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1 Jan Skriwanek IMI States Representatives Group Jan Skriwanek is the German Representative of the States IMI on behalf of the German Federal Ministry Representative Group (SRG) 2010. of Education and Research (BMBF ) since He is working as scientific officer DLR Project Management Agency at for the German National Contact Point Life Sciences since 2007. National Contact Points (NCPs) for Horizon 2020 serve as liaisons between the r esearch community and the European Commission, multipliers of information on calls for proposals and framework . He is responsible for the “life sciences” themes in programme issues Horizon 2020 with a special focus on health. has been/ H is actively involved as expert in various EU committees e and expert groups such as the Program Committee for the Societal Challenge “ Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing" . From 2007 - 2010 he supported the German chairmanship of the ESFRI (European Strate gy Forum for Research Infrastructures) Biomedical Science scale Biomedical - Roadmap Working Group for evaluating large Research Infrastructures to be created in Europe. Jan Skriwanek has actively followed the implementation of IMI and has been involved as expert in the German SRG delegation since the SRG was formally formed in 2008. Pr evious positions ESFRI  Secretariat 2007 2010 - Biomedical Science Roadmap Working Group oint (NCP) N 2013 - Health & KBBE in FP7 2007 for P ontact C ational   2009 - 2008 German Expert IMI1 SRG  Member of the ETP Food for Life Mirror Group Fields of expertise funding programmes  European Task Partner and  Net - CAAST , Health NCP Net, HNN 2.0 U projects, including E leader in several Cologne M University aster in from the Geography  Belgium Fax +32 (0)2 221 81 74 Tel +32 (0)2 221 81 81 Postal address: IMI JU • • TO56 • 1049 Brussels • Visiting address: Ave de la Toison d’Or 56 • 1060 Brussels • 60 - • [email protected] Belgium

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