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3 Contents Events: Big Picture The 9 Full Circle View 9 Configuration Events 13 Event and Lodging Locations 13 13 Event Locations Locations 14 Event Add Rooms for Event Locations 16 Locations 16 Lodging Add Lodging 17 Locations Types Registration 18 Types 19 Add Registration Restriction Types Event 19 Event Add Types 20 Restriction Event Management Templates 20 Add Event Management Templates 20 Add or Edit Event Levels 21 Event Setup 23 Event Setup Checklist 25 Page Events 26 New Events 27 Add an Event Find 28 Add Events 28 Add Event Screen 30 an Multi- level Events Add 31 Add a Multi- level Event Screen 33 Events Add to Multi- level Events 33 Existing Event Record 33 Event Expenses Thermometer 34 Event Capacity Thermometer 34 Event KPIs 35 Edit Events 41

4 Edit Event ID 41 Lookup Event Management 41 Edit Options Coordinators Tasks and 42 43 Manage Coordinators Add Coordinators 43 Event Manage Tasks 44 Event Tasks 44 Add Add a Task Screen 46 Event Tasks Edit 46 Copy Tasks 46 Event Registrations 47 Fundraising:Team Setup Tab Team 47 Fundraising Teams 48 Teams 48 Add Teams Edit 48 Teams 48 Delete Copy 49 Teams Team Fundraisers 49 Add Team Fundraisers 49 Edit Team 49 Fundraisers Team Fundraisers Delete 49 49 Captains Team Team Captains 49 Add Team Captains 50 Promote Team Demote 50 Captains Speakers Event 50 Event Speakers 51 Add Expenses 52 Add Expenses 52 Add an Screen 53 Expense Expenses 54 Copy To Vendor 54 Go Vendor View 54 Event and Registration Options 55 Registration Options 56 Add 58 a Registration Option Screen Add

5 Copy Registration from an Event 58 Options Registration Packages Add 59 Registration Screen 61 a Package Add Add Registration Preferences 61 Copy 62 Event Preferences Invitations 63 Event Designations 63 Documentation 64 64 Notes Notes Add 64 a Note Screen 65 Add 65 Notifications Notifications to Specific Records 66 Add Links 67 Media Add Media 67 Links a Media Add Screen 68 Link Attachments 68 Add Attachments 68 Add an Screen 68 Attachment Occurrences Job 69 Lodging Options 70 Lodging Options for an Event 71 Add Mapping Tab GL 72 Attributes 73 Event Attributes 73 Add Event Attribute Screen 74 Add Web Forms 74 Event Page Summary 75 Events Summary 75 an Event to the Hierarchy 76 Add Tasks Summary 76 Registrants 77 Summary Expenses Summary 77 Events Overview Page 78 Tasks 78 Events 79

6 Event Calendar 79 View by Day 80 Event Calendar Calendar View 80 by Event Week Calendar Month 81 Event View by Events and Filter 82 Calendar Tasks Registration Event 83 and Guests Registrants 85 Status Options 85 Registrant All Registrants of an Update 86 Event Add and Guests 87 Registrants Registrants and 89 Edit Guests Registrants Guest Add 90 Edit Registrants 90 Registrant ID 91 Edit Add Registrants Guests for Multiple Events 91 and Event Record Registrant 93 Registrant Page Options 94 Registrations Tab 94 Registrant Benefits 95 Benefits for Event Registrant 96 Edit an Screen Benefits Edit 97 Registrant Lodging and Travel 97 Lodging Information Add a Registrant 98 for Add Information for a Registrant 100 Travel All Registrant Travel Information 100 Clear Registrant Restrictions 100 Edit Registrant 100 Restrictions Constituent Restrictions 101 Edit Default Participation 102 Registrant Add Registrant as an Event Speaker 103 a Edit Registrant Speaker Information 104 Registrant 104 Attributes Add Registrant Attributes 104 Add Registrant Attribute Screen 106 Delete Registrant Attributes 106

7 Registrant View 106 Event Seating 108 Seating Layouts Configure 109 Seating Screen 112 Configure Layout Event 112 Tab Seating Layout 112 Sections Tab Rows Tables 113 or Tab 114 Tab Seats Copy Layouts 114 Seating Assign Seats 115 Screen Seating 115 Frame 115 Registrants 116 Groups Frame Frame 117 Seats Assign to Seats 117 Individual Registrants Assign Registrants to Seats 118 Multiple Reassign to Different Seats Registrants 119 Clear Seat Assignments 119 Assign Registrants to Groups 120 Assign Groups Seats 121 to Sections, Tables, or Seats 121 Add Rows, Sections, Rows, Tables, or Seats 121 Rename Sections, Rows, Tables, or Seats 122 Delete Seating Event Groups 122 Add Event Seating Groups 122 Edit Event Seating Groups 123 Delete Event Groups 124 Seating Invitations Event 125 Invitations Workflow 126 Invitations 127 Add Event Invitations 128 Add Screen 130 Invitation Edit Invitations 131 Delete Invitations 132 Send Invitations 132

8 Invitee List 133 Manage Invitees 133 Invitee an Invitation 134 an to Add Invitees to the Invitation 134 Add Multiple Invitee from an Invitation 137 an Delete Copy Invitees 137 Invitees in Include Send 138 Next Exclude in Next Send 138 Invitees Invitation 138 Manage History the Invitation Output into a Single Download 139 File Download the Invitation Output into Multiple Files 140 Download the Invitation Output into Grouped Files 141 Generate Microsoft Documents for an Invitation 143 Word an Job for an Invitation 143 Start Email Processes Invitation 144 Recent 144 Status 145 History Invitation Process History Delete 145 Job Schedules Tab 145 Create Job Schedules 146 Create Job 147 Screen Job 148 Edit Schedules Job Delete 148 Schedules Event Reports 149 Event Profile Report 149 Summary Report Event 150 Event Comparison Report 151 Event Revenue Report 152

9 1 chapter Big Picture Events: The View Full 9 Circle you , events that your organization holds. You can set up one- time events, such can Events With manage a multi- such as a class reunion with both events, welcome lunch and formal evening or galas, as level dinner. you this how to configure event settings and set up single and multi- level events. You In guide, learn configure to registrants and guests as well as manage event seating and invitations. This also can learn covers how to view information guide your events with event reports. also about Circle Full View , From configure your organization’s event options and settings, add and manage one- you Events can and multi- set up event seating, create invitations, events, run event reports. The Events and time level provides a centralized page for you to search for events. also location Configuration Event manage creating you can set up configuration options. Event configuration includes Before events, you to types restrictions, and templates and help manage events. locations, event

10 1 HAPTER C 10 and lodging locations on the Locations page. The Event locations tab includes the You create event can the phone and the address as well as any room names and capacities for the of name location, number, locations the view information about the location where registrants On location. tab, the Lodging you events. your attend they when stay the organization’s events on must Registration types page. An define You types for your registration to group registrants. For example, you may create a registration type of event registration is a way of with “Member/Single" a registrant count one. restriction preferences for events, you can set up constituents types or to To add personal restrictions For example, you on create a Dietary event restriction type to track the Restriction types page. can allergy. peanut a with registrants event management templates for multi- level events on the Event management You can also create whether can at different levels determine have registrants, speakers, templates page. Templates events For and class reunion may require lodging options, but the reunion’s options lodging example, more. a information, a does not require lodging. For more Dance, refer to as lower- level events, Farewell such . Events Configuration on page 13 Setup Event information. can record and track event detail options, You can add and configure After event you you expenses, registration options and packages, invitations, registrants manage events, coordinators, tasks, event and For more information, refer to Event Setup on page 23 . seating from an record. Event Registration Registrations the Events page, you can add and manage registrants and the registrations on From tab along the page, this On allows you to view registrants and their guests event with for each event. tab statuses and registration fees. attendance about information

11 11 ICTURE P IG B HE T : VENTS E registration, and preference On registrant record, you manage registrant details, including guest, the your can by registrant, you registrants, many has event your When information. registrant filter list Event refer information, more For type. Registration registrant or attendance, status, registrant to on . 83 page Seating Event registrants first configure the and registrants assign can you Before of to groups you must seats, tables, seats, and rows. You can also seating layouts for events. You can set up and name sections, groups seat a section of seats. Finally, you can assign a registrant to a individually or you can assign to more information, Event Seating on generate a seating summary to to For arrangement. the verify refer . 108 page Invitations Event On the Invitee list After you create and you create your event, you can manage the invitations. page, invitation for the manage event invitations, add and manage invitees, and establish processes for a to an annual fundraiser create can you example, For create. you invitations an process invitation need send to the fundraiser, you can run and save invitations you time Each select. you settings the to process. the and manage invitees, and manage On this page, you also create and manage invitations, add Invitations registration page 125 . and attendance status. For more information, refer to Event on Reports Event monitor comprehensive overview of your event, you For to reports event run can You progress. event a

12 1 HAPTER C 12 Profile report that contains information about the event's coordinators, location, can the Event view more. seating, expenses and includes information about the event that Event the amount of invitees as View Summary report for the information and event income and expense information. Compare their registration and attendance different with two the Event Comparison report. In addition, you can view the effectiveness of events fundraising, seating team using other reports. For more information, information and about revenue, on page 149 . Reports Event refer to

13 2 chapter Events Configuration Lodging Event Locations and 13 Locations Event 13 Add Event 14 Locations 16 Event for Rooms Locations Locations Lodging 16 Locations 17 Add Lodging 18 Registration Types 19 Registration Add Types Event Restriction Types 19 20 Restriction Add Event Types Event 20 Templates Management Add Management Templates 20 Event Levels 21 or Add Event Edit event information, Before recommend you set up configuration options. From Events , you manage we view options. you can these options options up Events for your users. These set affect multiple areas in configuration to use You the you must create event locations to allow users to properly add events and program. For example, location where the event occurs. select the Lodging Event and Locations add When you must select the location where the event occurs, such as a banquet hall or an you event, may your have registrants who travel to You event and require lodging facilities sports facility. also you From , you can manage the venues where hotels. hold events and the lodging as such Events facilities stay. Under Configuration , click Locations . The Locations page appears. It where registrants multiple to manage your event locations and lodging. includes tabs Locations Event For Locations tab, you can view the On where your organization holds events. the each Event venues you view the name, phone can capacity, and address. location, number,

14 2 HAPTER C 14 can add and manage event locations. From grid, you the Locations Event Add you must select a venue where the event occurs, such as a banquet hall or you an event, host When its an location, you can enter information about event address, contact, add you When sports facility. add a location, it appears and search results when users select locations for capacity. After you in events. event Add an location page click Configuration . The Locations under appears. , Locations Events From 1. Locations 2. click Add . The Add a location screen appears. On the Event tab,

15 15 ONFIGURATION C VENTS E the name and phone number of the location. If the location is in a larger 3. General , enter Under the location. areas, multiple with facility specify The the of people 4. location accommodates. number capacity enter field, Capacity the In the affect the capacity for an event at the location. for the location does not enter location. address for the , 5. Under Address information the the can edit room names and capacities for or location. For you enter 6. Under Room/Unit , have example, meeting rooms. a convention center may 20 You to the Locations return . Save Click 7. page.

16 2 HAPTER C 16 Rooms Event Locations for have venues other distinct units within them. For example, a convention event Larger rooms may or rooms, 20 hotel may have a restaurant, atrium, and rooftop lounge. You have may center and meeting a or add locations. You can also create rooms to locations when you can add rooms edit when you event. an create edit event location room or a from an Add Locations under Configuration . The Locations page 1. From Events , click appears. Locations select the location and click Edit . The Edit location screen appears. 2. On the Event tab, can and or edit room names you room capacity information. 3. Under Room/Unit , enter You return the Locations page. 4. Click Save to . event an room a Add to click Add an event . The Add an event 1. appears. From Events , screen information you can select the location of the event. 2. Under Location , field, the select the room at the location specified. You can also click Add to In you 3. Room can the to location. add a room new for the event, click Save 4. open the event page. After you enter information and Locations Lodging tab, you can view the facilities where your registrants stay when they travel On the Lodging Locations location, events. can view the name, phone number, address, and contact. You can also to For each you the location. about lodging view any comments locations in the grid, click Filter , enter the name or city, To click Apply . To filter the lodging and and all locations, click display . filter the remove Reset

17 17 ONFIGURATION C VENTS E a lodging location, select it in the grid and click Show Details . The To detailed information about view code, room and comments about the location. the displays window Details discount types, add and locations. you grid, the lodging manage From can Locations Lodging Add to your event and require lodging facilities such You hotels or may have registrants who travel as provide site lodging accommodations for registrants on- also may organization Your motels. and lodging location, you can enter its address and contact information. guests. When you add a Add a lodging location From under Configuration . The Locations page appears. Locations , click 1. Events screen tab, . The Add a lodging location Add appears. Locations 2. click On the Lodging phone number for the lodging location. If it is part of a franchise with 3. Enter the name and specify locations location. other in your area, the a search and select the field, who acts as for contact at the location. Contact the In 4. constituent

18 2 HAPTER C 18 negotiates a discounted rate for your event attendees, in the Discount 5. your organization If corporate code phrase registrants must mention to receive the enter field, code the or discount. field, about the location such as whether it allows pets. enter information In 6. the Comment the address. enter , information Address 7. Under select the types of available rooms, such as smoking, nonsmoking, and 8. Under Room types , configures system available room type options. bed size. Your administrator the You return Locations page. Click Save the to . 9. Types Registration a An of registration options. When you define registration options event registration type is category select a registration type for each option to indicate the number of associated for an event, you level registrants’ participation in the event. For example, you may create a registrations and the of with a count of one. You may have another of type registration “Member/Single” registration the with count of four. To manage registration registration “Member/Family” of type registration a click Registration types under Fundraising events . The Event Registration Types types from Events , page appears. registration Event registration types appear. For each registration type, you can view the , Under types registration types To view inactive registration and in the grid, select its description, status, count. click Apply Include inactive and . can add you manage registration types. grid, the From and

19 19 ONFIGURATION C VENTS E Add Types Registration options of you must define registration types and enter a categories create To for registration events, Registration registration ways to group registration options. each for count registration types type. are can that a registration type, create a unique name for you On the Event registration types page, add a make registration type active. When you add the count, registration a define type, registration and select a registration type with which to registration the option. option for an event, you associate Add a registration type types under Configuration . The Event Registration Types From , click Registration 1. Events page appears. types Add registration The Add a registration type screen appears. . click , 2. Under Event identify the registration type. to description unique Enter 3. a field, enter the number of registrations to associate with the 4. In the Registration count a registration type of Golf Foursome should include four type. For example, if registration 4. enter registrations, you for an event, the registration count appears as the Note: registration options set When up count. on example, registration counts may vary, depending the default. However, you can edit For the size of event. the page. the Event Registration Types Save Click 5. You return to . Types Restriction Event events, you can add When types to track personal restrictions you register constituents for restriction dietary physical needs. or preferences such as or example, types, add restriction options to them. For must for a restriction you After you create event can add options Dietary as Allergic to nuts, Vegetarian, or Kosher only event restriction type, you such proper food. the receive registrants so

20 2 HAPTER C 20 Add Restriction Types Event restriction add track important registrant information such as dietary or physical can You types event to restrictions. restriction event Add types 1. The Event Restriction Types page appears. From , click Restriction types. Events restriction screen Add appears. 2. Click Add . The type name description identify the event restriction. and unique a Enter 3. to return to the Event Restriction Types page. 4. Click Save . You Event Management Templates are multiple tiers or levels. You can set up templates for the multi- level tiered and have Some events events can levels or tiers whether have registrants, speakers, events. The templates determine at to example, For have local events that “roll up” you a larger, national more. and options, lodging may however, may not take registrations directly, so attendees would need to event. The national event, level. register can override the event property settings from the individual event. at the local You appears at top of the record and is followed by the name of the level from event The the Note: name event “2011 Keynote” is the name of the Conference and “Conference if example, template. the For of the level from the multi- level event template, the record will display “2011 Sessions” is the name Sessions.” Conference Conference Keynote - Event Management Templates Add templates to you create multi- level events. The when determine whether templates use You can add tiers can have registrants, speakers, lodging options, and more. events example, you at levels or For events “roll up” to a larger, national event. that national event, however, may not local have may The

21 21 ONFIGURATION C VENTS E would need to register at the local level. You can override the take directly, so attendees registrations individual event. from settings property event the Add event management template page The Event Management Template click 1. Events Event management , templates. From appears. a event management template screen appears. 2. Click Add . The Add template. a 3. Enter name for the the with to restrict 4. use of sites template. template the associate can You the template for each level or tier of events. To add or edit levels, refer to Add 5. Add levels to the page 21 . To re- order the event levels, use the arrow buttons. or Edit Event Levels on return . Multi- level Event Templates page. Save Click the to 6. You Levels Event or Add Edit templates, you can specify the levels or tiers of events. For each tier, When you add event management at can or tiers can have registrants, speakers, lodging options, and you specify whether levels events event. event settings from the individual option the can You more. override

22 2 HAPTER C 22 levels Add edit event or click Events templates. The Event Management Template page From Event 1. , management appears. select template and click Edit . The event management template screen or appears. 2. Click Add a The click select a level and click Edit . or event level screen appears. , Levels Under 3. Add for the level or tier of events. You can select the options for events at this level, 4. Enter a name events as registrants, speakers, lodging options, and more. These are such whether the have options events level. However, you can override these this for a for at the default options information, refer to Edit Event Management Options on page single . event. For more 41 . return to the event template. To re- order You event levels, use the arrow 5. Save Click the buttons.

