NC19012 SGSA January Jump Start


1 2019 JANUARY JUMP START Hosted by Swim GSA January - 21, 2019 18 The Greensboro Aquatic Center 1921 West Gate City Blvd. , Greensboro, NC 27403 e Sanction of USA Swimming , Inc., issued by North Carolina Swimming Held under th Sanction # NC 19 012 MEET ENTRY COORDINATOR MEET DIRECTOR Tom Brewer Tom Brewer - 420 4136 - 336 336 - 420 4136 - [email protected] [email protected] P. O. Box 10085 Greensboro, NC 27404 MEET REFEREE MEET MARSHAL Bruce Cantrell Trish Martin 336 327 4697 - 336 - - 312 - 6229 [email protected] [email protected] the FACILITY The Greensboro Aquatic Center is a state - of - - art indoor facility with three pools . The main competition pool is 9 10 feet deep at both ends and can be - - configured into two 25 . All lanes yard courses with up to twelve 7 - foot wide lanes feature non - t urbulent lane lines and Omega starting blocks. Up to two courses depending on entries with eight to twelve lanes may be used for this competition . The Omega electronic timing system will be used. The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). The copy of such certification is on At least three la nes will be open for continuous warm file with USA Swimming. The Coliseum will charge Seating for 1800 spectators is available . up and down. GSA will $5 for parking per day and may offer a weekend parking special . Swim . ree parking participating coache s and officials provide f Directions to the GAC are available at www.swimGSA. com . - This is a timed final/prelim/final Age Group/Senior pre MEET FORMAT seeded meet unless otherwise indicated. Age Group s Session Day Warm - up Meet Start 1 Friday timed finals 4:00 PM 5:00 PM All 2 Saturday prelims 7:30 AM 9:00 AM All 3 Saturday finals 4:30 All 0 PM 3 : 5 PM 4 Sunday prelims 7:30 AM 9:00 AM All 5 All Sunday finals 4:3 0 PM 5:3 0 PM :30 :00 AM 9 AM All 7 Monday timed finals 6 1

2 ENTRY DEADLINE AND : CHECK IN SUMMARY Time For: Day, Date 8 11:59 PM Tues day, Jan. Entry deadline 8 4:30 PM 400Y IM and 1000Y Freestyles positive check in closes Friday, Jan. 1 Jan. 1 9 4 :30 PM 200Y Medley Relay cards due Saturday, 20 Sunday, Jan. 500Y Freestyle positive check in closes 8:30 AM 4 200Y Freestyle Relay cards due :30 PM SAFE SPORT The NCS Safety Program is in effect for this meet. Coaches are advised to closely . Swimmers may be dropped off only in supervise their swimmers at all times designated safe areas. Swimmers are not permitted in work out rooms, storage rooms, meeting rooms, or control rooms. No glass containers or bottles are allowed inside the facility at any time. Anyone failing to comply with a safety request may forfeit his or her privilege to participate. We strongly recommend - up sessions in addition to host each team assign a marshal to monitor warm team marshal. Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present. rding devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted Use of audio or visual reco in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms. Deck changes are prohibited. Only swimmers, properly certified officials and coaches, and meet volunteers will be allowed on deck at any time. be allowed on deck. No spectators will in the meet, unaccompanied by a USA Swimming member Any swimmer entered coach, must be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient ater. It is in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the w the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement. RULES This meet will be conducted in accordance with the current USA Swimming Rules and Regulations, except where rules therein are optional and exceptions are stated. ELIGIBILITY All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming, Inc. Swimmers must be re gistered prior to entry deadline. Entries listed as “Registration Applied For” will not be accepted. There will be no on deck registration available at this meet. bed in the USA SWIMMERS WITH GSA welcomes all swimmers with disabilities as descri Swim DISABILITIES Swimming Rules and Regulations, Article 105, to participate in our meets. Coaches entering swimmers with disabilities that require any accommodations are required to provide advance notice in writing to the Meet Director by the entry deadli ne accompanying their meet entry file, including the need for any personal assistants required and/or registered service animals. Failure to Swim provide advance notice may limit GSA’s ability to accommodate all requests. 2

