Test Plan Gutenberg


1 Test Plan: Gutenberg Header and History ... 2 3 Publish and Unpublish ... Add Block 4 ... 5 ... Structure and NavigaCon Tools and OpCons ... 6 Document Panel 7 ... Block Panel 8 ... Title Block 9 ... Block EdiCng ... 10 Block OpCons 11 ... Block Variants 12 ... Empty Block 13 ... Output Markup 14 ... Media Dialog 15 ... Edit Media 16 ...

2 Header and History Test the default header content without activating any controls. Also test the functionality of the Undo and Redo buttons. Figure 1: Header and History

3 Publish and Unpublish Press the “Publish...” button and test the content in the Publish panel, including all the content in disclo - sure regions, and the actions of publishing and unpublishing the post. Figure 2: Publish and Unpublish

4 Add Block Test the content in the “Add block” popup, including the block search functionality, and the action of adding a block (but not adding or editing content within the block). Figure 3: Add Block

5 Structure and Navigation Test the content in the “Content structure” and “Block Navigation” popups, including the action of navigat - ing to a block via each popup. Figure 4: Structure and NavigaBon

6 Tools and Options Test the content in the “Show more tools & options” popup, including the “Keyboard Shortcuts” and “Op - tions” popups. Also test the functionality of the “Settings” toggle button. Figure 5: Tools and OpBons

7 Document Panel Test all content in the Document panel, including all the content in disclosure regions, the “Visibility” and “Publish date” popups, and the “Add New Category” functionality. Do not test “Move to trash” or the “Set featured image” functionality, and do not follow the Preview, “Learn more...” or “Calendar Help” links. Figure 6: Document Panel

8 Block Panel Test all content and functionality in the Block panel, including all content in disclosure regions, for three block types: Heading , Paragraph , and Image . Figure 7: Block Panel

9 Title Block Test all block content, including “Edit” permalink functionality. Figure 8: Title Block

10 Block Editing Test the process of navigating to the block, the left-side toolbar and its move functionality, and the top toolbar including all functionality except the kebab menu (i.e. test the “Change block type” functionality and the functionality of all the formatting controls, but do not test any of the content in the “More options” menu). Also test the process of navigating between the selected block and the Block panel on the right- hand side of the page (but do not test any content within the Block panel). Figure 9: Block EdiBng

11 Block Options Test all the content and functionality in the “More options” menu, including the functionality of creating a reusable block, converting it back to a regular block, and removing a block from reusable blocks, and in - cluding switching between “Edit as HTML” and “Edit visually”. For the “Insert Before” and “Insert After” functionality, test the insertion functionality only, do not test anything in the block that’s inserted. Figure 10: Block OpBons

12 Block Variants Test the following variants of block controls: the change URL functionality in the Button block, the rows and columns functionality in the Table block, the configuration controls in the Video block. Also keep an eye out for other unique block controls that may need to be tested in this component. Figure 11: Block Variants

13 Empty Block Test the process of navigating to and from the empty block, the default placeholder content, and the func - tionality of the three block type buttons on the right. Do not test the “Add block” popup. Figure 12: Empty Block

14 Output Markup Test the semantics and interactivity of the output markup for a range of block types. Do not test the tem - plate header or sidebar content, only the post content. Ignore author-variant things in the test content (e.g. images with no alt text or videos with no captions) unless they’re things that are necessary but can - not be specified by the author at all. For embedded content like tweets, only test the embed code, not the resulting 3rd party code (e.g. test the code of iframes used for embeds but not the content of the iframes). Figure 13: Output Markup

15 Media Dialog Select the Image block and then click the “Edit image” button (pencil icon) to open the “Select or Upload Media” dialog. Test the process of opening and navigating to the dialog, all content and functionality within the “Upload Files” and “Media Library” tabs, and the process of inserting an image into the post. Do not test the “Edit Media” interface that opens when you click the “Edit Image” link within the “Media Library” tab. Figure 14: Media Dialog

16 Edit Media Test all content and functionality within the edit interface. Do not test the black WordPress header and sidebar, nor the “Screen Options” and “Help” controls at the top-right, nor the “Upload New Media” inter - face that opens when you press the “Add New” button. Figure 15: Edit Media

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