PS Mail Forms Document


1 e with clear tape Seal her How to use the Business Reply Envelope (BRE) Step #3 Step #2 Step #1 ck and the BRE tog ether Fold the sta Stack tog ether all req uired Seal and sec ure along the ed ges with clear tap by folding inwards along the dotted documents with the BRE on top . e only before pi ng into post box. ove. lines, as sho wn ab drop fold here Postage will be paid by Licensee. For posting in . e only Singapor Y SER VICE BUSINESS REPL Seal her PERMIT NO. 02300 e with clear tape e with clear tape Manulife (Singapore) Pri vate Limited Seal her 51 Bras Basah Road ntre #09-00 Manulife Ce Singapore 189554 Singapore Republic of fold here Seal her e with clear tape

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