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1 AM-606HT &YUFOEFE5FNQFSBUVSF )JHI4QFFE%VBM0QFSBUJPOBM"NQMJmFST PRODUCT OVERVIEW A gain bandwidth product of 28 MHz coupled The AM-606HT series of Harsh Environment XJUIBTMFXSBUFPG7çTQSPWJEFTBTFUUMJOHUJNF "NQMJmFSTBSFEFWFMPQFEBOENBOVGBDUVSFE to 0.01% in less than 180ns while delivering excel- using processes that originate with DATEL’s MIL-PRF-38534 standards and controls. These lent dynamic performance for harsh environment data acquisition systems. The DC performance of standards have been extended and increased to the AM-606HT includes less than 1.5mV of offset, meet the demanding -55 to +200°C operating BWPMUBHFOPJTFEFOTJUZCFMPXO7ð)[ BOEBUPUBM temperature ranges. supply current under 18mA. Offered in either a standard 8-pin hermeti- FEATURES 5IJTGBNJMZPGFYUFOEFEUFNQFSBUVSFBNQMJmFST cally sealed ceramic DIP (MHT) or Gull-Wing SMT n Extended temperature -55 to +200°C (GHT) package, the AM-606HT is a dual, high BSFEFTJHOFEBOERVBMJmFEUPQSPWJEFNPSFUIBO n hermetic sealed ceramic, %VBMBNQMJmFSJOB  IPVSTPGIJHIDPOmEFODFMFWFMPQFSBUJPO TQFFE QSFDJTJPOPQFSBUJPOBMBNQMJmFSTQFDJmFEGPS 8-pin DIP or SMT package The series is offered in three temperature grades: operation from ±5 V to ±15 V supplies. This dual BNQMJmFSDPNCJOFTIJHITQFFEQFSGPSNBODFXJUI A (-55 to 150°C), B (-55 to 180°C) and C (-55 to n )JHITMFXSBUF7çT 200°C). UIFBEWBOUBHFTPGBQSFDJTJPOPQFSBUJPOBMBNQMJmFS n Wide bandwidth: 28 MHz in a single package. The internal compensation of n Fast settling time: <180 ns to 0.01% the AM-606HT ensures stable unity gain operation, ORDERING INFORMATION n while driving large capacitive loads. -PXPGGTFUWPMUBHFç7 OPERATING MODEL NUMBER PACKAGE TEMP. RANGE n Unity-gain stable APPLICATIONS AM-606HT-A SMT –55 to +150°C n Low voltage operation: ±5 V to ±15 V n Down-Hole and geothermal exploration SMT –55 to +180°C AM-606HT-B n Low supply current: <10 mA n Hot engine control AM-606HT-C –55 to +200°C SMT n Drives capacitive loads n Undersea cabling AM-60MHT-A –55 to +150°C DIP n 2VBMJmFEBOEDIBSBDUFSJ[FEGPSNPSFUIBO n Harsh environment data acquisition 1,000-hour operating life –55 to +180°C DIP AM-60MHT-B systems n Available in three grades: 150°C (-A), 180°C AM-606MT-C –55 to +200°C DIP n Aerospace (-B) and 220°C (-C) FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Figure 1. Functional Block Diagram %"5&- *OD$BCPU#PVMFWBSE4VJUF .BOTöFME ."t 5FM   t XXXEBUFMDPN t FNBJMIFMQ!EBUFMDPN MDA_AM-606HT.a02 Page 1 of 3

