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2 SAVING ENERGY AND IN YOUR MONEY HOME in your Th e major energy home users — nin g, wat er air conditio heat ing sys tem, heat er, refrigera lightin g — all tor, dryer, utility co nt rib ut e to your overall bill. of fers tips to help Th is bro chure you use your mo re effic ient ly, lower them ene rgy us e and save money on your mo nthly bill . energy SEA LIN G AIR LEA KS  to a In sul ate yo ur att ic flo or or top flo or ce iling R-valu es ind icat e the mini mum of R-49. on mater res ist anc e of an in sulati ia l to he at flow. The higher th e R numb er, the mo re eff ect ive the ca pacity. R-values in sul ating r on the appea pa ckag ion materials. es of in sulat  Do n’t insulat e over eave or on top of vents rece ssed ligh ti ng fixtures or other hea t prod ucing equip ment on the att ic floo r. Also keep insul 3 inches aw ay from the ati on at least types side s of these of fixt ures.  In sul ate heati ng an d coo ling ducts in unhe ated or un co oled ar eas.  yo ur home thro ugh the Do n’t let ai r se ep into the door to mak e sure atti c ac cess doo r. Check and weather st ri pped – it is we ll insu lated ot herwise, yo u’ll be wasting fuel to hea t or cool the at tic.  Tes t wind door s fo r air ti ghtness. Add ow s and r str ipp in g and weathe where necessa ry. caulk  In stall sto rm win dows. Co mbi nat ion scre en and stor m windo glass co mbination) ws (tri ple-track are the mo st con venient becaus e they can be ope ned easi ly wh en there’s no nee d to run heating or co oli ng equi pment. 2

3 WA TER HEATIN G  efficienc Buy a high y wat er heate r. Wh en you a unit purc hase wit h a he ater, need a ne w water high Ene rgy Fa ctor as (EF ) rat in g. EF rati ngs such nd wi th grea ter th ose of 91 and above co rr espo th e ra tin g th e more effic ien cy. Th e higher effic ien tly the un it will opera te.  the co rr ec t si ze he at er. Consider your Purc hase fami ly’s hot wate r needs. If you r wa te r hea te r is more energy tha n nee ded. If it too large, it uses run ou t of ho t water yo u may is to o small, .  wate er ne ar the kit chen. The Ins tall your r heat ki tc hen is wh er e you us e the hot test water . heat er is locat ed ne ar the When the water to travel r do esn’ t have ki tc hen , hot wate as fa r le ss hea t is lost. and  Ins tall a heat or in-l ine trap. If yo u add a loop , consider new wat er he ate r to you r home hav ing a he at loo p or in-l ine trap inst alled. These to install mechan ism s can be inex pe nsive hot wate r fro m mo vi ng int o the and keep pipin g system hot wh en you are not using wate r. Ask your g co ntracto r for details. plumbin  heat th e water rat ure dia l to Tu rn down er tempe F, or to the “wa rm” de grees 120 set ti ng if you hav e a dishwasher. Be su re to check your turer’ s in str uct ions fo r mi nim um water manufac e. temp eratur  of your ele ctric water Ins ul ate th e ou tside heater wi th an insul ation bla nk et to re duce he at los s. Als o pipe s with half-inch foam or pipe insul ate water for ins ulation On wh ere ve r pipes are exposed. tape pipes, insulate four to five fee t neares t col d water hea ter. to the water 3

4 YOU R HEATIN G SYS TEM  Kee p your wit h heatin g equi pm ent we ll tu ned ona l service by a professi peri odic mai nt en ance ntat ive. re prese  Se t yo ur th er mo stat at 68 degree s F during the Yo u can sa ve 3 da y an d 60 degr ees F at night. costs heating perc ent on your for ever y de gree ure bel ow 70 degre th e temperat you reduce es F for the entir e he ati ng season. Speci al adv ice to pump own ers: heat pumps nee d to stay heat at a co nstant g unless you have a settin rammabl e ele ctronic pu mp thermostat prog heat adapt y. Check wi th your hea ting with ive re cover to de te rmine the or ai r co ndi tio ni ng co nt ractor ostat ty pe of therm you have.  If yo u hav e a si mp le open-masonry fireplace, con sider screen, a co nvective inst all in g a glass gra te, a radi an t gr ate or a firepla ce insert. They’ll hel p cut dow n on the loss of war m ai r through th e fire place ch im ney.  Clean ir or rep lace the fil ter in you r forced-a and each mo nth. Foam heating co ol in g systems wi th water bu t be sure they fil te rs can be ri nsed Fiberg are dry bef or e replacing. la ss fil ters need pe rio di cally. to be re placed  draperies and sh ades Keep duri ng the da y to open let the sun sh ine in; close th em at nigh t.  Chec k th e du ct work for ai r leaks abo ut once a ye ar if yo u have a forced-air heat m. To ing syste jo ints for escaping do this, feel ar oun d the duct vely small lea ks can air wh en the fan is on. Relati be easily ing ho le s or cracks rep air ed by cover with duc t ta pe. More st ubborn pro ble ms ma y require caulki ng as well as tapi ng.  rize yo ur home by weather st ripping or Weathe caulking ar oun d do ors and wi ndo ws. This will hel p kee p heat fro m yo ur system insi de the home . 4

