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1 221 Book Reviews 1966 March, self Cancers and the in on Chemical Doris errors Schwartz Carcinogenesis by report a is of administration medicines people elderly by American CONWAY. W. and HUEPER C. W. D. By welcome exception. Lecture Series No. xx+744. Springfield, 585, Pp. is con- in well book the does succeed Where very Illinois: Charles C. 1965. $20. Thomas, essential of the work. flavour geriatric veying in a the is and rise There continued production Problems for nurses, designed Although presumably of The chemicals. consumption carcinogenic pro- for more suitable the would be to of Aged appear of and measures in requisite prophylactic preventive to It be recommended as doctors. can likely promote the of is the of disease control any availability and medical the social a better of understanding the information the on of disease causes adequate the of elderly. problems and to on the sources of and opportunities exposure such causes. Efforts induced to chemically prevent and Disease Autoimmunity the cancers have in been absence the limited past by vii + and GLYNN E. HOLBOROW. E. J. L. of a and critical co-ordinated Pp. comprehensive Blackwell Scientific illustrated. Oxford: of information This the available. 420, analysis already 60s. 1965. Publications. a infor- book towards such goes long way supplying or or The of The mation. and autoallergy autoimmunity concept experimental aspects epidemiology us whether is like we it of in cancers induced are detail considered upon chemically autoimmunopathy is the term also or and and the and The social discussed. not; very autoimmunity legal implications If common much of us because with and known chemical are usage. daily suspected fully carcinogens we and the the can term-as we There are of useful tables deaths in concept accept represented. if are to be this it" in must we "with !1966-then different countries various from cancers and their to first a The is read. five is distribution illustrated The monograph chapters joy by maps. importance thereafter and the of socio-economic and present concept every system, environmental, occupational from of is this the tissue and is factors well The out. middle of organ body analysed brought portion the include nervous book is with this concerned technical of joints, viewpoint. system, They aspects plan- adrenal and and in chemical car- tract, glands, kidney, alimentary thyroid ning conducting investigation blood This means and heart. the of workers and care the testis, skin, liver, protection eye, cinogenesis, a for and of for the deals while latter chapter specialist discipline every every animals, experimental part No how matter he with the the of specialised environmental postgraduate. may cancer, prevention he have should them read all. become, of control and hazards occupational legal liability. branch This of is now particular immunology The of and responsibilities government, management so this even that proliferating up-to-date rapidly are the individual and standards of medical explored must have to the before monograph gone press The authors draw to attention supervision suggested. beautiful of demonstration mito- non-organ specific the of the laws of inadequacy compensation, present chondrial antibodies which to circulating help seg- in the time to clause which the limits particular cirrhosis as a well-defined regate primary biliary claims to of after presentation specified periods reaction. autoimmune this But will undoubtedly of to cessation the While exposure carcinogen. in a second it Until edition. no appear appears these be for the con- periods may adequate meeting should be without the first edition. postgraduate with the ditions associated of great occupa- majority diseases tional are in insufficient to they regard Assessment of Cerebral Palsy which cancers, occupational may develop twenty vi 214 HOLT. S. K. + illustrated. London: Pp. after more or has We ceased. years exposure 40s. 1965. Luke. Lloyd need the add also for and adequate may follow-up the volumes two of This is first the Holt on Dr. by use of the wider to enable a techniques cytological assessment of cerebral It concentrates on palsy. be to detected a at treatable change malignant stage. divided motor function. The book is into broadly is The extensive. bibliography first three covers The sections. muscle function and the includes assessment of muscle generally, of the Problems Aged the of of and movements of joint power, range Edited CLYDE B. and muscle tone. The ANNETTE section deals second with locomo- Ph.D., by VEDDER, S. LEFKOVITZ. xvii+259. there are and Illinois: on the for Pp. tion, Springfield, chapters tedhniques Charles Thomas C. 1964. assessment $7.50. of this on and balance function, posture is This edited book a and of abnormal on and movements. The third by jointly professor gait a and of education. It section devoted is hand to function and sociology professor nursing manipulative consists of articles from various skills. American reprinted and Geriatrics the I American Journal the latter section is It most. journals, mainly enjoyed concise, of The contributors for the most are lucid and readable. The is well data Nursing. part extremely pre- the doctors but and social work and sented the illustrations are nursing excel- professions photographic are also lent. The other two sections also contain a wealth represented. The social and are well of useful information. in a book this of psychological aspects However, covered and there are some on articles it is a difficult task to in data always nature, revealing present American There homes. is even a militant a manner be to nursing the to sufficiently simple acceptable article the President of the American Medical without much theoretical by and the at person training, Association the Medicare An same time be to critical for attacking the programme. sufficiently specialist Edwin article T. Arnold on the in the field. It of is hard to by prinicples please everybody. contains some wise advice 'but I found some on geriatrics muscle and perhaps parts (e.g. activity the most contribution is Frederick A. and impressive by Others length, p.17) over-simplified repetitive. Whitehouse the on the associated elucidation of were psychological at not problems (e.g. spasticity, p.75) with strokes. all and would have benefited clear, from more the book abounds in detailed and Inevitably discussion and I generalities also see no explanation. there are few of in the definitions reports for such original research, terms as advantage though having

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