2 AM-606HT &YUFOEFE5FNQFSBUVSF )JHI4QFFE%VBM0QFSBUJPOBM"NQMJmFST T YP. MIN. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS MAX. UNITS Volts ±18 — — Supply Voltage T ECHNICAL NOTES Input Voltage — — ±18 Volts — Volts ±26 Differential Input Voltage 1 To achieve a wide bandwidth and high slew rate, the AM-606HT — output is not short-circuit protected. Shorting the output to ground or — Output Short Circuit Duration — Limited to the supplies could damage the IC. 225 — °C — Operating Temperature °C 225 — -65 Storage Temperature  0VUQVUTPGIJHITQFFEBNQMJmFSTBSFWFSZTFOTJUJWFUPDBQBDJUJWF °C — 300 — Lead Temperature (soldering 60 sec.) loads. A capacitive load introduces a pair of zero and a pole and to the frequency response of the circuit, thereby reducing the phase margin, which could lead to unstable operation. It is a good design QSBDUJDFUPJTPMBUFUIFPVUQVUPGUIFBNQMJmFSGSPNBOZDBQBDJUJWF FUNC TIONAL SPECIFICATIONS MPBECZQMBDJOHBTNBMMTFSJFTSFTJTUPS ûUPû CFUXFFO (Typical over extended temperature -55 to +150°C range at ±15V supplies, unless otherwise noted.) UIFPVUQVUPGUIFBNQMJmFSBOEUIFDBQBDJUJWFMPBE5IF01JT T YP. INPUT CHARACTERISTICS MAX. MIN. UNITS internally compensated to provide stable operation and is capable ±1.5 Volts 0.75 — 0òTFU7PMUBHF of driving large capacitive loads without oscillation. Sockets are mA — — 1 Input Bias Current not recommended because they increase the lead inductance/ nA — — 200 *OQVU0òTFU$VSSFOU capacitance. 76 — — dB -BSHF4JHOBM7PMUBHF(BJO LȰ dB — — 79 Common Mode Rejection ±12V 3. Connection lead length introduces inductance which, combined with stray capacitance creates a high-frequency resonant circuit. These Input Capacitance Common Mode — 2 — pf circuits can create gain-peaking leading to instability. 1 Differential — — pf 4. A good ground plain is essential to achieve the optimum performance OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS in high speed applications. 12.5 -12.5 Volts — 0VUQVU7PMUBHF4XJOH LȰ DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE — — 28 MHz Gain Bandwidth Product (Av +1, 30pf ) 4MFX3BUF 7TUFQ MPBELȰ QG Av = +1 110 — — V/ çT Av = -1 250 — — V/ çT — 2.7 — MHz Full Power Bandwidth (10V step) ns — 180 — Settling Time (0.01%, 10V step) Degrees 45 — — Phase Margin NOISE PERFORMANCE — 0.25 — Voltage Noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz) ç7QQ — 8 — O7ð)[ Voltage Noise Density (1kHz) — 1 — O7ð)[ Stable Capacitative Load “ POWER REQUIREMENTS ±15 ±18 Volts ±4.5 Supply Voltages mA — — 18 Supply Current 93 — — dB Power Supply Rejection UNITS PHYSICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL MIN. T YP. MAX. Operating Temp. Range, Case AM-606GHT/MHT-A °C -55 — +150 — -55 +180 °C AM-606GHT/MHT-B °C AM-606GHT/MHT-C –55 — +200 8-pin, hermetic-sealed ceramic Package Type DIP or Gull-Wing SMT %"5&- *OD$BCPU#PVMFWBSE4VJUF .BOTöFME ."t 5FM   t XXXEBUFMDPN t FNBJMIFMQ!EBUFMDPN MDA_AM-606HT.a02 Page 2 of 3

3 AM-606HT &YUFOEFE5FNQFSBUVSF )JHI4QFFE%VBM0QFSBUJPOBM"NQMJmFST MECHANICAL DIMENSIONS - INCHES (mm) SMT package DIP package DATEL is a registered trademark of DATEL, Inc. DATEL, Inc. makes no representation that the use of its products in the circuits described herein, or the use of other technical information contained herein, will not infringe upon existing or future patent riHTs. The descriptions contained herein do not imply the granting of licenses $BCPU#PVMFWBSE4VJUF .BOTöFME ." 8 USA UPNBLF VTF PSTFMMFRVJQNFOUDPOTUSVDUFEJOBDDPSEBODFUIFSFXJUI4QFDJmDBUJPOTBSFTVCKFDUUPDIBOHFXJUIPVUOPUJDF ITAR and ISO 9001-2008 REGISTERED © 2016 DATEL, Inc. • e-mail: [email protected] MDA_AM-606HT.a02 Page 3 of 3

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