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1 EPA 402/K | 2016 | www.epa.gov/radon -12/002 ’s Guide A Citizen t o Radon The Guide to Protecting and Your Family from Yourself Radon Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

2 EPA Recommends: radon Test for —it’ s easy and your home  inexpensive. level if your home your Fix  radon is 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or highe r. levels pose still than less a Radon  4 pCi/L is Radon many reduced. be may risk, and in cases estimated to cause thousands of lung cancer 30,000 in the deaths U.S. each r. yea 21,000 deaths per year 17,400 10,000 8,000 3,900 2,800 in Falls Drownings Drunk RADON* Home Fires Driving the Home to cause 21,000 lung deaths per year , according *Radon is estimated about cancer (EPA in Homes Radon from of Risks Assessment A’s 2003 to EP 402- The R-03-003). Con numbers of deaths from other causes are taken from the Centers for Disease - Center and Prevention’s 1999- 2001 National trol for Injury Prevention and Control Reports. Council Safety National 2002 and Report RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 2

3 OVERVIEW , radioactive -causing is a cancer Radon gas. smell can’t you And see u can’t Yo in a problem be it may But it. radon. it or taste home. your thousands That’s year. each of deaths many to is estimated Radon cause because In fact, cancer. lung get can you you containing air breathe when radon, that the Surgeon General has warned radon is the second leading cause of lung today. States United in the cancer lung more deaths. cancer causes smoking Only risk of lung your levels, radon high has home your and smoke you If cancer high. is especially be U.S . the found over all can Radon of uranium breakdown (radioactive) natural the Radon from comes rock in soil, U.S. and gets into the air you breathe. water can be found all over the and Radon get into any type of building —homes, offices, result in a It can and schools —and But your and you level. radon indoor high - great your get to likely most are family where of your most spend you at home, exposure est time. radon. for test should You only radon. from at risk is the family Testing way to know if you and your are Surgeon the and homes EPA below recommend General all the third floor testing testing recommends in schools. radon. for EPA also is inexpensive Testing easy and time. of your minutes a few take only should —it have already tested for page of Americans Millions their homes radon (see 5). problem. a radon fix can You are reduction Radon reduction work and they systems not too costly. Some radon 99%. to home up systems by in your levels radon reduce can levels high very Even can be reduced acceptable levels. to be New homes can features. built with radon- resistant entry. radon effective Radon -resistant construction techniques can be in preventing techniques When installed properly and completely, these simple and inexpensive can help reduce indoor radon at the in homes. In addition, installing them levels less makes to reduce radon levels and expensive time of construction it easier techniques passive if these further levels radon reduce 4 pCi/L. don’t to below new radon- built if it was Every occupancy, after tested be should home even system be passive of 4 pCi/L, in excess still are levels If radon resistant. the should activated by having a qualified mitigator install a vent fan. explanation For more of radon resistant construction techniques, to EPA publication, Building Radon refer -Resistant Radon to Build on How Guide -by-Step A Step Out: 15). page (see Homes RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 3

4 DOES HOW RADON GET INTO YOUR HOME? It comes gas. from the natural decay of uranium Radon is a radioactive in nearly that ground is found soils. It typically moves up through the all your in the other and cracks through holes into and above air the to home Any traps up. Yo foundation. build it can where inside, radon ur home may home Any well homes, - home may old a radon problem. This means new and have have a radon sealed and basements. or without with homes and homes, drafty cause Radon soil gas is the main from of radon problems. Sometimes problem. enters the home through well water (see page In a small number 8). radon building building However, too. radon, of homes, the can give off materials RADON IN THROUGH: GETS floors. 1. Cracks in solid joints. Construction 2. Cracks 3. in walls. 4. Gaps in suspended floors. around Gaps 5. pipes. service inside walls. 6. Cavities water supply. 7. The materials themselves. by problems radon cause rarely 15 1 out of every homes in the Nearly is estimated to have elevated U.S. in homes found been have gas of radon Elevated levels. radon levels in your state. Contact your state radon office ( https://www.epa.gov/radon/find - -local -radon -about information general for ) -information -contact -state -and -zones radon in your While radon about problems may be more area. information home only problem. a have may The any areas, in some common to way home your about know test. is to workplaces. your be a problem in schools and also Ask can state Radon problems radon office (www.epa.gov/radon/whereyoulive.html) about radon area in schools, daycare and childcare facilities, and workplaces in your (also s:// www.epa.gov/radon http visit ). RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 4

