KaneCountyDisasterDebrisManagementGuide May2019


1 Disaster e Kane County Debris Management Guid aterials, and Hazardous W astes Separation of Trash, Recyclable M often generated following a disaster such as a tornado, flood, storm s , power outages, Debris is Not all items etc. may be discarded with garbage and trash. The management of these materials are described in this guide. Individual property owners of the affected private property are responsible for separating and preparing all non - hazardous solid waste materials and residential recyclable material (p.2) for pickup by a Kane County licensed municipal solid waste hauler (p.1 - 2). It is recommended that recyclable materials such as metal (p.2 - 3), construction debris (p.4), and la tex paint (p.6) be separated and recycled whenever possible. Household hazardous wastes (p.4 - 5) and syringes (p.6) should , either by special pick up or delivery to drop - off locations . Large be separated and disposed of in a safe manner household appliances or “white goods” (p.3) , electronics (p.3 - 4) , tires (p.5) and landscape waste (p.5 - 6) are banned from landfills in Illinois and must be recycled . Costs: a Additional fees may be charged for special pickup or drop - off services. Residents should always call service, drop - off location or facility directly to confirm the cost of disposal, acceptable items and hours or other restrictions. uld be handled in a safe manner and personal protective clothing and equipment Safety: The sorting of debris sho , for example, should be used disposable protective suits, gloves, eye protection, and face masks (i.e. dust or Store all waste away from water wells and prevent vehicles and heavy equipment from driving or N95 mask). parking over any portion of a septic system. - up efforts may Please be patient as clean , residents and waste haulers can prepare and take time. Collectively manage th way for recycling and disposal while protect ing public health. e debris in an orderly and safe Contacting a Waste H auler Municipal waste and recycling haulers provide curbside collection of non - hazardous solid waste and traditional residential recyclable materials and transport the waste and recyclable materials to approved recycling, compost and disposal facilities. Garbage trash should be placed in covered trash containers or secured garbage bags whenever practical to or ase causing rodents, mosquitoes, flies, etc., prevent nuisance conditions such as litter, prejudicial odors and dise - Kane and placed at the curb for pickup by a County licensed municipal solid waste hauler. Larger items such as furniture, carpeting and drywall would likely require you to make special arrang ements with your wa ste hauler. Many municipalities and several unincorporated areas of the county are served by designated municipal waste and recycling haulers who have exclusive contracts to serve specific geographic areas. See list at http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Documents/ContractedHaulerList.pdf . Residents who are unsure if they have a designated waste and recycling hauler should contact their municipality or the Kane Coun ty Recycling Coordinator for further information. Residents who do not have a designated hauler may contact any hauler (see below list) . licensed in Kane County 1

