1 or n r ve Go Gavin Newsom, STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT RELATIONS OF INDUSTRIAL DIVISION ENFORCEMENT STANDARDS OF LABOR UNIT INVESTIGATION COMPLAINT RETALIATION 2031 HOWE AVENUE, SUITE 100 SACRAMENTO, CA 95825 ASSURANCES OF PARTICIPATION RETALIATION WITHOUT FOR AN EMPLOYEE: INFORMATION of the office of the in the State of California, you have the right to speak As an employee to representatives ner or any other government about any issues affecting Commissio Labor California or law enforcement agency your working fire, demote, suspend or discipline you for answering any conditio ns. Your employer cannot any informa tion to a government agency. or providing questions INFORMATION FOR AN EMPLOYER: to retaliate any employee in the State of California who provides information to a government or It is illegal against where has reasonable cause to believe that the information discloses a agency the employee law enforcement with a state or federal statute, rule, or regulation. You cannot discharge, demote, violation or noncompliance in any manner suspend who engages in this protected activity. or discipline an employee Labor 1102.5 states in subsections (a) (b) (c) and (d): California Code section (a) An employer may rwt make, adopt, or enforce any rule, 1102.5. or policy preventing an employee from regulation, disclosing to a government or law enforcement agency, where the employe e has reasonable cause to believe that the information with discloses or federal statute, or a violation or noncom pliance of state a state or federal rule or information a violation regulation. An employer may not retaliate against an employee for disclosing information to a government or law enforcement agency, (b) the to believe has reasonable cause where that the information discloses a violation of state or federal statute, or a employee or rule pliance with a state or federal violation or regulation. rwncom refusing An may rwt retaliate (c) an employee for employer to participate in an activity that would result in a violation against of state or fedeml statute, or a violation or rwncompliance with a state or federal rule or regulation. (d) An rwt retaliate against an employee for having exercised his or her rights under subdivision (a), (b), or ( c) employer may former any in employment. FOR QUESTIONS OR FILING A COMPLAINT: Standards Enforcement Division of Labor Unit Complaint Investigation Retaliation Howe Avenue, Suite 100 2031 CA 95825 Sacra mento, 916-263-1811 of Labor Division ement Enforc Standards Investigation Complaint Retaliation Unit 320 W. Fourth Street, Room 450 Angeles, CA 90013 Los 213-620-6330 Information /dlse. and forms are available on the internet at Bakersfield 587-3060 San Bernardino (909) 383-4334 (661) 7718 Ave., 93308 Meany 348, 92401 Street, Room Fourth 464 West (619)220-5451 El Centro San Diego (7 60)353-0607 Street 1550 West , 92243 Main Metropolitan Drive, Suite 210, 92108 7575 Fresno San Francisco (5 59)244-5340 (415) 703-5300 th 222, 93710 Avenue, 770 East Shaw Suite 455 Golden Gate Avenue, 10 94102 Floor, Beach Long (562)590-5048 San Jose (408)277-1266 302, 90802 300 Oceangate, Suite de San Antonio, 100 Paseo Room 120, 95113 Los Angeles (213) Santa Barbara 620-6330 (805)5 68-1222 th 4 Street, Room 3, 93101 320 West 411 East Perdido Street, Canon 90013 450, Suite Santa (510)622-3273 76-2362 (707)5 Oakland Rosa 95404 360, 50 "D" Street, Suite 801, Clay 94612 Suite 1515 Street, Stockton Redding 948-7770 (209) (5 30)225-2655 nd Drive, 2 250 Hemsted 96002 Floor, Suite A, 31 East 317, 95202 Room Street, Channel Salinas Van Nuys (831)443-3041 (818) 901-5315 Room Blvd., Van Nuys 6150 206, 91401 150, 1870 North Main 93906 Street, Suite

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