Response to Motions


1 CM/ECF - Eastern Di ct of ana Rev. 5/ 2006 stri Louisi ly g a sp Filin se or R ep Re on to a Moti on i n CM/E CF Filing a response or reply to a motion in CM /ECF inv olves sel ecting the t ype of document you ar ring the c ase number, selec ting the par ty who is filing the e filing, ente document, selecti ng the pdf document, s electing t he motion(s) w hich are being responded or r eplied to, modify ing the dock et text, and a ccepting the final docket tex t. n Menu. on the ECF Mai Civil STEP 1 After you hav e logged i n to CM/ECF , click on STEP 2 ill displ ay the Civil E vents screen. The system w • Click on Responses and Replies in the Motions and Related Fi lings sec tion. screen for y STEP 3 ill next display the Case Number The system w ou to enter the case in w hich the document i s to be filed. The number of • the last case accessed will be displayed. If this is the correct case, just click Next ber and then click . If it is not, enter the correct case num . Next STEP 4 ill displ ay the Responses and Replies screen, for you to select The system w the type of document being filed. • Click the down-arrow at the right of the highlighted area, and the system will display a drop-down list. cketing by Select the most ap propriate desc ription of the doc ument you are do • clicking on it, then click Next . on Response to Moti Page -1-

2 CM/ECF - Eastern Di ct of ana Rev. 5/ 2006 stri Louisi The selection y creen wi ll affect only the docket tex t. For NOTE: ou make on this s ou are filing a response in opposition to a motion, selecti ng either example, if y morandum in Opposit “Response/Me or “Respons e to Motion” would be ion to Motion” t depends on how you wan t the docket entr y to read. appropriate. I STEP 5 The system w ill then dis play the pdf document screen. ou can e • a pdf fil e wi th thi s entr y, y ciate ither enter the pat h and fil ename To asso of the document wi th the .pdf extens ion, if you k now it, i n the Filename field, or syste you can click to find it. If you click Browse... , the Browse... m will d ispla y a File Upload screen. of ty field at pe: • On this scr een, you shoul d click on t he down arr ow for the Files the bottom and sele ct “All Files (*.*).” This screen will then show all files, .pdf files. Then, if the des not display ed, either doubl e-click o n including ired file is any directory or folder icon to go down the directory structure, or click on the “Up One Level” up the director y struct ure. icon, to go • Navigate to the directory where the appropriate pdf f ile is located, then click on it to select it . To make sure y ou are associ ating the cor rect file, y ou can view the selected file by licking on the filename. right-c • On this menu, click Open . The system w ill launch the Adobe Acrobat R eader to he contents of the pdf document display t ify that this . With that you can ver is the correct docu ment. If this is the c close the Adobe Acrobat Reader by clic king on • orrect document, the in the top right corner, then click Open on the File Upload screen. This will X return you to the pdf document scr een. • If this is not the correct file, close th is window, navigate to a different directory, if necessary e until yo u find the correc t pdf file. , and open another fil • If this document h as attachments, you would click Yes at the bottom. The system w ould then let y ou enter the pdf filenames and descripti ons of the attachments. to continue. Click Next • on Response to Moti Page -2-

3 CM/ECF - Eastern Di ct of ana Rev. 5/ 2006 stri Louisi The system w ill then dis play the Filer Selection screen. STEP 6 • On this scr een you selec t the party who is fil ing the document. The name(s) of the parties you select will appear in the docket text. Then click . Next NOTE: If you select a group (Al l Defendants, All Plaintiffs, or A ll Parties ) on the rig ht side of the scree n, rather than s electing t he party(i es) by name on the left side of the ather ket text, r appear in the doc screen, the g roup name, such as “all defendants,” will than the names of the individual party(ies). The system w ill next display a Motion Selection screen. STEP 7 This is a list of pending motions in th e case, for you to select the motio n(s) which • this document is responding to. • If you want more information about a motion, cli ck on the blue doc ument number for that motion. If ther e is a pdf document ass ociated wi th that motion, the system w Acrobat Reader and display the pdf document. ill start • To select a motion, click i n the check box at the far left of the sc reen next to that motion. You can select as many motions as are applicable. Next hen you have the correct motion(s) checked, click . • W on Response to Moti Page -3-

4 CM/ECF - Eastern Di stri Louisi ana Rev. 5/ 2006 ct of The system will prompt you to certify that service has been accomp STEP 8 lished in accordance with the Federal Rules and Loca l Rules of this Court. This does not ta ke ce of th e Certif icate of Service tha t should be includ ed in your f iling. the pla Click Next to continue. The system w screen. ay the Modify Docket Text STEP 9 ill displ • automatically reflects the r eferenced motion, document number The docket text add to the docket t and descripti lank boxes ext in the b on. On this sc reen you can as appropriate. W Next . hen the docket text is correct, click STEP 10 The system w ill displ ay the Final Docket Text screen. ny error • This is your last chance to correct a action. If the s in the trans transaction is NOT correct, click on your br owser to return to the s creen Back where the er ror was made, fix the er ror, then pro ceed again thr ough the transaction. Next d the text are correct, click . • If the transaction an on Response to Moti Page -4-

5 CM/ECF - Eastern Di Louisi ana Rev. 5/ 2006 stri ct of STEP 11 Finally , the syst em will display t he Notice of Electronic Filing screen. • Notice of Electronic Filing is the ver ification that t he filing has been sent The electronically to the court’s database. It certif ies that this is now an official court document. • To print a copy of this notice, click Print . on the brows s... er menu. • To save a copy of this receipt, click File , then Save A • Notice of Electronic Filing screen, y ou are finished w ith When you arrive at the the filing of y our document. Y ou can select a choice from the EC F Main Menu. Civil For example , you can cl ick on finished, to file another doc ument. If you are you should c Logout . lick on Note: It is the responsibility of the filer to send hard copies of the pleading and Notice of e indicated ilings to attorney s and pro se parties who hav Electronic F the Court . established with they do not h ave E-M ail accounts on Response to Moti Page -5-

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