: 1 17 18 2 3 19 4 20 5 21 6 22 7 23 24 8 9 25 10 26 11 27 12 28 13 29 14 30 15 31 16 32

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