23 3 chapter Event Setup Checklist Event 25 Setup 26 Page Events Add New 27 Events 28 Find an Event Add 28 Events 30 Add an Event Screen 31 Events level Multi- Add level Event Add 33 a Multi- Screen Events Multi- level Events 33 Add Existing to 33 Event Record Event Thermometer 34 Expenses Thermometer Capacity Event 34 Event KPIs 35 Edit Events 41 Event ID 41 Edit Lookup Management Edit Options Event 41 42 Coordinators Tasks and Coordinators 43 Manage 43 Add Event Coordinators 44 Manage Tasks Add Event Tasks 44 Tasks 46 Edit Event Tasks Copy Event 46 47 Registrations Team Setup Tab 47 Fundraising:Team 48 Fundraising Teams 48 Add Teams Edit Teams 48 Delete Teams 48

24 3 HAPTER C 24 49 Copy Teams 49 Fundraisers Team Fundraisers Team Add 49 49 Fundraisers Team Edit Team Fundraisers Delete 49 49 Captains Team Team Captains 49 Add Team 50 Captains Promote Captains 50 Demote Team 50 Speakers Event Event Speakers 51 Add Expenses 52 Add Expenses 52 Add Expense Screen 53 an Copy Expenses 54 Vendor To 54 Go 54 Vendor View 55 Options and Event Registration Add Registration Options 56 Screen a Add Registration Option 58 an Options Registration Event Copy from 58 Add Registration Packages 59 a Package Screen 61 Add Registration Registration Preferences 61 Add 62 Preferences Copy Event 63 Invitations Designations 63 Event 64 Documentation Notes 64 64 Add Notes Notifications 65 to Records 66 Notifications Specific Add Links 67 Media 67 Links Add Media Attachments 68

25 25 ETUP S VENT E Add 68 Attachments 69 Occurrences Job 70 Lodging Options 71 Event an Add for Options Lodging GL 72 Tab Mapping 73 Attributes Event Attributes Add 73 74 Screen Attribute Event Add Forms Web 74 Page 75 Event Summary Summary 75 Events 76 Add an Event to the Hierarchy 76 Tasks Summary 77 Summary Registrants Expenses Summary 77 Events Overview Page 78 Tasks 78 Events 79 79 Calendar Event by View Event Day 80 Calendar Week by Calendar Event View 80 Event Calendar by View 81 Month 82 Tasks and Events Calendar Filter manage your organization’s events. Whether you are arranging a tennis With Events , you can trustee an a holiday party, or homecoming activities, you can tournament, awards banquet, a luncheon, in the track and record Events information . Checklist Setup Event requires steps. events several up Setting information, refer to Add □ event location on page 14 . Add event locations. For more an more information, refer to Add Lodging □ on page 17 . Add lodging locations. For Locations For information, refer to Add Registration Types on page 19 . □ Add registration types. more page more refer to Add Events on information, 28 . event. an Add □ For

26 3 HAPTER C 26 if the event is comprised of multiple events grouped together. For more □ supporting events Add an Event the Hierarchy on page 76 . to refer information, Add to more coordinators. to Add Event Coordinators on page 43 . event Add □ information, For refer information, page to Add Event Tasks on more 44 . □ Add event tasks. For refer 52 information, to Add Expenses on page refer . For expenses. event Add □ more more information, refer to Add Registration Options □ page 56 . Add registration options. For on if event is comprised of multiple events grouped together. For □ Add registration packages the Add Registration page 59 . on Packages more information, refer to and add invitation processes. □ more information, refer to Event Invitations on Add an invitee list For . 125 page preference information. For more information, refer to Registrants and Guests □ Add registrants and . on page 85 For more information, refer to Configure Seating Layouts on page 109 . □ event seating. Add Page Events events search field for all event types, along with calendar and list This page a centralized provides events, enables to add events and programs, search for you and report on events. your of views It edit and delete event information from this page. Click Events to view this page. them. You can also in by Group Location box to look at event times and dates to filter events. Choose Category or the that view event category and location attributes the interest your to only Ffilters enable you to determine what is displayed on organization. list. Event categories and Use the checkboxes the by You can collapse and color. the calendar. identified are locations expand

27 27 ETUP S VENT E view to see event time and date information. To access the calendar view, You use the calendar can Event arrows View the events calendar by day, week, month or year. down the click calendar beside . an information click the event. When you select Edit , the Edit event delete or edit To event, for right- such as schedule and location information. Click Go to event screen details appears, and you edit can record. event the to access to view event time and date information, if you You to view event can use the list view prefer rather on a calendar. Each category of event is associated with a color information in a list format than . of event name. To access the list view, click List left To edit or delete the at shown is that the click the event. When you click Edit , information Edit event screen appears. You for an event, right- the as and location information. Click Go to event to access the event can edit details such schedule record. a 50 items per date. If there are more items, additional pages will The Note: list maximum displays of open. Events New Add types the Add New feature to create the of events. Add New enables From Events you can use page, cater to your organization's needs. Click the you of an event to open a to create events that name type event. screen to add that of Select an event type: Scheduled programs to sell tickets for timed or l events. recurring Set program: up scheduled set exhibits, shows. Additionally, you can and up museum classes, include Examples art

28 3 HAPTER C 28 registered events that require registration. scheduled for pre- programs Set admission admission programs for tickets that are sold all day at Daily l up program: daily or admissions. museum any time, such as aquarium special events for one- time events, such as galas. l Special event: Set up Event an Find name search for events and programs. Enter the page, of the event in the From the you can Events click the search button. The Find an event screen appears. search field and then criteria You the event's location, category, and dates. can enter search including search events your criteria. Those events appear in the meet grid. When you find Click Search to that the results, its record opens. select an event from Add Events event, event to your database, you can enter a description of the you start and end add new When a capacity, and location information. dates, and times

29 29 ETUP S VENT E as a supporting event for a larger event, you can specify the main event to When add an event you the and belongs it which two. associate event an Add , select the event type. For information about the items on this From 1. Events new click and Add on page 30 screen, refer to Add an Event Screen a name unique to identify the event. and enter , General Under 2. description in the 3. field, select the type of event, such as Banquet or To further define the event, Category the that appear. Sporting event. Your organization configures categories on show on calendar , the not will not be displayed event the 4. When you Do select event view. calendar event allows designations on fees , you can apply fees to designations. You 5. When you select Event the can tab of the event record. select the designations on Designations to amount This does not include the cost of the receipt the the Only applies designation. event. the with associated benefits or registration start and end date 6. times of the event. Under Details , enter the and search for and select the location where your organization hosts 7. Under Location information , event. the select the room or unit at the selected location used for the event. To Room/Unit 8. In the field, the click to Add . add a new room location, event enter field, number of attendees the the can accommodate. Capacity the In 9. total

30 3 HAPTER C 30 the event capacity with the number of registrations received for the event. Tip: program tracks The does event to match the location capacity, we recommend you not the While not capacity have capacity. location the exceed as and select the individual constituent who serves Contact a contact In field, search for 10. the location. event the for similar to another event, such as to add an instance of an event you hold each 11. If the event is the from event. year, copy the settings other the multi- the event options are determined by event, event a level Note: When you add button will management appear. template; the Copy options not . Copy from event screen The options Copy Click a. appears. from field, search for and select the event from which to b. settings. In the Copy copy settings copy from the original event such as tasks, expenses, and invitations. c. Select the to You return the Add an event screen. OK Click d. . to record of the new event appears. 12. The Click Save . Screen Event Add an the items on the Add an event screen. For information about how to access The table below explains Add page on to 28 . this screen, refer Events Description Screen Item identify the name Name a Enter to event. the event, enter a detailed description of the event. Description To further identify as event, the category for the event such select Reception or Sporting To the define Category event.

31 31 ETUP S VENT E Screen Description Item displayed event this checkbox, the event will not be select on the event calendar. show not Do When you on calendar you When the Designations tab appears on the new event record for Event allows select this checkbox, The for gift, including a default designation. the possible on select designations to you designations is equal to the fees amount. This does not registration fee applied to the designation receipt or include the cost of the event benefits. and registration, revenue event applied to the cost the an for pay partially you If is portion is fully paid. Only then is event registration benefits of the event until that the revenue applied to designations. users register for the event. cannot this option after You edit not the begins and ends. Event times are event required. End and time Start the time Enter time the where event takes place. location the and for Search Location select location of the Room/Unit To add a new room to the location, click Add . Select the room at the event. attendees event can accommodate. This number does the have of number the Enter Capacity not the location capacity, but should not exceed location capacity. to be the same as The with number of registrations for the event. program tracks this capacity the the individual who serves as a contact for the event and for Search Contact select constituent location. On similar event in the database, click this button. a the Copy the settings Copy options from To copy select the event from which to copy settings and select from event screen, search for and registration as to copy from the event. which options, such tasks and options, by multi- a the event options are determined level the event adding are you If Note: event, button will not appear. management template; the Copy options Add Multi- level Events your level or tiered events, you can set up multi- level event templates If hosts many multi- organization you entry. multi- level event, you can select the template to use and can a data streamline to add When events. the add level event multi- a Add Add new and select Multi- level 1. The Add a multi- level event screen From Events , click event. the on this screen, refer to Add a Multi- level items Screen appears. For information about Event . 33 page on

32 3 HAPTER C 32 level event template to use. 2. the multi- Select supporting event, Add . The Add an event screen appears. For more information add To 3. a click refer also Add an Event Screen on page 30 . You can screen, edit or about items on the to events. supporting delete hierarchical can use the arrows to show the As levels or tiers of events and 4. you events, you add are related. how the supporting events The of . the new event appears. 5. Click Save record the appears top of the record and is followed by the name of the level from name at Note: The event if “2011 Conference Keynote” is the name of the the and “Conference template. For example, event name the level from the multi- level event template, the record of display “2011 Sessions” is the will Conference Sessions.” - Keynote Conference

33 33 ETUP S VENT E Screen Add Multi- level Event a Description Screen Item can many multi- level or tiered events, you your set up multi- level event Multi- organization hosts level If entry. When you add a multi- level event, you can select the event templates to streamline data add the and use to can template template events. events hierarchical or tiers of the and how the supporting levels Arrows Use show to arrows the events related. are After you select the multi- level event , you can add supporting events. The templates Edit , template, Add levels options, tiers can have registrants, speakers, lodging at and and Delete determine whether events or more. individual a multi- level event, the individual event becomes you When Note: to an event convert tier top the event. an Event Screen on Add to information about how to add or edit individual For refer events, 30 page . Events to Add Events Multi- level Existing events, you can include a single event you have already created. From the When you create multi- level screen level from the event hierarchy, click Add , Existing event . Select the Add a multi- event or . click is part of the multi- level event and is displayed in the The and event existing Save event hierarchy. Event Record displays about tasks, record expenses, prices, location registrants, with information The event tabs from an can add, edit, and delete information You information, coordinators, for notes and event. tabs. these multi- level event, the event name appears at the top of the record and is followed by Note: If this is a from the template. For example, if “2011 Conference Keynote” is the name of the name of level the event is of the level from the multi- level name template, the Sessions” the event and “Conference the Keynote - Conference Sessions.” record will display “2011 Conference to or under Tasks on the explorer bar. You can refresh the screen inactive You can mark events active the latest information. have you sure make

34 3 HAPTER C 34 Thermometer Event Expenses of summary page, you can use the event expenses thermometer to view expense the the In area event the thermometer for expenses and the amount expense The information. amount compares budgeted on as appears and as a visual representation a the thermometer. result The far. so spent percentage multi- level event, you can click Note: sub- events to view event expenses and If this is a Include event the sub- events. Click Only this event to switch the and capacity information for the summary event only. the to back view Capacity Thermometer Event of summary event page, you can use the event capacity thermometer to view capacity In the area the thermometer event event capacity and the number of The information. compares capacity the representation appears result percentage and as a visual as on the registrants The far. so a thermometer. a multi- level event, you can Note: Include sub- events to view event expenses and If this is click the and the sub- events. Click Only this event to switch event summary capacity information for the the event only. to back view

35 35 ETUP S VENT E Event KPIs you (KPIs) how certain aspects of your events perform. to Indicators Performance Key enable check detail a on an event, the KPI is displayed in the goal view on the with defined When you associate a KPI example, you can create a KPI instance KPI displays the “Event Registrant page for the event. For that when particular event is selected. You can also a an “Event Revenue” page KPI the on Capacity” create donation revenue for the event. KPI to monitor registration and multi- is event, you can click Include sub- events on the Criteria tab to view Note: If this a level the event the for information sub- and events. instance KPI event an Add KPI add a the instance. Access event for 1. to which under More information on the 2. bar. The KPI instances page for Click Manage KPIs , explorer appears. event the page, click Add . The the a KPI screen appears. 3. On KPI instances Select

36 3 HAPTER C 36 the KPI type. This KPI will appear on the KPI instances page Under the event. 4. Events, select for . Add a KPI The appears. OK Click 5. screen

37 37 ETUP S VENT E you can name the new KPI, give it a description, and select the folder. 6. the General tab, On the the selected is the default. You can click you binoculars to search tab, 7. On the Criteria event a different event. for a event, level is you can click Include sub- events to view information for multi- 8. If the event events. sub- and events the 9. Select the Preview tab.

38 3 HAPTER C 38 current status of the registrant capacity for the event, select today’s date and click 10. see the To . Preview the Goal 11. Select tab. creating from event for defaults you are the the KPI. value Goal The 12. which aim field, select “High values are good”. 13. In the Goal Good target Satisfactory targetl fields, you can enter an amount y represented in 14. In the and performance amount yellow to indicate warnings for under in when green and an represented displays. KPI the

39 39 ETUP S VENT E Milestones action bar to enter any milestone details, such as milestone dates 15. Add on the Click capacity the for values, and KPI. event tab. History the Select 16. On handle the history records generated with each instance 17. tab, select how the History to last keep instance values or Archive only the all “X” to all Archive can You update. values number of instance values. and save only a values select how values for the KPI instance are saved and used to Note: many Your selection here determines KPI instance displays. the when graph trend create a instance, you return to the event. However, before 18. can view the KPI on When you Save the you generate the event, you must values. KPI an for values instance Generate Event 1. to for a KPI instance. values generate which for event the Open More information 2. the explorer bar. The KPI instances page for Click Manage KPIs , under on appears. the event green In arrows next to the KPI instance for which to generate values. 3. the grid, down select screen in action bar. The Update KPI the appears. value Update Click 4. KPI

40 3 HAPTER C 40 based on the current date, select Process once using current date . This creates 5. view data To to the date. record history one relative current date enter To 6. information: creates history records relative to the date determined by the interval a. date . Select Back- This date or 7 days.” For example, you can back “every a KPI months” “every as such provided, 3 an interval of every 3 months to between four history 4/1/2007 and 4/1/2008 with create quarter. records, one for each not used KPI instances, when trend information does new exist. After Note: for typically is dating Back you (or an administrator) can update it by scheduling a business process. create a KPI instance, you runs, the values are updated to reflect the most recent data. Each time the process field, from the start date From which to view data. b. In the enter field, the end date to which to view data. In c. enter To the every in select how to break down the data. For example, if value the d. In the Calculate field, Calculate you view data for a year, in the to value every field, you fields, To and From select value information for every can “Months”. opt to view “3” back a KPI, you erase any values that fall within the specified date range Warning: When you date KPI the instance. previously stored for The KPI values are updated and the KPI instance record 7. Click Start . appears. Goal tab. Information for the status instance appears. the Select 8. KPI

41 41 ETUP S VENT E Edit Events you an details for the event. From the Event Search screen, you can select add you After can event, edit edit. to event an event Edit an appears. select event to Use The event page the to screen Search Event the 1. edit. Tasks on the explorer bar. The Edit event screen appears. 2. Click Edit event , under information. the items on this screen are identical to those on the 3. Make changes to event The Add about items on this screen, refer to the an Event more For screen. event Add information Screen on page 30 . click 4. . To save your changes, Save ID Edit Event Lookup lookup ID is assigned. Lookup IDs are unique, an you can edit them. From When you add event, a but ID under Tasks . You can use the lookup ID when you search for events. an event, click Edit lookup Event Edit Management Options multi- level events can have registrants, speakers, management determine whether Event options can templates Event options for multi- level events. However, you set lodging options, and more. the events. for options the override

42 3 HAPTER C 42 event options, such as whether the event can have registrants, go to the event To multi- level override the management Tasks . Select the event options for under event, such as event and click Edit options When you set options for the event, the corresponding tabs appear registrants, speakers, and expenses. example, event an For can have speakers, the Speakers tab appears. for the event. if Tasks and Coordinators the On event record, you can view and manage Tasks/Coordinators coordinators and tasks the tab of an event. the with associated

43 43 ETUP S VENT E whether multi- level events can have registrants, Note: management options determine Event well options, corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for lodging as and speakers, as the options override click Edit event management options under To events. level multi- for the events, Tasks . For to the event and manage them. coordinators can view assigned Under all Coordinators , you refer to Manage Coordinators on page 43 . information about how to manage the coordinators, about you tasks required for the event. For each task, you can the Under Tasks , can view information owner. and date due its view level event, Note: can manage coordinators and tasks for the event and sub- If this is a multi- you events. select it in the grid and click Show Details . The Details window a To view information about task, notes. its a completed task, you can view and completion date. displays information such as status For the may it to find a particular task. To reduce be number of tasks that grows, list tasks the As difficult grid. To filter the grid, select whether to view all tasks or only those due by appear, you can filter the and or Apply . You can also select whether to view completed tasks. To view this week this month click Reset click tasks, all . and manage the event tasks. For information about how to manage the From you can the add grid, tasks, page 44 Manage on . refer to Tasks Coordinators Manage or constituent groups that oversee an event and make sure it Event coordinators are the staff members to planning event itself. From the Tasks/Coordinators tab, you can runs smoothly, the from the stages with the event. associated coordinators the and add manage which can be event coordinators Note: committees with the Can The only constituent groups are coordinate events checkbox marked. primary coordinator for the event. The primary coordinator is displayed in the You also designate a can event summary view. Coordinators Event Add an event page, you can assign coordinators to the event. Events do not the Coordinators tab of On require coordinators. coordinator Add a Coordinators the Tasks/Coordinators tab and click Add under 1. . The the event record, select On appears. screen coordinator a Add

