CV Jan Eeckhout


1 Jan Eeckhout [email protected] ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS ICREA Research Professor, Department of Economics, UPF-GSE Barcelona, 2008– Louis A. Simpson Fellow & Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Princeton University, 2017–2018 Professor (part-time), Department of Economics, University College London, 2011– (currently on leave) Chairman, Department of Economics and Business, UPF Barcelona, 2014-2015 Associate Professor with tenure, Dep of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2007–2010 (voted Full Professor 2010) Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2000–2007 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, NYU Stern, 2006–2007 Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, MIT, Fall 1999 Marie Curie Fellow of the European Commission, at UPF Barcelona, 1998–1999 Assistant Professor in Economics, UPF Barcelona, Fall 1997 Lecturer in Economics, The London School of Economics, 1996–1997 OTHER POSITIONS AND FELLOWSHIPS Fellow, European Economic Association Member, Academia Europaea Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), Research Fellow CEPR, Research Fellow CORE (Louvain-La-Neuve), Research Fellow EDUCATION The London School of Economics (UK), Ph.D. (Economics), 1998 Manchester University (UK), M.A. (Economics), 1993 Catholic University Leuven (Belgium), H.Ir. (Engineering and Economics), 1992 INVITED LECTURES AND SHORT APPOINTMENTS Cowles Foundation visitor, Yale 2018 Distinguished Grainger visitor, University of Wisconsin, 2017 Keynote, Search and Matching Cambridge, 2015 Guanghua School of Management Lecture Series, Peking University, 2014 Keynote address, Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, Belgium, 2013 Plenary Lecture, Spanish Economic Association, 2013 Inaugural Lecture, UCL, 2013 Plenary Lecture, annual meeting of economists, Belgium, 2011 CORE Lectures (Center for Operations Research and Econometrics, Universit ́e Catholique de Louvain), 2010 HONORS AND GRANTS European Research Council Advanced Grant – 339186 (2014–2019) Spanish Grants for Fundamental Research (MICCIN) (2016–2019) RecerCaixa Research Grant (2014–2016) Excellence in Refereeing Award 2011, 2012 and 2013, American Economic Review Spanish Grants for Fundamental Research (MICCIN) (2013–2015) European Research Council Starting Grant – 208068 (2008–2013) Marie Curie Fellowship, European Commission (IRG 247448) Spanish Grants for Fundamental Research (MICCIN) (2010–2012) Catalan Grants for Research Teams (AGAUR – SGR) (2010–2014) Spanish Grants, Conferences (Barcelona Jocs) (2009–2011) National Science Foundation Grant SES-0422863 (with Nicola Persico and Petra Todd) (2004-2006) Kravis Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, University of Pennsylvania (2002, 2005) University Research Fund (UPenn) (2007-2008) Dean’s Research Fund (UPenn) (2007-2008)

2 Diversity Fund Grant (2005) University of Pennsylvania Research Foundation Grant (2002, 2004) Penn-Leuven Exchange Program Grant (2003, 2006) Marie Curie Fellowship, European Commission (TMR-Grant ERB4001GT971729) The Royal Economic Society, Fellowship (1995-96) British Council, Fellowship (1994) PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Editor, , 2008–2011 International Economic Review Associate Editor, Review of Economic Dynamics , 2010– Journal of Economic Theory , 2013– Associate Editor, Journal of the European Economic Association , 2009–2014 Associate Editor, International Scientific Council, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management: 2013–2015 Academic Council, Barcelona GSE: 2014– Member of the Econometric Society, the American Economic Association, the European Economic Association Referee for American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies, Quar- terly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Public Economics, Games and Economic Behavior, Rand Journal of Economics, International Economic Review, Journal of the European Economic Association, Review of Economic Dynamics, Rand, Theoretical Economics, Economic Theory, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, European Economic Review, Economic Journal, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Eco- nomic Dynamics and Control, Economica, BEPress, Economics Letters, Journal of Regional Science, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Regional Studies, Finnish Economic Papers, Econometric Society Meetings, Society for Economic Dynamics Meetings, European Research Council, National Science Foundation Program Committee Society for Economic Dynamics (2002–2007), EEA-ESEM (1999, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), Search and Matching Europe (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016) Conferences organized: Search and Matching Europe, Barcelona (2017), Barcelona Summer Forum (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Gerzensee (2012) TEACHING EXPERIENCE Undergraduate: Microeconomics, Public Economics, Advanced Economic Analysis (Micro), Applied Micro Economics PhD: Topics in Applied Economic Theory, Topics in Labor Markets, Game Theory (Wharton), Micro Economics MBA: Firms and Markets (core course in microeconomics) REFEREED PUBLICATIONS Unemployment Cycles J. Eeckhout, I. Lindenlaub American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics , forthcoming, 2018 Assortative Matching with Large Firms J. Eeckhout, P. Kircher Econometrica 86(1) , 2018, 85-132 Sorting in the Labor Market J. Eeckhout Annual Review of Economics 10 , 2018, 1-29 Matching Information H. Chade, J. Eeckhout Theoretical Economics 13 , 2018, 377-414 Sorting Through Search and Matching Models in Economics H. Chade, J. Eeckhout, L. Smith Journal of Economic Literature 55(2) , 2017, 493-544 Common Value Experimentation J. Eeckhout, X. Weng Journal of Economic Theory 160 , 2015, 317-339

