1 redits) d Processes (3 c anufacturing Materials an IT 2110 M Technological see TADT/ TADD Studies-also in used commonly materials raw the of Survey processes the and manufacturing Courses them. separating, used to create products from include Processes forming, sembly. joining, treating, finishing, and as dvanced Fabrication Technology (3 credits) IT 2210 A ntation To Industrial Technology Programs (1 credit) IT 1100 Orie applied TIG, MIG, arc, gas, with techniques Welding metals. of variety a to technical An introduction to program planning, employment trends, Prerequisite: Other 1210. Might joining processes of assemblies also applied. IT various programs. trends in the developments, license requirements and future not be offered every year. transfer Topics Technology. Industrial students or year first all of Required in included Know, to Right also covered industrial safety and preprogram nstruction Technology (2 credits) IT 2250 Co planning. the is study of broad building and heavy construction industries. Emphasis A given and light commercial applications of to materials, methods, residential IT 1210 M aterials An d Processes - Forming (4 credits) tools, equipment, structural systems and p ersonnel. Prerequisite: IT 1220. of An overview used forming processes in manufacturing such as welding, extruding, shaping, rolling, casting, spraying, compacting, bending, laminating, IT 2310 S redits) mall Gasoline Engines (3 c which are fastening, and drawing. Also included are the primary materials cycle of The theory and operation small 2 and 4 cycle engines. Laboratory the formed forming the of application the and environment manufacturing in engines. exercises and rebuilding of components and Prerequisite: IT 1310. processes to contemporary industry. Might not b e offered every year. d Processes - Separating (4 credits) aterials An IT 1220 M utomation Technology (3 credits) IT 2370 A A the occur which processes of study in comprehensive separating as An the field of automation to found in the industrial introduction processes non-traditional and Traditional production. manufacturing are PLC's, and Concepts of CNC, CAM environment. vision systems, bar coding the primary the separation with in utilized are along which materials introduced, robotics are explored. processes. IT 2410 P ctronic Imaging (3 credits) hotographic/Ele IT 1310 M echanical Power (2 credits) application techniques imaging digital and special photographic Advanced with and the of operation An introduction to the general field of power. Theory white, format communication areas. Includes black and to color, large design and and Covers sun, power source converters the a study of the sources themselves. 1501, and IT 1502, or consent Prerequisite: digital processes. DT major only, IT fuels, ex ternal combustion, turbojet, diesel and g as turbine operation. of instructor. IT 1350 Ele ctronic Technology (4 credits) IT 2607 M odel Molding, Casting, and Finishing (4 credits) are topics explored Various Fundamental principles of electricity and electronics. current of casting, molding, Principles and techniques model technology in and ors. including basic ci rcuits, transformers and mot characteristics, finishing, including the study of chemical surface preparation, safety. procedures, application environmental issues, and Prerequisites: IT 1210, IT 1410 Co mmunication Technology (3 credits) IT 1220, and I T 1600. experience the skills gain necessary an and for Students will understanding effective management of communication in a virtual offic e environment. IT 2608 Co mputer-Controlled Machining (3 credits) tools Emphasis Introduction to computer-controlled machining operations. on echnical Graphics (3 credits) IT 1460 T variety of manufacturing and modeling and as applied in materials wide a practices and principles the to introduction A The drawing. technical of course IT consent 1460, IT and 1220, or IT Prerequisites: applications. of 1210, provides a working familiarity with computer-aided design and drafting through instructor. the study of m ulti view and p ictorial drawing systems. redits) IT 2640 M odel Lighting And Controls (3 c echnical Foundations I (4 c IT 1501 T redits) control, micro emitting diodes, fiber light and Model design lighting lamps, processes introduction to the images create to used techniques and Exploratory optics, solid applications. making model controls, programmable logic, state industry. for basic photography techniques, the ideation Explores the design e offered every year. Prerequisites: IT 1210, I T 1220, and I T 1600. M ight not b Students also gain process along with pictorial and illustrative techniques. experience in the critical thinking process used to analyze imagery. IT 2931 Exp erimental Cou rse (3 c redits) in proposed inclusion be not May for curriculum. University the A course echnical Foundations II (4 c IT 1502 T redits) offered more than two times as an ex perimental course. techniques and processes computer-related to introduction Exploratory used the images 2-D design create to Computer-related the for layouts and industry. IT 3100 P rofessional Development (2 credits) d Practices of P rinciples an students and create to allow used applications and graphic bitmap edit