44 3 HAPTER C 44 a multi- level event, you can add coordinators to the event and any sub- events. In the 2. this is If event select coordinator. field, Event for the the select Coordinator to assign as the coordinator. the In the 3. field, constituent as the primary coordinator for coordinator event. The primary 4. You the can mark one summary view. event the in is coordinator displayed return to the Tasks/Coordinators tab. 5. Click Save . You Tasks Manage job required in preparation for an event. You can assign tasks to staff members or to is a An event task you with event. From the Tasks/Coordinators tab, the can manage involved members group groups or the event. For example, as task owners complete their tasks, you can the the tasks required for mark from tab. tasks as complete this Tasks Event Add job required in preparation for an event. You can assign tasks to staff is or to event a task An members involved with the event. members group or groups requires the same tasks as another event, you can copy the tasks from one Tip: to If an event event about to copy tasks, refer to Copy Event Tasks on page 46 . another. For information how task Add an event Tasks of an event record, click Add under On . The Add a task the 1. tab Tasks/Coordinators appears. screen

45 45 ETUP S VENT E which to add the task. For example, for a multi- level event, add the task to 2. the event to Select event. a or event the sub- task. a or description to identify the name In 3. the unique Name field, enter instructions or explanations for the task. 4. In the Comment field, enter for the coordinator to assign the task, or search event and select the select field, Owner In 5. the to assign the task. For information about how to add a staff member or constituent group to event, Event Coordinators on page 43 . coordinator to the refer Add complete field, date by which the owner must the the task. due select 6. In the Date alerts to remind the owner to complete the task, 7. Reminders , enter the To set up email under each name and date for alert. return You the Tasks/Coordinators tab. . Save Click 8. to

46 3 HAPTER C 46 Add Task Screen a Description Item Screen event, you can add tasks for the event or a sub- event. Select the event for For level a Event multi- the add to which task. Name to identify the task. Enter unique name or description a email the appears as the subject line of the this alert. for If task, you configure a reminder for the task. Comment Enter instructions, comments, or explanations select to the task, or search for and assign the staff which to coordinator the Owner Select perform the task. member or constituent group to task, active the date by which the owner must complete the task. Date due For an select active task, appears. Select whether the task is field or completed. the this Status When you edit task, select the date the owner completes the Date completed For a completed task. email to remind the owner to complete the task, alerts the name and date up set To Reminders enter you edit the for the grid displays whether a reminder has been each alert. When task, sent. alert as a reminder, your organization must first configure a task an To send email Administration alert email reminder . from Tasks Event Edit update can edit its details, such as to event its status. After add task, you an you task a Edit 1. an event record, select a task under Tasks and click Edit . The On the Tasks/Coordinators tab of appears. screen task Edit items on this screen are the same as on the Add a task screen. 2. Make changes. The For options, to Add Event Tasks on page 44 . information about the refer owner the "Completed," select the date when the to completed it. change Tip: If status you You return to the Tasks/Coordinators tab. 3. Click Save . Tasks Event Copy the same tasks as another event, you can event the tasks from one event to another. If an requires copy

47 47 ETUP S VENT E Copy from another event tasks of Tasks/Coordinators record, click Copy from under Tasks . The Copy the On 1. an tab event appears. screen tasks to event. 2. The the current field Copy displays for the the event to copy tasks form. To search of an event, enter 3. name In the Copy from field, click the binoculars. A search screen appears. tasks click . Under Tasks , the copied Save appear. tab, Tasks/Coordinators the to return 4. To as necessary. For information, 5. to Edit Event Tasks on page 46 . You can edit the tasks refer Registrations tab contains information about the constituents registered for the the On an event page, Registrations can registrant information for registrants and you guests. You event. On the Registrants tab, manage and registrants You can view registrant information guests. update delete or edit, add, can and about registrants, refer to Registrants and Guests on registrant 85 . status. For more information page determine multi- level events can have registrants, Note: Event management options whether well options, corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for lodging and speakers, as as the event override for events when you click Edit options can multi- level events. However, you the options under Tasks . management Tab Setup Fundraising:Team Team cause. awareness and funds for a particular used With the Team Setup Team fundraising to help raise is you can manage teams, team tab and team fundraisers. An event must on appeals and events, captains, a event. first be marked as team or information teams for a team fundraising appeal the event. On contains about The Team Setup tab edit, and delete teams from this hierarchy. You can add team fundraisers, select tab, you can add, the goals teams and team for assign and captains, team fundraisers.

48 3 HAPTER C 48 Fundraising Teams fundraisers groups together to meet a monetary goal. You can use the Team are Teams who of work copy or add teams, team fundraisers, and captains, to teams and appeal Setup tab of an event goals for the fundraisers. fundraisers, and to set fundraising to to team or event, you can copy the team so you do not have an recreate it To add an existing appeal event. or appeal the in Add Teams on the Team Setup In you can add a team. You can also add a sub- team to an the tree view tab, existing team. Teams Edit Team team event or appeal, you can edit it from the an Setup tab. For example, if a After to you add a goal, you can edit the team amount. designates a new goal Teams Delete team to an event or appeal, you can add it as from the Team Setup tab. After you a delete

49 49 ETUP S VENT E Copy Teams to existing or event, you can copy the team so you do not have to recreate it an an add To team appeal event. or appeal the in Fundraisers Team or meet goal for a team fundraising appeal monetary fundraisers a to work who Team individuals are directly event. an appeal or event. A team fundraiser is not required You can add a team fundraiser to When you add team fundraisers to an event, you are prompted to register the to be part of a team. registered. if team fundraiser they are not Add Team Fundraisers is an appeal or event. A team fundraiser fundraiser not required to be a team directly to You can add add part fundraisers to an event, you are prompted to register the team of a team. When you team already registered. not are they if fundraiser Fundraisers Edit Team fundraiser a an event or appeal, you can edit the team fundraiser from the Team After you add team to the team designates a new goal, you can edit the goal amount. On example, For tab. Setup if fundraiser edit. an appeal, you can select a team fundraiser to or the Team Setup of tab event Fundraisers Team Delete to an event or appeal, you can delete fundraisers from the Team Setup After you add team fundraisers tab. Team Captains are your fundraising teams. You can add team captains when you create of leaders captains Team the later. remove edit team captains, you edit the team and add or them captains. teams, or you add To Add Team Captains for an event, you are prompted to register them team that event if they add captains you When to registered. already aren’t

50 3 HAPTER C 50 Captains Promote Team is team team fundraiser for a team in the tree view, you can designate the team a If already captain a the team. captain the as fundraiser of Demote Team Captains captain responsibilities of team captain but still wants to participate in the fulfill the If cannot a team captain can a fundraiser on the team. to fundraising the demote you event, Speakers Event speech such as a welcome address or seminar session. To view and manage Your event may feature a at event, presentations select the Speakers tab on the event record. the participants who give an determine whether events can have registrants, level Note: multi- Event management options well as the corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for speakers, and lodging options, as event can the options for events when you click Edit override multi- events. However, you level . Tasks under options management can view Under speakers associated with the event and information about their Speakers , you the topic scheduled date and time. You can also view whether a speaker is also a presentations such as and To the for a speaker, such as preferences or presentation for registrant view event. comments the on and click the down arrows in the action bar. A window description, select grid the speaker speaker. presentation and comments for the information, speaker, the and appears displays a multi- level event, you can manage speakers for this event and sub- Note: If this is events. information a speaker who is a registrant, click the name of the speaker in To view registration about record the the speaker appears. For information about registration registration record, the grid. The for Record page Registrant 93 . refer to Event on event’s can and manage the you speakers. grid, the From add

51 51 ETUP S VENT E Add Speakers Event can tab, about the speakers scheduled for an event. Speakers add Speakers the From you information in constituent When you add a speaker to an event, you individual an have must your database. record speaker gives, as topic and scheduled time. such presentation the about information enter the a speaker and a registrant at an event, the Participation tab on Note: When an individual is both the the speech. For information about the registrant record displays information about scheduled on 102 . Participation Participation tab, refer to Registrant page Add a speaker speaker. the which to add a for of record the Open 1. event 2. Select the Speakers tab. Add , the action bar. The Add a speaker screen appears. 3. Under Speakers click on the multi- you can add speakers for this event and any sub- events. In event, is this If 4. a level for the speaker. event the select field, Event search for and select the individual constituent scheduled to speak at the 5. In the Speaker field, event. field, the subject or title of the presentation the speaker gives. Topic 6. In the enter Time speaker enter when the and is scheduled to speak. You must schedule 7. fields, In the Date and times of the event. dates the within the presentation

52 3 HAPTER C 52 field, enter information about the speaker, such as a request to have ice 8. the Comments In or the such as a detailed explanation of the topic. near water the podium, presentation, return to Speakers tab. . Save Click 9. You the Expenses the budgeted and accrued when you host expenses information the about The Expenses tab contains add, edit, and delete expenses for event. event. You can track the amount On this tab, you can the well the amount paid. as expense, each for budgeted as whether multi- level events can have registrants, Note: Event management options determine as well the corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for speakers, and lodging options, as can However, options for events when you click Edit event the events. level multi- you override Tasks. under options management the event page, you can In the event expenses thermometer to view expense the summary area of use compares amount budgeted for expenses and the amount thermometer expense The information. the result appears as a percentage and as a visual spent on the thermometer. so far. The representation level you can manage expenses for the event and sub- events. Note: For multi- events, a information an expense in the grid and click Go to vendor . The vendor view To vendor, about select For on about the vendor view, refer to Vendor View appears. page view for the constituent information . 54 Expenses Add incur your organization incurs or plans to expense when you host an event. For event is An debt a expenses such as catering costs, rental fees, example, costs, and printing fees. you may incur mailing the tab to record information and ensure accurate reporting on the success of You can use Expenses your event. administrator in Administration . Your system are configures the Event expense defined Note: types event expense type selections. Add expense an . select the Expenses tab and click Add 1. The Add an expense screen On event record, the appears.

53 53 ETUP S VENT E multi- level event, you can add expenses for this event and sub- events. In the Event 2. this is a If the expense. event the select field, for refer For the items on this screen, about 3. Enter information information about the expense. page 53 . to Add an Expense Screen on to Save Expenses tab. 4. Click . You the return Screen Expense an Add Description Item Screen the expense. If this is a multi- level event, you can add expenses for the Event Select the event for event and sub- events. Select Your system administration configures the available selections. expense. type of Type the new security can click Type to add you options. necessary If you have the rights, search for a vendor. Vendors must be constituents in your Vendor Click the binoculars to database. total your organization budgeted for this expense. the Budgeted amount Enter amount for amount organization and the vendor agreed upon total the service. the Enter amount Agreed your

54 3 HAPTER C 54 Description Screen Item payment Select for the expense. due Date due the date a you the expense, use this field to record the total amount paid. payment After paid Amount make for payment expense, the a use this field to record the date. Date for paid After you make expense. the about information Comment Enter Copy Expenses same expenses as a previous event, you can copy the expenses from one event If an event requires the expenses, you Agreed amount from the original event is copied to the to another. When copy the Budgeted amount as event new . the Copy event another from expenses select the Expenses tab and click Copy from . 1. Copy expenses screen On the event record, The appears. displays the name of the field event. Copy The 2. to current from field, enter the 3. of the event to copy expenses from. To search for an In the Copy name magnifying A search screen appears. event, click the glass. the return click Save . To Expenses 4. to tab, Go To Vendor vendor vendor, from the Expenses tab view an event, select the constituent in the the as a To of appears. page constituent vendor’s grid.The Vendor View your database is a vendor for your events, you can view a vendor page that displays If a constituent in for about the constituent is assigned as a vendor. To view the constituent information the events which the in tab of an event, select the vendor from the grid. The vendor’s constituent as a vendor, Expenses to can Vendor on the View as menu click view the vendor page. where appears, page you

55 55 ETUP S VENT E Registration Options Event and about contains and preference options for the event. tab the Options The information registration for view of registrations for the event. For example, types a can Under Registration options , you the registration option with a registration type of Individual and a cost of class reunion, you can create a of Couple a cost of $20. From this grid, you can add and manage $15, and a registration with type event. the for options registration multi- level events management have registrants, Note: Event options determine whether can well as the corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for speakers, and lodging options, as can events. the options for events when you click Edit event multi- level However, you override . management options under Tasks has record of an event that packages sub- events. In this grid, The grid appears on the Registration the registration packages for the event. For example, for a weekend- you can view information about such as a golf tournament, luncheon, and dinner dance, you can long event with supporting events “Full three that includes all of supporting events. From the create a registration Weekend” package event. manage packages for the registration and can you grid, add

56 3 HAPTER C 56 can view information about event preferences. For example, for an event that Under , you Preferences use meal to track which registrants prefer a vegetarian food option. you food, includes can preferences can add preferences for the event. manage From the grid, you and Options Add Registration example, an of you can set up registration options. For event you can set up tab Options the On page, a registration type of General and a cost of $20 and a registration type of a registration option with of can You cost set up as many registration options for the event. Child with a $10. registration a Add option the event for which to add a the option. 1. record Open of registration tab. Options the Select 2. , click Add on the action bar. 3. Add a registration option screen Under Registration options The about items on this screen, refer to Add a the Option appears. For information Registration 58 . page on Screen

57 57 ETUP S VENT E the type of registration for which to add the option. 4. General , select Under to unique registration option. a Enter 5. identify name the the enter of registrations to associate with number field, the 6. In the Registration count option of Golf Foursome, enter 4. registration option. For example, for registration the enter cost of the registration option for the registrant. field, fee Registration the In 7. enter the cost of the registration 8. per registrant, for your organization. In the Cost field, option, search and select the benefits a registrant receives as a thank- you gift for 9. Under Benefits , for benefit, registrant the quantity the each receives and edit the the registration option. For enter information. detail or value unit return to Click Options tab. 10. Save . You the

58 3 HAPTER C 58 Screen Add Registration Option a the below the Add a registration option screen. For information about how table The items explains on to screen, Options on page 56 . this view to Add refer Registration Description Item Screen the the option. Select Registration registration associated with type type configures For information the types. administrator system registration Your available Restriction Types on page 19 Event . about registration types, refer to Name the registration option. By default, the registration type a unique name to Enter identify appears. for associate with the option. For example, to a Golf of the Enter Registration registrations number default, the registration count associated Foursome, the registration type count enter 4. By with appears. a registrant must pay to use the registration option to attend the event. the Registration fee Enter amount plus only of the event, or the cost cost a donation. be The the registration fee may registration option for your organization. The cost can include expenses Cost Enter the cost of event organization as catering, facility rental fees, or flowers, your incurs for such the option. registrants use the registration that of the by divided number select the benefits a registrant that uses Benefit registration option receives. Search for and the quantity each benefit in the registration option. For example, a registration Quantity Enter the of foursome a four of each benefit, one for each member of the for might golf option include foursome. individual each benefit included in the registration option. By default, the of value Unit Enter value the appears. catalog benefit the from values unit the value of each Total based on the unit value and quantity. value This column displays benefit, each For example, for a t- shirt, enter benefit. size or color. about information Enter Details its field displays Benefits total value of the benefits associated with total registration option. the This the value amount is the tax deductible portion of the registrant’s payment. The receipt The Receipt amount receipt its of fee, less the cost of the option and the value of registration is amount the cost the benefits. from an Event Options Registration Copy same registration options for a If of events, you can copy this information from one you use the variety You copy registration options to a single event can one or multiple other event another. to from events.

59 59 ETUP S VENT E event Copy options from another registration the record which to add registration options. the Open 1. event of for tab. Options the Select 2. from on the action bar. The options registration Under frame, click 3. Registration Copy Copy appears. screen options search for and 4. the event to copy registration options. In the Copy from field, select Options click Save . 5. To tab, the to return Registration Add Packages you can use registration packages to combine registration For from large, multi- level events, options events. registration packages, constituents can register for multiple events each of the supporting With action. one in registration package Add a 1. package. add to event the Open a supporting events with registration options defined in order to create Note: The event must have packages. registration Options 2. Select the tab. package click . The , a registration Add screen appears. packages Registration Under 3. Add

60 3 HAPTER C 60 for the package and mark the checkboxes for the registration options to include. 4. a name Enter a the this screen, refer to Add on Registration Package about For more information items . Screen on page 61 registration you a must select more than one registration option. However, Note: package, To create one registration option from each event. only select you can

61 61 ETUP S VENT E package, click Save . 5. save the registration To Package Registration a Add Screen on this screen. table The explains the items below Description Item Screen name registration package. Name Enter describes the that a accurately field in Included registration options frame, the Total checkbox a mark you time Each Total the value of all registration options updates to display the current total marked. column the registration options for each supporting Registration The Registration option displays the “Nonmember.” add a registration option to or registration “Member” as such option event, To To remove a registration option, unmark its package, mark its corresponding checkbox. checkbox. fee displays the cost of each registration option. The Registration fee Registration column the column registrations for each registration option. This Registration number displays of count Preferences Registration Add size information such as T- shirt you or meal preferences. For events, can capture many preference event, you can include these preferences When the registrant. someone registers for the for Add a registration preference which to add a preference. 1. the event for Open registration click under Preferences . The Add a tab, preference screen 2. Options the On Add appears.

