R&S®SCx8000 compact transmitter family: now also for VHF and L band


1 Sound and TV transmitters BROADCASTING | R&S®SCx 8000 compact transmitter family: now also for VHF and L band New transmitters for VHF and the L band have been added to the R&S®SCx 8000 family of transmitters [1] to cover all broadcast frequency ranges plus the world’s most important TV and digital audio broadcasting standards. Compact dimensions and high efficiency are also the outstanding characteristics of these trans - mitters, making them the market benchmark. R&S®SCQ 8000 / R&S®SCL 8000 L-band R&S®SCW 8000 / R&S®SCA 8000 VHF transmitters transmitters The R&S®SCW 8000 and R&S®SCA 8000 VHF transmitters for For the L band (1452 MHz to 1492 MHz), the R&S®SCQ8000 TV and digital audio broadcasting (DAB, DAB+), respectively, TV transmitters and the R&S®SCL 8000 DAB, DAB+ and are available with output powers of up to 600 W for digital T-DMB transmitters are available. They offer an efficiency of standards and up to 1100 W for analog TV. The transmitters up to 22 %, which is unparalleled in this frequency range. are of ultracompact design. Together with the R&S®SX 801 Powers of up to 300 W for TV and up to 400 W for digital - multistandard exciter [2], which also provides transmitter con audio broadcasting can be implemented, as in the case of trol functionality, they take up no more than four 19" height the VHF and UHF transmitters, together with the R&S®SX 801 units. This makes it very easy to install multiple transmitters in a single rack, or accommodate transmitters in unused spaces multistandard exciter and one amplifier in just four 19" height units. in crowded racks. The transmitters can also be installed in outdoor racks. Their efficiency of up to 24 % translates into - Four amplifiers (photo) are required to implement output pow significant cost savings. ers of up to 1200 W for TV and 1500 W for DAB. The ampli - fiers are coupled together by means of a unit integrated into - the rack. In addition to the power coupler, this unit also con - tains an input signal splitter, a harmonics filter, power absorb ers and lightning protection. The transmitter is controlled by the R&S®NetCCU 800, which can also be used to control a dual-drive transmitter. Taking up only 20 height units, the four-amplifier transmitter configuration is also the most com - pact in this class. Christian Wachter - [1] The R&S®SCx 8000 family of UHF transmitters for TV: a new dimension in compact ness. NEWS (2009) No. 199, pp. 66–67. R&S®SX 801 multistandard exciter for ATV, DTV and digital sound broadcasting. [2] NEWS (2009) No. 199, pp. 58–59. The R&S®SCx 8000 L-band transmitter, configured as an R&S®SCL 8304V dual-drive transmitter, installed in a 19" rack with 20 height units. This configuration provides maximum output power of 1200 W for DTV and 1500 W for DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB. The transmitter includes two R&S®SX 801 multistandard exciters, an R&S®NetCCU 800 transmitter con - trol unit, four R&S®VL 8301C1 amplifiers and an R&S®ZR 800Z10 mains distribution. 202 /10 35 NEWS

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