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1 upper grades activity g e a c hi n t K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 t o lera n ce a project of the southern poverty law center Reply to an Eviction Notice Read the poem and answer the questions below. Reply to an Eviction Notice by robert flanagan My mother and father camped in such apartments in their time, landlord, promoter of cramped endurances, your rightful inheritance. Your father purchased shrewdly and practiced ungiving well. Mine did not. So my sweaty bursts of living are managed in rooms gauged like parking meters, narrow as coin slots, while from the landscaped, architect-designed vantage of your home the town lies before a Monopoly board. Ownership is your reward and punishment; movement mine. Used with permission by Robert Flanagan ( —Reply to an Eviction Notice: Selected Poems (Bottom Dog Press | Answer the following questions: What does camping in an apartment imply? How does the poet imply that this landlord obtained his property?

2 upper grades activity t t olerance eaching a project of the southern poverty law center What two similes does the poet use to describe renting an apartment? What do these similes imply? How does the landlord’s home compare to the rental home? What does the poet mean when he says that the town is like “a Monopoly board” for the landlord? Why is movement a punishment?

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