62 3 HAPTER C 62 for the preference, such as “Shirt size,” and enter the options available for the 3. a name Enter preference. . Click 4. Save Copy Preferences Event this registration a variety of events, you can copy for information from same preferences If the use you one copy event preferences to a single event from one or multiple other event to another. You can events. another event Copy event preferences from for to event copy event preferences. 1. Open the which event tab, from under Preferences . The Copy Copy preferences screen On Options click 2. the appears. from field, click the magnifying 3. to open the Event Search screen and select In the Copy glass copy preferences. the event event to . Click 4. Save

63 63 ETUP S VENT E Invitations about information to invite to the event. The Event contains tab Invitations the The constituents invitees summary event. In this grid, you select to view a list of all a displays grid for Invitees of the add invitees invitees or copy can from another event. For more invitees for the event and new you tab, refer Invitations on page 127 . to the and invitations about information Invitations multi- level events can have registrants, Note: Event management options determine whether as and corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for speakers, lodging options, as well the event override for events when you click Edit options can multi- level events. However, you the options under Tasks . management Designations Event fees. designations to associate with an event’s can When you select Designations the On you select tab, default designation. Fees apply designations, the default designation. You can you also select a to amount, the Designation tab of the registrant record. For information change the designation and on Designation tab the registrant record, refer to Event Registrant Record on view to how about the of . 93 page fees you select Event allows designations on Designation on the Add The Note: tab appears if only about how view the Add an event screen, refer to Add Events on an event screen. For information page 28 . for event designations fee Edit an the event which to edit designations. record the for Open 1. of tab. Designations Select 2. the Edit designations screen appears. 3. Click Edit . The associate to the event. 4. Select a designations with designation. default a Select 5. the to Click Designations tab. Save 6. You return .

64 3 HAPTER C 64 Documentation a is event, you can manage documentation for this event and sub- events. this If multi- Note: level on notes event record. For more information, refer to Notifications an notifications add can to You on . 65 page whether multi- level events can have registrants, Note: Event management options determine as well the corresponding tabs. Event templates set the options for speakers, and lodging options, as click you the options for events when you override Edit event However, events. level multi- can . management options under Tasks Notes tab, can add notes to track helpful or interesting information about your On the Documentation you records. Notes Add can track notes about your records. the you Documentation On tab, note a Add record. of a the 1. to Documentation tab Go . The Add a note 2. appears. Click Add note screen note Enter the date, title, author, and the content of the note. type. 3. Select a You return to the Documentation tab. . Save Click 4.

65 65 ETUP S VENT E Note Screen Add a Description Item Screen the system administrator configures note types. Type note. The type Select of note. of date the Enter Date the the Enter of purpose, or title, Title the note. click the magnifying glass. A search screen appears. Author To search for an author, note. content Notes Enter the of the Notifications of about a record important a group information records with share to you allow Notifications or all users should receive a notification or users. a targeted group of You can determine whether only notify users to when they open the record of a board member. users. For example, you all every record They are available only for: available not type. are Notifications for records Adjustment Bank • Account • Bank Account Deposit records records Correction • Bank Account Deposit Constituent records • records Event • records Membership • Revenue records • Notifications of a record. appear on the information bar

66 3 HAPTER C 66 also appear in the Constituent Window of a revenue batch. Note: for constituents Notifications notifications to on a separate screen when users view a record. The notification also can You set appear the a a record during a session. If you leave views record and return time user screen appears the first screen does not appear again. However, if you return after within 60 minutes, the notification more notification appears again. than 60 minutes, the screen also groups records for Administration . You can of create notifications notifications create can You in the Documentation tab of the record. for a record from Records Specific Add Notifications to you can add a notification to a note on a record. You can select or create a the Documentation tab, On message the the notification to the note. with note and notification’s add notification a Add record. of a the 1. Go Documentation tab to to use for the notification. The note’s title and 2. appear as the notification. Select a note text add note to the record before you can add a notification. Note: a You must . The Add notification screen appears. notification Add 3. Click

67 67 ETUP S VENT E display the notification, whether to display it in a notification window, and 4. how long to Select notification. view who users the the the display to display it in a notification window and 5. to long whether how notification, Select view the notification. who users the Sales, Daily in and Daily Sales , we recommend you avoid Note: queries and When you select Display in smart because could cause a degradation in performance. complex query criteria for notifications it You to Documentation tab. 6. Click the . Save return Links Media can save links to websites or On materials stored outside of the the Documentation tab, you related program. Add Media Links link, you enter the website address. When add a media you Add a media link record. a the 1. Go Documentation tab of to . The Add a media link screen appears. 2. Click Add media link type. Enter the date, title, and author. Enter the URL for a website. 3. link Select a media return to the Documentation tab. You . Save 4. Click

68 3 HAPTER C 68 Screen Add Media Link a Description Item Screen media link. The system administrator configures media link types. Select of the Type type the date the Enter Date media of link. of link. purpose, the Title Enter the title, or click the binoculars. A search screen Author To search for an author, appears. for a website. URL the Enter URL Media Attachments records. When you attach a file, the program You a copy in the database. can attach items to stores Add Attachments track additional details about records. When you attach a file, the program use to You can attachments database. the stores a copy in Add attachment an record. of a the Go 1. Documentation to tab . 2. Add an attachment screen appears. Click Add attachment The attachment Enter the date, title, and author. To search for the attachment, click 3. Select an type. . file Choose Click to the Documentation tab. Save You return 4. . Screen Attachment an Add Item Screen Description attachment. The Type administrator configures attachment types. Select the type of system of the attachment. Date Enter the date or attachment. of the title, Title Enter the purpose, screen the the binoculars. A search click appears. for author, Author To search attachment, click Choose file . To File an attachment, click Open file . To remove To locate the view Clear file . click attachment, an

69 69 ETUP S VENT E Job Occurrences use require to perform jobs such as crowd control or the preparation may event Your of the volunteers the jobs volunteers at an event, select the Job Occurrences tab and view To invitations. of manage for on the event record. options events can management things such as have whether multi- level Note: determine Event the as corresponding tabs. Event templates set the well options, lodging and speakers, registrants, as you can override the options for events when you click Edit options for multi- level events. However, event management options under Tasks . Under the jobs associated with the event. For each occurrence, you can Job Occurrences , you can view and active. times for the job and whether the occurrence is start To view information such as the end occurrence, in the occurrence job the grid. The window appears view any information select about a job department, and comments entered. location, as information displays and such can filter the occurrences that appear in To grid. On the action bar, click Filters , find a job, you the the to view and click Apply . You can select to view occurrences by select the criteria of occurrence time, as recurring; location; or job department. You can also such type frequency ongoing, one- or occurrences, job remove the filters and display all To active select whether occurrences. to display only click Reset on the action bar. schedules. the job occurrences and their job event’s manage can you the From grid, record of a job and manage information such as volunteer traits. To view • job You can view the the select occurrence in the grid. record for an occurrence, the occurrence. job to view volunteers assigned to an schedule From the occurrence • You can access and assign the job occurrence to volunteers. To the the schedule for schedule, you can match view the in the grid and click Schedule occurrence the action bar. select occurrence, job a on

70 3 HAPTER C 70 a Job Schedule report for a job occurrence. This report displays dates and • can generate You occurrence. with the Job Schedule report for a job occurrence, associated volunteers To an view grid in View schedule on the action bar. occurrence the select and the click occurrence, job with the event. To add a job associated click manage occurrences • You can add and you add a job occurrence from an event, Add select the job to on the action bar. When you enter about its occurrence. From the grid, information can also and event an with associate you edit or delete it from the select a job occurrence and event. a level event, you can add and view job occurrences for this event and sub- Note: If this is multi- events. Schedule the job occurrence schedule, the Job record, report, or about job the For more information job occurrences, refer to the Volunteers Guide how to add or manage . Options Lodging travel to your event from some registrants and require lodging facilities may You have who distance motels. To accommodate your registrants, your organization such negotiate with as hotels or may reserve number of rooms for the event. Your organization may also provide on- lodging facilities to a registrants and To view the lodging facilities and rooms accommodations lodging site for guests. the event, tab. an for allocated Lodging select Options determine multi- events can have registrants, whether options management Event Note: level well as the corresponding tabs. speakers, templates set the options for and lodging options, as Event you override the options for events when can click Edit event However, events. level multi- you . management options under Tasks the lodging locations with rooms allocated for the event appear. For each Under Lodging options , of the room allocated for the event, how many of those rooms are view number location, you can many remain at the location, and how many room are assigned assigned more to registrants, how to capacity. than registrants a multi- level event, you can manage lodging If for this event and any sub- events. Note: this is options

71 71 ETUP S VENT E the room counts by type for a location, click its plus sign. As users associate To a breakdown of view the options program updates the number of rooms that remain lodging event, with registrants for the To view room types and counts for all locations, click Expand all on the at type each of location. the bar. action the appears it in the grid. The window a and displays additional view To information location, select about the location. the discount code and comments for add and lodging locations. From the grid, you can manage Add Event an for Options Lodging negotiate with multiple your facilities to To accommodate registrants, your organization may lodging reserve event. On the Lodging options tab of an event record, you can add a number of rooms for the that have rooms allocated for the event. When you add a information about the lodging locations lodging you and enter information about the rooms reserved for lodging option, select the location registrants. your option a Add lodging Open event to add a lodging option. which for the record the 1. of click Add 2. Lodging options . The Add a lodging option On the Lodging Options tab, under appears. screen multi- level event, you can add lodging options for this event and sub- events. In 3. If this is a the event the lodging option. Event field, select the for If the with rooms allocated for the event. location your location select lodging 4. Search for and add it. does not appear, you can at grid, information about the rooms allocated enter the location. types Room the In 5.

72 3 HAPTER C 72 column, select the types of rooms allocated at the location, such as Smoking and a. the Type In bed or configure room types when you add the lodging location smoking Non- size. by You database. the to the number of occupants each room type holds. b. enter Sleeps the In column, enter the room reserved for each type. of c. In the Allocated column, number to the Lodging Options tab. 6. Click Save . You return GL Mapping Tab post up GL Ledger information, such as accounts, transaction you transactions, must set To successfully . Administration in mappings segment and mappings, for items, such as appeals or events, the GL Mapping tab appears When you create segment mappings example, the you select appeal as a segment in an account structure, when on item’s record. For once the the tab appears. From the GL Mapping tab, you can view Mapping the view you GL record, appeal mapping. the edit and value segment in Administration . To Note: the Map Segment page, select an You create segment mappings view GL Setup page. From an account system page, Ledger Define Segment account system the from click . Mappings the GL Ledger mapping of an item, select the To Mapping tab on the item’s view and manage GL of with potential segment mappings are: fundraising purposes, record. Additional examples items membership and events, levels. does not appear on records that are used as segments in more than one Note: Mapping The tab GL database. account structure within the When toward an item, such as a designation, the GL mapping apply a revenue transaction you default the a revenue record. From the revenue record’s GL information automatically on appears as the segment mapping. edit can tab, Mapping you Edit mapping of an item such as a designation or appeal, select the GL Mapping 1. On the record tab. mapping click Edit . The Edit mapping screen appears. 2. Under GL , segment a associate with this item. Select 3. value different to value value segment Edit mapping screen, the from is automatically a edit you When the Segment page in Administration. To view updated Map Segment page, click on the Map the on GL Ledger Setup page of Administration . Define Segment Mappings the Save the Mapping tab, click GL . return To 4. to

73 73 ETUP S VENT E Attributes useful store events. You can set up event attributes in to you allow information Attributes about or them on the Attributes tab of the event page events on the add Administration , and to you can Asking Friends Configure page. Event attributes can supplement the Event Details tab of the Friends that event can track information that is important to your information stored on records so you number unlimited attributes for events. organization. You of an create can Event Add Attributes an event page, you can add attributes for On event. You can use attributes to the Attributes tab of the details your event. manage and track important about for tab if your system administrator configured event Attributes The Note: events appears only to categories, attribute how refer to the Administration attributes. For add more information about . Guide attribute event an Add of 1. event record, click Add . The Add event attribute screen appears. On the Attributes tab an items this screen, refer to Add Event Attribute on on page 74 . the about information For Screen

74 3 HAPTER C 74 field, select a category for the attribute. Your system administrator sets up 2. the Category In . in categories attribute Administration enter field, or description for the attribute. For example, if the category is 3. Value the a In value identifies Make enter a value that accurately to Award." Awards, you might enter "Service sure attribute throughout your database. the valid and fields, enter the dates when the attribute is date for the event. date Start the In 4. End enter information or comments about the 5. In the Comment field, attribute. You to the Attributes tab. 6. Click Save . return Screen Attribute Event Add on this screen. table explains the The below items Description Screen Item the attribute. Your system administrator sets up attribute Category Select a category for Administration categories . in description for the attribute. For example, a the category is Awards, Value Enter value or if Award." Make sure to enter a value that accurately identifies you can enter "Service the database. attribute throughout your date End start date and end date when the attribute is valid for the event. Enter / date Start the about attribute. information the Comment Enter comments or Web Forms can enter an event description to display on web forms. When you create On the event record, you a to website users to register for the event allow this description appears on Web in form web online, web form. the to event on web form Add an description display record, the Web Forms tab. On 1. select event the the Edit description for The forms screen appears. In event editor, enter the . Edit Click 2. web description. web form in Web for this event, the description appears on the When you create a form. web You return to Save event record. 3. Click . the

75 75 ETUP S VENT E Event Page Summary supporting with the main event page, you can view an event event an For events, associated from brought a which all tasks, registrants, and expenses are in in is view summary page. The event summary view the summary page, on the main from page, click View the individual supporting events. To event in summary area of the main event the the summary event] [selected for page. Summary Events summary The contains information about the event and supporting events. On Events tab in the view the summary page, you can add supporting events, edit events, and delete the Events tab of event events. how add supporting events, refer to Add an about to the Hierarchy on Event For more information to . 76 page Events edit events, refer to Edit about on page 41 . For more how to information

76 3 HAPTER C 76 the Hierarchy Add Event to an large organization of smaller events, you can add supporting events your If events sponsors comprised year, example, have an alumni weekend in May each you you can designate For if to a main event. event and add supporting events such as “dinner” or “Alumni outing” to Weekend” as the main “golf the main event. hierarchy an to the Add event event. for add a supporting to event the Open 1. which the action bar. The Add an event to the 2. screen appears. Click Add on hiearchy in fields. For more information about the items on this screen, refer to 3. Enter information the on page . Event an Add Screen 30 . Save Click 4. Summary Tasks event summary, the Tasks/Coordinators tab displays tasks for all events associated When you view an sort By in the Tasks grid, the tasks are listed by event. To default, the events, click with the main event. which to sort. by column the

77 77 ETUP S VENT E Registrants Summary summary, an tab displays registrants for all events associated with view you When the event Registrants the listed grid, the registrants are in by event. To sort the the main Registrants event. By default, to sort. which by column click events, the Expenses Summary summary, the Expenses tab displays expenses for all events associated with you view an When event default, the Expenses grid, the expenses are listed by event. To sort in events, the main event. By the which to sort. by column the click

78 3 HAPTER C 78 Page Events Overview accessible Overview , displays all events and their associated tasks in a Events The from page, Events Overview and you can manage all your organization’s events Events tasks, or single view. On the page, events From tabs, you can add, edit, and delete you. or tasks, mark tasks to assigned those only the specific complete, or tasks. and go to events Tasks page, the Tasks tab displays tasks for events. By default, tasks appear by event. Events On the Overview you, click column by events, to sort. To display only those tasks assigned to the To sort the which click Only show my tasks . and Filters select

79 79 ETUP S VENT E events, refer to Manage Tasks on page 44 . For on tasks and information Events page, tab displays all events. By default, under Events , events appear the the On Event overview Events column the which to sort. click by alphabetically. To sort the events, and edit events, refer to Add For on page 28 and Edit Events on information about how to add Events . 41 page Calendar Event from an event record, click View event calendar under More information To view the event calendar, event bar. displays events that occur within the selected date range. You on the explorer The calendar can by day, site, category, or location. You week, mark events displayed can narrow the events month, the event calendar. to not be displayed on can view available events and tasks, but a task owner can view only all Note: An event coordinator to him personally. assigned events and tasks those

80 3 HAPTER C 80 you must take before you can schedule events. For more information about the There several steps are to process, Checklist on page 25 . setup event Event refer Setup Day View Event Calendar by With select different views. You can view a detailed calendar for a specific event calendar, the you can that detailed about events and tasks scheduled for information day. The day includes view The day. day by hours. To view the event calendar for view specific day, select the day and click is broken down a top the screen. The day view appears. Day at the of Week by View Event Calendar you can select different views. You can view a detailed calendar for a specific With the event calendar, scheduled includes information about events and tasks detailed for that week. view week The week.