2 Many of the companies provide roll - off containers (large dumpsters) fo r larger volume debris removal. below off with a neighbor and save money ! - Idea: share a roll 630 - 587 - Advanced Disposal 8282 815 - 758 - 7274 DC Trash of Illinois 630 - 261 - 0578 Flood Brothers Disposal Co - 244 - 1977 north 800 877 - 775 - 1200 south Groot Industries Environmental Services 815 - 568 - 7274 MDC - 630 - 892 9294 Republic Services Wast e Management 800 - 964 - 8988 Traditional Residential R M aterials ecyclable Kane County Residential Recycling Ordinance requires residents who receive curbside collection service The from a licensed hauler to prepare and separate out the following recyclable materials from landfill trash for the , including, but not limited to , aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, purpose of recycling mixed office paper, high - grade printing and writing papers, magazines, plastic and glass containers . W aste and recycling haulers collect the recyclable material and transport it to the appropriate resource recovery facility or recycling center. Recyclable containers should be as empty, clean and dry as is practical before being placed in your recycling cart or bin . Shredded paper should be bagged in paper bags and labeled “Shredded Paper” to minimi ze litter , and cardboard boxes should be flattened. It is acceptable to leave caps, aluminum foil may be balled up loosely lids, rings and labels on plastic and glass bottles , tubs, jugs and jars. NOTE: Plastic bags, , and styrofoam cannot go into the curbside recycling. P lastic bags and plastic plastic film can be recycle d at the nearest participating grocery or retail store such as Jewel, Meijer and Target. Clean film and dry 310 Evergreen Dr., North Aurora, 63 0 - 896 - 4631, foam can be taken to Dart Container Corp at www.dartcontainer.com . The recycling drop - o ff is ope n 24/7. Accepted items include block foam #6, clean food containers. NO straws, cup lids, paper, or packing peanuts. large load s please call for an appointment. For Recycling Metal Metals including aluminum, brass, copper, insulated wire, iron and steel are highly recyclable and can even offer a payback when you recycle. Some drop offs also accept large household appliances like refrigerators, washers, - and microwaves. Please search for metal recyclers in your area, or use this list. Aurora - All American Recycling - 1137 Mitchell Rd., Aurora , IL 60505 ; 630 84 4 - 6900; www.aarecycles.com Aurora Get Green Recycling - ; - - 264 600 N Broadway, Aurora, IL 2400 630 Aurora - S & S Metal Recycling 336 E Sullivan Rd., Aurora, IL 60505 ; 630 - 844 - 3344 ; www.ssmetalrecyclers2.com - Bluff City Metal Recycling Elgin 980 Bluff City Blvd., Elgin, IL 60120 ; 847 - 742 - 4600; www.bluffcityrecycling.com Elgin / Gilberts - Elgin Recycling 660 Schiller St., Elgin, IL 60123 or 161 Center Dr., Gilberts, IL 60136 ; 847 - 741 - 4100; www.elginrecycling.com 2

3 West Chicago St. Charles Scrap / Ecology, Inc. - , West Chicago, IL 60185 800 - MyScrap (697 - 2727); www.1800myscrap.com - 3N780 Powis Rd ; 1 West Chicago - The Crusher 60185; 630 - 231 - 6888; www.theautocrusher.com 651 W Washington St, West Chicago, IL Household Appliances (White G Recycling oods) banned from landfills in Illinois, and include refrigerators, Household appliances also called “white goods” are freezers, ranges, water heaters, air conditioners, humidifiers, microwaves and other similar domestic and commercial large appliances. Appliances typically Freon, PCBs and mercury - containing contain chemicals such as CFCs, switches that require special handling and disposal. If your appliance cannot options for the proper be reasonably repaired, then there are several recycling management of your discarded appliances: Many appliance retailers wi  ll remove your old appliance with the purchase and delivery of a new one. Make arrangements to have them remove the old appliance when scheduling delivery.  Metal recyclers provide drop - off locations for appliances. See list above.  waste and recycling hauler directly to confirm if they offer this service, acceptable items, the Contact your osal, and/or other restrictions. cost of disp Secure the doors of refrigerators and freezers that are placed curbside until they are properly removed. This  removal of the doors or padlocking the doors. can be done by Recycling Electronics Certain electronics, listed below, cannot be landfilled in Illinois and are required to be recycled by law.  Televisions *  Monitors *  Printers Electronic Mice  Satellite Receivers   Fax Machines  Videocassette Recorders  Electronic Keyboards  Scanners   Small scale servers  Cable Receivers Video Game Consoles Digital Converter Boxes Computers ( laptop,   DVD Recorders  notebook, netbook,  Portable Digital Music DVD Players  tablet, desktop ) Players Kane County has three locations open Monday through Friday for drop - off, as well as a monthly Saturday ollection event. See http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Pages/electronics.aspx and below for locations. c *Costs: $25 (under 21" measured diagonally) or $35 TVs and Monitors cost , both (21" or over) . P ay with cash or card only. at the sites and at the event All other acceptable items are free to drop off. Staffed sites: These sites are staffed. Staff will help you unload , take your payment, and issue a tax deduction receipt. nd Saturday of month Co llection Events - on 2 - One Day St. Charles : St. Charles, IL 60174 540 S Randall Road, Event hours : 8am - 12noon ; for dates see countyofkane.org/recycling, search under events - Off Locations – open 5 days a week Drop : 517 E. Fabyan Parkway, Batavia, IL 60510 Batavia 4pm - Hours: M - F 8am 3

