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1 Bulky Item Pick Process - up CSC ) . Completed Prescreening Form will be provided to ÿ the Community Services Coordinator ( CSC will call you at the phone number provided after concluding prescreening to confirm ÿ availability of bulky item pick ups . - If you pass prescreenin to ÿ g, an appointment will be scheduled for you to return to CHDC office complete an Application and present your : photo ID, and o recent utility o for prescreening. or phone bill to prove residency at address provided If CSC determines household is within No rth Richmond Mitigation Area and you submit all ÿ required information, request will be referred to Richmond Sanitary Service (RSS) to confirm household is existing residential customer. RSS will contact you (within ÿ days) at the phone number you provided t o confirm eligibility 3 - up. determination and schedule pick Contact the CSC at 510 - . D - 9937 for questi ons regarding this program ÿ epending upon the 215 nature of your question/concern CSC may refer your call to RSS or staff from the City of , Costa County. Richmond/Contra Eligibility Program is available for a limited time, services provided on a first come first served basis. • Only households located within the North Richmond Mitigation Area • (map can be viewed online at www.stopdumping.org ) that are residential customers of RSS are eligible to have bulky items picked up at their residence for free. Eligible households may request one bulky item pick - up per year , but only if household has not • already claime d one or . more disposal vouchers in same year address must provide p hoto identification and recent phone or utility bill to prove residency at • You North Richmond f or request to be processed . within Mitigation Area in order Pick - up Guidelines • Items are not authoriz ed for pick - up until you have been contacted by RSS with confirmation of scheduled pick up date. • - up those items that resident check s on the Application and have been pre - RSS will only pick Any unauthorized ineligible items placed on the curb w ill not be picked up. authorized. / • Bulky items authorized for pick up must be placed on the curb no later than 6:00am on the scheduled collection day. If bulky items authorized for pick - up on the scheduled pick - up day are not be eligible for another pick - up until following year . not placed out for collection, household will • ee the reverse side for additional recycling and disposal resources for various bulky items and S allowed in curbside program . other items not garbage collection – up to 3 per p ick Eligible Bulky Items up: - By checking items and signing the Application , you will be authoriz ing RSS to charge your account and agree to pay the amount exceeding $60 (ranges from $15 - $60 depending on cost of the items selected) . $ 1 8 $ 25 $ 40 Refrigerator o Water Heat er o Microwave o Table o o Freezer o Stove o Mattress o Dresser Box Spring o o Washer o o Desk Air Conditioner o Dryer o Bathtub o Sofa/Couch SEE BACK SIDE FOR LOW COST ALTERNATIVES. Chair o Dishwasher o Toilet o This program is jointly funded by the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County.

2 RESOURCES ) & DISPOSAL LOCAL RECYCLING (c all first to verify acceptance and hours of operation Televisions & Computer Monitors West County Household Hazardous Waste Facility 101 Pittsburg Avenue, Richmond 888 - 412 - 9277 : Free to West County Residents only. Drop off an d the first Saturday of each month from 9am - 12pm & 12:30pm - 4pm s , Friday s Open Thursday Non - Freon (Stoves, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers, etc.) – Large Appliances American Iron and Metal Action Metal Recycling ookside Drive, Richmond 1050 Br 385 Pittsburg Avenue, Richmond 510 233 - - 0440 2488 - 236 - 510 Drop off only Drop off only REN Salvage and Recycling JACO Environmental 255 Parr Blvd., Richmond - 741 - 0172 800 235 510 - - 8021 Pick up only – Fees apply off only - Drop Sims Metal th 600 South 4 Street, Richmond 510 412 5300 - - Drop y off onl – Large Appliances Freon (Refrigerators, Freezer, Air Conditioner) American Iron and Metal JACO Environmental 1050 Brookside Drive, Richmond - 741 - 0172 800 - 233 - 0440 510 Fees apply – Pick up only Fees apply – Drop off only Tires O Commercial Tire Center J & Bi g O Tires th Street, Richmond 533 South 13 12952 San Pablo Ave, Richmond 510 6344 - 237 - 1721 - 510 234 - – Drop off only Fees apply Drop off only Fees apply – FS Tire Recycling Richmond Tire th Street, Richmond 113 13 1608 Market Street, Richmond 510 - 7493 236 - 510 237 - 2712 - F ees apply Drop off only – Drop off only – Fees apply Firestone Store Golden Bear Transfer Station 1001 Hilltop Mall, Richmond Foot of Parr Blvd., Richmond 4422 222 - 510 - 8451 510 - 236 - – Fees apply Drop off only Drop of f only – Fees apply Non - Bulky Items 35 gallon Residential customers served by RSS are entitled to two on - call pick - ups per year of up to fifteen (15) 30 - s accepted or to yards at no extra charge . For details regarding the types of item bags, equivalent to two (2) cubic schedule an on - call pick - up, please call RSS at 510 - 262 - 1600. For additional reuse, recycling and disposal options please visit - 750 - 800 - 4096. or call the County Recycling Hotline at 1 www.cccrecycle.org This program is jointly funded by the City of Richmond and Contra Costa County.

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