1 5 s L m A a U AGGRESSOR e N r A d M r N u O I o T y C h U c R Grip Pad u T S o Touch your dreams T N I INSTRUCTION MANUAL Battery Cover Touch your dreams you have better control of the vehicle. notch or two on the servo output spline or adjust the linkage to fix the problem. Ideally the servo horn maximum power. customize the look of your radio. See "Options" for more info. If you move the trim to its maximum and the vehicle does not go straight, move the servo horn a let go of the trigger. Be aware that too much brake may affect the servo end point preventing NOR if needed. The same applies to the throttle. will have equal throw in each direction. an Electronic Speed Control.) center the trims. - It is also available in assorted colors and sizes to customize the look and feel of your radio. H) Antenna: - Always extend your antenna before turning your transmitter on. I) Grip Pad: - The removable grip pad helps keep your hand from slipping on the radio pistol grip handle so - Your antenna may be removed by turning counter clockwise. - Warning: When collapsing your antenna, never push it from the top or it may bend! - Use the THR-TRIM to adjust the "Drag Brake"; this is the amount of braking that occurs when you - (Note: You should not need to change the "THR" switch from NOR if using - Remove the tuning cover to access the servo reversing switches. - If you steer right and the wheels go left, change the "ST" switch from NOR to REV or REV to - These are used to change the direction of the servo travel for proper control when activated. - Remove to change batteries. F) Servo Reversing switches: G) Battery Cover: - This is also an interchangeable part with assorted colors and designs to choose from so you may - Use the ST-TRIM so your vehicle will go perfectly straight when the steering wheel is centered. E) Tuning Cover: - Tip#2: Always trim your vehicle before you run or race. - The trims are used to fine-tune the point where the servo returns to center. - Tip#1: Do not mount the horn on the servo until you turn on the radio and D) Steering and Throttle trims: TOP 2CHANNEL AM RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM MADE IN KOREA Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland Ireland, The Netherland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, M M THR NOR - REV I ST NOR - REV G H A A I. Grip Pad H. Antenna K. Charging Jack A. Power Switch B. Battery Indicator LED's C. Steering Dual Rate D. Steering and Throttle trims E. Tuning Cover F. Servo Reversing switches G. Battery Cover J. Crystal L. Steering Wheel M. Throttle Trigger P E INSTRUCTION MANUAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL FRONT O F K L# 2CHANNEL AM RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM 2CHANNEL AM RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM N AGGRESSOR AGGRESSOR J M D This will help prevent accidental runaways. 2. Transmitter Functions and Operations your car is "Loose" when entering the corners. Move the trim the other direction so your car creeps forward slightly when the throttle is at neutral if turn you back over. your car is under-steering or "Pushing." more top speed. Don't overshoot the corners. - Warning: Always turn your transmitter on before switching on the receiver switch. A) Power Switch: B) Battery Indicator LED's: - Green is mid - high power - Amber is mid power (You should replace or charge your batteries very soon.) - Red is low power (Stop driving!) C) Steering Dual Rate: This is not shown in the image - Push the dial forward with your thumb for maximum steering. - Pull the dial back with your thumb to reduce the travel. - Use this to fine tune your vehicles handling to the track conditions. - Use more steering travel for high bite tracks and less for low bite tracks. - Adjusts the overall travel of the steering servo. - Slide the switch up to turn on the transmitter, and down to turn it off. not worn out. Replace if needed. 