3 Spatial Sorting J. Eeckhout, Roberto Pinheiro, Kurt Schmidheiny 122(3) , 2014, 554-620 Journal of Political Economy Diverse Organizations and the Competition for Talent J. Eeckhout, R. Pinheiro International Economic Review , 2014, 625-664 55(3) Occupational Choice and Development J. Eeckhout, B. Jovanovic , 2012, 657-683 Journal of Economic Theory 147(2) Identifying Sorting – In Theory J. Eeckhout, P. Kircher Review of Economic Studies 78 , 2011, 872-906 Sorting and Decentralized Price Competition J. Eeckhout, P. Kircher Econometrica 78(2) , 2010, 539-574 , A Theory of Optimal Crackdowns J. Eeckhout, N. Persico, P. Todd American Economic Review , 2010, 1104-1135 100 Sorting vs Screening: Search Frictions and Competing Mechanisms J. Eeckhout, P. Kircher 145 , 2010, 1354-1385 Journal of Economic Theory Matching in Informal Financial Institutions J. Eeckhout, K. Munshi Journal of the European Economic Association 8(5) , 2010, 947-988 Gibrat’s Law for (All) Cities: Reply J. Eeckhout American Economic Review 99 , 2009, 1676-1683 Bargaining over Public Goods J. D ́avila, J. Eeckhout, C. Martinelli 11(6) Journal of Public Economic Theory , 2009, 927-945 Competitive Bargaining Equilibrium J. D ́avila, J. Eeckhout Journal of Economic Theory, 139(1) , 2008, 269-294 Minorities and Endogenous Segregation J. Eeckhout Review of Economic Studies Vol. 73(1) No. 254 , 2006, 31-53 , Gibrat’s Law for (All) Cities J. Eeckhout American Economic Review 94(5) , 2004, 1429-1451 Indeterminacy and Directed Search M. Coles, J. Eeckhout Journal of Economic Theory , 2003, 265-276 111 Knowledge Spillovers and Inequality J. Eeckhout, B. Jovanovic American Economic Review 92(5) , 2002, 1290-1307 On the uniqueness of Stable Marriage Matchings J. Eeckhout Economics Letters , 2000, 1-8 Bilateral Search and Vertical Heterogeneity J. Eeckhout International Economic Review 40 , 1999, 869-888 Educational Mobility: the Effect on Efficiency and Distribution J. Eeckhout Economica 66 , 1999, 317-333

4 WORKING PAPERS The Rise of Market Power and the Macroeconomic Implications J. De Loecker, J. Eeckhout, G. Unger R&R Quarterly Journal of Economics Global Market Power J. De Loecker, J. Eeckhout Some Thoughts on the Debate about (Aggregate) Markup Measurement J. De Loecker, J. Eeckhout Competing Teams H. Chade, J. Eeckhout R&R Review of Economic Studies Optimal Spatial Taxation: Are Big Cities too Small? J. Eeckhout, N. Guner R&R Journal of the European Economic Association Stochastic Sorting H. Chade, J. Eeckhout The Effect of Asset Holdings on Worker Productivity J. Eeckhout, A. Sepahsalari Wealth, Marriage, and Sex Selection’ G. Borker, J. Eeckhout, N. Luke, S. Minz, K. Munshi, S. Swaminathan VISITING APPOINTMENTS Nuffield College, Oxford University, 2008 Columbia University, 2004 Catholic University Leuven (Belgium), 2003 and 2006 Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain), 2000 New York University, 1998 Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel), 1998 European University Institute, Florence (Italy), 1996 Universidad Carlos III, Madrid (Spain), 1995 INVITED SEMINARS AND CONFERENCES MIT, Chicago, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, LSE, Northwestern, UCLA, Berkeley, Wisconsin, University of Michigan, Washington University Saint Louis, UPenn, Oxford, NYU Stern, MEDS Northwestern, ASU, Nuffield College, UCL, UT Austin, Georgetown, Penn State, Brown, Toronto, LBS, INSEAD, Warwick, Southampton, Mannheim, Munich, CERAS Paris, CEMFI Madrid, EIEF Enaudi, Western Ontario, ECARES Brussels, CORE Louvain-La-Neuve, Arizona State, Bonn, EUI Florence, Tinbergen Institute Amsterdam, Ohio State, Vanderbilt, Beijing University Guanghua School of Management, Saint Louis Fed, Philadelphia Fed, SUNY Stony Brook, Essex, Bristol, U Miami, Clemson University, Iowa State, Stockholm School of Economics, Uppsala, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Adelaide, Royal Holloway University, Carlos III Madrid, Paris 1, HECER University of Helsinki, Swedish School of Economics Helsinki, Universitat Autonoma Barcelona, IESE Barcelona, Universidad Complutense Madrid, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona Jocs, Institute of Economic Analysis Barcelona, University of Helsinki Finland, Paris Nanterre, UQAM Montreal, Richmond Fed, Cleveland Fed, Bank of Spain, World Bank, IMF, Bogazici University Istanbul, University of Leicester, IESE Barcelona, University of Zaragoza, Frankfurt University, Tilburg, Marseille, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute Rotterdam. Econometric Society World Congress (Seattle, London, Shanghai, Montreal), NBER Summers Institute (Boston 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Midwestern Summer Meetings (Wisconsin), Econometric Society Winter Meetings (New Orleans, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Philadelphia), European Economic Association (Istanbul, Toulouse, Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Oslo), Econometric Society Summer meetings (Istanbul, Berlin, Lima, Cancun, Los Angeles, Venice, Milan, Pittsburgh, Barcelona, Oslo), Society for Economic Dynamics (Oxford, Philadelphia, Alghero, San Jose, New York City, Paris, Florence, Budapest, Vancouver, Prague, Cambridge, Istanbul, Montreal, Ghent), Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory (Northwestern 1998, Minnesota 2007), Game Theory Society World Congress (Evanston 2008), CEPR-IDEI Conference on Two-Sided Markets (Toulouse), CEPR Summer Institute Gerzensee (2004, 2006, 2007), Two-Sided Matching (Bonn), Decentralization Conference (Saint Louis, 2009), Conference on Labor Markets, Malaga (2009), NBER conference (Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis), Search and Matching Conference (Bristol, Edinburgh, Cyprus, Mainz, Cambridge)