3 Historically this meet fills the entry deadline so early entries are well before ENTRIES strongly encouraged. submitted in Hy Entries Tek format by email to the Entry Coordinator by must be - . A completed and signed Entry Summary Sheet (include d in the entry deadline the announcement) and payment in full must be received by the Entry Swim Coordinator by the entry deadline for entries to be considered complete. GSA entries will be entered first and then complete entries from other teams in the order received. m GSA reserves the right to limit entries in orde r to Swi comply with the four/eight - hour rule. Rejected entries will be returned immediately. All relay only swimmers including alternates must be listed and pay arge. Unless entries are the NCS Travel Fund surcharge and Facility Surch rejected, entry fees are non - refundable. ENTRY Swimmers may swim a maximum of three (3) individual events per day . LIMITATIONS Swimmers are further limited to ten (10) individual events for the meet. ENTRY An email will be sent to the person submitting the entry confirming receipt of the VERIFICATION entry within 48 hours of receipt. ENTRY DEADLINES The Entry Coordinator must receive entries by Tuesday, January 8 , 2019 at 11:59 PM. Late entries will be accepted only at the discretion of the Meet Director. Late entries may not be seeded. Swim GSA reserves the right to limit or suspend the addition of s wimmers or heats to accommodate late entries. Late entries will be charged double fees. ENTRY FEES - refundable Make checks payable to: Swim GSA . All fees are non Individual TF Event .00 per event $6 .0 P/F Individual 7 Event 0 per event $ Relays $ 10 .00 per relay NCS Travel Fund $3.00 per swimmer Facility Surcharge $15 .00 per swimmer $ 10 .00/$ 12 .00/$ 20 .00 Late Entry Fee POSITIVE CHECK IN located at clerk of course will be required for the following Positive check in events: Open 400Y IM by 4:30PM Friday • Open 1 0 00Y Freestyle by 4:30PM Friday • • 12&U and Open 500Y Freestyle by 8:30AM Sunday Swimmers who do not check in may not be seeded in the event. SEEDING AND The conforming time for this meet is SCY. Entries should be made with SCY times, converted LCM times, or estimated SCY times. FORMAT accepted for positive check in events and are strongly will not be NT entries NT will be seeded last. discouraged for pre - seeded events. 3

4 Swimmers will be seeded from slowest to fastest unless otherwise indicated. Heats and events may be combined at the discretion or the Meet R eferee. individual and the 500Y Freestyle on Sunday All events on Friday and Monday will be contested as timed finals. All individual events on Saturday and Sunday (except the 500Y Freestyle) will be When more than on e finals heat is indicated contested as preliminaries/finals. , he heats will swim fastest to slowest, A Final first t in the Order of Events followed by B Final, etc. See the Order of Events for the number of finals heats All heats should report to the blocks. per event. There will not be a Ready Room. Alternates should report to the tarter prior to the beginning of the event and S will swim in the C Final if no shows occur. All relays will be timed final will be swum in the evening sessions. No s. Relays AM/PM option is available. The Open 400Y IM will be swum slowest to fastest in event order. The Open 1000Y Freestyle will be swum fastest to slowest in event order. Meet management reserves the right to alternate heats if only one pool is used for the session. The 500Y Freestyle will b e swum fastest to slowest in event order . No AM/PM swimmers for the option is available. The fastest heat of positively check ed in 12&U three heats of fastest 500Y Freestyle will swim in the evening. The positively check ed estyle will swim in the in swimmers for the Open 500Y Fre . The remaining heats of each event will swim in , regardless of age evening in event order. Swimmers are required to preliminaries, fastest to slowest . s provide their own counter Additional b reaks may be added at the Breaks are noted in the Order of Events. discretion of the Meet Referee. Dive over starts may be used for all sessions at the discretion of the Meet Referee. Meet Management reserves the right to limit preliminary and timed final heats in 12&U event s to comply with the 4 - hour rule. SCRATCHES There will be no penalty for scratching or failing to compete in pre - seeded events including relays at the block. AND PENALTIES For deck seeded events, swimmers who are properly checked in and seeded but fail to compete and are not excused by the Meet Referee will be barred from their next individual event. who do not scratch and then Swimmers who are named in the original A final fail to compete will be barred from their next individual event unless excused by the Meet Referee. 4