5  degree Adj ust the th erm ostat changes in small – fa ste r by cra nk ing or cool you r ho me won ’t heat it up .  Co nsider inst all in g a programma ble thermosta t. can save up to 10% Prog rammabl e th ermo stats all y. of he ating and co oli ng co sts annu  turn down When for the day, le avi ng th e house degrees. Thi s will save you r he at set tin g a few en erg y whil e you are away. M YOU R CO OLING SYSTE  with Be sure the ai r con di tio ner is full y charged efficient ly and freon so it oper ates keep your wi th pe ri od ic m wel l tuned cool ing syste by a pro fessional se rvi ce mai nt en ance represe nt ati ve.  a cen tral air co ndi tio ni ng uni t, be Wh en sele cting and sure to ch oose one with th e pr ope r capacity highes cy, don ’t ov er si ze it. t efficien  Ch oose a cen tral air co nd iti oni ng uni t or room ioni ng un it that uses a mini ma l ai r condit unt of ele ctrici amo ty to co mpl et e it s task . High gy Ef fic iency – such Seasonal Ra ti os (SEERs) Ener as 13.0 SEER an d above – co rrespo nd with Energy Effici ency Ra tios (EERs) greate r ef fici ency. fo r ro om-air prov id e the sam e guid ance con dit ioning uni ts.  Ins tall a whol e-h ouse ven tilat ing fan in your att ic or in an up stair s win dow to help air circ ulate in no t a rep laceme nt for a your ho me. Al th ough sys tem, ce nt ral air con di tio ning a fan is an le on milder effe ct ive wa y to stay co mf ortab day s. it dur ing the Reme mber to co ver and ins ulate wi nte r to preve nt heat lo ss.  Don ’t se t your th ermost at at a co lder se tting wh en you tur n yo ur air conditione r tha n normal fast er, but it wi ll cool to a on. It wil l not cool low er temp er atur e than yo u need and use more energy . 5

6  Con sid er usin g a ceili ng fa n wit h yo ur window ione r to sprea d the cool ed ai r to other ai r condit room s. But be sur e the ai r co nd it io ner is large enoug h to he lp cool spa ce. the add it ional  Kee p lamp s or te le visio n set s awa y from the therm from these appl ia nce s is ostat. Heat at and cou ld cause your se nsed by th e th ermost sy ste m to ru n lon ge r tha n necessar y.  er wh at kind of centra l air co nditi No matt oning sy ste m you have, co nde nser cl ean the out side To cle an, tur n off the un it and coi l onc e a year. the coil s with wate r at a low pre ssure . spray e may bend the fins. Hi gh wat er pressur Try to spray from th e top of the unit do wn and outward.  Use duct tape to seal th e cra ck s bet ween ea ch se cti on of an air duc t on yo ur ce nt ral air con dit ioning or for ced he at ing syst em .  Kee p lights Ele ctric low or off whe n not ne eded. add to the loa d on he at and lig ht s generate your air cond iti on er .  Plant shade tr ees st rat egi call y aro und your home rly sele ct ed and pl ant ed shade trees . Prope ca n save up to $80 annu all y on the average elect ric bill.  Use win dow or wh ole hou se venti la ti ng fa ns to coo l your home .  Use ve nts an d exh aust fa ns to pu ll hea t and from the at ti c, kit che n, ba th and moi sture laundr to the out side , if you don’t ha ve y dir ectly ai r condit ioni ng.  When th e house fo r the da y, turn up le aving your air set ti ng a few degre es. Thi s will save energy while you ar e awa y. 6

