SBCC CampusMap 4c 1 2018 Master


1 MAIN CAMPUS 721 Cliff Drive C KIOSK WEST CAMPUS C L I F F D ENTRANCE R I V E E EAST CAMPUS V I ENTRANCES R D Lot 4A F F I L C Lot 4B Lot 5-4 Lot 2A Lot 5-3 KIOSK Lot 4C Pershing Park Lot Drop-Off Lot 5-2 Lot 4D BC E Lot 5-1 V I 1A East Campus Lot R Drop-Off BCC D A IDC Lot A WCC STUDENT 1B Pershing T L Event Memorial SERVICES Park Permaculture Plaza Tent Garden CASTILLO STREET MDT A SS FO GT A M Tennis ECOC LRC O Courts L 2 1 L DM OE Lot 4E Fountain ESL PS PS Foot- Friendship bridge Plaza SECURITY ECC 40-42 EBS Great Meadow H Lot 2B LFC PE / CC Calden Overlook SPORTS E CC PAVILION Bagish JSB Patio V Overlook ECOC I CS GDR ECC 16-21 R 3-4 S H O R E L Winslow I N D E Maxwell D IE D R PE R Overlook A I V V E A L E U O T B Food Lot 3 ECC 4-6 Pantry L Ledbetter West Lot O L L A ECC I R 14-15 A B A Lifescape Gardens M Chumash Preserve C Lot 1B O LEDBETTER BEACH L Lot 2C LA PLAYA KEY STADIUM Carpool Road/Parking Areas Employee Parking Pedestrian Path Information Kiosks Motorcycle Parking Ledbetter Student Parking Public Phone East Lot Visitor Parking Emergency Phones Electric Car Charger Paid Pass Dispenser Bicycle Parking Evacuation Locations Automated External Handicap Parking Defibrillator (AED) Located in all buildings CODE DESTINATION BUILDING CODE DESTINATION BUILDING A Administration Administration H Humanities Humanities SS Student Services Admissions/Student Services A Information Administration Humanities Atkinson Art Gallery H IDC Interdisciplinary Center Interdisciplinary Center CS Campus Store Bookstore International Education Center International Education Center IE Business/Communications Business/Communications Center BC GDR Gourmet Dining Room, John Dunn School of Culinary Arts BCC Business/Communications Cafeteria Business Communication JSB Café JSB School of Culinary Arts CC Cafeteria Campus Center DM Jurkowitz Theatre Drama/Music CC Campus Center Campus Center La Playa Stadium LA PLAYA La Playa Stadium DM Drama/Music Drama/Music Learning Resources Center Learning Resources Center LRC Earth & Biological Sciences EBS Earth & Biological Sciences Life Fitness Center Life Fitness Center LFC East Campus Classrooms ECC East Campus Classrooms L Luria Library Luria Library East Campus Office Center I East Campus Office Center I ECOC 1 MDT Marine Diving Technologies Marine Diving Technologies East Campus Office Center II ECOC 2 East Campus Office Center II OE Occupational Education Administration East Campus Office Center III ECOC 3 East Campus Office Center III Orfalea Early Learning Center 365 Loma Alta Drive C ECOC 4 East Campus Office Center IV East Campus Office Center IV Physical Science Luria Conference/Press Center PS ESL ESL Building English as a Second Language ECC 42 Receiving and Shipping/Purchasing ECC 42 (ESL) Center SECURITY Security Office ECC 41 Facilities and Operations Facilities and Operations FO PE PE/Sports Pavilion Sports Pavilion ECC 40 Faculty Resource Center ECC 40 PE Physical Education PE BC Fé Bland Forum Business/Communications Student Services SS Student Services/Admissions Foundation for SBCC A Administration International Education Center IE Study Abroad Office GT Garvin Theatre Garvin Theatre East Campus Office Center I, Rm. 7 Veterans Assistance ECOC 1 SCA School of Culinary Arts Hotel/Restaurant/Culinary WCC West Campus Center West Campus Center

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