81 81 ETUP S VENT E down by days. To view the event calendar for a specific week, select a day in The view is broken week at the of the screen. The week view appears. click top and week that Week Month by Calendar View Event can select different views. You can view a detailed calendar for a specific With the event calendar, you information for events and tasks scheduled includes the entire month. month. The month view about down specific weeks. To view the event calendar for a broken month, select a The month view is by The click at the top of the screen. Month month view appears. month that in day and

82 3 HAPTER C 82 Tasks Filter Events and Calendar checkboxes use top of the event calendar to determine which tasks and events can You at the the . and events, mark Include completed events active To include completed include To appear. both tasks, mark Include both tasks . The event calendar automatically completed and active completed updates. can view all events and tasks, but a task owner can coordinator only those tasks event Note: An view to him personally. assigned events and

83 chapter 4 Event Registration

84 4 HAPTER C 84 Registrants Guests 85 and Options Status Registrant 85 Event 86 Update All of an Registrants Guests and Registrants Add 87 Guests 89 Registrants Edit and Add 90 Registrants Guest Registrants 90 Edit Registrant 91 Edit ID Events 91 Add Registrants and Guests for Multiple 93 Event Registrant Record Options Registrant Page 94 94 Tab Registrations Benefits Registrant 95 Edit 96 Benefits for an Event Registrant 97 Registrant Lodging and Travel Registrant a for Information 98 Lodging Add Add Registrant a for Information Travel 100 100 Clear All Registrant Travel Information Restrictions Registrant 100 Restrictions Edit Registrant 100 Restrictions Default Constituent Edit 101 Participation 102 Registrant an a Speaker 103 Add Registrant as Event 104 Speaker Registrant Edit Information 104 Registrant Attributes Attributes Registrant 104 Add Delete 106 Attributes Registrant View Registrant 106 manage registrants With registrations for each event. On the Registrations tab of an Events , you can and add registrants. When you register a constituent event an event, you record the page, you can for constituent Once you add a registrant, you can then add registrations, registration options the selects. registrant’s attributes the registrant. You can also record the registrant guest registrants, and for the event. for status attendance

85 85 EGISTRATION R VENT E Registrants Guests and an tab you can view and manage information about registrants Registrations the On event of record, guests. their and you fee balance for each registrant and identify who Under Registrations the registration can , view status conflict review who has a attendance with another registered online. You can also check and The a the registrant name in the grid. select about information additional view To event. registrant, information about record items on this record, refer to Event of the registrant appears. For the . Registrant Record on page 93 for invited guests. Tip: unregistered Additional information does not display events of a main event, such Note: two receptions on the same Conflicts occur only between sub- as weekend. alumni an during night an When from the event Invitations tab the invitee displays on the you create and send invitation “Invitation” Status = “No reply.” Registrations tab: Type = and over list may be difficult to find a specific registrant. To narrow the registrant the As time, increases it event by registrant status, if the registrant attended, or registrant, type such the filter can you list, grid Select the criteria of the registrants to view and click Apply as To remove the Invitation or Walk- in. . registrants the grid, click Reset . filter and view all in Registrant Status Options indicate can mark the status the a registrant, such as to registrant whether he event record, you From of attends the event. or cancels she or

86 4 HAPTER C 86 Description Screen Item a attend you that he or she cannot attend an event, select this option. registrant not Will When informs registrant select Mark as, Will not attend . In the grid, the Status this, and do To the click the registrant. for selected column displays Will not attend you that he or she will attend an event, select this Will To attend When a registrant informs option. and Mark as, Will attend click registrant the select this, do . informs you he or she will atend an event, but then does not show up No- show When a registrant option. you, do this, select the registrant and click Mark without notifying select this To the the Attended column displays No show for the selected show In as, No- grid, . registrant can indicate which registrants attended the event. To mark a Attended After an event, you registrant attended, the grid and click Mark as, Attended . In registrant as in select the registrant. displays for the selected Yes column Attended grid, the the the constituent accepts an invitation to an event and wants to register for the event, Register for event If The Register registrant screen appears. click the button. Add If not an invited registrant as declined and you later need to change the status back as Mark you mark column Mark declined . In the grid, the Status not displays “No select to No as reply, declined and the Register button is activated, allowing you to reply” for the selected registrant event. constituent register the for the or event, you mark a registrant as Mark when he if she did not actually an After not as attended you can indicate that the registrant did attended attend the event. not the attend the event, Select Mark Mark as not attended . registrant and click , an Registrants All Event Update of statuses the of all registrants When open attendance attendance after an update to want you with can use the Update event attendance task. For example, you may want to designate event is over, you open registrants as “No- show.” all with an status attendance registrant statuses Update all unspecified record, under Tasks , click Update 1. attendance . The Update event From the event event appears. screen attendance

87 87 EGISTRATION R VENT E unspecified registrant attendance statuses to No- show or Attended . 2. to change all Select and the . Any registrant in the Registrations grid without a complete To 3. click update Save now Attended selected attendance status. the in assigned status displays column your Guests and Registrants Add businesses vendors, and other attendees, are Registrants event the coordinators, instructors, players, for the that or any other person involved with the event. You can use supply a service or product event, event to add registrants and registrant page an of tab Registrations the guests. edit registrants and guests for Note: associated events that have When you add or multiple a weekend, refer to Add Registrants and Guests for Multiple registration packages, such as reunion 91 page on Events . event Add for a a registrant single the Registrations tab. select event the On 1. page, for events from Advance sales and Daily sales Note: Also, from Advance You can add registrants . and payments for past events. sales you can create accept Add a registrant screen appears. . Add Click 2. The

88 4 HAPTER C 88 field, select the constituent to register for the event. The Single Events tab 3. the Registrant In available registration event. the displays for options the next the a View notifications indicator appears record, to for Note: constituent If notifications exist Notifications may include the constituent’s event preferences for meals, the registrant or guest name. or requirements. special other seating, field, select whether the registrant Next registered for an event or 4. to the Registrant pre- for the event at the time it occurred. walked in to register option 5. select the predefined option your organization uses, such In the Registration column, “Couple.” or as “Adult,” “Child,” up event options and more refer to Event and For information about setting preferences, 55 . Registration Options on page registration the select Waive registration fee . 6. To waive fee, tab event multiple events, the Packages of appears. the When 7. consists

89 89 EGISTRATION R VENT E select a registrant in the Registrant column. To search for a 8. the appropriate package Under magnifying the click registrant, glass. 9. any guest or preference information, click Save . To the registrant, along with save Edit Registrants and Guests add event, you can change you information about that registration, the registrant for an After a the you change the constituent who is listed as cannot including guests preferences. event or However, registrant. primary edit registrants and guests for multiple associated events with registration Note: When you add or weekend, Registrants to Add reunion and Guests for Multiple Events on page packages, such as a refer . 91 or guest a Edit registrant to 1. the registration. which for event the Access edit of an event, click the down arrow next to the registration to edit. 2. On the Registrations tab registrations Edit The Edit registrant screen appears. 3. Click , Edit . each edit number tab, registrations for the constituent for the registration 4. On Event the of type. option

90 4 HAPTER C 90 next to the quantity to display registrant and guest information, as well as any 5. the arrow Click vary based the registration options and preferences for the The preferences. event fields on the also waive the event registration fee. For more can You event. checkbox select to options and to Event and Registration refer information about setting up preferences, event on page 55 . Options indicator for constituent record, a View notifications the exist are there When Note: notifications or guest name. Notifications appears include the constituent’s event next to the registrant may or special requirements. preferences for meals, seating, other Summary of on the Events tab, select the information tab. summary registration 6. To view a along 7. any guest or preference information, click Save . To save the registrant, with Registrants Guest Add Registrations tab of an event page to add registrants and their guests. If a registrant You can use the of a with the registration, you can enter the guest as a constituent in your includes the name guest database. guests first add the primary registrant. For more information, refer to Add can You when add you 87 page . on Guests and Registrants guests, you can edit the If later to add guest and preference a registrant has unknown registration refer to Edit Registrants and Guests on page 89 . information. For more information, Edit Registrants add you can edit details for that registrant. On the Registrations tab of the event you registrant, After a edit. grid, select a registrant to can Registrants page, in the you a registrant Edit tab select an event record, Registrations the registrant under Registrants and click 1. of On the . The Edit registrant screen appears. registrant Edit Edit ,

91 91 EGISTRATION R VENT E seating note information as necessary. You can also mark that the 2. the registrant or Update For the about editing the registration details, attended has registrant more event. information on and . Registrants Edit to refer page Guests 89 Save click To return to tab, . Registrations the 3. ID Registrant Edit program When generates a unique registrant ID. After you add an event registrant, the automatically edit the registrant ID if necessary, such as to use an ID from a you add a registrant, you can previous system. Edit a registrant ID an event record, select the registrant under Registrants . The Event 1. the Registrations tab of On registrant page appears. Tasks ID . The Edit registrant ID screen appears. click , Edit registrant 2. Under necessary. as ID the Edit 3. Event registrant page, click Save . In the summary view at the top of the 4. To return to the screen, the registrant ID updates. information through Import or Batch , you can use event registrant IDs Tip: you enter payment When event payments match automatically registrations. to to Events Registrants and Guests for Multiple Add the program a main type of registration. provides For events, supporting with events special a package or individual events. A registration package is a may choose Registrants register for to several supporting events. With a registration package, you combination of registration options from multiple register at once. Other registrants may choose to register for a can a constituent for events events this themselves and their guests. With individual registration, combination of packages and for and combination any types available for the selected event of its sub a select can registrant registration events.

92 4 HAPTER C 92 multiple events Add registrant for a event for to add registrations. the Access 1. main which Add of event record, click Add on the action bar. The main a the On 2. tab the Registrations appears. screen registrant other supporting events in order to register individuals for multiple The main event must have events. tab. 3. Select the Packages for complete individual events only and not the Note: package To selected register the constituent events tab. Single the select of events, information to register a constituent and any guests for multiple events. 4. Enter the necessary based on registration options and preferences for each event. You can also The fields vary the waive the registration fee. checkbox the select to event indicator for exist record, a View notifications a appears associated notifications If Note: constituent or guest name. Notifications may include the constituent’s event preferences for next to the registrant special other meals, seating, or requirements. the events the necessary information to register Enter constituent for Single tab. the Select 5. single all the events associated with the packages on the Packages tab. events only and not

93 93 EGISTRATION R VENT E registrations for the constituent for each individual event. 6. the number of Enter quantity, enter arrow next to it to display registrant and guest click you After 7. the the on preferences. fields that appear vary based The the any as well as information, event each event. You can also select the checkbox to waive registration options and preferences for fee. the event registration Single events tab, click Save . To to the 8. return Event Registrant Record registrant about guests, event and preferences for the registrations, displays information record The tab. edit, delete information from this and add, You registrant. selected can

94 4 HAPTER C 94 Options Registrant Page you registrant the status of a registrant to indicate whether he or she cancels the From can page, mark event. the attends or Item Description Screen an a informs you that he When she cannot attend registrant event, select this option. or Mark not will as the registrant in the grid and click Mark as will not attend under Tasks To do this, select attend bar. on the explorer a registrant informs you that he or she will attend an event, select this option. To will Mark as When under registrant the grid and click Mark as will attend in Tasks on the attend do the this, select bar. explorer Mark event ends, you can update registrants to indicate they attended the event. To as attended After an as select the registrant in the grid and click Mark as mark a registrant attended, the Tasks explorer under attended on bar. on to registrants, refer to how Registrants and Guests add page 87 . about information more For Add how to edit registrants and guest registrants, refer to Edit Registrants and For more information about . page Guests on 89 Tab Registrations about the registration options for the information On this tab, tab contains Registrations The registrant. and delete registrations and guest information in addition to event preferences. can add, you edit

95 95 EGISTRATION R VENT E events, such as a reunion weekend, some events may occur at the same For event with supporting an constituent for single events that occur at the same time or overlap, a register you When time. a a of events The tab displays the dates and times conflict. each the that warning icon appears next to conflict and determine whether it is a mistake with the event so you can identify the registration. to guests or edit registrations, refer to Edit Registrants and add For more information about how . 89 page on Guests Benefits Registrant gives participation registrants for their organization in an event. For example, Benefits are gifts your to you an may send a free shirt as a thank you gift for participation. for when a constituent event, registers credit registration fees for a registrant, the value may account for a Although a benefit's value cannot and registration receipt amount for tax purposes.To view the difference between the amount the constituent an for a event registration, open the registrant information receives about the benefits tab. Benefits the select page and

96 4 HAPTER C 96 applicable benefits for the registrant appear. For each benefit, you can view its Under , the Benefits can also whether the registrant selected to waive the benefits. value. and quantity You view registrant and you can manage the benefits a role, receives. rights Depending on system your security Benefits for an Event Registrant on page 96 . For information, refer to Edit Registrant for Edit Benefits an Event eligible can the benefits the registrant From or is manage for, such as you record, registrant a receives for participation in the event. a thank- you gift registrant a Edit benefits for registrant record, select the Benefits tab and click Edit benefits . The Edit benefits On the event 1. Screen about on this screen, refer to Edit Benefits items on For appears. screen information the . 97 page registrant receives benefits for the registration. 2. Select whether the elects waive registrant the benefits associated with the registration, select Waive • If the to benefits . includes benefits for Friends Asking Friends events The registration and option waive Note: to benefits. incentive

97 97 EGISTRATION R VENT E to receive benefits for the registration, select Total benefits . In the • the registrant elects If registrant benefits each benefit, enter the quantity and edit the select grid, receives. the For as detail or value necessary. unit the information 3. the Save . You return to Benefits tab. Click Screen Benefits Edit Description Item Screen Waive all benefits associated with the event, select this option. benefits If the registrant elects to waive to receive benefits for the registration, select this option. The total Total benefits If the registrant elects appears. of value amount the benefits received receives. , and select the benefits the registrant for Benefit If search you select Total benefits benefit the registrant receives. Quantity Enter the quantity of each value monetary of each benefit. Edit the unit value as necessary. the displays column This Unit value the total value of each benefit Total registrant receives for the event, value This column displays the and value of the benefit. based on the quantity unit about each For example, for a t- shirt, enter its size or additional any Enter Details notes benefit. color. Travel and Lodging Registrant facilities your event and require lodging have such as hotels or may You who travel to registrants registrants, your organization may reserve a number of rooms for motels. To help accommodate your also may on- site lodging accommodations for registrants and the event. Your organization provide schedule at associated with an event or locations reservations lodging guests. As registrants make can track information about a registrant’s travel and travel plans on the to your event, you lodging of the host registrant’s record. tab Travel and Lodging

98 4 HAPTER C 98 can manage and view the lodging location where the registrant plans to stay Under , you Lodging can event. information such as the phone number where you can contact the the during also You view find the and reservation information the registrant has at the event the during registrant or room lodging location. can about how the registrant travels to you event and arrival and the information Under view Travel , registrant. can the travel information for the manage you , From information. departure Travel Registrant Add Lodging Information for a who travel your event from some distance and require lodging facilities You may have registrants to On track Lodging and Travel tab of a registrant record, you can motels. such as hotels or the during event. accommodations information about the registrant’s the configure information an lodging registrant, you must for the lodging add can you Before event available for registrants of the event. The locations automatically uses the and room types program and to calculate the number of available rooms that remain at each registrant’s room option number event. for that the number of registrants assigned a room number option We lodging the recommend exceed For capacity of its room type. not information about event lodging at a lodging the location on Lodging 70 . options, refer page to Options information registrant Add lodging of the event registrant, select the Lodging and Travel tab. 1. On the record click Under . The Add registrant lodging screen appears. 2. Lodging , Add event. location registrant plans to stay for the the You must lodging where 3. Select the as a lodging option configure the event. For information about event a lodging location for to Options on page Lodging . refer options, lodging 70

99 99 EGISTRATION R VENT E field, enter the phone number where your organization can contact the 4. the Phone number In event. the during registrant In the type of room the registrant reserves at the location. This the option field, select 5. Room that remain each type at the lodging of number the determines information rooms of location. at field, of rooms where the registrant stays the the number Room the In 6. enter number registrants already assigned the same room number, click location. To view the number of Check availability . the registrant’s reservation at the location. confirmation for the 7. Enter number the lodging checks in and out of the times location. 8. Enter the dates and registrant Lodging and tab, click Save . 9. To Travel return the to information registrant Add travel the event registrant, select the Lodging and Travel tab. 1. On the record of Add Add The click registrant travel screen appears. 2. Under Travel , . , and about how the registrant travels to and from Arrival Under 3. enter Departure information the event. field, means of transportation, such as air Type bus, the registrant uses for or the select a. In the field. the types available for this travel configures administrator system event. the Your select the name of the travel carrier the registrant uses, such b. Delta or In the Name field, as configures travel carriers available for this field. Greyhound. Your system administrator the or enter number, such as the flight number vehicle bus number. field, the c. In the Number time of the d. arrival or departure. Enter the date and registrant’s the and Travel tab, click Lodging . to return To 4. Save

100 4 HAPTER C 100 a Registrant Add Information for Travel who have your event from some distance. On the Lodging and Travel tab may You travel registrants to can record, about the registrant’s travel arrangements for the registrant a of track you information event. Information Travel Registrant All Clear delete a registrant record, you can the all travel information for the Lodging and From tab of Travel Clear all . When a message appears to registrant. whether to delete the travel Under Travel , click ask information, click Yes . information, you can enter the new travel information as necessary. After clear the you travel Restrictions Registrant mobility restrictions, such as allergies or or restrictions. After you have Registrants dietary physical may event, you can track restrictions on register Restrictions tab of a registrant constituents for an the record. track event restrictions on the Personal tab of a constituent record. When can Note: You also they automatically on the Restrictions tab of the specify records constituent restrictions, appear constituent tab, can Restrictions the restrictions added on the you registrant record. On the update record. Restrictions Registrant Edit or physical restrictions, such as allergies or mobility restrictions. On the Registrants may have dietary registrant a you can maintain restrictions for the registrant. Restrictions tab of record, Edit registration restrictions On the event registrant, select the 1. tab. Restrictions record of the The to and click Edit registration restrictions . restriction Registration 2. Select the edit appears. screen restrictions

101 101 EGISTRATION R VENT E types and options. 3. the necessary restriction Select or restriction not appear, you must configure a new one. For the If Note: option type does types Types options, refer to Event Restriction restriction on information about how to configure or page 19 . to click Save . the return Restrictions tab, To 4. Restrictions Default Edit Constituent on a constituent record, they When on the Restrictions tab of a event restrictions are set appear edit such as for a recent physical injury. registrant record. You can restrictions, Edit constituent default restrictions On event registrant, select 1. Restrictions tab. the record of the the screen default . The Constituent default restrictions restrictions 2. , Edit Click Constituent appears.

