An Act Prohibiting the use of the name of any Member of either House of Congress or of any officer of the Government by any person, firm, or corporation practicing before any department or office of the Government.


1 89. 1916. CHs. 88, I. SEss. CONGRESS. -SIXTY-FOURTH 54 of and War of Secretary of the duty the be shall it That SEC. 2. con- Evidence to decide effect and into this Act to carry the of Navy Secretary the oMum entitled is in his department Act, this under applicant, each whether of medal the of award official the If Act. this of the benefit to shall thereof, to him notice official or the applicant, to the honor applicant the to awarded was of honor medal the that show to appear shall it Act, this of the provisions by required is as an act such for pension special to such applicant the entitle to sufficient deemed be correspondence, official all Otherwise investigation. further without now evidence other and requests, recommendations, reports, orders, be I- t to crti A considered. be shall or department office public in any onfile sueo bravery, gallantry, of heroism, the act of and service of certificate of and was awarded, honor of the medal which for intrepidity or pensioner special the of right the of and Act, this under enrollment granted, herein pension the special receive and to to entitled to be on so entered shall be name whose person each be furnished o c shall Navy the of Secretary the and War of Secretary The roll. said Pnsions. sionePo of copy a certified of Pensions Commissioner the deliver to shall and aforesaid, as issue, may he as certificates said of such each of Commissioner the to authority sufficient full and be shall same the in named beneficiary the to him by payment the for Pensions of for. provided herein pension special the certificate such each . S have shall name whose person surviving such each 3. That SEC. pam to be-. entitled shall Act be this with accordance roll in said entered on been 2 i p Pensions of Commissioner by the be paid and receive shall to and the Treasury in any moneys out of Interior, of the Department the in pension special a appropriated, otherwise not States United the of Commissioner The yearly. quarter payable life, month for $10 of per for making regulations rules and necessary al shall make of Pensions thereof. beneficiaries to the pensions special such of payment commencmant shall such person on the day that begin shall special pension Such the of the on said office in roll enrollment application his for file passage the the of after Navy of Secretary the or of Secretary War the life of the during Act, and shall continue this of and approval not beneficiary. benefits Other Such special affected. shall not deprive any such special pensioner of pension to which right, or privilege or of any benefit pension any other under any existing or subsequent is hereafter be entitled he or may thereto. in addition be shall but law, etc. ta, Freerom be subject not shall this Act under pension special The allowed detention or under any levy, tax, lien, execution, attachment, any to whatever. process Limitation. more or two case any person has been awarded in 4. That SEC. receive not shall he shall not be entitled to and honor, of medals pension. special such one than more con- not Rank sidered. Rank in service the shall not be considered applications in filed hereunder. 1916. April 27, Approved, April 1916. 27, either of any of name the Member of the use Act Prohibiting CHAP. 89.-An [s. 683.1 corpora- or firm, person, by any the Government officer of any of or of Congress 57.1 No. House [Public. of the Government. department or office any practicing before tion United of the of Representatives House and Senate by the Be enacted it dpat- Executive for That unlawful be shall it Congress assembled, America States in of ents, et etc. department any before practicing or corporation firm, any person, offiCoin no gressof either of Member any of the Government to use the name of office advertising business or re ' awful House of Congress or of any officer b the Government in advertising of s a e t business. said the business. id h in effect In date. its after months three effect take Act shall this 2. That SEC. thee in onthes. Approved, April 27, 1916.

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