Work Registration Instructions


1 Employ Florida Work Registration Instructions Attention: If you are a Reemployment Assistance (RA) claimant, you must follow to receive your benefits. the steps below Florida law governing the Reemployment Assistance (RA) program (formerly Unemployment to complete the work Compensation) requires RA claimants, unless otherwise exempt, registration process i to requesting benefit payments . Employ Florida is a n Employ Florida prior valuable resource that can assist you in securing employment and connect you with other resources. of the following items will result in a delay or loss of your benefits! Failure to complete all To complete the full registration process , you must : work  Complete the Reemployment Assistance Benefits Registration Provide your valid social security number  Ensure you provide a valid email address  Create  a Resumé through the Resumé Builder (or update)  Complete the Background Wizard Access Employ Florida at Step 1. or follow the link provided in the CONNECT . system Under the Job Seekers menu, click Step 2. the “Reemployment Assistance” click “Work link and then Register for Reemployment Assistance Benefits”. Step 3. Begin the Reemployment Assistance Benefit Registration wizard by acknowledging the requirements and entering required personal information. Enter your social security number to determine if you already have an Employ Florida . account If you already have an Employ Florida account a. -directed to enter your , you will be re information so that it can be verified in the database. If your information can be verified, you will directed to reset your password. If your information cannot be verified , you will be given the option to contact the DEO Customer Informatio n Center at 1 438- 4128 or [email protected] for verification. Once -800- the DEO Customer Information Center staff are able to verify your information, you will be given a temporary password . Y ou will be required to reset the temporary password once you are logged into the system .

2 Once you have reset your password, you will be redirected to review your general contact information. If your contact information does not include your email address, valid email address please be sure to add a . Once you have verified and/or made changes to your information, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. changes, access the Resumé Builder from After saving your the Quick Menu on the left side of the page and then click “Create New Resumé ” in the center of the page. b. If you do not already have an Employ Florida account , the system will walk you through the steps to create an account Reemployment Assistance and complet e your Benefits Registration . , you will be automatically redirected to Once you have completed the registration Resumé Builder. Follow the on -screen instructions to complete each complete the required section. When you are finished, click the button “Save Resumé & Return” . NOTE: If you have already created a Resumé , please update and activate your . Resumé through the Resumé Builder 2 | Page

3 Step 4 . Background Wizard : Complete the -> Select My Portfolio a. My Individual Profile s Personal Profile -> b. After opening the Personal Profile , c lick on the “Background” tab . c. Click on “Start the Background Wizard” . d. . Follow the on -screen instructions to c omplete all items that are applicable to you You will know that you have completed the Background Wizard when “Start the e. Background Wizard” appears again. ( NOTE: Do not click on this link again if you .) have already completed the Wizard When you have completed all of the steps mentioned above, you have completed the full work registration process as required to receive RA benefits . It may take up to 24 hours after completion for your work registration information to transfer to RA’s CONNECT system . If you have fur ther concerns regarding your RA benefits or need for further assistance, please call 1 - 800- 204 -2418 . 3 | Page

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