metafile An for professionals Students in the field of Industrial Technology. overview electronic gain Students documents. publishing also with along images basic a report historical and and future such topics research as on technological managing preparing in experience and understanding and files image the for organizations, developments, personality professional inventories, trade and electronic and p r consent of instructor. rint output. Prerequisite: IT 1501 o development plans. professional publications, and personal professional plans policies Educational degree requirements and to meet development are IT 1600 M odeling Communications (3 credits) also reviewed. Attention three-dimensional to An introduction to techniques. communication detail, desig n and t signment. echnical problem solving will be applied in each as cience And Metallurgy (3 credits) IT 3217 M aterials S the of study used A in materials of classifications manufacturing. primary five IT 2100 I echnology (2 credits) mpact of T reviewed, are aspects chemical and physical Basic including fundamental Defines human technology, between relationship the examines and technology ngineering requirements. laboratory testing processes, structure analysis and e focus related a includes Course disciplines. other and civilization, social, the on economic and cultural, environmental impacts of technology and encourages IT 3218 A dvanced Machining Processes (3 c redits) students the from technology of development the understand to earliest processes An extended study of the traditional and non-traditional machining is 21st the for implications to civilizations course Century. designed This used in manufacturing. Thread cutting, gear design and manufacture, precision Areas primarily for the liberal education program. Liberal Education 5 & Goal are grinding application of CNC concepts and focused upon in this course. 9. Prerequisites: IT 1220 o r consent of instructor. | 1

2 IT 3240 Co d Practices (3 c redits) nstruction Materials An odeling (3 credits) arametric 3-D M IT 3460 P construction materials, their characteristics, of evaluation and testing, exploration, research, topics, current Examines Comprehensive study of testing. design Windows for programs and drafting computer-aided applications and computers. Prerequisites: IT 1220 and IT 2250 or consent of Prerequisite: IT 1460. instructor. redits) hibit Design (3 c IT 3499 Ex rint Reading and Project Documentation (3 credits) IT 3250 P Study exhibit the in emphasis of fields major of global the a in industry An introductory course in design production specifications and contract usage. market they to and 3-D and 2-D in communicated are solutions design Creative relate place. Includes the study of materials, methods and labor functions as consent DT of consent or 2250 IT Prerequisite: drawings. and contracts specifications, of use verbally. Prerequisites: majors only, VSAR 1101 or IT 1501 or of instructor. instructor. ing And Estimating (3 credits) roject Bidd IT 3260 P IT 3520 M ultimedia Processes I (4 c redits) visual internet of overview An and web designer's design from the the A foundational course in the analysis and determination of construction and perspective, material, navigation, interactivity, of and theories on emphasis an with manufacturing project costs. Bidding strategies and proposals; examined. and goal research, are profit and overhead as well as estimates, preparation, proper How structure. formation, marketing, equipment and labor pages, and sites Prerequisite: IT 3250 o r consent of instructor. customer relationships inform the production of web graphics, and major Prerequisites: editors. HTML DT programs editing image only, using alysis (3 credits) IT 3267 E ngineering Cost An r consent of instructor. IT 2410, V SAR 2701, o developing to costs determining Introduction methods the to related and for producing for and liquid of value future and present the analyzing product, a IT 3570 Co mmercial Architecture (3 credits) design analyzing future and present the for and assets, physical of a time series of Planning and of commercial buildings and city systems, structural their value and industrial planning, and l e offered every year. payments. Other andscaping. Might not b include basic accounting practices, and estimating, cost topics forecasting. hibit Processes I (4 c IT 3599 Ex redits) components luid Power (3 credits) Study of the IT 3310 F exhibit of the exhibit industry as they relate to essential IT 1460, IT only, major DT Prerequisites: architecture. and including systems power Study pneumatics. fluid of Theory hydraulics both of consent or 3499, circuitry and of industrial systems, components, analysis and the laws systematic instructor. to development. and force relating Prerequisite: IT 1310 or consent of pressure chitectural/Engineering Model Making (4 credits) IT 3600 Ar instructor. and making model their engineering and and architectural of study A processes approach ndustrial Automation (3 credits) IT 3330 I materials. From technical drawings, a teamwork is used to a complete 2608, professional model. or Prerequisites: IT 1600, IT 2607, IT quality consent The integration of robotics and automated controls into manufacturing of