7 BA THRO OM ENE RG Y SAVERS  showe but limit both rs rath er than Take baths, to save the wat er flow you r sho weri ng time and en erg y.  In stall a wat er -flo w co nt roller in the pi pe at the a considerabl e am ount showe rhead . Th is saves to produce it. used r an d the energy of ho t wate  Use low flo w sho werheads in all sho we rs and m si nk. fauc et aerat or in the bathroo  Do n’t let wat er run whil e shaving or brushing r and hot wate the you r te et h. Thi s wastes en erg y use d to heat it. LA UNDR Y  Pl ac e the wa sher clo se to the wat er he ate r also. pipe s. Wat er lo ses he at as it flow s thro ugh er is lo cat ed near the water the wash When heate r, hot wat er doesn’t have to travel as far to er, and less heat is lo st. Insula ting rea ch the wash hea te r and th e pip es be twe en the water wa sher hel ps ret ai n heat.  Wash in clo th es in warm wat er . Rinse or cold water. cold  Fi ll washers an d clo thes dr yer s but do not overlo ad th em.  the li nt scr een after load of la undry Clean each regularl ch eck the exhaust and y. A li nt scre en in need of cle an in g and a cl ogged ex hau st can and increase the am ount le ngth en dryi ng time us ed. of en ergy  ene rgy by usi ng a clot hesli ne . Doing so ca n Save make se em fresher and drye r tha n those clo thes ing fr om a dr yer. emerg  Pl ac e a dry towe wit h each loa d of l in the dryer clo th es to absorb dampness and reduce wet dr ying time . 7

8  Save d for ironi ng by hanging ene rgy neede m whi le you ’re bathing or clot hes in th e bathroo By doi ng so you can ste am some showe ring. kle s out an d cut dow n on iro ni ng time. If wrin possib le , iro n a larg e load of clot he s at a tim e. Y SAVERS KITC HEN ENERG  r rather than hot to ope rate your Use co ld wate foo d dispo sal. Col d water al so he lps get rid of grease by so lid if yin g it , so it can the n be ground wash ed away. up and  In stall or in yo ur kitchen si nk faucet. an aerat  Boi l water e or covered pa n as the in a kettl wat er wil l co me to a boil faster and use le ss en erg y.  e-t op bur ners and Kee p rang or s clea n. reflect The y will refle ct heat bett er and you will save en erg y.  Get in the hab it of tur ning off the ele ments or surface units on yo ur electr ic stove se ve ral minut es bef or e co mp leting ing the all ot te d cook will st ay ho t long ti me. The heat in g element wi tho ut wasting en oug h to fin ish th e co oking el ect ric it y.  Turn off the oven five to 10 mi nu te s before tim e is up and let trapped cooking finish heat th e coo king an d avoi d openi ng the oven door repeat ed ly to ch eck food that is co ok ing. This allo ws heat to escape and resul ts in the use of more ene rgy to complete the coo ki ng of your watch or use a time r. foo d. In stead the clock  Do n’t pre he at the ov en unle ss absol utel y ne cessar y and th en for no more tha n 10 mi nut es.  Use pre ssure coo ker s and microwa ve ovens if you have th em. Th ey save energy by reducing cookI ng ti me s.  Avo id using th e bro iler. It is a bi g ene rgy user . 8

9  air filters. Clean Replace or rep lace filt ers on um s, etc. hoo ds, humi di fiers, ex haust vacu ca use ge d filt er s im pair per for mance and Clog and use more ene rgy. th e unit s to run longer DISH WASHI NG  lo ok for an ene rgy- buyin When g a dishwasher, air power r ove rnight effic ient mod el with and/o aut oma turn off Th ese features dr y set ting. ti cally cycl e. This can th e dishwash er af ter the rinse yo u up to 10 percent di shwa shing save of your en erg y costs.  Don ’t us e the “rin se-hold machine for just ” on your a fe w so ile d dishe s. It uses thr ee to seven gal lons of hot wate r eac h time you use it.  Clean ha s a filte r the fil te r. If your dishwasher it regularl n, clean appli ance runs scree y. A clean more effi ci ent ly. TO R/FREE ZER REFRIGERA  Se t the ref rig er ato r thermost at at 38 degre es F 5 degree s F for fre sh foo d com partments and the rmom eter for fre eze r co mpar A small tment. r or freeze r wi ll help you pl ac ed in th e ref rig erato fo r long te rm set it cor rectl y. Separate freezers at zero e sho uld be kept s F. Ope n storag degree doo r only whe n ato r or freezer th e re friger an d don ’t hold it open nece r ssary any longe th an ne cessary.  de fr ost manual-defrost re fri gerators Reg ularly free zers. and s the am ount Fro st bui ldup increase d to keep at its neede the refri gerator of en ergy prop e. Never allow fro st to build er temp eratur of an inch. up mo re th an on e quarter  Vac uum or coi ls at least eve ry thre e ref ri gerat hs. Th e dir t buil dup makes the refrigerator mont gy to keep content s co ol. use mo re ener 9