5 A Finalists or top 10 finishers in timed finals The ts as follows: SCORING will score poin Individual: 11 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 • Relay events will score double. • individual event. Relay AWARDS Ribbons will be awarded to the top 10 places in each There will not be awards ceremonies. ribbons will be given to top 3 places. RESULTS Results will be posted on Swim GSA’s website ( .com ) within 24 www.swimGSA ’ s conclusion and teams will be emailed their results. Meet hours of the meet Mobile will be used pending facility internet connectivity. COACHES All coaches on deck must be registered and certified with USA Swimming. Meet Management will require all coaches to show proo f of such by prominently displaying their registration card or be prepared to show their Deck Pass virtual membership card upon request. at 3:30 at the Meet Referee’s There may be a coaches’ meeting Friday discretion. Other meetings may be held at the Meet Referee’s discretion. Meet Management requests that at least one coach representative from each team attend all coaches’ meetings. OFFICIALS GSA welcomes and encourages anyone willing to volunteer to contact the Swim at the meet. upon arrival Meet Referee by email prior to the meet or sign in All officials on deck must be registered and certified with USA Swimming and will of such to the M eet R eferee by displaying their be required to show proof registration card or be prepared to show their Deck Pass virtual membership card upon request. A certification card showing the official’s level of Any official’s assi stance will be greatly certification must also be presented. appreciated and will help to ensure a great meet for the swimmers. Official briefings will be held 45 minutes prior to the start of each session in the hospitality area. The Swim GSA January Jump Start has been designated as an OQ M for N2 Evaluations with at least one year’s for all positions. Any certified official experience is invited to contact NCS Officials Chair, Todd Webber, at Information about USA [email protected] to request evaluation. Swimming’s national certification program can be found on the website. isiting teams. Please check in with TIMERS Swim GSA welcomes volunteer timers from v the volunteer coordinator at the entrance to see if there are open lanes and to get a deck pass. Timers meetings will be held approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of each session. TEAM PERSONNEL A team chapero ne may be allowed on deck with approval from the Meet Director provided they can prove current USA Swimming membership. The chaperone may remain in the team seating area but is not permitted on the competition pool deck or in the locker rooms at any time. Requests for team chaperone admissions should be emailed to the Meet Director prior to the meet. 5

6 Refreshments HOSPITALITY/ There will be a hospitality area open to all coaches and officials . will be for sale at concession stands. Outside food is not permitted by the CONCESSIONS facility. - UP In accordance with USA Swimming guidelines, there will be a published warm - WARM up procedure for all swimmers and coaches a ttending the meet. The Marshal will ensure all teams, coaches, and swimmers follow all warm up procedures. - Meet Management reserves the right to change warm up times according to - the number of entries. During the competition, there will be at least three lanes - up/down. There is to be no diving or horseplay available for continuou s warm in this area. Swimmers will enter the pool feet first except in lanes that are designated for one way race starts under the direct supervision of a USAS certified coach. IMAGE RELEASE All participants agree to be filmed and photographed by the host club approved photographer(s) and videographers and to allow the right to use names and pictures before, during, or after the meet such as in public psych sheets, heat host club or NCS or social media website sheets, and results or featured on the or in public broadcast of the event via television or webcast. Parents and guardians of minor swimmers who do not wish their swimmers to participate in heir interviews or have individual pictures featured on any media should inform t team’s head coach and the Meet Director prior to the meet. 2019 January Jump Start ORDER OF EVENTS Friday Timed Finals Warm - up: 4:00 Meet Start: 5:00 Girls/Women Event Boys/Men 1 Open 4 00Y Individual Medley * 2 *** 5 MINUTE BREAK*** 3 Open 1000Y Freestyle * 4  Positive check in event.  Swimmers in the 1000Y Free are required to provide their own counters . 6