instructor. sensors, integrating operations. Topics include planning for, specifying, and devices, robotics, actuators, part feeding equipment, fixtures, material handling IT 3606 E ngineering Model (4 credits) such as a an automated environment, and in controllers logic programmable model From processes its and making and engineering of study A materials. work week. or an assembly line. Two hours lecture and two hours lab per cell is approach teamwork and individual an drawings, technical complete to used HYS 2500. ATH 2610, and P Prerequisites: IT 2608, M a Industrial professional quality model. Prerequisite: AAS degree in Model IT 3350 Ge Making from Northwest Technical College or consent of instructor. neral Power (3 credits) over with engines combustion and of principles operating Theory fifty internal IT 3607 Ar chitectural Model (4 credits) rebuilding cubic inches of displacement. Laboratory experiences include architectural of and A materials. processes From its and making model study data. procedures and related technical specifications and Prerequisite: IT 1310. approach is individual and teamwork an drawings, used to complete technical Might not b e offered every year. in quality model. AAS degree Prerequisite: Industrial Model a professional Making from Northwest Technical College or consent of instructor. merging Technologies (4 c redits) IT 3380 E In emerging of this a experience students course, laboratory-based variety redits) ndustrial Prototypes (4 c IT 3610 I could technologies how such content understand be delivered in a and engineering or designer prototypes quality industrial from Development of include technology education program. Examples of emerging technologies production selection Includes the feasibility prints. for processes and materials of 3850 IT Prerequisites: biotechnology. and transportation, colonization, space prototypes. testing market and 2608, IT 2607, IT 1600, IT Prerequisites: or and Junior status. consent of instructor. gital Video (3 credits) IT 3410 Di redits) IT 3700 P roduction Planning and Control (3 c video digital production, to Introduction preproduction planning, including methods used and techniques, tools, concepts, to plan for and The quantitative non-linear videography, lighting, editing, and post-production processes that but operations control in the of production goods and services. Topics include, web, multimedia, support and training video production. Prerequisites: DT inventory, limited to, traditional inventory management, just-in-time are not majors only, IT 1501, I T 2410, o r consent of instructor. T 1502, I and materials- location facilities planning, enterprise-resource layout, and and process planning, scheduling, maintenance aggregate reliability, strategies, redits) ublication Processes I (4 c IT 3420 P copy includes production publication in practices and Study project management, and s upply chain management. preparation, and and to used imaging publishing electronic single multi-color create ortfolio Preparation (1 credit) IT 3810 P documents. Production conversion, in offset reproduction, photo practices gain will Student professional a of preparation portfolio the of understanding an Prerequisites: finishing and basic planning. VSAR DT major only, IT 2410, consent or status Senior of Junior Prerequisite: techniques. interview and or SAR 2702, o r consent of instructor. 2701, V instructor. mputer Imaging I (4 c IT 3430 3-D Co redits) IT 3850 F echnology Education (2 credits) oundation Of T methods to illustration computer 3-D of Study create construction curriculum, philosophy, history, the of Survey of practices instructional and environmental Includes environmental/ structure construction, structures. objectives and goals the Emphasizes field. education technology the industrial Also walk-thru and lighting, development, material explores renderings. of Includes education programs in the K-12 public school system. technology relationship DT only, major Prerequisites: software. 3-D specialty and CAD of current issues, career options, professional organizations, and licensure IT 1460, I r consent of instructor. T 1502, o requirements. Prerequisite: IT 1100. 2 |

3 IT IT 4370 Co Of Teaching Industrial Technology/ Vocational Education mputer Integrated Manufacturing (3 credits) Methods 3857 operations (4 credits) that environment an in incorporates synchronize to how of Study material equipment, for automated delivery teaching technology education. and Approaches strategies control plant systems, handling production and inventory-control Instructional production- functions, engineering design technologies, records management, lesson planning and classroom systems, or Senior status, or consent of instructor. IT 2608, IT 2110, IT Prerequisites: functions. management various and systems, practice. Prerequisites: IT 4850, Junior T 3460. 