5 HOW TO TEST YOUR HOME find a radon You can’t see radon, but it’s not hard to out if you have in your home. All you need problem do is test for radon. Testing is easy to of your time. and should only take a few minutes The liter of amount of radon in the air is measured in “picocuries per -cost There are many kinds of low or “pCi/L.” “do it yourself” radon air,” test kits you can get through the mail and in some hardware stores and or if you other outlets. If you prefer, retail are buying or selling a home, You testing for first should you can hire a qualified tester to do the you. a list testers. of qualified obtaining about office radon state your contact a private You can also contact of radon proficiency program for lists serving your privately certified radon professionals and links area. For radon more information, visit https://www.epa.gov/radon/find- -test -kit -or- -professional. measurement -and -mitigation Two to Test Ways General are Radon: for There SHORT -TERM TESTING: way remain Short in your The quickest tests to test is with short -term tests. -term Testing is easy canisters, home ” “alpha “Charcoal for two days to 90 days, depending on the device. only should and ” and track, ion chamber,” “continuous monitors, ” “electret “charcoal liquid scintilla tion” tend levels radon detectors are most commonly used for short -term testing. Becaus e a few take likely less is test -term a short to season, than to vary a season and from day to day of minutes year- term test to tell you your long- round average radon level. If you need results followed by a second short -term test -term a short however, quickly, test used be may time your . to decide (see also page 7 under Home Sales). home to fi x your whether LONG -TERM TESTING: term tests remain in your home for more than 90 days. “Alpha track” and Long- type detectors commonly used for this are of testing. A long- term “electret” will test give you a reading that is more likely to tell you your home’s year- round average radon level a short -term test. than How To Use a Test Kit: a the instructions that come with your test kit. If you are doing Follow test, short -term close your windows and outside doors and keep them Heating test. the conditioning air and closed as much as possible during operated. system re-circulate air may be that Do not operate fans fans or other machines which bring in air from outside. Fans that are part of fans a radon -reduction system or small exhaust only operating for short periods may run during the test. If you are doing a short -term test of time close lasting 2 or 3 days, be sure to just your windows and outside doors at not conduct too. test, Yo u should beginning before the hours 12 least FAMILY FROM RADON YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 5

6 HOW TO HOME continued TEST YOUR -term just 2 or 3 days during unusually severe storms or periods of tests short lasting lowest The kit should be placed in the winds. lived- in level of the high unusually test example, the basement if it is frequently used, otherwise home first floor). It (for the be in a room that is used regularly (like a living room, playroom, den, or should put but bedroom) your kitchen or bathroom. Place the not at least 20 inches above kit floor in a location where it won’t be disturbed —away from drafts, high heat, high the and in place walls. Leave the kit humidity, for as long as the package says. Once exterior the finished reseal the package and send it to test, lab specified on the package you’ve the away for analysis. Yo u should receive your test results within a few weeks. right EPA Recommends Following Testing Steps: the is 4 pCi/L a short- term test. If your result Take or highe r, take a follow - Step 1. test (Step up sure. 2) to be Step Follow up with either a long- 2. test or a second short -term test: term • For a better understanding of your year -round average radon level, take a long- term test. • If you need results quickly, take a second short -term test. The higher short -term test result, the more certain you can your initial a long tha take a short -term rather than should -term follow up be t you If your fi rst short -term test result is more than twice EPA ’s 4 pCi/L test. -term level, take a second short should test immediately. you action 3. • If you followed up your a long -term test: Fix Step home if your long- with term test result is 4 pCi/L or more. • If you followed up with a second short -term test: The higher your short term results, the more certain you can be that - you should fix if the your . Consider fixing your home home average of your first and second test is 4 pCi/L or higher (see also page 7 under Home Sales). 6 RADON A Citizen’s Guide to Radon l THE GUIDE TO PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FROM 6

