1st Yr EMBAs January 2019


1 MIT Executive MBA January Executive Electives Lizzie Seidman Heather Dill Petithory Registration Coordinator, Assistant Director, Sloan Educational Services Sloan Educational Services

2 JANUARY EXECUTIVE ELECTIVES All current EMBA students must enroll in at least ONE executive elective each January term. You are limited to one elective for each session: • Wednesday - Thursday, January 9 - 10, 2019 • Friday - Saturday, January 11 - 12, 2019 You do not have to bid for both sessions, but you can if you wish to take both.

3 JANUARY EXECUTIVE ELECTIVES Each elective is worth 3 units of credit Draft syllabi will be posted on EMBAbid.mit.edu Some electives can be used toward MIT academic certificates. Ask your EMBA advisor if you want to learn more

4 JANUARY 2019 SCHEDULE Add Drop Round I Round II Waitlist Opens Nov. 7 Opens Nov. 14 Opens Nov. 28 Opens Jan. 3 at 12 noon at 12 noon at 12 noon at 12 noon Closes Nov. 13 Closes Nov. 21 Closes Jan. 2 Closes Jan. 7 at 12 noon at 12 noon at 12 noon at 12 noon Open to: Open to: Open to: Open to: EMBA 19 EMBA 19 EMBA 19 EMBA 19 EMBA 20 EMBA 20 EMBA 20 EMBA 20 Dean's Circle Sloan Fellows 19 Sloan Fellows 19 Alumni EMBA Alumni EMBA Alumni Sloan Fellow Alumni Sloan Fellow Alumni Sloan Fellows 19 :// embabid.mit.edu https

5 ROUND ACTIONS Round I Bid for at least one January Executive Elective • Round II • View round I results Bid for additional January electives, if applicable • Drop elective(s), if applicable • Add Drop • View Round II results • Add or drop electives in real - time, if applicable • At the end of the round, you will be expected to attend the elective you have chosen Waitlist • Bid for a waitlist position in a course that has filled previously • Note: This does NOT guarantee a seat in a closed class

6 MECHANICS OF BIDDING § bidding is based on Priority, then Points Course bid § A student of priority ‘1’ will always get a seat over a student of priority ‘2’ § If two students who have the same priority bid, the higher bid will be successful § If two students who have the same priority also bid the same amount, the system will choose randomly

7 MECHANICS OF BIDDING § 1000 points to spend: Everyone receives § 1 point Minimum Bid: § Maximum Bid: 1000 points § You can modify your bids and enrollment throughout an open round § All bids are resolved simultaneously at the end of each round § The Add/Drop Round does not require bid points; seats are filled in real - time

8 MECHANICS OF BIDDING seat in Round I, your points bid If you do not win a for that course will be refunded to use again in Round II If you win a seat in Round I, your points may be refunded based on the “Lowest Successful Bid ”: Your – Lowest Successful Bid (100) = 400 Points Refunded Bid (500) to use in Round II. If you drop a course , your points bid for that course will be refunded to use again in Round II

9 MECHANICS OF BIDDING Note the capacities listed for each class! Capacity is displayed as (seats filled) vs. (total capacity): Example Capacity on EMBAbid : 20/86 20 seats filled/ 86 total capacity = 66 seats remaining Classes filled in Round I will still appear in Round II; you should not bid for a full class unless a seat becomes available. Check the EMBAbid.mit.edu homepage for special information Bid early in the round to allow for questions; do not wait until the last minute!

10 ACCESSING THE BIDDING SITE Go to https://embabid.mit.edu 1. 2. Click “ Bid for Courses ” tab 3. Use your 9 - digit MIT ID # as username and password 4. Find your elective 5. Enter your bid amount in the box next to the course 6. Click the “ bid ” button to confirm your bid Email [email protected] if you have difficulty accessing your account

11 VIEWING RESULTS Click on Current bids and bid results ’ to ‘ view results • Round I results posted at the start of Round II. • Round II results posted at the start of Add/Drop • Add/Drop results are posted real - time Check results carefully! • You may not have received your first choice Successful bids will be added automatically to your IAP (January) registration after the January Executive Electives week; no action required.

12 ELECTIVES PREVIOUSLY OFFERED • Managing a Diverse Communicating with Data • Workforce • Discovering Your Leadership Signature • Platform Strategy Executing Strategy for • • Power and Politics in Results Organizations Global Financial Markets • • Product Design • Risk Management Introduction to Disciplined • Entrepreneurship • Topics in Corporate Finance • Key Decisions for Corporate Boards

13 IN CLOSING Bidding opens Wednesday, November 7 at • 12 noon EST • https://embabid.mit.edu • Contact your EMBA program advisor if you want advice on choosing electives • If you have questions about the bidding process itself or have trouble accessing your account, email [email protected]

14 QUESTIONS? Bid schedule and subject descriptions will be posted in your weekly announcements as well as on https://embabid.mit.edu For questions about the EMBA Program, course offerings, and class selections please contact your EMBA program advisor. Bidding process questions: o Heather Dill Petithory, [email protected] , Sloan Educational Services (SES) o Elizabeth Seidman, [email protected] , Sloan Educational Services (SES)


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