ADS Mandatory reference 480mae Leave without Pay (LWOP)


1 Leave without Pay (LWOP) A Mandatory Reference for ADS Chapter 480 Reference Issuance Date: 10/05/2011 Policy Issuance Date: 12/01/2005 Responsible Office: A/AID File Name: 480mae_100511

2 10/05/2011 Reference Issuance Date The Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act of 2006 was signed on November 14, 2005. The Act sets the Agency’s Operating Expense (OE) appropriation for FY 2006 at $630 m illion, which is significantly less than our request of $681 million. ised that an Agency task force was An Executive Notice dated 10/31/2005 adv ate OE savings and to provide a plan for established to identify measures for immedi long-term changes to our business model. T he task force has received many thoughtful carefully considered. suggestions that are being Many of you have expressed an interest in taking leave without pay (LWOP). We would like to offer this as an option for direct-hire employees on a strictly voluntary basis in those instances where the employee’s absen ce will not disrupt office operations. view carefully the following information Employees and supervisors are advised to re ing leave without pay. before requesting or approv status and absence from duty, granted with Leave without pay is a temporary, non-pay employee’s written request. As a part of this cost- administrative discretion, upon an saving initiative, an employee may request LW OP up to 30 days during the fiscal year, whether intermittent or continuous. For ex ample, an employee could request LWOP for one week followed by one day per week for t he next 25 weeks or a period of up to six for LWOP, the approving officer should carefully consider weeks. In reviewing requests on the work of the office. the impact of such absences Employees who are interested in requesting LWOP should refer to OPM’s website located at: for additional information benefits and programs. Foreign Service on extended leave without pay on Federal career candidates’ use of LWOP should be restricted to less than 80 hours in one year because LWOP exceeding that amount will adverse ly affect the employee’s three-year trial period during his/her five-year limited appointment. For planning purposes, employees should also be aware that holidays occurring within a period of non-pay status for which pay would otherwise be received are recorded as LWOP. If the employee is in a pay status at the close of business on the last workday preceding the holiday or at the beginning of business on the first workday following the holiday, the employee receives pay for the holiday. All LWOP requests must be made in wr iting on OPM Form 71 and must include the proposed beginning and ending dat es. For overseas employees, the Mission Director is the approving officer for LWOP for 30 days or less. For USAID/W employees, the second level supervisor is the approving official. 1

3 10/05/2011 Reference Issuance Date Employees and their supervisors are requir ed to record the hours of approved LWOP on the employee’s biweekly time and att endance submission. For time and attendance purposes, LWOP is coded as “LW”. For additional information on leave without pay, please refer to ADS 480, Leave. 480mae_100511 2

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