7 WH TEST LTS MEAN AT YOUR RESU about radon The is estimated to be indoor 1.3 pCi/L, and average level air. pCi/L found in the outside is normally The U.S. 0.4 about of radon set a long -term goal that indoor radon levels be no more Congress has home your Test levels. is not yet technologically achievable goal this outdoor than While homes can be reduced to 2 pCi/L or below. today most cases, in all now and save whether or not Sometimes short -term tests are less definitive about your results. If results your close can happen 4 pCi/L. is above home your when are This test -term short two to 4 pCi/L. For results of your average if the example, find high you chance that your year -round average is is 4.1 pCi/L, there is about a 50% radon levels, fix somewhat below 4 pCi/L. However, EPA believes any radon exposure that level 4 pCi/L below levels carries some risk —no radon of radon is safe. Even before your home cancer of lung lowering pose some risk, and you can reduce your risk by to decide you your radon level. of If your living patterns change and you begin occupying a lower level sell it. your as a basement) you should retest your home level. home (such on that 4 pCi/L, you may want to test again Even if your test result is below in the sometime future. RADON AND HOME SALES before a home. or rent More and more, home buyers and renters are asking about radon levels buy they other and radon with to deal time little is often there happen sales estate real Because quickly, The issues. best thing is to test for radon NOW and save the results in case the buyer is interested in them. Fix a to do if it exists complicate your problem sale. If you are planning to move, review EPA ’s pamphlet so it won’t home “Home and Seller’s Guide to Radon, Buyer’s addresses some common questions ” which ( http s://www.epa.gov/radon/home- buyers -and -sellers -guide- radon ). Y ou can also use the results of two to decide done side- by- side (four inches apart) tests whether to fix your home. short -term During home sales: • Buyers often ask if a home has been tested, and if elevated levels were reduced. who • Buyers frequently want tests made by someone is not involved in the home sale. Your state radon -and- zones -radon- -local about - -contact information- state office https://www.epa.gov/radon/find- tester. information) assist you in identifying a quali fied can • Buyers might want to kno w the radon levels in areas of the home (like a basement they plan might to finish the seller that not otherwise test. or local Today many homes are built to help prevent radon from coming in. Building codes in your state area buying may radon -resistant construction features. If you are these or renting a new home, ask the require owner or builder if it has radon- resistant features. The EPA recommends building new homes with radon - if built resistant in high radon potential (Zone 1) areas. Even features radon- resistant, every new home should mitigator have a test result of 4 pCi/L or more, consult a qualified be tested for radon after occupancy. If you kit -or-measurement -test- radon epa.gov/radon/find- mitigation . (http://www -and- to estimate the -professional#who) fan the existing In an level. radon the to reduce home, a vent by adding system active to an of upgrading cost repairs. home common other as for same the is about system mitigation a radon to install cost RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 7

8 RADON IN WATER for There are two main sources the radon in your home’s indoor the air, the soil and water supply. Compared to radon entering water, the home radon through entering your home through the a much is usually soil larger risk. water in your The radon supply risk an inhalation poses and an ingestion risk. Research has shown that your risk of lung cancer from in air radon breathing is much larger than your risk of stomach cancer from swallowing water with risk radon in it. Most of your from radon from comes in water radon the into released water air is used for showering and when household other purposes. when is not in your a problem water home’s Radon source its usually is more likely when its source water. is surface problem in water A radon system or a public well a private e.g., water, is ground that supply water tested If you’ve If you your entering uses ground water. be are concerned that radon may in your the air comes water your and water the supply, water a public from home through contact your water supplier. home found and in water well a radon have and it problem, If you’ve tested your private problem, a radon water be fixed. Your home’s treated supply can be can in two ways. Point - water the it before of-entry treatment can effectively remove radon from water your and from radon remove devices treatment use - your of enters your home. Point - comes a from are water at the tap, but only treat a small portion of the water and use you risk air not effective in reducing the the into from breathing radon released well, your have from all home. in the used water tested. water For call EPA’s information, more 4791 426- Hotline Water Drinking at (800) If well, your water comes from a private your s radon you tate contact also can office. 8 GUIDE RADON A Citizen’s Guide t o Radon l THE TO PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FROM 8