7 2019 January Jump Start ORDER OF EVENTS - Warm up: 7:30 Meet Start: 9:00 Saturday Preliminaries Event Boys/Men Girls/Women 1 12 1 12&U 200Y Butterfly - 14 200Y Butterfly 14 13 13 15&O 200Y Butterfly 15 16 17 10&U 50Y Freestyle 18 - 12 50Y Freestyle 2 0 19 11 13 - 14 50Y Freestyle 21 22 23 15&O 50Y Freestyle 24 10&U 100Y IM 26 25 27 11 - 12 100Y IM 28 29 - 14 100Y IM 3 0 13 32 31 15&O 100Y IM 10&U 10 0Y Backstroke 34 33 35 11 - 12 10 0Y Backstroke 36 37 13 - 14 10 0Y Backstroke 38 39 0Y Backstroke 4 0 15&O 10 12&U 200Y Breaststroke 42 41 43 13 - 14 200Y Breaststroke 44 45 15&O 200Y Breaststroke 46 Warm Saturday Finals up: 4:30 Meet Start: 5:30 - Girls/Women Boys/Men Event Medley Relay 6 5 12&U 200Y 13 - 14 200Y Medley Relay 8 7 9 15&O 200Y Medley Relay 1 0 ***5 MINUTE BREAK*** 1 1 12&U 200Y Butterfly (1 heat) 12 13 - 14 200Y Butterfly (2 heats) 14 13 15&O 200Y Butterfly (3 heats) 16 15 17 10&U 50Y Freestyle (1 heat) 18 19 11 - 12 50Y Freestyle (2 heats) 20 21 13 - 14 50Y Freestyle (3 heats) 22 23 15&O 50Y Freestyle (3 heats) 24 25 26 10&U 100Y IM (1 heat) - 12 100Y IM (2 heats) 28 27 11 13 - 14 100Y IM (3 heats) 30 29 31 15&O 100Y IM (3 heats) 32 33 10&U 100 Y Backstroke (1 heat) 34 35 11 - 12 100 Y Backstroke (2 heats) 36 37 13 - 14 100 Y Backstroke (2 heats) 38 39 15&O 100 Y Backstroke (2 heats) 40 41 12&U 200Y Breaststroke (1 heat) 42 13 - 14 200Y Breaststroke (2 heats) 44 43 46 45 15&O 200Y Breaststroke (3 heats) 7

8 2019 January Jump Start ORDER OF EVENTS Warm Preliminaries - up: 7:30 Meet Start: 9:00 Sunday Event Boys/Men Girls/Women 10&U 100Y Butterfly 54 53 11 - 12 100Y Butterfly 56 55 57 - 14 100Y Butterfly 58 13 6 0 59 15&O 100Y Butterfly 10&U 100Y Freestyle 62 61 11 - 12 100Y Freestyle 64 63 65 13 - 14 100Y Freestyle 66 67 15&O 100Y Freestyle 68 69 7 0 12&U 200Y Backstroke - 14 200Y Backstroke 72 71 13 15&O 200Y Backstroke 74 73 75 76 10&U 50Y Breaststroke 77 - 12 50Y Breaststroke 78 11 79 13 - 14 50Y Breaststroke 8 0 81 82 15&O 50Y Breaststroke 83 12&U 500Y Freestyle * (Fastest heat in finals) 84 85 13&O 500Y Freestyle * (3 fastest heats in finals) 86  Positive check in timed final event.  Swimmers in the 500Y Free are required to provide their own counters. - Sunday Finals Warm up: 4:30 Meet Start: 5:30 Girls/Women Boys/Men Event 12&U 200Y Freestyle Relay 48 47 13 14 200Y Freestyle Relay 5 0 - 49 15&O 200Y Freestyle R elay 51 52 *** 5 MINUTE BREAK*** 10&U 100Y Butterfly (1 heat) 54 53 55 - 12 100Y Butterfly (2 heat) 56 11 - 14 100Y Butterfly (3 heats) 58 57 13 15&O 100Y Butterfly (3 heats) 60 59 61 62 10&U 100Y Freestyle (1 heat) 63 - 12 100Y Freestyle (2 heats) 64 11 65 13 - 14 100Y Freestyle (3 heats) 66 67 68 15&O 100Y Freestyle (3 heats) 12&U 200Y Backstroke (1 heat) 70 69 13 14 200Y Backstroke (2 heats) 72 71 - 15&O 200Y Backstroke (3 heats) 73 74 75 10&U 50Y Breaststroke (1 heat) 76 77 11 - 12 50Y Breaststroke (2 heats) 78 79 13 - 14 50Y Breaststroke (2 heats) 80 8 15&O 50Y Breaststroke ( 2 heats) 82 1 83 12&U 500Y Freestyle* (1 heat) 84 86 13&O Freestyle * ( 3 500Y heat s ) 85 Swimmers in the 500Y Free are required to provide their own counters.  8