102 4 HAPTER C 102 types and options. 3. the restriction Edit restriction add a blank row, and select the restriction type and option. To • type, a click type type click the cell, and select the restriction option, or option. restriction or • To edit a select the row, and press D ELETE on • keyboard. When a To delete a restriction, your Yes confirmation message appears, click . Restrictions click the Save . 4. tab, to return To Registrant Participation in an event as more than an attendee. For example, a registrant may A registrant may participate agree the such as part of a welcome address or seminar session. To view information about to speak at event, registrant an the Participation tab on the select record. in the event, registrant’s involvement a registrant as a speaker from the record of the registrant or the event. For Note: You can add a add registrant as a speaker from the registrant record, refer to Add a information how to about Event Speaker on page 103 . an as Registrant

103 103 EGISTRATION R VENT E about the presentation given by the registrant appears, such Under information , information Speaker For scheduled how to edit this information, refer to Edit and topic as information time. about 104 . Speaker Information on page Registrant Speaker a Add Event an as Registrant or give a When at your event, you can add the registrant as a a registrant agrees to speak presentation registrant as an event speaker, the Participation tab appears on the registrant’s speaker. After you add a information record the presentation or special requests. so you can manage about event an Add speaker a registrant as the event registrant, click Add as an event speaker under Tasks . The Add a 1. On the record of screen appears. speaker enter the subject or title of Topic presentation the registrant gives. In 2. the field, the

104 4 HAPTER C 104 and Time fields, enter when the registrant is scheduled to speak. You must 3. the Date In the dates times of the event. presentation the schedule within and enter Comments about the registrant, such as a request to the In 4. additional field, information or explanation presentation, such as a detailed podium, of the have ice water near the the topic. registrant click Save . the 5. record, To to return Information Registrant Edit Speaker as a speaker to an event, the Participation tab appears on the registrant After you add a registrant can record. the speaker information, such as to reschedule the presentation. From this tab, you edit the information registrant record, you cannot edit a registrant speaker Note: When you from edit event. scheduled to speak at the registrant for Edit speaker information a tab. the registrant, 1. the Participation event of record the On select , click Edit . The Edit speaker screen appears. The items on this 2. Under Speaker information as Add same a speaker screen. For information about the items on this screen are the the a to an Event Speaker on page 103 . refer screen, Registrant Add as information. the 3. Edit tab, click Save . to To 4. return the Participation Attributes Registrant a registrant page, you can add On attributes for each registrant. the Attributes tab of multiple identify qualities, characteristics, and concerns associated the a you help attributes Registrant with Attributes tab, you can add, edit, or delete particular for the registrant. registrant. On the attributes tab only if your system administrator configured registrant attributes. Note: The Attributes appears to about categories, refer to the Administration Guide. attribute information For how add Attributes Registrant Add of a registrant page, you can add On for the registrant. The possibilities the Attributes tab attributes unlimited can be configured for the and of your events. are attributes with registrants

105 105 EGISTRATION R VENT E only if your system administrator configures registrant attributes. Note: Attributes tab appears The add how refer to the Administration Guide. about information For attribute to categories, Add a registrant attribute under record, select a registrant tab Registrants . On Registrants the of an event 1. Add under Attributes . The Add registrant 2. screen appears. On the Attributes tab, click attribute on screen, refer to Add Registrant Attribute Screen this For information about items the on . 106 page select the attribute category for 3. attribute. Your system administrator In the Category field, the configures the attribute categories. enter or select a value or description for the attribute. 4. the Value field, In and valid date fields, enter the dates when the attribute is date for the event 5. In the Start End registrant. field, additional information about the attribute. enter 6. In the Comment Attributes tab, click Save . to return To 7. the

106 4 HAPTER C 106 Add Attribute Screen Registrant Description Item Screen for the attribute. Your system administrator configures the Select category the Category attribute categories. attribute select description for the attribute. Enter Value a or or value the the and end dates when Enter attribute is valid. Start date start / End date about the attribute. information or comments Enter Comment additional Attributes Delete Registrant registrant attribute, can delete it as necessary. On the Attributes tab of a registrant After you add a you registrant attribute to delete. record, you can select a attributes. only appears system administrator configuresregistrant if For tab Attributes The Note: your add attribute information refer to the Administration Guide . about how to categories, attribute Delete a registrant tab Registrants event record, select a registrant under Registrants . The registrant of the On 1. an appears. record A the attribute and click Delete . tab, confirmation message appears. On 2. the select Attributes the Attributes tab, click Delete . 3. To return to Registrant View constituent database is a registrant for an event or multiple events, you can open event When your a in the events To view event information, from the constituent record, constituent. information about the Constituencies . under registrant Event click

107 107 E VENT R EGISTRATION views, refer to more Constituents Guide . For information about constituent the

108 5 chapter Event Seating Layouts Configure 109 Seating Layout Seating Event Screen Configure 112 Layouts Seating Copy 114 Seats Assign 115 Seating Screen 115 115 Frame Registrants Groups Frame 116 Frame Seats 117 Seats Assign Individual Registrants to 117 to 118 Assign Multiple Registrants Seats Seats Different to Registrants Reassign 119 Clear Seat Assignments 119 Groups Assign Registrants to 120 to 121 Assign Groups Seats Tables, or 121 Sections, Add Rows, Seats Tables, Seats 121 Rows, Sections, Rename or Tables, or Seats 122 Delete Sections, Rows, 122 Groups Event Seating Groups Add 122 Event Seating Groups 123 Edit Event Seating Groups 124 Seating Event Delete set up You for any type of event, including sporting events and dinners. Before you can can seating registrants groups of registrants to seats, you must first configure a seating layout. You can assign and and set number of sections, rows, tables, and seats. determine up the to configuring finish layout, you can assign registrants the seats. You can assign you After seating seats individually. You can also group registrants registrants request to sit together and assign to who group a section of seats. When you finish seating the registrants, you to generate a seating each can to verify the seating arrangement you created. summary

109 5 HAPTER C 109 Layouts Configure Seating participants, can define your seating layout. On the Configure Seating you Before you assign must to decide seating. You can set up sections, tables, and seats; you screen, Layout arrange how your of just seats. You can determine the number and sections, tables, or seats; and rows, sections, sections and you can name your sections, rows, rows, and seats. and seats you need; tables, you copy seating layouts from one event record to another. When you copy Tip: To can save time, numbers— sections, rows, seats, names, and tables, copies structure— entire arrangements, seating the event to the new event. For more information about how to over seating from the original copy Copy Layouts on page 114 . layouts, refer to Seating seating a Configure layout to configure a seating layout. 1. Open event record the seating under layout the explorer bar. The Configure event Tasks 2. Click Configure seating on appears. screen layout layout tab, enter the necessary information in the fields. For more information 3. On the Seating this the refer to Seating Layout Tab on page 112 . about items on tab, tab: layout On the Seating layout field, select whether to use “Sections, Tables, a. Seats,” “Sections, In the Seating and or “Sections and Seats.” Seats,” and Rows,

110 110 EATING S VENT E fields, enter the number of each sections, tables per section, and seats per b. the No. of In seating in include to table layout. the over, start Reset . c. click To clear all data and on the Seating layout tab before Note: can proceed to the You must complete the fields you tabs. Seats or Tables, Rows, Sections, enter the necessary information in the fields. For more information 4. On the Sections tab, about tab, to Sections Tab on page 112 . the items on this refer Rows For enter the necessary information in the fields. or more information 5. On the Tables tab, page tab, to Tables or Rows Tab on refer 113 . on items the about this

111 5 HAPTER C 111 tab, enter the necessary information in the fields. For more information about the 6. On the Seats refer on Seats Tab on page 114 . to items this tab, . Save Click 7.

112 112 EATING S VENT E Configure Seating Layout Screen Event about the on this screen. There is a separate table for contains below tables information The items tab. each Tab Layout Seating items on this tab. table information about below the The contains Screen Item Description seating You the select “Sections, Tables, and Seats,” can to arrangement use. Seating layout Select Seats.” and “Sections or Seats,” Rows, “Sections, and this link to open a from screen to locate an event to copy a seating layout from. a search Copy Click previous event number of sections. Each section is made up of a specific number of tables total the No. of sections Enter have only one section. can You seats. and rows or If your seating layout includes tables, enter the number of tables in No. section. of tables per each section of seating layout includes rows, enter the number your rows in each section. per No. of rows If section If per layout includes tables, enter the number of seats at each table. seats of No. your seating table seating appears based on the Total of sections, tables, rows, and Total seating The capacity number seats. capacity and click Reset . clear start data To over, Reset Sections Tab about the items on this The table below contains information tab. Screen Item Description the last table number of the previous section as the starting point when continuous To use Use select . continuous numbering numbering If you do not select numbering the next section, Use with first in each section begins numbering table “1.” , numbering continuous Use the

113 5 HAPTER C 113 Description Screen Item number The the number assigned to each section for which column number Section Section displays and tables seats. selected you Name each section. If you choose not to enter a name, the Enter unique name to identify a number default name “Section” appropriate and the displays. of If your seating layout includes tables or rows, the tables of tables or Number of or Number Number the number displays of tables or rows in each section. Number of column rows rows total table your includes tables or rows, the Starting layout number or Starting If table Starting seating row number column displays the starting number of the first table or row of each number or Starting numbering the continue previous section, select Use continuous row number section. To from not do continuous numbering , the first table or row in select Use you If . numbering value “1.” the with numbering begins each section or Ending If your seating layout includes tables or rows, the Ending table number table Ending row number the displays number number of the last table or row in each section. The or Ending column is Use on whether you select displays continuous numbering . number number that row based Tables or Tab Rows The on this tab. below table explains the items Description Item Screen row, or table to view table, row, or seat information. Sections Select a section, row use seat number of the previous table or last as the starting point when Use continuous To the table, select Use continuous numbering . If you do not select Use numbering numbering the next first seat each table or row begins numbering with “1.” , numbering continuous the at number If layout includes tables or rows, the Table seating or Row number column Table your number or of each table or row. The table number row number is based on whether or displays the number Row on selected Sections tab. you Use continuous numbering the to to each table or name If you choose not identify enter a name, the unique a Enter Name row. “Row” and the appropriate number displays. default name “Table” or Number total seats column displays the The number of seats included at each table or Number of seats of row. each in seat number column displays the starting number of the first seat at each The seat Starting Starting continuous from previous table, select Use the numbering number continue To table. do not select Use continuous numbering , the first seat numbering each table . If you at “1.” begins numbering with Ending table. number column displays the number of the last seat at each Ending The seat table The continuous is on whether you select Use based numbering . displays number number that

114 114 EATING S VENT E Seats Tab items explains tab. below table The on the this Description Item Screen , your seating layout, select a section to view table, row, or seat information. Sections , Depending on Rows Tables or seat number assigned to each seat. The displays number is number column The the number Seat Seat continuous numbering for the section, table, or row. based on whether you selected Use identify a seat. If you choose not to enter a new name, the Name Enter unique name to each number appropriate displays. the and default name “Seat” the name of the registrant assigned Assigned the seat. The Assigned registrant column displays to page 115 on Seats Assign to For more information on how . to assign registrant refer seats, Copy Seating Layouts copy seating layouts from one event record to another. When you copy seating save you can To time, rows, sections, and numbers— copies over from the structure— seats, the arrangements, tables, names, event When use continuous numbering on the original event. record, the new the to event original you the new event record. continuous numbering sequences copy to another seating Copy a layout from event to a seating layout. record configure 1. Open event the under Tasks on 2. explorer bar. The Configure seating layout Click Configure seating layout the appears. screen

115 5 HAPTER C 115 a previous event . The Event Search screen appears. 3. Copy from Click layout copy previous event, locate the event and click Select . You return to the To 4. from a a now screen, event seating information. layout seating Configure the displays which Save Click 5. . Seats Assign you can assign registrants to seats.You can assign participants to After you configure seating layouts, to group who request to sit together and assign each group participants individually, and you can seats seats. of section a Seating Screen divided into the Registrants frame, the Groups frame, The the Seating frame. seating screen is and explain items on this screen. The tables below the Registrants Frame to of the registrants and guests added the the event from the Registrants frame names The displays event record. The table below explains this items in this frame. Registrants tab of the Screen Item Description registrant assign a registrant to a section, table, row, or seat, select the section/ and the table to To Assign the frame, click Assign Registrants []. in and, table/row/seat to

116 116 EATING S VENT E Screen Description Item a To a group, select the registrant and the group. In the Registrants group to Add registrant add to group to Add click frame, . of the following: “All registrants,” “Seated registrants,” To Show the registrants, select one filter & registrants,” “Ungrouped registrants,” “Grouped registrants,” “Unseated “Ungrouped registrants,” unseated guests.” with “Registrants or The registrant. column displays Name the Name of each name of the registrant of whom the selected Host is a The Host column displays the name registrant guest no one, the Name column and the Host column of guest. When the registrant a is name. registrant’s selected the display of a group, that group name appears here. You can add Group When the registrant is part an tab record or on the seating screen. registrants through the Groups of event displays count of guests each registrant brings to the Guest The the count Guest number column any guests, displays in this column. “0” not does registrant the event.When have to a seat, the full seat location (including assigned section, Seat After you assign the registrant column. row) table, or displays in this Seating displays about seating. You enter seating comments additional column note seating The note of notes Edit registrant or guest screen. For example, if a in the Seating note field the seated guest his wife who is also a registrant, you can indicate registrant needs to be by note. this with a seating Frame Groups frame, for the event appear. You can also create a group for the groups In Groups create you it. create a group, you can add participants to name You can you participants to and sit together. After section, table, or row in the Seats frame. The table below explains the items then assign the group to a frame. in this Screen Description Item of registrants, click Add . The Add event group screen To For more Add create a new group appears. page 122 on Groups Seating Event Add the items on this screen, refer to . information about on add Seating screen, it is added to the Groups tab for the selected When you a group the event as well. edit after you add them, select the group to group and click Edit . The To edit of registrants a Edit For more information about the items on this screen, refer to Edit event group screen appears. page Groups Edit Event Seating on 123 . a of registrants, select the group and click Delete group delete This deletes this group . Delete group To just from the seating layout. not event, the from group

117 5 HAPTER C 117 Description Screen Item To group to a section, table, or row, select the group and the destination and, in the to assign [x] Assign a [x]. Assign click frame, Groups to frame from select that registrant in the Groups group, and click a To remove a Remove registrant registrant from the group, but does not affect the Remove registrant. This removes registrant the registrant. this for registration Frame Seats can view each section, and the tables, rows, and seats underneath In section. the Seats frame, you each table, row, click the plus sign. The table below explains the items in this frame. To expand a section, or Screen Item Description new section/ select an existing item and click this button. A To item is added to the item, create an New selected. you list item table/row/seat delete a section, Delete row, or section/ select it and click this button. The item is deleted. table, To seat, table/row/seat arrows to move a section, row, table, or seat up or down on the seating screen. Click Up/down arrows the Seats Registrants Individual Assign to at the you can assign each registrant to a seat screen, a table or the Registrants seating frame From of within a section. row message to section, table, or row, a warning a appears when there registrants assign you Note: When to accommodate a registrant. A screen alerts are and asks if you want to add not enough seats you a click Yes . When you click No , no one is assigned to a seat. seats. To add seat, to a Assign a registrant seat The record, Assign seats event Tasks . click seating screen appears. the On 1. under

118 118 EATING S VENT E a registrant. In the Seats frame, select a seat. 2. Registrants , select Under []. The is assigned to the seat. You can assign registrants to seats to Assign Click 3. seat registrant or tables, you assign a registrant to a section, table, or specific to sections. just or rows, When row. first seat in that section, table, or available to assigned is registrant that row, the under Registrants , you can also click and drag the registrant to a Note: After you select a registrant and you to assign the registrant to a seat. seat, or can right- click select event record, To return to the click Save 4. Seats to Registrants Multiple Assign seating From you can assign multiple registrants to seats or a the Registrants frame of the screen, section. This procedure shows you how to drag and drop multiple registrants table or row within a the You frame. to can also select multiple registrants in the from the Registrants frame Seats Assign use on the action bar to assign registrants to the Seats and frame Registrants to the button frame. to section, table, or row, a warning message registrants when there appears Note: When you assign a you accommodate A screen alerts you and asks if registrant. want to add to seats enough not are a click Yes . When you click No seats. no one is assigned to a seat. To add a seat, , seats Assign multiple registrants to screen click under Tasks . The seating seats appears. 1. Assign On the event record, hold down the S HIFT key and 2. the Registrants frame, select To assign multiple registrants, in the frame, select a section, table, Seats row. In registrants. appropriate the or

119 5 HAPTER C 119 registrants under Registrants , you can click and drag them to a row or table Note: you select After the them or table, or you can right- click and select to assign them to a selected assign and to row table. or row selected Click registrants are assigned to the seats in the section, table, or Assign to []. The registrant 3. row you selected. . the event record. Click return You to 4. Save Seats Different Registrants Reassign to to place the registrant somewhere else after you assign a registrant to a If you determine you need registrant another seat. the seat, you can reassign to the Seats frame, click on a registrant and drag them to a different seat to Tip: To save time, in the seat. to automatically reassign the registrant new to another seat Remove a registrant and assign click under seats record, Tasks . The seating screen appears. 1. Assign On the event seat to reassign. the ,click Seats 2. Under . The registrant is removed from that seat. 3. Select Remove registrant registrant assign a different seat, select the seat under Seats . 4. To the to select Registrants and click Assign to seat . Under 5. the , registrant event to Save . return To click the record, 6. Seat Clear Assignments the Registrants frame to the Seats frame, you can After your seating you assign participants from clear clear assignments when you have assigned groups seating the Groups also can You assignments. from frame. For information about assigning groups to seats, refer to Assign Groups frame to the Seats to 121 Seats on page . assignments seating Clear click Assign seats under Tasks . The seating screen appears. event On record, the 1. on the event name.. click , Seats Under 2. . Seating assignments 3. from your seating arrangement in the Select Clear section disappear can assign registrants to seats again. Seats frame. You now the event record, click Save . return To 4. to

120 120 EATING S VENT E to Groups Assign Registrants event, for often request to sit with other registrants. To register participants When they an may create named After you create a named group you wishes, registrants’ your accommodate can groups. or can the entire you to seats at the same table assign row and add registrants group, the to group section. a within registrants to a group Assign click Assign under Tasks . The seating screen appears. 1. On the event record, seats an If they appear under Groups . for a group does not 2. When event, groups already exist The Add group screen appears. a . Add exist, already click to create the group. For more information about 3. to add a Enter and save information how Event Groups on page 122 . group, refer to Add Seating or delete group from the Groups tab of the event record. Groups you add, can You a Note: edit, tab. added the grid on the Groups to are screen the through create seating the icon beside the group name to highlight it. 4. Under Groups , click a select 5. Under Registrants , registrant. in to hold down the S HIFT key and group, the Registrants frame, registrants Tip: To a assign multiple registrants. select the under . registrant now appears with the group The Groups . group to Click 6. Add