9 HOW TO THE RADON LEVEL IN YOUR HOME LOWER Since is no known safe level of radon, there can always be some there the But risk can be reduced by lowering risk. radon level in your the home. There are several proven methods to reduce radon in your home, but and the used is a vent pipe system primarily fan, which pulls radon one from beneath the house and vents it to the outside. This system, known changes major require not does system, reduction radon suction soil a as RADON HOME AND this makes to your home. foundation cracks and other openings Sealing RENOVATIONS also kind of system more effective and cost -efficient. Similar systems can with in houses use can contractors Radon spaces. crawl other installed be If you are planning any major structural that system depends on may home. also work in your methods The right renovation, as such factors. home and other the design of your converting un fin - an Ways radon reduce to Consumer’s home are discussed in EPA’s in your ished basement area Reduction get Guide to Radon . Yo u can -radon at –about a copy space, into living it is http s:// www.epa.gov/radon/publications -about -radon. especially important to cost The on home your how depends home in your radon of reducing for radon area the test and the extent of the homes fixed be can built Most problem. radon was before you begin the common the about for same as other fix to cost The repairs. home cost renovation. If your vary can or more one or get office radon state your with consult widely; test results indicate a The cost estimates if a passive less from qualified mitigators. is much radon- problem, radon system was installed during construction. techniques resistant be inexpensively can of the included as part renovation. Because can renovations major change the level of radon in any home, always again after test k is completed. wor 9 A Citizen’s Guide t o Radon l THE GUIDE TO PROTECTING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY FROM RADON 9

10 HOW LEVEL LOWER THE RADON TO IN YOUR HOME continued knowledge requires levels radon high special and technical Lowering radon skills. You A problems. use fix to is trained who a contractor should problem study contractor the radon qualified in your home and help can right the method. pick you treatment Check your state radon office for names of qualified or state with in your radon private certified radon contractors contact area. You can also Most can homes in professionals radon certified of privately lists proficiency for programs on radon For programs, proficiency private area. your information more be fixed for visit -radon - -and -or-measurement https://www.epa.gov/radon/find -kit -test the same about to is much problem radon your fix someone Picking . -professional mitigation to get want other for a contractor choosing —you may repairs like home cost as other one than more and references estimate. home common radon home’s your fixing considering are should you yourself, problem If you guidance first your state radon office for contact and assistance https://www.epa.gov repairs. -and- zones -radon- -local -about information /radon/find- -information -contact state ). that sure be to it is fixed again your test also should You after home soil Most reduced. been have levels adon suction systems reduction radon include a monitor that will indicate whether the system is operating properly. In addition, retest idea a good it’s to your every two home to be sure radon years low. remain levels of several is a composite Note: This mitigation options. diagram view typical mitigation system usually has only one pipe The penetration the pipe may on the outside through the basement floor; also be installed ohe house. RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING GUIDE TO THE l Radon o Guide t Citizen’s A 10

11 THE RISK OF LIVING WITH RADON Radon radioactive trapped gas decays into particles that can get in further, down your lungs when you breathe. As they break these release particles tissue lung damage can of energy. bursts small This everyone of your and lead to lung cancer over the course lifetime. Not exposed to elevated levels of radon the develop lung cancer. And will of the exposure the may be onset between of time disease and amount years. many there pollutants, environmental other Like is some about uncertainty know about However, health more we the magnitude of radon risks. other cancer radon -causing substances. This risks than risks from most is because of radon in of cancer studies on based are risks estimates humans (underground miners). especially serious with is an radon risk. health Smoking combined cancer your reduce to level radon your lower and smoking lung Stop risk. are Scientists have adults than Children of been reported to have greater risk certain there but radiation, from of cancer types no currently are more certain adults than risk at greater are children whether conclusive data on about risks radon from radon. than from risks radon on: cancer mostly depend from Your chances of getting lung other most cancer -causing home your • How much radon is in substances. The amount of time you spend in • home your • Whether you are a smoker or have ever smoked RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 11