10  If po ssible, refri gera tor or don ’t pl ace your in dir ect sunl ight or near Heat freezer the stove. energy e th e un it to use more will caus to sta y cold .  rator door seal s air tight. Ma ke sure your refrige g the door on a pi ec e of paper Te st th em by closin or do llar bill so it is half in and ha lf ou t of the or dollar ou t ref ri ge rato r. If you can pull the paper g or the seal eas ily, the hin ge may ne ed adjustin ma y ne ed replac ing.  refrigerator in your gara ge If yo u ke ep a second ent , keep space fille d with or basem empty ga llo n water jug s. The ex tra st orage helps to ure inside. mai nt ain the tem perat HO ME OFFICE AND ICS TIP S ELE CTRON  Se lec t ener gy-e fficient office equ ipm ent and turn off machi ne s when they are no t in use to res ult in sign ifi cant energy savings.  Use an ENERG com put er which Y STA R-labeled more y than can sav e 30%-65% energ com put ers wit ho ut this designati on, dependi ng on usag e.  d large porti ons of time in low-powe Spen r mod energy but to help e to not on ly save and equi pm ent run co oler last lo nger.  Pu t your lapt op AC adapter on a po wer strip th at can be turned off (or will tur n off aut om atical ly) to maximize the savings; in th e AC adapter draw s power tra nsfo rmer usl y, eve n when the lap to p is not con tinuo pl ug ge d into the adapter.  Use the power management sett ings on com put ers an d mo ni tor s fo r significant sa vings. It is a co mm on mi sperception that scree n sa ve rs reduc e a mo ni tor ’s energy use. Use automatic swi tc hing to sle ep mo de or si mply tu rn it off . 10

11  buy in g a lapt op for yo ur ne xt Co nsider lap tops use much less com put er upgr ade; co mputers. en erg y than de sktop  energy Stri ps to save and be t Po wer Use Smar items able mul tiple down to shut qu ickly.  a Sm art Power Red uce vam pir e load s by using ir e loads Stri p. Vamp are all of tho se cha rge rs at th at are pl ugged in but no t chargi ng anything when not use energy th e mom ent . Char gers put bei ng us ed, so un pl ug them unti l nee ded, learn and com put ers to sleep ho w to activate age ment th e power featu man res on your com put er.  Pu rchase of high-qu ality a goo d selection batte ries and a chargi recharg eable ng unit. run and Yo u’ll sav e mone y in the long kee p als out of our enviro ous materi hazard nment. Use rec harg eab le batteries for pro du cts like ph on es and cor dless ras. Studies digit al came hav e sh own co st effe cti ve than the y are more batte rie s. di spo sable  whe n the bat ter ies are ry cha rgers Un pl ug batte rs are no t in use. ful ly ch arge d or the charge IN G LIGHT  Use co mpact bulbs. They produce fluor escent as much about thr ee to four times light per watt nt bulb compa ct as inc andesce s. While ar e in iti all y more , the y fluo resc ents ex pensive last up to 10 tim es longer.  energy efficient Hal oge n bul bs ar e ano ther outdo cho ice for in doo r and The y use or light ing. 25 pe rce nt less energy tra ditiona l about than in cande sce nt bulb s and produce an wh ite li gh t maki ng them idea l for spot, in tense se curity flo od, and ng. Halo gen torchieres, lighti howe due to the high ve r, can pose a fire hazard te mp erat ur es pro duced by thes e bulbs. 11

12  tha t fea ture Pu rchase LEDs ho li day li ght strings use 90 LED lights or ligh t-e mitt in g di odes. perc ent less en erg y than st andard incandescent bu lbs.  even off ligh ts in any roo m not bei ng used, Turn if your absen be mome nta ry. ce wi ll only  When ch an gin g bulbs, use the low est wattage le or con ven ient . In many possib ca ses a lower wat tage ed fo r the one bul b can be substitut . ntly bei ng used curre  ne yo ur home and save ele ct ricity. Li ght-zo and Co nce nt rate area s, lig hti ng in reading work whe re it’ s ne eded y su ch as in and fo r safet lig hti ng in other sta ir wells. areas, Re duce but avo id ve ry sh arp co ntrasts.  Co nsider dimm er s. They inst all in g sol id-state to save energy by redu cing the make it easy li ght ing inte nsi ty in a room.  l sma ll ones Use on e lar ge bul b instead of severa in are as wh er e bri ght lig ht is needed.  Turn on outdo only when neede d and or lights s with moti on detect or s so they com e in st all light on only wh en need ed.  hea t sensors Use time or rs, mot ion detectors, ph oto ce ll co ntr ol s fo r li ght fixtures when le . possib  Rem ov ing one ligh t bulb fro m yo ur garage door savi ng ti p. ope ner is a cr eati ve energy of the top tips that we provide These tips are some to its These from experience within the customers. tips are derived industry as from various resources such as energy as well and We continuously seek new along tips to pass money and energy. to our customers for saving The elderly, and persons with circulatory problems Caution: infants require higher indoor temperatures (above 65 degrees F at all may to avoid problems. Please seek the advice of your health times) regarding winter and summer thermostat settings in physician home. your 12

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