3330, and I echnical Sales/P IT 3870 T resentations (2 credits) The selling. consultative of practice and The redits) ublication Processes II (4 c IT 4420 P philosophy the stresses course methodology Advanced study of practice and skills in electronic publishing and color and planning, design and negotiation of technical sales. The course systems. reproduction ning technical proposals and p color techniques, publishing electronic advanced Includes also covers the basics of desig resentations. major DT IT Prerequisite: printing. offset color and separation 3420, or only, ngineering Problem Solving (3 credits) IT 3877 E consent of instructor. Investigates the terminology, to and analytical techniques essential concepts, IT 4430 3-D Co solving complex problems which occur in manufacturing. redits) mputer Imaging II (4 c of animation to methods effects special and computer 3-D study Advanced ndustrial Production Studies (2 c IT 3878 I redits) and create logo material character animations. Includes character construction, the expanding visitations of role the production and industry, Study highlighting Also includes development, lighting, and structure animation. storyboarding anagerial employees. of technical and m and and production controls management. Prerequisites: DT major or IT 3430 erformance Measurement (3 credits) IT 3879 P or consent of instructor. standards time of establishment to the essential decision making, The esign for Manufacturability (3 credits) IT 4460 D process control efforts of and forecasting, and groups engineering manufacturing and of the tools, techniques, and study A parts used to design guidelines operations management. minimizing facilitating manufacturing costs, products, while operations, IT 3880 H uman Resource Development (2 credits) modern production functionality, maximizing quality and and supporting development. Examines trends of and organizational the Includes skills training e offered every year) management techniques. (Might not b and training, desig n and i mplementation. IT 4464 M achine Element Design (3 c redits) IT 3890 M aterial Handling And Plant Layout (2 credits) as such motion mechanical of Application physics, stress analysis, principles, concepts management, problems, scope, the organization and to Introduction and joining and fastening power, fluid power, mechanical analysis, techniques, handling material of and layout plant between material relationships the and control mechanisms. of design the to and selection/ motor electric components handling. Prerequisites: IT 3217, IT 3310, IT 3460, PHYS 2210, and PHYS 2220. (Might not b e offered every year) IT 3897 E rgonomics and Human Factors (3 credits) minimize the Students how to apply human-centered design principles to learn echanical Analysis of Parametric 3D M IT 4465 M odels (3 credits) while risk of harm simultaneously facilitating the use of man-made artifacts. The or add-on either with conjunction in package, CAD 3D parametric a of use the may These principles be applied in work environment to design or improve part third-party models, assembly and and virtual create to applications, software methods work and work environments. They may also be used in the design of techniques. simulation computer using performance physical their analyze to activities. course consumer goods. Includes a project and lab Two hours lecture Topics include shape optimization, and stress-, fatigue-, and kinematic-analysis, and two hours 3879, lab per 2610. MATH and week. IT 1460, IT Prerequisites: as IT Prerequisites: plus additional analysis techniques instructor. planned by the (Might not b e offered every year) ight not b T 4464. (M 3460 and I e offered every year) opics in Virtual Modeling (3 credits) IT 4006 T IT 4520 M ultimedia Processes II (4 c redits) parametric topics Current in solid modeling, used 3-D modeling, or other topics study for interactive applied Advanced multimedia of production processes virtual Prerequisite: 1460, IT 3460, and models. 2250 construct to IT MODL digital imagery, animation, 3-D presentations. 2-D integrates Production and subtitle, a with repeated be May different of consent or course) (NTC instructor. DT Prerequisites: presentations. multimedia into audio digital and video, digital but only 3 credits may count toward the Virtual Modeling emphasis. T 3520, o r consent of instructor. major only, IT 3410, I nstruction Management (3 credits) IT 4259 Co IT 4537 I ndustrial Design (3 c redits) contracting, An and study of construction project planning, advanced Exploration function. and form balancing process design industrial the of of management The construction functions business environment supervision. a Includes identification, research, the and needs customer specific defining construction are Attention is given to the differences between emphasized. technological to of implementation solutions testing, evaluation and effective management and c onstruction contracting. proposal, design a development of is included Also the problems. and written and processes materials, appropriate documentation, graphic the determining mputerized Construction Estimating (3 credits) IT 4260 Co of environmental, economic and social ethical, solutions. design impacts methods, estimating construction computerized of An study and exploration Prerequisites: IT 1210, I r consent of instructor. T 1460, o T 1410, I T 1220, I software, and estimating, for approaches planning, and documenting 3250 consent construction 3260 IT and of or IT Prerequisites: projects. IT 4568 T opics In Computer Imaging (to be subtitled) (2 credits) instructor. computer-aided Current