4 West Dundee: 900 Angle Tarn, West Dundee, IL 60118 M - F 7am - 3pm Hours: Recycling Construction Debris Construction debris includes carpet, carpet padding, wood, lumber, wallboard, es, and vinyl siding. Many construction materials are drywall, metal, brick, shingl resources that can be recovered, reused and recycled. Construction debris may be placed at the curb for special curbside pickup. It is contact your waste and recycling hauler for instructions on material necessary to preparation and fees. any several facilities near Kane This debris may be brought to a permitted facility for recycling or disposal. There are where you . Please see can recycle these materials, by dropping off or ordering a roll - off (l arge dumpster) County http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Documents/ConstructionDemolitionRecyclingReuseDisposalList.pdf for compan ies and services (see page 2). The list is also attached at end of this guide. A dditional fees apply to both To decrease - - up services . off and pick your costs, share a roll - off with a neighbor. drop If any of the material is potential ly reusable, you can contact a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. See more info rmation at http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/pages/buildingMaterialReuse.aspx . Household Hazardous Waste Household hazardous waste (HHW) may include aerosol products, auto fluids ( antifreeze, gas, motor oil), batteries, degreasers, household chemicals and cleaners , lawn chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides), oil - based and other petroleum - based paints, paint thinner, solvents, etc. off Drop - HHW may to an Illinois EPA approved Household Hazardous Residents bring their located in Waste (HHW) drop - off location. There are 4 permanent locations are open to Illinois residents at no cost. that Northern Illinois Naperville: Household Hazardous Waste Gurnee: The Solid Waste Agency of Lake acility F County (SWALCO) 156 Fort Hill Dri 1311 N. Estes Street, Gurnee, IL Naperville, IL ve, - 336 - 420 - Phone: 847 6095 - 9340 Phone: 630 Rockford: Rock River Reclamation District Chicago: Household Chemicals and City of Computer Recycling Facility 3333 Kishwaukee, Rockford, IL - 5570 1150 North Branch on Goose Island Phone: 815 - 987 Phone: 311 or for general info: 312 - 744 - 7672 P apply the following safe transportation guidelines: lease its  original containers. Keep HHW in Do not mix any s ubstances together.   Transport the waste in a clean, dry plastic container or plastic lined cardboard box .  in the trunk of your vehicle. Transport the waste Home Collection for HHW Residents in the following areas may schedule one free collection of HHW per year from your home. Eligible Hampshire service a eas in the Kane County program include the townships of r , Rutland, Dundee , Burlington , . Plato , unincorporated Elgin * , and the Mill Creek SSA 4

