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1 Arts for All Arts for All $5 Tickets Tickets Music Music Show your Oregon Trail Theater Theater Card and buy $5 tickets! Dance & Dance & Attractions Attractions Arts for All: A Question & Answer Guide I want to attend an event. Who has $5 tickets? Q. A. All the organizations listed here, and more. Check for more groups offering tickets. Who can buy $5 tickets? Q. Anyone who gets food stamps (SNAP) A. and has the Oregon Trail Card. How many tickets can I buy for $5 each? Q. A. Two per Oregon Trail Card, but ask the organization if you can buy more. How do I know if $5 tickets are available for the Q. event I’m interested in? A. Contact the organization directly. They will tell you which events are eligible for $5 tickets and tell you how you can buy tickets. How do I pay for the tickets? Q. A. You can pay with cash or credit and show your Oregon Trail Card at time of purchase or when you pick up your tickets. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card be cannot used to buy tickets. More questions? [email protected]

2 Show your Oregon Trail Card and you can buy $5 tickets Show your Oregon Trail Card and you can buy $5 tickets to some great events! Participating organizations include: to some great events! Participating organizations include: Portland Metro Arts All Classical Portland Live Wire! Radio 503-408-0604 503-548-4920 503.943.5828 Portland Opera Mask & Mirror Comm Theatre Artists Repertory Theatre 503-241-1802 503-333-1139 503-241-1278 Portland Piano International Metropolitan Youth Symphony Aurora Chorus 503-228-1388 503-239-4566 503-287-6721 Portland Playhouse Miracle Theatre Group Back Fence PDX 503-488-5822 503-236-7253 323-309-3985 Portland Revels Northwest Children’s Theater Bag & Baggage 503-274-4654 503-222-4480 503-345-9590 Portland Rose Festival Fdn Northwest Film Center BodyVox 503-227-2861 503-221-1156 503-229-0627 Portland Story Theater Oregon Ballet Theatre Broadway Rose Theatre 503-284-2226 503-222-5538 503.620.5262 Portland Symphonic Choir Oregon Children’s Theatre Cantico Singers 503-223-1217 503-228-9571 650-208-1243 Portland Taiko Oregon Symphony Capoeira Angola Palmares 503 288-2456 503-228-1353 503-449-9091 Portland Youth Philharmonic Pacific Youth Choir Cappella Romana 503-223-5939 503-780-1675 503-236-8202 Post5 Theater Pendulum Aerial Arts Chamber Music Northwest 971.258.8584 503-319-5486 503-223-3202 Profile Theatre Performance Works Northwest Choral Arts Ensemble 503-242-0080 503-777-1907 503-477-0700 Resonance Ensemble Polaris Dance Theatre Clackamas Comm College 503-4278701 503-929-0791 503-594-6489 Stumptown Stages Portland Actors Conservatory Consonare Choral 503-381-8686 503-274-1717 360-609-7146 The Ensemble Portland Art Museum Entertainment for People 503-753-8368 503-276-4270 325-309-3985 The Portland Ballet Portland Baroque Orchestra First Presbyterian Church: Celebration Works 503-452-8448 502-222-6000 Third Angle New Music Portland Center Stage 503-228-5855 Friends of Chamber Music 503-331-0301 503-445-3700 Third Rail Repertory Theatre Portland Children’s Museum 503-224-9842 503-546-6558 503-471-9914 Gallery Theater Triangle Productions Portland Choirs 503-472-2227 503-239-5919 503-697-7464 Hand2Mouth Theatre White Bird Portland Columbia Symphony 503-235-5284 503-245-1600 503-234-4077 Heidi Duckler Dance Theater Wisdom of the Elders Portland Gay Men’s Chorus 503-465-5302 503-775-4014 503.226.2588 Lakewood Theatre Company World Affairs Counci of Oregon Portland Japanese Garden 503-635-3901 503-306-5252 503-223-1321

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