9 2019 January Jump Start ORDER OF EVENTS 7 Warm - up: :30 Meet Start: 9 :00 Monday, Timed Finals Event Boys/Men Girls/Women 1 87 &U 2 00Y IM 88 2 13 - 14 200Y IM 9 0 89 1 15&O 2 00Y IM 9 92 93 10&U 50Y Butterfly 94 11 12 50Y Butterfly 96 95 - - 14 50Y Butterfly 98 97 13 15&O 50Y Butterfly 10 0 99 101 10&U 50 Y Backstroke 1 02 Y Backstroke 03 11 - 12 50 1 1 04 1 05 13 - 14 50 Y Backstroke 1 06 1 07 15&O 50 Y Backstroke 1 08 09 10&U 100Y Breaststroke 11 0 1 1 11 - 12 100Y Breaststroke 1 12 11 1 13 13 - 14 100Y Breaststroke 1 14 15 15&O 100Y Breaststroke 1 16 1 1 17 10&U 200Y Freestyle 1 18 1 19 11 - 12 200Y Freestyle 12 0 12 13 - 14 200Y Freestyle 1 22 1 1 23 15&O 200Y Freestyle 1 24 END OF MEET 9

10 2019 January Jump Start Summary of Fees/Release Form GSA): Complete and email or mail this form along with entry fees to (checks payable to Swim Swim Amy Stowers GSA ATTN: P. O. Box 10085 Greensboro, NC 27404 Email to: Amy Team Name Club Code Coach Coach Phone Coach Email Team Address Total Number Cost per Total Item $ TF .0 0 per event Individual Entries 6 Individual P/ F Entries $7 0 per event .0 Relay Entries $ 10 .00 per relay Swimmers (Travel Fund & $18 .00 per swimmer Facility Surcharge) Total Fees Due Waiver, Acknowledgement and Liability Release: I, the undersigned coach or team representative, verify that all of the swimmers and coaches listed on the enclosed entry are registered with USA Swimming. I acknowledge that I am familiar with the Safety Rul es of USA Swimming, Inc. and North Carolina Swimming, Inc. regarding warm - up procedures and meet safety guidelines, and that I shall be responsible for the compliance of my swimmers with those rules during this Swim GSA, the Greensboro Aquatic Cente r, The City of Greensboro, North Carolina Swimming, and meet. USA Swimming, Inc., their agents, employees, and coaches shall be held free and harmless from any and all liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of illness or injury to anyone during the conduct of this meet. I also acknowledge that by entering this meet, I am granting permission for the names of any or all of my team’s swimmers to be published on the internet in the form of Psych Sheets, Meet Results, or any other documents associated wi th the running of this meet. _____________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE (Coach or Club Representative) CLUB _____________________________________________________________________________________ DATE TITLE 10

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