121 5 HAPTER C 121 registrant to a group, you can also click a registrant name in the Registrants frame and Tip: add a To group in Groups frame. To add multiple registrants, hold down the S HIFT key and in to it drag a the registrants select them to a group in the Groups frame. frame, Registrants the and the drag event record, . to click return To Save 7. the Seats to Groups Assign and add registrants to the group, you can assign the entire group to After you create a named group row same a section. seats at the table or within or there not enough if within a section, table, are row to appears message warning A Note: seats within the group when you accommodate it to a section, table, or row, . A any or all registrants assign enough are not available and asks if you want to add seats. To add a seat, screen alerts you if seats group. seats to accommodate the registrants in the added When you additional you are click Yes and is not assigned to seats. click No , the group a seats to group Assign click Assign seats under Tasks On The seating screen appears. 1. the event record, . select a section, table, or row to which to assign the group. 2. Under Seats , select section group and click Assign to , . The registrants in the group now 3. Under Groups a seats in section, table, or row under Seats . to next appear the the section, to a group name under Groups and drag the group to a click assign To Tip: seats, group a Seats frame. the in table or row, event record, click 4. . To return to the Save or Add Sections, Rows, Tables, Seats the can additional sections, rows, you or seats to add seating layout as screen, seating the On tables, we will add a row to a section, but the same steps apply when you add new needed. For this example, seats. sections, tables, or Add or seat section, row, table, a record, the seats under Tasks . The seating screen appears. click On 1. event Assign A a to select a row and click New row . section row appears in the section. , Seats Under 2. add the event record, click Save . 3. To return to or Rows, Rename Sections, Tables, Seats seating you sections, rows, tables, or seats to the rename layout as needed. screen, can seating the On will For a section, but the same steps apply when you rename a table, row, or this example, we rename

122 122 EATING S VENT E seat. or table, row, section, a seat Rename Configure click under Tasks . The Configure seating record, event the On seating 1. layout layout screen appears. section to rename. Sections on tab, the click 2. On the the name column that you rename. The section name becomes 3. Select the name of section in editable. section. a 4. Enter name for the click . 5. Save record, event the to return To Rows, Tables, or Delete Sections, Seats delete sections, rows, tables, or seats from the seating On as needed. the seating screen, you can layout or actually changes your seating layout. To remove a Warning: Deleting sections, rows, tables, seats registrant remove from the table, you can reassign that seat to not that registrant from a table, but to Reassign Registrants to Different Seats on page 119 . another seat. For more information, refer seat Delete a section, row, table, or screen Assign under Tasks 1. The seating seats appears. click record, event the On . the section, row, table, or seat to delete and click Delete 2. . A Under Seats , select [ ] confirmation message appears. click Yes . To the selection, 3. delete event to Save record, return To 4. the click Event Seating Groups From to be seated together for an event. registrants an event, click create of groups who want You can this screen, you can add, edit, and Assign event seating groups. For seats under Tasks . On delete family registrants to a group for an upcoming dinner of You then use a add might you example, event. in a single action on the seating screen. the groups to seat people Groups Add Event Seating registrants for an event. From an event, click Assign seats under Tasks . On can groups of You create groups edit, event seating groups. You then use the delete to seat people add, this screen, you can and the seating screen. in a single action on designate a as a member of an event seating group, you must first constituent Note: Before you can registrant for the event. a as constituent the add

123 5 HAPTER C 123 group Add event seating an record, the seats under Tasks . The Assign seats screen appears. On 1. click event Assign appears. Add Add a group screen The click 2. Under Groups , . field, enter text to identify the group. 3. In the Group name select a row. To locate a registrant to add to the group, click the column, 4. In the Registrant binoculars. . Save Click 5. Edit Event Seating Groups groups, you can edit details for the group After needed. On the Assign seats screen you add seating as you select a seating group to edit. You can create groups for an event. From an event, for an event, can Tasks seats Assign click . under Edit seating event an group click Assign seats under Tasks . The Assign seats screen appears. 1. From an event, . select seating group to edit and click Edit the The Edit group screen appears. , Groups Under 2.

124 124 EATING S VENT E name or its registrants. To locate a different registrant, or to add a 3. the seating group’s Edit the binoculars locate the correct registrant. group, the to registrant click to . Save Click 4. Seating Event Groups Delete you can delete groups as After On the Assign seats screen for you add event seating groups, needed. a seating group to delete. an event, you can select seating group you delete only the a and not the registrants assigned Note: When you delete group, to the group. event group an seating Delete Assign seats under Tasks . The Assign seats screen appears. 1. From an event, click appears. the group and click Delete . A confirmation message seating 2. Under Groups select , . Yes Click 3.

125 6 chapter Event Invitations 126 Invitations Workflow Invitations 127 Event Invitations Add 128 Screen Invitation Add 130 Edit Invitations 131 132 Invitations Delete 132 Send Invitations List 133 Invitee 133 Manage Invitees an Invitee to an Invitation 134 Add Add the Invitation 134 Multiple Invitees to Invitee an Invitation 137 Delete an from 137 Copy Invitees Include Send 138 in Next Invitees in Send 138 Invitees Exclude Next Manage Invitation History 138 Invitation Download into a Single File 139 the Output the Output into Multiple Files 140 Download Invitation Invitation Output Grouped Files 141 Download the into Documents 143 an Invitation Word Generate Microsoft for Email for an Invitation 143 an Start Job 144 Invitation Processes 144 Status Recent 145 History History 145 Invitation Process Delete 145 Tab Job Schedules Create 146 Job Schedules Job Screen 147 Create Edit Job Schedules 148

126 6 HAPTER C 126 Delete Schedules 148 Job can , invitation processes for you various events, create lists of invitees for manage Events With you the for each in a list. invitation manage and events, status invitee can: You processes invitations were sent Run • automatic that to invitation record • processes invitation multiple Add selected processes invitees Rerun for • • at any time Add an invitation process to an event an accurate Note: of invitees for events, you must use the Event Summary If you want to get count exist when constituents were invited to the same event node elsewhere in Query. Incorrect counts can Processes. Invitation using multiple Workflow Invitations invitations for an event requires multiple steps. The creation and management of , create the export definitions for event invitations. The export □ From Marketing and Communications an fields for an invitation, such as for merge with Microsoft the determines definition export in file application. email an or Word event the packages for the Marketing invitation for mail and From □ Communications , create and package, you select the content email. export definition to include in an When you create a and a you can also specify its cost. invitation. When you add package, an add invitation record, the event. You can add the invitation to send through event the From □ to mail and email. When you set up an invitation, you select the packages to multiple channels such as for the selected channels. You can also specify addresses, name formats, and use with invitation the invitees. use about how to add an invitation, refer to Add Event to packages For for information 128 page on Invitations . To receive an invitation, an invitee must be a constituent in your □ to invitees the Add invitation. For or selection of constituents as invitees. a information constituent a add You database. can refer to Add an about to an Invitation on page 134 or Add Multiple how to add invitees, Invitee on 134 . Invitees to the Invitation page event. an you can copy to invitees from another event, For example, for an invitees add To Tip: the copy the invitees from the previous annual event. For information about how to event, you can year’s to Invitees on page 137 . copy invitees, refer Copy up you run the process to send the invitation to the invitees. When you run After □ invitees, the set for definitions the selected packages create invitations of the invitees export the send the process, in the next send process. For information about marked to send an invitation, to be included how Invitations page 132 . After the invitations are sent, the invitees display on the refer to Send on From event Their default status is “No reply.” record. here, you can mark of tab Registrations the

127 127 NVITATIONS I VENT E them for the event. For more information, refer to Event Registration them declined or register as . 83 page on the invitation output or merge the output with Microsoft Depending channel, download on □ the create client the invitations to the invitees. For information about email your or Word and to send Invitation Manage on page 138 . to History how to download the output, refer manage your invitations from the event’s □ tab. For After you send invitations, you can Registrations Guests page 85 . and on to refer information, more Registrants can continue to add invitees to an □ and generate the From the Invitations tab, you invitation information how to manage the invitees and their invitation for additional invitees. For about page . on 133 response, refer to Manage Invitees Invitations associated with an event, select the Invitations tab on the To view or manage the invitations event record. multi- level events have things whether as properties management Event Note: determine such as well as the corresponding tabs. registrants, templates set the speakers, and lodging options, Event events. override the properties for specific events, click Edit event properties for multi- level To Tasks under properties management . the mail date and description for each invitation. To view additional Under you can Invitations view , arrows in to the invitation the the grid to expand the Invitees information about an invitation, next click invitations displays such as the number of information and summary Invitees The summary. appears be re- sent; the number of sent invitations with no response; pending, the total sent, or marked to and how registered or declined. number of invitees and many Invitees with select the invitation in the grid. The invitation, page for associated an To view the invitees about the items on this page, the to Invitee List on page 133 . invitation appears. For information refer can and manage invitations for add event. you grid, the From the

128 6 HAPTER C 128 Invitations Add Event of Invitations record, you can add invitations to send through mail or email for the From an tab event packages up you can specify addresses, name formats, and invitation, to use set an the event. As you an invitation, you can open the invitee for to specify the constituents to invitees. After you add list then the process to send invitations. start receive the and invitation invitation an Add 1. of an event record, click Add under Invitations . The Add invitation On the Invitations tab information the items on this screen, refer to Add Invitation Screen screen appears. For about . on page 130 2. enter a unique name and description to help identify the invitation. the General tab, On the date select the date you plan to send field, invitation to its invitees. the In 3. Mail

129 129 NVITATIONS I VENT E whether to create a selection of the constituents who receive the 4. Results , select Under selection select , enter a name to identify the selection you If from invitation. Create results and selection same name. existing the select whether overwrite an with and delivery method of the invitation, select the Processing Options tab. 5. To set up the content the invitation mail, email, or both. 6. Select whether to send through sends invitation the mail and email, the invitation through in send to select you If both configured for each invitee. Select which accordance with the communication preferences without to communication preference for mail or email. method use for constituents a use package delivery methods. The Cost and Content fields display the the the Select 7. for to the package. in included items and budget cost field, select the option to use 8. determine which address types to In the Address processing to included the invitation. From the field, you can add in edit an use with the constituents or option. processing address

130 6 HAPTER C 130 format field, select the option to use to determine addressees and salutations to 9. the Name In included in mailing. From the field, you can add or edit a name the with use constituents the option. format Include types of constituents from the invitee list to include in the In 10. field, the the select mailing. qualifying the invitation includes constituents All meet the that • When you select constituents, criteria. exclusion and selection includes organizations, the invitation When all individual • you Qualifying individuals and select the selection and exclusion criteria. Select whether to and organization constituents that meet per household multiple qualifying individuals share a include only one person when individuals to not members of a household. whether and household who include are that households, includes all constituent households invitation Qualifying select you When • the criteria. meet whether to also include qualifying households the selection and exclusion Select members. that do not have Invitations tab, 11. Save . the to return To click how to add invitees to the invitation, refer to Add an Invitee to an Note: For information about . 134 Invitation on page Screen Invitation Add the below the Add invitation screen. For information about how to open table items explains The on Event to page 128 . refer screen, this Invitations Add on Description Item Screen Enter the invitation. name Name a to identify unique identify the invitation, Description as whether it is a premium or Enter a description to such invitation. standard to send the invitation the its invitees. date Mail Select date to Select whether to create a selection of the constituents Create in the invitation. selection from included results this enter a name for the new selection. To replace an When you select checkbox, existing same the new selection, select Overwrite with the of existing selection name . selection to invitation How do Select whether to send the you through mail, email, or both. want send your invitation? you both mail and email, according to each constituent’s select Send through If the method use for constituents without a communication to preferences , select email. or mail for preference

131 131 NVITATIONS I VENT E Screen Description Item to send invitation through mail, the Mail package field appears. you select When package Mail the to the the mail. The package determines select and for Search send package through you select package, the Cost and invitation. the in delivered a items the When package. the information display field Contents about the invitation through email, Email package field appears. Email package When you select to send send to email. The package determines Search for and select the package through you the a package, When Cost and the items delivered select in the invitation. package. the about display field Contents information use to determine which address types to use with the Address processing Select the option to the constituents processing field, you can included in the invitation. From Address option. address an edit or add processing the to addressees and salutations to use with the format determine use to Name option the Select Name format field, you can add or included in the invitation. constituents the From a name format option. edit to Select in the invitation, based on the constituent Include the types of constituents include to all select constituents, only individual and selection and include exclusions. You can households. constituent only constituents, organization or Send to When you select to include Qualifying individuals and organizations, this only one checkbox whether to include only the head of household when multiple person per household appears. Mark the members household. are individuals qualifying same of constituent and include select to include Qualifying individuals you organizations, this checkbox When Also Mark whether to include constituents households that meet the selection households appears. qualifying exclusion criteria but do not have members. not have do which and any members include include When you select to Also Qualifying households, this checkbox appears. Mark exclusion qualifying individuals whether to include individual constituents who meet the selection and household. members but are not members of a criteria who are not of any household Invitations Edit an event, you can edit an invitation from the Invitations tab After the event you add invitations to of record. formats determined the information in an invitation communication, versions, Note: In earlier output with a . Invitations now use the export definition associated with for as such Microsoft merge Word have you from an earlier version and upgrade an this determine to package the information.When sent, you must select a package to determine its invitation definition if you that has not been export the invitation screen. To retain its output format, do not edit the edit the invitation Edit from send output or mail date when you format the invitation. the can You invitation. edit

132 6 HAPTER C 132 an event Edit invitation from an tab the event record, click the down arrows next to the invitation to edit. On 1. of Invitations an action bar. Edit invitation screen appears. Edit the information. The items on Edit Click 2. the The the as Add invitation screen. For information about the items same on this screen are the on Invitation Screen on page 130 . on this screen, refer to Add tab, click Save . 3. To return to the Invitations Invitations Delete Invitations you can invitations an invitation from the an tab of the event add you After to event, delete invitation, you also delete associated invitation history from the event. record. When you delete an an event Delete an invitation from of tab record, click the down arrows next to the invitation you wish Invitations the On an 1. event to delete. the on confirmation message appears. A bar. 2. Click Delete action the tab, Yes . 3. To click to return Invitations Invitations Send for an invitation, you can send the invitation to its recipients. After you you specify the After invitees can the Invitation History tab on the Invitees page to view open and send the invitation, you status invitation process. the for information history invitation process, you can run the process again After send additional invitations to you run an to example, you add invitees to the invitation, you can mark those invitees as selected invitees. For when and run process again. next in Include send the Send an invitation to event record, click the down arrows next tab the invitation to send. On Invitations the of an 1. from its Invitees page, click Send [name of invitees Note: invitees under To send an invitation list] invitation appears. Tasks . The Send screen the action The Send the screen appears. Edit bar. information. The on Send Click 2. invitation are the same as the Add invitation screen. For information about the items items on this screen to on Invitation Screen refer page 130 . on this screen, Add output earlier the information in an invitation communication, In formats Note: versions, determined export with merge . Invitations now use the Microsoft definition associated with a for as such Word this information.When you upgrade from an earlier version and have an the package to determine been that you can edit its output format and mail date from the Send invitation has not sent, a edit you from the Edit invitation screen, you must select the package invitation screen. If invitation export definition. its determine to

133 133 NVITATIONS I VENT E invitation process status page appears. 3. Start . The Click items about page, refer to Invitation Processes on page 144 . information on For Note: the this List Invitee invitation you can add and manage its invitees from the invitee list page. you After add event, for an an the an select the invitation on the Invitations tab of invitation, event To page list invitee the open for record. list of invitees for the selected The From this list, you can add invitee list page contains a invitation. information an invitee, and manage the invitees’ and manage invitees, view constituent about invitee can page, you the also view and manage the history list registration and declined status. From process. invitation the for information view and run the process to send the invitations to its invitees. Under Tasks , you can get you accurate count of invitees for events, you must use the Event Summary Note: If want to an exist counts constituents were invited to the same event Query. Incorrect in node elsewhere can when Processes. Invitation multiple using Invitees Manage and list page, you can add the manage the invitees for the invitation. Invitees tab of From invitee an added to the invitee list appear. For each invitee, you can view Under Invitees , the constituents the sent, the invitee registered or declined, and whether to include the date the invitation was whether of last invitation process. The Excluded from instance send column invitee during the next the process, was the previous instance of the invitation from such as invitee an whether indicates excluded

134 6 HAPTER C 134 or exclusion options. To view constituent information about an invitee, click due default household to invitee in grid. of name the the the of the appear in the grid, such as to locate an invitee, you can reduce help To invitees number that to select such as constituent name or status. On the action bar, invitees select the criteria of the view, view Apply click to . the criteria of the invitees and list. only constituents in the event’s invitee results returns filter Constituent The Note: for From the status of the invitees, such as to indicate whether an invitee the grid, you can manage whether send additional invitations to an invitee. You can also add and declines an invitation and to manage invitees. to Invitation Invitee an an Add whom you send an invitation for Invitees event. You can add a constituent as are the constituents to an invitee. an you can use a constituent selection to add multiple invitees at one time. You can Tip: To add invitees, list as another event, such invitee the previous year’s instance of an annual event. also copy the from to add invitees at one time, refer to Add Multiple Invitees to the about information For how multiple Copy 134 page 137 . page on on Invitation or Invitees invitee a Add specific page of the invitation, select 1. Invitees tab. On the invitee list the select . The Add an Invitee Constituent appears. and Add Click 2. screen select the constituent to add as an invitee. 3. Search for and the tab, to click Save . 4. To return Invitees the Invitees Multiple Add Invitation to add whom send an invitation for Invitees event. To you multiple invitees at to constituents the are an add a selection of constituents as invitees. When you one a constituent selection to time, you can add you also select the criteria, such as solicit codes, of the can in the selection the invitee list, constituents the list. from exclude to