8. Racers Tips 6. Troubleshooting Guide 7. Warnings - The most important thing to remember is to have fun! - Don't crash! It's better to take a more conservative line than flip over and have to have a turn marshal - Add more drag brake (see Steering and Throttle trims) if your vehicle is "Pushing" into the corners. - Reduce your steering dual rate if your car is over-steering or "Loose", and increase the rate if - Slower is faster, Do not overdrive your car. A cleaner line around the track is faster than - When collapsing your antenna, never push it from the top or it may bend. - Always extend your transmitter antenna when in operation. - Always check the battery power indicator before use. - Do not operate two or more models on the same frequency at the same time. - Do not operate your model in the rain or run through standing water. - Do not operate your model within one mile of a radio control racetrack. - Do not operate your model while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. - Always turn on your transmitter first and then the receiver to prevent loss of control. - Never operate your car or truck in a crowded street with traffic. - Check for loose screws as metal-to-metal contact can cause interference. Question: My radio has power, but I have no control: - Make sure your electric motor has capacitors and the comutator is clean and brushes are - Check that there are no radios operating on your channel. Answers: Question: My vehicle is glitching, or the servos and/or speed control is acting erratically: Answers: - Check that the batteries are properly installed by checking the polarity (+ and -). Answer: - If all fails, send the system in to be serviced, as there may be internal damage. - Replace the crystals if needed. - Make sure the power wires are at least 2" away from the receiver. - Make sure your receiver antenna has not been damaged or cut. - Make sure you are using the proper crystals. - Make sure the batteries are charged (Replace or recharge if needed.) - Check to be sure the power switch is on and connected to the receiver. Question: I installed the batteries in my transmitter, but the power lights do not come on: AGGRESSOR AGGRESSOR 8 4 3 7 EODFN#+0,####### UHG#+.,####### AGGRESSOR AGGRESSOR Nomal Installation QLFDG#EDWWHU\# 7.2V - 8.4V Rq2Rii#Vzlwfk VHW#XS#EXWWRQ ESC Installation ESC LQGLFDWRU#### GXDO#OHG##### UHG#=#EUDNH###### JUHHQ#=#IXOO#SRZHU AM Eoxh#+0,####### \HOORZ#+.,######## ZLWK#314xi# X-TAL FDSDFLWRU#### 0 . RECEIVER PRWRU########## Touch your dreams Touch your dreams Wood (Burl) and Camouflage (Sold separately). speed control. Power input should be no more than 8.4V (7 cells) eliminates the need for a separate receiver battery when used with a mechanical or electronic control and can damage your servos and/or linkage. Remember; always turn your transmitter on first and off last. Failure to do so may result in loss of To do this, remove the servo horns and turn on your transmitter, then the power to your receiver. Then use the trims for fine-tuning. vehicle that requires two servos. "Batt" channel of the receiver for power. speed control or mechanical speed control with BEC. VWHHULQJ#VHUYR WKURWWOH#VHUYR 1. System Specifications 5. Receiver and Servo Connections - Red, Blue and Black colored grip pads in two sizes each (Sold separately). - Modulation: AM/PPM - Frequencies: 27mhz (6 channels), 75mhz (30 channels) B) Receiver: - HAS-02MB - Modulations: AM - Power Supply: 4.8V~8.4V - Weight: 0.81oz - Size: 1.2"x1.9"x 0.7" - Current drain 180mA A) Transmitter: - Tuning covers available in Red, Blue and Black, as well as custom designs in Silver Carbon, - Power supply: 8AA alkaline, Nicad or NiMh batteries D) Options: - Size: 1.6" x 0.8" x 1.4" - Weight: 1.6oz - Torque: 53in/oz (6V) - Speed: 0.16sec/60 degree (6V) - Voltage range: 4.8 - 6V - HS-322 C) Servo: - BEC Maximum output: 3.0A - Current drain: 30mA +/- 0.3mA - Power Output: 500mW System Features carefully to familiarize yourself with the operation of your new Aggressor. After reading this manual, Congratulations on your purchase of the Aggressor AM pistol grip radio system. The Aggressor AM is store it in a safe place for future reference. loaded with many great features to maximize your R/C experience. Please read this manual Introduction - BEC receiver - Ergonomically designed 2 channel Pistol Grip AM Radio - Charging Jack for optional rechargeable batteries - Foam steering wheel for comfortable control - Assorted colored grip pads and tuning covers for personalizing your radio - Interchangeable rubber grip pads to fit all hand sizes - Removable crystals for easy channel changing (If this is legal in your Country) - 3 L.E.D. Battery status indicators - Dual Rate Steering (Adjustable on the fly) - Servo Reversing (All channels) - Receiver dry battery holder - Standard HS-311 or 322 servo - When installing the servos, refer to the manual of the vehicle for proper installation. - The receiver in your Aggressor system includes a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit), which - You can use a separate receiver battery if required for your particular model. Connect as shown. - Be aware you should keep your antenna at least 2" away from any power wires to prevent interference. - Once your servos are correctly installed you will need to make sure they are properly centered. - Run the antenna up the antenna tube as shown in your vehicles instructions. A) Receiver: - Warning: Be sure not to cut off any excess antenna wire, as it will shorten your operating range. B) Servos: - Now that the power is on, check that the servos are working properly. - You will now center the trim knobs on the transmitter and replace the horns so that they are centered. - Be aware they may not be perfectly centered; this is OK, just get them as close as possible. - Connect the AA Receiver battery holder to the power switch supplied, and then plug the switch into the C) Battery: - You will not need to connect this battery if you are using an electric car with an electronic - The AA receiver battery holder supplied with your radio should be used in a non-electric Remove M M A A Battery Cover INSTRUCTION MANUAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL Alkaline or Nicad "AA"size j.Crystal l.Steering Wheel a. Transmitter c. Battery b. Accessories c. Options b. Battery Indicator LED's b. Servos k.Charging Jack a. Receiver i.Grip Pad h.Antenna g. Battery Cover f. Servo Reversing switches e. Tuning Cover d. Steering and Throttle trims c. Steering Dual Rate a. Power Switch m.Throttle Trigger Warnings Racers Tips Receiver and Servo Connections Troubleshooting Guide System Specifications Recharging Batteries Transmitter Battery Installation Transmitter Functions and Operations 2. 6. 1. 3. 5. 7. 8. 4. 12115 Paine St. Hitec RCD USA, Inc. Service Department In the event you would require service to your radios, please send the parts to :: Product Service Information ( for USA & Canada only ) with a brief description of the failure or the work that you are requesting to be done. Please include your name address and telephone number along Poway, CA 92064 2CHANNEL AM RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM 2CHANNEL AM RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM AGGRESSOR AGGRESSOR 7 5 3 4 8 6 Hitec CG-25 charger(110v only ) when using rechargeable batteries. conjunction with the receiver to prevent any conflicts with other radios used in your area. (See "Recharging Batteries" for more information about this feature.) Table of Contents sdjh sdjh sdjh sdjh sdjh sdjh switch to charge. Depending on the capacity of the battery; J) Crystal: - Press down on the battery cover and slide in the direction illustrated. - Remove the cover and install the batteries as shown. - Be careful to pay close attention to the polarity of each cell or the transmitter will not operate. - The crystal is located above the power switch and can be interchanged with different channels in - Replace the cover making sure it is closed securely. - Used to control the throttle and braking for your vehicle. M) Throttle Trigger: - Used to control the steering of your vehicle. K) Charging Jack: - Warning: Use only genuine Hitec crystals. Other brands will not work properly! - AM Transmitter crystal part# 67475XX (XX= Your channel number) L) Steering Wheel: - Used to control the steering of your vehicle. - Pull the trigger for throttle and push it for braking or reverse (Reversing ESC's only.) - The charging jack is located under the power switch for use with the optional 4. Recharging Batteries 3. Transmitter Battery Installation - A full charge on a typical Nicad will take 12-16 hours. - Only use Nicad or NiMh type. (Alkaline batteries are not rechargeable). - Connect the optional Hitec CG-25 overnight wall charger to the charging jack located under the - You must install individual AA size rechargeable batteries. - A full charge on a typical NiMh will take 24-36 hours. AGGRESSOR AGGRESSOR 6 2

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