topics, research, exploration, testing and evaluation of Windows for imaging programs design DOS, MS/ or and/ drafting and programs redits) IT 4340 I ndustrial Co ntrols (4 c or Macintosh computers. industrial study A including electromechanical of devices, controls Prerequisite: IT 1350. programmable logic controllers and computer control. hibit Processes II (4 c redits) IT 4599 Ex e offered every year. Might not b they as industry exhibit the of components to essential the of Study relate Prerequisites: or IT 3430, IT only, DT 3599, design. environmental majors echnology (3 credits) rinciples Of T IT 4349 P consent of instructor. laboratory A of electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical systems study based and of an develop to practice understanding theory combines which IT 4600 M odel Culmination (2 credits) hysical models. technological systems based on mathematical and p Advanced directed study and student of an architectural/ industrial execution model for clients. Emphasis on proper use of materials, processes and for interpretation client documentation. May be repeated of a total of 4 credits. Prerequisite: Senior status. | 3

4 Education IT 4610 C d Dioramas (2 c redits) & Career & utaways An Technology in Development Curriculum 4858 IT and cutaway Application of various materials Technical Ed (2 credits) techniques in the construction of will be attention special Gives construction. course and curriculum models philosophy The of and dioramas, museum quality in scale size, colors and textures the activities represented accurately. Prerequisites: IT 1600. to formulation of learner and of sequence and selection purposes, outcomes and as r consent of instructor. sessment. Prerequisite: IT 4850 o IT 4699 A dvanced Exhibit Design (4 c redits) problems IT 4859 S Creative pecial Needs in Career and Technical Education (2 credits) of design processes to exhibit industry design application and developing Prerequisites: of methods and materials, Objectives, programs. DT in curriculum modifying rendered in appropriate 2-D and 3-D computer r students with special ne r consent of instructor. T 4599, o majors only, IT 4430, I the various vocational fields fo eds. dvanced Topics in Quality (3 credits) IT 4777 A IT 4860 M anagement In Industrial Technology Education (4 credits) course This environment, advanced of application and implementation, theory, the addresses Managing the learning budget, equipment and student projects topics. education in setting, Also covers safety considerations and Six as such topics quality and systems quality examine may technology quality the It Sigma, for clusters technological the within learning for strategies investigates and Malcolm Baldrige award, and other current quality topics. Prerequisite: r consent of instructor. (Might not b IT accommodating special needs students. Prerequisites: IT 4850, IT 3857, e offered every year) IT 4878 o 4858, o r consent of instructor. IT 4810 P ortfolio Presentation (1 credit) and resumes well in roduction Management (3 credits) IT 4870 P a designed portfolios Final preparation and presentation of Practical seeking Senior Prerequisites: employment. and internships for preparation status experience in starting a manufacturing buisness, elements of and IT/VSAR 3810 o to r consent of instructor. entrepreneurship applied designing, manufacturing and marketing a product. core of All IT BS technical professional Prerequisites: courses or consent enior Project I (2 c redits) IT 4817 S instructor. Technology in experience the Design Culminating program. To be proposed in course and advisor Technology Design a with consultation Must supervisor. aintenance And Safety (3 credits) ndustrial M IT 4877 I take IT maintenance for substitute as used if semester following the 4818 internship. A study of Prerequisite: and safety management within industry. Preventive Senior status or consent of instructor. the and maintenance, planning and scheduling of maintenance. OSHA and y awareness. development of safet redits) IT 4818 S enior Project II (2 c IT 4878 Q redits) in proposed be To program. Technology Design uality Assurance (3 c the in experience Culminating advisor The take Must supervisor. quality analysis, statistical of applications and theory the teaches course consultation with a Design Technology course and problem solving and i if IT 4817 the previous semester mplementation. used as substitute for internship. Prerequisites: nior status, or consent of instructor. IT 4817, se IT 4879 S ervice Process Design and Improvement (3 credits) industries the in processes work of in improvement and design The and service IT 4819 D esign Management (4 credits) issues within the management are but include, Topics organizations. manufacturing of functions service the and Studies directed to review business structure not tools up, setting designing, for required techniques and the to, limited and design industry. Prerequisite: DT major only, Junior or Senior status, or consent the quality; service improving systems; managing service technology of impacts of instructor. Might not b e offered every year. service on management; managing nonprofit service organizations; services IT 4830 F oundations in Career and Technical Education (2 credits) marketing 