135 135 NVITATIONS I VENT E you can also copy the invitee list from another event, such as the Tip: add multiple invitees, To annual of information about how to copy invitees, refer to Copy instance year’s previous event. an For . 137 page on Invitees multiple Add invitees of the 1. select the Invitees tab. On the invitee list page invitation, Multiple constituents . The Add multiple 2. screen appears. Click Add and select invitees select selection of constituents to add as invitees. 3. Search for and the the to in the selection of exclude from the invitee list. 4. constituents Select the criteria Exclusions screen appears. The . Exclusions a. Click

136 6 HAPTER C 136 exclusions as of field, select whether to consider the exclusion criteria as of b. the Consider In select a such as the mail date of the invitation. If you date, date current the or specific date to use. the select date, Specific select the solicit codes of additional constituents to exclude from the c. Under Exclusions , Exclusions solicit the Required codes excluded from communications invitee list. Under , appear. inactive. marked as deceased or constituents whether exclude to d. Select You return to the Add e. invitees screen. Click Save . multiple to Invitees tab, click the . return To 5. Save

137 137 NVITATIONS I VENT E Invitation Delete Invitee from an an an invitees can remove an invitee from the list. add you invitation, After to you who an for the event, the invitee no longer delete you When Warning: has invitee registered as on remains the Registrations tab of the event record. “Registered” appears on but list invitee the invitee an Delete of the invitation, select 1. Invitees tab. On the invitee list page the down next the invitee to delete and click Delete . A 2. Under Invitees ,click arrows the confirmation appears. message to click Yes . the To return 3. Invitees tab, Invitees Copy send an invitation for an event. To add multiple invitees at one time, Invitees are the constituents you another can For example, when your organization hosts an annual gala, you you copy them from event. the invitees event to the new event. the copy previous can from year’s event an from invitees Copy the the invitation, select the Invitees tab. On 1. list page of invitee and click Copy from . The Copy invitees screen appears with the current 2. Select the Invitees tab and event invitation included. field, search for and select the event from which to copy the invitee list. In Copy the from 3. copy select invitation of the event from which to the the invitee list. field, Invitation In 4. the

138 6 HAPTER C 138 copy registered or declined invitees from the selected event and invitation. 5. whether to Select the Invitees click Save . return To 6. to tab, Next in Invitees Include Send After you can continue to run the process to send additional you run an first invitation process, the again, can include invitees not already sent you invitation or process the you When invitations. run To include an invitee in a future instance of the invitation those who require another invitation. of tab invitee list page, click the down arrows next to the invitee to include process, on the Invitees an send you the action bar. When next first add an invitee, the program marks the and on click Include in invitation send you next run the until process. next in Include invitee as Send Exclude Invitees in Next an invitation process, you can continue to run the process to send additional After you first run the process you can exclude invitees sent the invitation or those who you When invitations. run again, the event. an invitee from a future instance of exclude invitation process, on the attend to decline To an invitee list page, click the down arrows next to the invitee to exclude from next the Invitees tab of from Exclude send on the action bar. After you first run the invitation process, send and select next . invitees from next send Exclude all the program marks as Invitation History Manage about tab an History list page, you can view information of previous instances On the Invitation invitee process. invitation the of

139 139 NVITATIONS I VENT E instances of the process appear. For each instance, you can view its status, Under , the previous History process, the and duration of the instance, and the number of records started who user the the date of instances appear in the grid, such as to locate a specific the reduce help To processed. number that with only status. On the action bar, click Filter , select view to select you specific instance, a instances to click . and view, Apply the of status the instances select it in the grid. The details window To and view additional information about a process, appears of records processed were exceptions and how many displays information such as how many the definitions packages with instance. From the details used export the and successfully processed and of an instance or generate the output in Microsoft Word . window, you can download the output package includes email a Blackbaud Internet Solutions export For an invitation with an that options also the email job. window detail the to definition, provides manage File Single a into Output Invitation the Download an event, you can download its After into a file for use in you run an invitation process for output send data to a fulfillment house. When you download the another application. For example, you might file a and saves at a location you specify. output, comma- separated value (*.csv) generates output exported. multiple files, based on the information the For Tip: You can also download into the output files based on the states where multiple constituents the download can you example, into to download multiple files or groups files, refer to Download the reside. For information about how on Download 140 or Files the Invitation Output into Grouped Invitation Output into Multiple page 141 page on Files . file Download into a the single output invitation of the output to download. instance the Select 1. process the with the History select the Invitation History tab. Under of , select • On the invitee process, list page click Details the action bar. Show on download to instance the and the process, select the Recent status tab to download output for • On the status page of the output a previous instance, on the History tab, select most recent instance. To download for Details Show the action bar. click on the instance to download, and download and click Download 2. and select Single file . Select the export definition to output appears. screen As Save The screen, the Save as type field displays Note: separated value (*.csv)”. You On the Save As “Comma another of output file. In a comma- separated value (*.csv) file, each cannot select to download type by is A *.csv file is also referred to as a “comma- delimited” or data of piece a separated comma. file. “ASCII” save file and map to the location to the the downloaded output file. a Enter 3. name output for output file downloads at the designated location. When the download 4. Click Save . The ask finishes, to open the output file. a message appears to whether file such the default application set to open a *.csv file output as Microsoft 5. To open in the click To to the process status page, return No . . click , Excel Yes

140 6 HAPTER C 140 into Multiple Files Download Invitation Output the invitation run an event, you can download its output into multiple files based you After process an for output. in you can download the invitation information into information the on For the example, where download recipients reside. When you states the output, the multiple files based the on the generates at location you specify. a files value separated comma- (*.csv) value (*.csv) file, each Note: of data is separated by a comma. A *.csv file In a comma- separated piece as “comma- delimited” or “ASCII” file. is also referred to a files multiple into output the Download the invitation process 1. the output to download. Select the instance of with list page of the process, select the Invitation History tab. Under History , • On the invitee select download click Show Details on the action bar. the instance to and page the process, select the Recent status tab to download output for the On • of status the output instance, a previous download on the History tab, select most recent instance. for To bar. click Details on the action Show and to instance the download, definition to download and click Download output and 2. Multiple Select the export select Download files screen appears. files . The multiple to one field, select the output field on which per generate multiple files. For Create file 3. In the files example, on the states in which the recipients reside, select to download multiple based file per state. one create to

141 141 NVITATIONS I VENT E output of each instance of the process saves at the specified location. To divide Tip: copy of the A you can the output multiple times with a different output field multiple in data the ways, download files of basis the as selected generated. the you file based on the values of the field are 4. When you download names multiple files, the field. For example, if you download an output file for each select in the Create one file per Alaska.csv, generates so on. state, the program files named Alabama.csv, and text each file, in the File prefix field, enter output to information the identify further To Tip: in file names generated for appear export output. For example, enter at the beginning of the the files Recipients in - Alabama.csv and Recipients in - Alaska.csv. “Recipients in -” to download named your click arrow and select the file format of down export. field, the 5. In the Export format record counts of the multiple files, 6. the Preview tab. To view the names and select output download at the designated output path. files the The . Download Click 7. When to ask whether to open the output path. download finishes, a message appears path the access output output files, click Yes . To return to the process status 8. To open the to . No click page, the Invitation into Grouped Files Download Output for invitation you can download its output into grouped files based an run you After an event, process into example, can download the mailing information you For the in information the on output. multiple information grouped based on the states where the recipients files based on region, with the output, comma- separated value (*.csv) files generate at the location reside. When the download you a specify. you files Download the output into grouped the invitation process with the output to download. 1. Select the instance of page invitee process, select the Invitation History tab. Under History , click the the On • of list instance to download. the to next arrows the down of the process, select the Recent status tab to download • for the On the status page output most recent instance. to download. Select export definition 2. the Download click output and bar, Grouped files . The Download grouped 3. On the action select appears. screen files

142 6 HAPTER C 142 by field, select the output field to generate grouped files. For example, to group 4. the Group In states where recipients reside, select to group by state. on based information the the format field, the down arrow and select the Format of your export. Export the In 5. click , create each group of information to download. 6. Under Group options on the left, select box items to include in the group. For example, to group a. In the the regions, the the states to include in into region group. recipients by state select arrow. Group right file name screen appears. b. Click The the of the grouped file. name Enter c. the

143 143 NVITATIONS I VENT E return to the Download grouped files screen. In the box on the right, the new d. OK . You Click group expand the items it includes, click the plus sign. To appears. to group the see groups, click . The output files download at the designated all create you After 7. the Download message finishes, ask whether to open the download to a output path. appears When the output path. open the output files, click Yes . To return to the process status 8. To open the output path to No page, click . Documents an Invitation Generate Microsoft Word for letter template letter package, you can generate the with Word Microsoft a associate you When a uses the package. When you generate the output, the data fields output for an event invitation that Word in From the status page of the invitation process, you can merge with the documents generated . recent the a previous instance of the process. for documents Word generate instance most or invitation an for documents Word Microsoft Generate output with the Select to generate. 1. instance of the invitation process the of the process, select • Invitation History tab. Under History , select On the invitee list page the the instance download. to the process, select the Recent status tab to the output for the most On status • page of generate instance. recent The program merges the data fields and document file selected for the 2. Click Merge letter . documents and Word . process opens the merged in save Word documents on your workstation or network. Microsoft In 3. the , merged Invitation for Job Email an Start an you an that includes a Blackbaud Internet package email with After process invitation an run Solutions the email job options. When you start an export definition, the process status page displays Service puts the job in email queue and processes it at the job, the Blackbaud Internet Solutions the final messages, the Blackbaud Internet Solutions Service merges scheduled time. To create the email web into fields in the email messages. The appropriate services definition export the from data the to the Blackbaud Internet Solutions send server, where they are the merged email messages Services a Transfer Agent (MTA) server for delivery. processed and submitted to Mail messages email Send the process with the output to download. 1. the invitation instance Select of select of process, page the Invitation History tab. Under History , the • On the invitee list select download. to instance the of the process, • the Recent status tab to send output for the most On the status page select output a previous instance, on the History tab, select the instance recent for instance. To send Details on the action bar. Show click and to send,

144 6 HAPTER C 144 definition to send. 2. the export Select bar, the email job . The Start email job screen appears. On 3. click action Start and Send enter the date and time to start the email job. the In 4. Time date fields, in the email job. 5. Select the packages to include the process click Start . page, to return To 6. status the Status column changes from Pending to Completed or Failed. Note: As the job processes, To job click Refresh . To view information about the email job, select the view the most recent status, job . detail email job and click View status Processes Invitation you invitations invitation create. For example, for can create a establish You processes particular you date cards and save the settings you select. Each time you need process send save- the- for save- the- to can the save- the- date process again. date cards, you run to you accurate count of invitees for events, you must use the Event Summary If get Note: want an exist elsewhere when constituents were invited to the same event can node in Query. Incorrect counts Processes. Invitation multiple using Status Recent tab, you view the details of the most recent invitation process. These details On the Recent Status the the the start time, end time, and duration of the process; the person who include status of process; the used of the server most recently process; to process the invitations; the total last started name the how and many invitations processed successfully and how many were number processed; of invitations exceptions.

145 145 NVITATIONS I VENT E of the most recent instance of the process. You can also generate the You download the output can instance of process in Microsoft Word . most the for output recent the package an a Blackbaud Internet Solutions export with invitation an For that email includes to provides email job. also page process the definition, manage options the History the all processes a an invitation. The details in of History grid view you tab, History the On list for start time, include time, and duration of the process; the person who the status of the process; the end name the server most recently use to process of invitations. This the and process; the started last the an invitation process. Therefore, information is likely you have multiple generates each time you run it grid. rows of information in this instance, an down arrow next to the name of the about information additional view click To the export details you can view information about the window, In grid. the in process invitation the the details definitions you can download the output of an included in an instance. From window, the tab, you can also delete the status record of History specific instance of the process. From a process. the of instance Invitation Process History Delete process, process can delete the invitation history as needed. On the History tab of After you run an you the Invitation grid, you can select a status record to delete from page, process invitation the in List the history. history Delete invitation process tab. an 1. event, select the Invitations From the invitee list page. 2. Select the invitation to view and Go tab to [invitation process] under Tasks on the 3. Select the Invitation click History page appears. explorer bar. The Invitation List 4. tab. History the Select to the process status to delete and click Delete on the action bar. A 5. Click the arrows next want the delete you process status record. confirmation message appears confirming to record, the . delete To 6. click status Yes Tab Schedules Job an a list of Job automatic jobs for tab, invitation process. The details in the On Schedules you view all name and frequency; the start time, end time, and duration the the job; and the grid include the job of was and changed. On this tab, you can add, edit, and delete job dates the added job schedule schedules. your by the system administrator at handled organization. are schedules Note: normally Job

146 6 HAPTER C 146 Schedules Create Job job to process and unattended. When you create a a schedule, you specify the schedule run Use a job of the occurrence. Using the job schedule and SQL Server , the process frequency and scheduled time time runs interval. at the scheduled and schedule job a Create Add tab of 1. process, click On . The Create job screen appears. the Job schedules the

147 147 NVITATIONS I VENT E field, enter a name for the scheduled process. 2. the Job name In is active. suspend it, clear the Enabled checkbox. the default, By 3. schedule To select how to run the process. You can run a process once; on a type Schedule the In 4. field, often daily, Server starts; or whenever the SQL service weekly, or monthly basis; whenever Agent Agent . Your selection determines which other fields are computer is idle according to SQL Server enabled. once, runs date and time to run it. the a. For a process that select of a weekly, or monthly basis, select the number on days, runs that process a For b. daily, the Occurs every field. For a weekly process, select weeks, or months between instances in to run For a monthly process, select the day of the month to run it. the day of the week it. a runs or monthly basis, select whether to run it a single that process a weekly, For daily, on on days it runs. the when intervals at or time regular on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, select a start c. and, if For a process that runs date run process indefinitely, select No end date . necessary, an end date. To the schedules tab, click Save . 5. To return Job to the Screen Job Create Description Item Screen for the job schedule. Job name Enter a name to job the often schedule. You can run a process once; on a daily, weekly, or Schedule type Select how run Agent SQL Server whenever the computer is idle service whenever basis; monthly or starts; Agent Server SQL to according . active. To suspend the process, clear this checkbox. Enabled the scheduled process By default, is run runs select the date and time to once, it. that a For One- time process occurrence on Frequency daily, weekly, or monthly basis, select the number of days, weeks, For a process that runs a the every field. or months between instances in Occurs it. day the week to run the select process, weekly a For of the day of the month to run it. For a monthly process, select that process on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, select whether to run it a single Daily For a runs intervals on days when it runs. at or frequency time regular the time. Occurs at and enter the start select once, process a run To once intervals, select Occurs every and enter the time between instances, as To run a process at time and time. well as a start end that and, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, select a start date process if Start date runs For a date run process indefinitely, select No end the . To date. an necessary, end

148 6 HAPTER C 148 Schedules Edit Job job create a process, you can update it. For example, you can adjust its you After schedule a for click package the job schedule. To edit a job, select it and create cannot You frequency. to the edit . Edit schedule job a Edit tab, select a job and click Edit . The Edit 1. screen appears. The options On the Job schedules job the as the Create job screen. For information about these options, on same this screen are on page 147 . Screen Job Create refer to necessary. For example, in the Schedule type you can change 2. often to Make changes as how run the process. You return to the Job schedules tab. 3. Save . Click Schedules Delete Job of the status page, you can delete a schedules schedule of the process. This deletes On the Job tab job well as changes made to it outside the program. To delete a job schedule, select the scheduled job as . and it click Delete Delete a job schedule appears. tab, select the job and click Delete . 1. confirmation screen On the Job schedules A . return to the Job You tab. Yes Click 2. schedules

149 7 chapter Event Reports Report Event 149 Profile 150 Report Summary Event Comparison Report Event 151 Event Revenue 152 Report Report Event Profile Profile report , you can view information about an event, such as its coordinators, With the Event and location, The Event Profile report also includes information about event seating, expenses, more. date as host, and balance. registrants, registered, such profile report event View an an event 1. click Event profile under Reports . The Event Profile report page appears. On record, To the Event Profile report from Events , click Event profile under Reports and search for Note: view and the to generate its report. To select the report from Analysis , click Event reports event and view profile and search for and select , event to generate the report. Event the

150 7 HAPTER C 150 field, select the event to view information. 2. the Event In in the Details section of this report is based on the number of invitees invited The Note: count Event the event’s tab. list Invitee the in of Invitations the select types field, information to display in the report. sections Show the In 3. of details , the report displays detail information about the event and its Tip: When you select Event constituents to were invited of the event but did not register. registrants, including the number that the select that did not respond to an invitation, of Did not respond . To display a constituents list did open record of a constituent who the not respond. can list, this From you . The Event Profile report generates and displays the information. 4. Click View Report Event Summary Report the , you can view information about multiple events, based on a selection, Event Summary report With details. The Summary Report includes information about the event such as the with along event Event people and invited/registered/attended, event income many expense the start date, how were information, and more. event report summary View an Event reports. , Reports From 1. select . The Event Summary Report page appears. 2. Click Event summary of top page, click the magnifying glass to pick a selection of events to include. You 3. At the the date to and whether or not a include information about inactive events. can also select range with the the refresh button. The Event Summary click the selected information 4. view To report, appears.

151 151 EPORTS R VENT E Event Report Comparison the report multiple events. For example, you can use Comparison Event The effectiveness compares of of the annual event over consecutive years. To open effectiveness Event this report to compare the an report click under Reports . The Event Comparison comparison Comparison report , Events from Event appears. page two events or a selection To multiple events to compare and click View run the report, select of compares performance of the selected events and displays the number of Report . The report the the amounts and net and raised for each event. registrants and attendees, gross expenses, formats. or it in different export report print can You the

152 7 HAPTER C 152 Report Event Revenue for shows and comparison of revenue and expenses breakdown the event. report a The Event Revenue the report can display information for only the event or for the event For sub- multi- level events, and the Revenue report, go to an event and click Event revenue Event Reports . The events. To open under page appears. report Revenue Event

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