5 To schedule a collection, call 1 - 373 - 8357 between 9am - 6 pm or email [email protected] . 866 - The with in City limits, please call the Elgin Residential HHW Hotline * City of Elgin has its own program. If you are 800 - 449 - 7587 for service. at 1 - Tires Households: tire retailers will accept used/waste tires even if the M ost purchasing new tires . Check with your individual resident is not a customer information. Store tires in a way that prevent s local tire dealer for more which provides suitable breeding conditions for stagnant water conditions mosquitoes until the tires are properly recycled. Tires may be taken to tire - off locations for a per tire user fee: drop - Citgo/Mobil, 27 N. Batavia Ave, Batavia, 630  879 - 0998, accepts tir es without rims for $3 per tire.  - 892 - 7916, has a fee of $3 per car tire. Goodyear Auto Service Center, 905 North Lake, Aurora, 630 Local units of government (i.e. public works departments and township highway departments or road districts): S tore tires in a way to prevent stagnant water conditions (which provide suitable breeding conditions for vector mosquitoes and store tires in a manner to discourage open dumping of other waste. The best methods for t ire ) storage and . If tires are stored outside, vector control may include indoor storage or in an enclosed semi - trailer until the tires are have a licensed pest management service design and implement a mosquito larvaciding plan . properly recycled Consensual Removal Agreement The Illinois EPA may offer a local unit of government a program . For program availability and information, c ontact the Illinois EPA dependent upon available funding 2 Used Tire Pro 4000. If the Illinois EPA does not offer - 294 - Bureau of Land Region gram in Des Plaines IL at 847 up. this program, then local units of government should contact a licensed tire hauler to arrange for pick For larger quantities of tires (approximately 50+ tires), y ou may want to contact an Illinois EPA licensed tire hauler to arrange for a pickup:  STAR Used Tire Disposal Inc ; 815 - 629 - 2686  Liberty Tire Recycling; 773 - 871 - 6360  Treadstone Tire Recycler s : 815 - 726 - 4644 Landscape Waste and Burning R egulations The burning of materials other than landscape waste, such as garbage, paper, cardboard, construction materials or animal prohibited throughout Kane County waste is Tires must not be . burned under any circumstances. The open burning of is restricted in Kane County. Many landscape waste municipalities may further restrict or prohibit the open burning landscape waste; please of with your check municipality. Where a more restrictive Ordinance does not apply, the open burning of landscape waste is limited to specific setback, location, time an d other applicable restrictions. Kane County Health Department Burning Regulations is available at A full copy of the http://kanehealth.com/PDFs/Environmental/BurningRegulationsEng5 - 08.pdf and attached at end of this guide. rity to waive has the autho Please note only the Chairman of the County Board any of the requirements of this Ordinance in the event of emergencies resulting from natural phenomenon or civil strife. encourages residents to consider more The Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources environmentally sound alternatives to open burning of landscape waste such as mulching, native landscaping, 5

6 composting, using landscaping service companies, taking advantage of municipal waste haulers’ landscape waste or dropping off landscape waste at an approved composting facility or transfer station collection services, or compost . this material in our county. These alternatives ensure is beneficially reused as wood chips, mulch Yard waste recycling facilities: Ba tavia - Advanced Recycling (f ormerly Veolia) Transfer Station , Batavia, IL 60510 / 630 - 879 - 3587 766 Hunter Drive East Dundee Midwest Material Management - / 847 - 426 - 6354 / www.mwcompanies.com 604 Higgins Rd, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 Elgin - Midwest Compost Midwest Compost, 1320 Spaulding Rd., Elgin, IL 60120 / 847 - 2900 / www.midwestcompostllc.com 931 - Plano - Midwest Material Management 1270 East Beecher Rd., Plano, IL 60512 / 847 - 426 - 6354 / www.mwcompanies.com - DuP age Yard Waste West Chicago 1195 W. Washington St., West Chicago 60185 / 630 - 876 - 8900 / www.midwestcompostllc.com Latex Paint a household hazardous waste Latex paint is water - based and is not classified as (HHW) haulers cannot accept due to its low toxicity . Licensed waste and recycling liquid latex paint because it contributes to liquid in landfills and may content Latex paint can be solidified by accidentally spill onto the roads during transport. litter or mixing it with using a paint hardening agent and, onc e solidified, can be cat liquid latex paint may be taken to discarded with your regular trash pickup. Usable . Transport the Hardware stores; call your local Ace to inquire participating Ace paint in sealed, leak - proof containers. Per container recycling fees apply. harps / Syringes/ Needles S (i.e. needles, syringes and lancets) generated from households are considered general Residential sharps – household waste in Illinois. The Illinois EPA P otentially Infectious Medical Waste (P IMW ) Section encourage s the following safer disposal : methods to ask Residents may contact their healthcare provider if they would be willing to dispose of your sharps for you facility, clinic or pharmacy to ask if they offer a drop - off program for home sharps or contact a local healthcare disposal. If a sharps drop off program is unavailable, then mail - back home sharps disposal services are - encouraged for safer home sharps disposal. The least desirable opti on for residents includes disposal of untreated home sharps in the trash. Residents may place their home sharps in a rigid, puncture - resistant and leak resistant container ( such as a coffee container or laundry bottle) with secured lid - and di scard in the r egular trash pick up. Make sure the lid is secured with duct tape and clearly label the container: “Sharps; Do Not Recycle” Never place used sharps in your recycling container. Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW) es, scalpels, glass, PIMW (i.e. sharps, needles, pipett PPE, etc. used in connection with generated from hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, diagnoses and treatment) dental offices, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, university and research facilities, etc. is subject to the regulations per the Illinois Environmental Protection Act. 6