5 ADVISING Ph.D. Advisor/Letter Writer (with first placement): Christoph Hedtrich (2019 – ), Ana Figueiredo (2018 – Erasmus Rotterdam), Federica Daniele (2018 – OECD), Neele Balke (2017 – IIES Stockholm), Adri`a Morron-Salmeron (2017 – Caixa Bank), Alireza Sepahsalari (2016 – Bristol), Eeva Mauring (2016 – Vienna), Ilse Lindenlaub (2014 – NYU), Thibaut Lamadon (2014 – University of Chicago), Miguel Angel Martinez (2014 – Lima), Michael Schreibweis (2014 – Rostock), Xi Weng (2011 – Beijing University), Roberto Pinheiro (2009 – University of Colorado, Boulder), Yijuan Chen (2009 – Australian National University), Jose Suarez-LLed ́o (2008 – Autonoma Barcelona), Rebecca Karpay (2008), Enestor Dos Santos (2008 – BBVA), Daniel Velazquez (2007), Ben Lester (2007 – Western Ontario), Juan Licari (2007 – Moody’s) Eduardo Faingold (2006 – Yale), Philipp Kircher (2006 – UPenn), Manolis Galenianos (2006 – Penn State), Chris Makler (2005 – Aplia, Inc. and Stanford), Serene Tan (2005 – National University Singapore), Nicolas Jacquet (2005 – Singapore Management University), Braz Camargo (2004 – Western Ontario), Alfredo Di Tillio (2004 – University of Texas, Austin), Brett Norwood (2002 – University of Hong Kong), Luis Araujo (2002 – Michigan State), Ramya Sundaram (2001 – University of Arizona) Ph.D. Committee member: Andrii Parakhomenko (2017 – University of Southern California), Alexandros Theloudis (2016 – Luxembourg ISER), Luc Bridet (2016 – Toulouse), Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen (2016 – Copenhagen), Esteban Ortiz (2015 – Oxford), Homa Esfahanian (2015 – Essex), Jake Bradley (2014 – University of Bristol), Fakhraldin Zaveh (2014 – Autonoma), Joao Montalvao (2013 – World Bank), David Pothier (2012 – EUI), David Deller (2012 – University of Essex), Raphaela Hyee (2012 – Vienna), Rafael Gonzalez Val (2010 – University of Barcelona), Luca Merlino (2009 – ECARES), Tom Truyts (2008 – University Leuven), Antoni Calv ́o (2000 – Autonoma Barcelona) Undergraduate Advising: David Bard (2003 – Gates Scholar, University of Cambridge), Achyuta Adhvaryu (2004 - Yale Ph.D. candidate), Anant Nyshadham (2006 - Yale Ph.D. candidate) ADMINISTRATIVE ASSIGNMENTS Chairman, Department of Economics and Business, UPF, 2014-2015 Senior Recruiting Committee UPF, 2008-2017 Junior Recruiting UPF, 2013-2014 Department Seminar UCL, 2011-2017 Barcelona Jocs, 2009-2011 Micro Seminar UPF, 2009-2011 Undergraduate Executive Committee, 2004-2008 PPE economics representative UPenn, 2007-2008 Associate Undergraduate Chair UPenn (Advising), 2004-2005, 2005-2006 Department Chair Selection Committee UPenn (Junior Faculty Member), 2004 Junior Recruiting Committee UPenn, 2002-2003 Graduate Admissions Committee UPenn, 2000, 2001, 2004 LANGUAGES Dutch 3S,3W - French 3S,3W - English 3S,3W - Spanish 3S,3W - German 2S,1W - Italian 2S,1W - Catalan 3S,2W (Speak,Write:1-3)

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