3267, the positioning and strategies; of services. Prerequisites: IT and basic Students will research learning theory and demonstrate instructional IT 3879, and I T 3897. career competencies unique to & technical education, including philosophy, also assessment. otal Q uality Management (3 credits) Course addresses the student and teaching, of methods IT 4880 T riting. including control quality current the management inclusion of teaching strategies in reading, reading comprehension and w of overview An techniques and organization standards international the action research capability, process IT 4837 E valuation in Career and Technical Education (2 credits) (ISO 9000). P rerequisite: IT 4878 o r consent of instructor. in and measurement techniques A and of testing occupational study applications redits) programs. The construction of IT 4887 C performance test, written tests, areer Development Theory And Practice (2 c teacher-made and scales rating designed course A various the with professionals acquaint to included. are standardized and Vendor emphasized. is checklists phases of lifetime are Might not b a provide to reviewed comprehensive Strategies development. career e offered every year. life awareness and the understanding career of of the in role that it plays each Student (2 Organization Education Technical and IT 4839 Industrial/ Career individual and so e offered every year. ciety. Might not b credits) ners (2 credits) IT 4888 W student Acquaints students ork/Occupational Assessment Of Lear the issues of planning and implementation of with of use the of investigation An and post- organizations. at student includes the Also secondary design the in used organizations formal and informal techniques not systems. school with assessment occupational of implementation secondary levels and legislation. Might policy federal and state and to relationship their and be offered every year. IT 4847 M ethods of T eaching Career and Technical Education (2 credits) 4889 IT and (2 Education Technical and Career of Techniques Coordination occupationally of implementation the in used methodology Instructional credits) technically orientated curriculum. the the of teacher-coordinators involves role design and course The in Education Technical IT 4849 Classroom Management in Career and (2 implementation cooperative experimental learning of internships and other credits) methods. Managing classroom, including the career and technical education learning laboratory impact rship (3 credits) anization And Leade ndustrial Org IT 4890 I on effective teaching approaches, safety, material purchase and rogram bud work the inventory, equipment purchase and m geting. with deals Course supervision. and structure organizational of study A aintenance, and p as improvement and of relations staff leader, of industrial supervisor the hilosoph IT 4850 P y of Career and Technical Education (2 credits) operations. history, career A study of the technical philosophy, and practices of and a Includes education. curriculum certification roject Management (3 credits) characteristics, IT 4897 P of survey and areer options. combination of people, systems The techniques required to coordinate the requirements, professional organizations, and c resources needed to complete a project according to established goals, standards and dead lines. 4 |

5 IT 4898 Si mulation of Industrial Processes (3 c redits) of computer-based, event simulation to improve or design Application discrete in and industry. Emphasizes building mathematical processes business work of work processes to be analyzed and optimized systems simulation models using such but not limited to, Promodel as, Arena. Two hours lecture and software or hours computer two per week. Prerequisites: IT 3879, IT 3890, MATH lab 2610, and P ight not b e offered every year) HYS 3400. (M esign of Exp eriments (3 credits) IT 4899 D and analysis Planning, factorial-based industrial experiments. execution, of include, but are not limited Topics analysis of variance, fitting of regression to, models, two-level factorial designs, blocking strategies and confounding of variables, fractional factorial designs, response surface methods, nested and split- plot designs, and mixed-level designs, and experiments with random three-level HYS 3400. factors. Prerequisites: MATH 2610 and P nternship (1-12 c redits) IT 4970 I Prerequisite: Junior or senior Status All-University Courses course numbers listed below, not always included in The semester class the schedule, be registered for by may of the advisor, instructor, or consent department chair, or may be assigned by the department when warranted. Individual requires previous arrangement by the student and the registration completion of any required form or planning outline as well as any prerequisites. 1910, 2910, 3910, 4910 D IRECTED INDEPENDENT STUDY 1920, 2920, 3920, 4920 D IRECTED GROUP STUDY 1930, 2930, 3930, 4930 E XPERIMENTAL COURSE 1940, 2940, 3940, 4940 I N-SERVICE COURSE 1950, 2950, 3950, 4950 W ORKSHOP, INSTITUTE, TOUR 1960, 2960, 3960, 4960 S PECIAL PURPOSE INSTRUCTION 1970, 2970, 3970, 4970 I NTERNSHIP 1980, 2980, 3980, 4980 R ESEARCH 1990, 2990, 3990, 4990 T HESIS | 5

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