4eLV1 where have you been worksheet correction


1 I've Never Been... A poem by an unknown author I’ve never been to Athens and I’ve never been to Rome, I’ve only seen the Pyramids in picture books at home, I’ve never sailed across the sea or been inside a plane, lidays in Brighton I’ve always spent my ho in the rain. I've never eaten foreign food or drunk in a foreign bar, I've never kissed a foreign girl or driven a foreign car, I've never had to find my way in a country I don't know, I've always known just wher e I am and where I'll never go. I've read tr avel books by writers who have been to Pakistan, I've heard people telling stories of adventures in Iran, I've watched TV documentaries about China and Brazil, But I've never been abroad m yself; it's making me feel ill. I've studied several languages like Hindi and Malay, I've learned lots of useful sentences I've never been able to say, The furthest place I've ever been was to the Isle of Man And that was full of tourists from Jamaica and Japan.

2 In the morning at home: you are ready to go to the amusement park, but your family is not. her bed been to My sister has  oom to put a r was cold. jumper on because she Some members of your family have just arrived.   My parents have gone to the local Tourist Where have they been? They are late. - price tickets. Information Centre to buy half My twin cousins have been to t he bakery to buy  sandwiches .  gone? Some are missing. Where have they my gone to My aunt has  grandparents’ to fetch them. You all meet up at 11 am. Where has everybody been?  Grandma’s hair is wet. She has been to the carousel ten times.   Grandpa is completely dry.  He has not been with Grandma.  Mum and Dad feel dizzy.  They have been to the concession stand.  Auntie is exhausted.  They have been to the roller coaster.  My little sister is very happy.  to the river rafting ride. She has been  My twin cousins are drinking coke.  She has been everywhere to help me finding my little sister. HAVE BEEN / HAVE GONE parler Lorsqu'on utilise have been on dit que la personne est allée quelque part, qu'elle est revenu e et qu'elle peut en par exemple. ence de la personne. on remarque simplement l'abs have gone Lorsqu'on utilise has been about it, just ask her. Oakwood Park in Wales. If you want to know more to Sarah - Exemples : . has gone t at home at the moment. She no to the gym ? She is Sarah -

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