How to Save Custom Reports (Templates) for Future Use


1 How to Save Custom Reports (Templates) for Future Use Description If you plan on running the same analysis in the future, you can save your modifications by clicking “Save” on the bottom right -hand side of the modification screen. This will save your modifications as a template; it will not save the results. Note: you must change the report name and title before saving. For modification descriptions, follow -analysis - resources/howtomodifyreport.pdf Example to “Line Listing -CLABSIs in ICU locations” . The saved name In this example, we have changed the report modifications in the report will be saved under both: a. “My Custom Reports” folder in the full Analysis>Reports menu. b. “Custom Reports” folder in the original analysis folder that was used to create the report. In this example, it would be found under Analysis>Reports>Device -Associated Module> Central -Associated BSI>Custom Reports. Line 1

2 How to Save Custom Reports (Templates) for Future Use You can run the custom report Note: option as is, make additional modifications, delete the report, export data set, publish report, or rename report by clicking on the 2

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