12 RISK THE OF LIVING WITH RADON continued RADON RISK IF YOU SMOKE Radon risk from The of cancer T TO WHA DO: people If 1,000 who radon to**. . . compares exposure Level Smoking smoked were . . and. exposed Stop a over level to this lifetime*. . . risk the times 250  pCi/L 20 About people 260 your Fix home of drowning could get cancer lung 200  risk of pCi/L 10 the times Fix 150 About your home people dying fire in a home could cancer lung get times risk  30 of the 8 pCi/L Fix home people 120 your About in a fall dying cancer get could lung 5 times risk of dying  the 4 pCi/L About people 62 your Fix home in a car crash cancer lung get could  6 times 2 pCi/L the risk of dying people 32 About Consider fixing from poison get between 2 and 4 pCi/L cancer lung could radon level) 1.3 pCi/L indoor (Average About people (Reducing 20 lung could get cancer radon levels too It’ s never below outdoor radon level) (Average 0.4 pCi/L 2 pCi/L is difficult) late to reduce are a former If you your risk of lung smoker, your Note: may be lower. risk . cancer ’t Don and wait to test RADON SMOKED NEVER IF YOU’VE RISK a radon fix The risk of cancer from WHA T TO DO: people who If 1,000 Radon to**. . . compares radon exposure Level smoked were ex- never problem. If you to this posed level over a lifetime*. . . , are a smoker your Fix the times 35  home risk 20 people 36 pCi/L About stop smoking. of drowning get lung cancer could of dying risk the Fix your home times 20  About 18 people pCi/L 10 in a home fire cancer could get lung times home 4  of Fix your the risk people 15 About 8 pCi/L dying in a fall cancer get could lung your home Fix  The risk of dying in a About 7 people 4 pCi/L car crash could get lung cancer Consider fixing of dying 4 pCi/L between  The risk 2 and 2 pCi/L About 4 people from poison cancer lung get could radon indoor (Average level) (Reducing 2 people About 1.3 pCi/L levels radon cancer could get lung below is 2 pCi/L outdoor (Average level) radon pCi/L 0.4 difficult) Note: If you are a former smoker, your risk may be higher. of Risks EPA from cancer of lung risk *Lifetime Assessment from Radon in Homes (EPA 402 -R-03-003). deaths National -2001 1999 Prevention’s and Control Disease for Centers the using Reports. calculated data **Comparison Control and Prevention Injury for Center A RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING GUIDE TO THE l Radon o Guide t Citizen’s 12

13 RADON AND FACTS MYTHS MYTH: Scientists dispute of number the precise scientists some FACT: Although radon sure aren’t to radon, deaths due health all major organizations (like the is a problem. really Centers for Disease Control, the American Lung Association estimates with agree and the American Medical Association) causes that of preventable cancer lung thousands radon deaths year. This is especially true among smokers, every since the risk to smokers is much greater than to non - smokers. MYTH: Radon testing is testing home your or FACT: Radon test is easy . You can yourself difficult, time Either test radon takes approach company. hire a qualified and consuming only and effort. of time a small amount expensive. with Homes MYTH: ACT: F are in homes. problems to radon solutions simple There problems radon Hundreds of thousands of homeowners ed already fix have can’t be fixed. Most in their problems radon homes. ed fix be can homes home repairs; common as other cost same the about for or more one qualified with check mitigators. Call your radon office (www .epa.gov/radon/whereyoulive . state for help in identifying qualified mitigation contractors. html) MYTH: Radon only affects r, radon n levels . Howeve t rado FAC T: Hous e constructio n can affec kinds certain of homes. types: in homes a problem be can of all new homes, old homes homes, insulated homes, drafty homes, with basements, without basements. Local geology , homes the how and materials, construction home are built was radon among the in homes. levels factors affect can that Radon a MYTH: is only High . Radon found been have levels radon state FACT: in every in certain problem var do problems to way the but to area, area y from only country. of the parts your know radon level is to test. MYTH: A neighbor’s levels greatly home to home . vary from Radon It’ s not. FACT: can result is a good test is a radon has home if your to know way problem The only your of whether indication to test it. home has a problem. RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s A 13