7 Place the se materials in leak proof containment and all PIMW must be treated to eliminate its infectious potential - ommercial transportation of PIMW requires an Illinois EPA PIMW hauling permit, PIMW prior to proper disposal. C would be required. For additional information on PIMW regulations in manifest and certification of treatment nois EPA - Bureau of Land 217 - 524 - 3289 visit their website at Illinois, contact the PIMW Coordinator at the Illi www.epa.illinois.gov Sandbags Floodwater sand may be contaminated with human and animal oil and gasoline residue and chemicals waste, such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides .  Sand or sand bags that did not contact floodwater can be reused as sandbags . Do not dump the sand on your property if you are in a flood plain. direct Sand or sand bags that contacted floodwater should not be reused in ways  that would involve human contact such as in children’s play areas or in residential gardening.  Sand or sand bags that are visually co ntaminated with oil or fecal matter, for example, should be disposed of as waste at a permitted landfill. Visual inspection of the sand as well as local emergency responder knowledge can be used to assist in determining if sand has come into contact with flood waters. When in doubt, it is generally safer to assume that the sand has come into contact with flood waters. NOTE: Addition of sand or other fill material may be regulated by the Kane County Stormwater Ordinance. Please contact Kane County Water Resources at 630 - 232 - 3497 regarding applicable regulations or restrictions. emember... R up efforts may Please be patient as clean take time. Work collectively with waste haulers. - - off services. Resid Additional fees may be charged for special pickup or drop service, ents should always call a drop off location or facility directly to confirm the cost of disposal, acceptable items and hours or other restrictions. - For additional disposal/recycling options and locations, please view the age at Kane County Recycles webp www.countyofkane.org/recycling . If you have a dditional questions that are not answered by this guide or on the website , please contact the Kane 3841 County Recycling Program Coordinator 630 - 208 - at . Sources and Links : Kane County Recycles Webpage http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Pages/default.aspx Kane County Waste and Recycling Haulers http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Documents/LicensedHaulers.pdf County Curbside Recycling Guidelines Kane 7

8 http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Pages/curbsideguidelines.aspx Kane County A - Z Recycling List - Z - Listing.aspx http://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Pages/A Burning Re gula tions http://kanehealth.com/PDFs/Environmental/BurningRegulationsEng5 - 08.pdf County Green Guide Kane https://www.countyofkane.org/Recycling/Pages/greenGuide.aspx Illinois EPA Fact Sheet: Storm, Flood Debris and Disaster Areas (July 2017) - http://www.epa.illinois.gov/Assets/iepa/community - relations/general/Storm Flood%20Debris&DisasterAreasFactSheet - Final.pdf by the Kane County Recycling Program Coordinator , was adapted from the McHenry This guide, provided County Disaster Debris Guidance Sheet created by the McHenry County Solid Waste Manager. es The Kane County R ecycl office is located with in the Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources in Building A at 719 S. Batavia Avenue, G . The Kane County Recycling eneva, IL 60134 Coordinator can be contacted at 630 208 - 3841 . - ay 2019 Prepare d in 2017; Updated M 8

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