1 MRI Clothing Guidelines undergoing an MR procedure must remove all readily Any individual personal removable clothing items which may belongings..., metallic and fasteners, zippers, loose metallic components or metallic contain hooks, (pg 506 Kanal et al.) metallic threads. you remove metallic objects in advance of an MRI exam, It is vital that jewelr y, and items of clothing that have metallic threads including watches, (Shellock: or fasteners. w.mrisafet http://ww v.asp?SafetyInfoID=244 ) clothing Ap materials: p roved Light clothing - pajamas or nightgowns (available at BMC) • Loose fitting cotton or linen clothing • materials that Clothing NOT recommended: are • Any compression wear fitting spandex clothing • Tight • with unusual metal embellishments (standard zippers and Clothing rivets are usually ok) Prohibited brands: • clothing Athleta • Columbia Omniheat • Duluth Trading Co. • Juzo USA • • Lululemon Copper • Tommy MRI Incidents: Reported • Lululemon incident -some - clothes -could- pose- a-safety -hazard -during -mri- exams/ • AJNR http://ww w.ajn ent/34/5/E47.full From imaging a case of a thermal burn • occurred during MR We report likely that caused by invisible silver-embedded microfibers in the fabric of an undershirt. As the prevalence of fabric containing non-detectable metallic microfiber in athletic and “tech” clothing, the importance of increases having patients change into safe facility -provided garments before MR imaging is emphasized.

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