14 RADON FACTS continued AND MYTHS Everyone MYTH: water, FACT: it is Although radon gets into some homes through their should test radon. for home If your important to first test the air in the radon. for water water ground that system uses water comes from a public supplie , call your water water r. If high radon levels are home Drinking Safe well, found and the the has a private call at (800) testing on information Water Hotline for 426- 4791 water. your to difficult MYTH: It’s sales problems radon Where FACT: home ed, fix been have have where sell homes radon blocked been or frustrated. The not is protection added problems have been sometimes a good selling point. discovered. I’ve MYTH: in my lived cancer your reduce will You reduce you when of lung FACT: risk home it so long, for a for problem a radon if you’ve even levels, radon with lived sense doesn’t make time. long now . to take action tests MYTH: Short -term can short a second by test* A short FACT: -term followed test -term for be used can’t , the e. However hom your to fix used be whether to decide a decision making closer the average two short -term tests is to 4 pCi/L, of your about whether to fix be about -round year your whether can you certain less the your home. is above average ra- or below that level. Keep in mind that risk. some pose still 4 pCi/L below levels don levels Radon to 2 pCi/L can be reduced in most homes or below. estate test transaction, the result of a real of two short -term *If the is part radon ’s see information, more For to mitigate. EPA in deciding used be can tests whether and Buyer’s “Home to Radon.” Guide Seller’s RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND YOURSELF PROTECTING GUIDE TO THE l Radon o Guide t Citizen’s A 14

15 ATION FOR FU RTHER INFORM EPA Radon Website EPA Offices Regional https://www.epa.gov/radon https://www.epa.gov/radon/find- links to EPA ’s radon page includes information- -local -radon- zones -and- about ciency publications, hotlines, private profi the state -contact -information Check . programs more. and for EPA of your a listing above website regional office. Frequent Questions: https://iaq.zendesk.com/hc/en- us/sections/202349927 Ordering Radon Hotlines Radon Publications Many EPA radon publications are 7236)* -RADON -SOS 1-800 (767- available from https:// www .epa.gov test by phone. kits Purchase radon -about /radon/ pub -radon lications 1-800 2366)* (557- -55RADON Radon publications may ordered be radon questions. your Get live help for Center the Service National through Environmental for Publications -644 -6999* 1-800 (NSCEP) by calling 1-800- 490- 9198, Fix-It Hotline. For general Radon at website NSCEP the by visiting the fi or reducing on information radon or by https://www .epa.gov/nscep in your level home. [email protected] email at . -528 -3187* 1-866 Línea Directa de Información sobre Radón en disponibles Español. Hay operadores 9:00 las desde las 5:00 PM para AM hasta información y como radón sobre darle ordenar de la prueba hacer kit para un hogar. radón en su -426- 4791 1-800 Drinking Water For general Hotline. Safe information on drinking water, radon in and testing and treatment, water, standards water. for radon in drinking under a contract with EPA. Operated by Kansas in partnership University State *Operated with EPA. RADON FROM FAMILY YOUR AND A YOURSELF PROTECTING TO GUIDE THE l Radon o t Guide Citizen’s 15

16 Advisory Health Sur geon General United in the cancer of lung cause -leading second is the radon “Indoor breathing it over prolonged periods and States is completely important this that to know can present a significant health risk to families all over the country. It’s threat Radon fixed be detected with a simple test and preventable. through well- established venting techniques.” can 2005 January EPA of Assessment U.S. Risks Radon from in Homes the EPA revised its risk estimates for radon exposure in homes. EPA estimates that about In June 2003, related. of radon effects the that concluded also EPA and radon are deaths cancer lung annual 21,000 are so that smokers risk at higher cigarette from radon. EPA’s revised estimates smoking are synergistic, BEIR are Radiation) of Ionizing Effects (Biological VI 1998 of Sciences National Academy the on based cancer of lung cause leading second is the radon that concluded which Report after smoking. (6609J) Division Environments Indoor 2012 EP 402/K -12/002 | May | www.epa.gov/radon (IAQ) Indoor Air Quality 16

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