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1 Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements SAVE Program Guide LY WA RNING: This docume nt is FOR O FFICIAL USE ON (FOUO). This document is FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and remains the property of Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program. It contains information that may be exempt from release by the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552). It is to be controlled, stored, handled, transmitted, distributed, and disposed of in accordance with DHS policy relating to FOUO information and is not to be released to the public or other personnel who do not have a valid “need to know” without prior approval by the DHS, USCIS, SAVE Program. When left unattended, this document must be stored in a locked container or area offering sufficient protection against theft, compromise, inadvertent access and unauthorized disclosure .

2 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION ... 1 1. SAVE Program Overview ... 1 2. What is the SAVE Program 2.1 1 ... 2.2 Governing Legislation ... 1 The Creation of the SAVE Program ... 1 2.2.1 2.2.2 The Evolution of the SAVE Program ... 2 3. MEMORANDU M OF AGREE MENT ... 5 SAVE Elig ibility Criteria ... 5 3.1 3.2 SA VE’ s Responsibi li ties ... 5 3.3 SA VE Transaction Charges ... 5 3.4 User’s Responsibilit ies ... 6 Use ... System Pro per 3.4.1 6 3.4.2 on of Benef its ... 7 Deter minati Due Process ... 7 3.4.3 Non-discri mination ... 7 3.4.4 on CaseC heck ... 7 SAVE Verificati 3.4.5 Training ... 8 3.4.6 8 Pri vac y Protec tions ... 3.4.7 3.5 Resolution ... 9 Dispute 4. SAF EGUARD S ... 9 4.1 USCIS ... 9 4.2 Pa rticipating User Agencies ... 9 US CIS Record Keeping ... 9 4.3 10 4.4 SA VE Moni toring and Compli ance (M&C) ... Verification Process Overview 5. 10 ... i Page Revised MARCH 201 9

3 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide 10 ... 5.1 The Verification Process 5.1.1 Electronic Verification ... 11 5.1.2 Paper -based Verification ... 13 Verification Response Times ... 13 5.1.3 5.1.4 Special Circumstances ... 13 14 ... Support 6. 6.1 Training Options ... 14 6.2 Resources ... 14 Contact Information 6.3 15 ... ABBREVI 7. APPEND IX A: AC RONYMS AND AT IONS ... 16 NDI T SH X B: FAC 18 S... EET 8. APPE ii Page Revised MARCH 201 9

4 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide 1. INTRODUCTION The Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program Guide outlines the Program’s policies and procedures, as well as the roles and responsibilities of participants. This guide contains requirements are incorporated by reference in the memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the Department of that Homeland Security (DHS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the user agency. Some agencies have a computer matching agreement (CMA) rather than an MOA, and although there are some differences, the provisions found in the MOA have a CMA equivalent. Additionally, documents incorporated by reference in this guide may also contain SAVE System requirements. Your agency must monitor SAVE notifications to be aware when SAVE updates requirements and training of tutorials and to ensure that SAVE users are following the most recent procedures and policies . The design p answer questions that may of this guide provides both training and guidance to reference materials to hel arise regarding the SAVE Program and the verification process. W 2. SAVE PROGRAM OVERVIE What is the SAVE Program 2.1 SAVE is an inter -governmental initiative using a web-based service to help federal, state and local benefit- issuing an d licensing agencies and other governmental entities determine the immigration status of applicants for public benefits or licenses (hereinafter “benefits”) so only entitled applicants receive them. SAVE verifies the status of non-immigrants, immigrants, and certain naturalized and derived U.S. citizens. SAVE does not determine an applicant’s eligibility for a specific benefit. -focused immigration status information to authorized agencies in order SAVE will provide timely customer to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their programs. This includes the use of automated promoting -agency collaboration, customer service, efficiency, and information privacy. systems to enhance inter Governing Legislation 2.2 2.2.1 The Creation of the SAVE Program In 1986, Congr ess passed the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), Public Law (Pub. L.) No. 99- 603. This legislation altered the relationship between certain federal benefit granting agencies and the applicants for benefits they administered. IRCA prohibited the granting of specified federal public benefits to certain non-U.S. citizens and imposed obligations upon benefit granting agencies to determine the citizenship and/or immigration status of applicants for these benefits. cant declare in writing whether he or she is a citizen or national of the IRCA required that each benefit appli United States. If the applicant is not a citizen or national of the United States, the applicant must show that he or she is in a satisfactory immigration status, as set forth by federal law, to receive that benefit. IRCA required the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the predecessor agency to what is now Department of Homeland Security (DHS), United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), to establish an automated system for verifying the immigration status of noncitizen applicants for certain federal benefits. This system was accessible to federal, state, and local benefit-issuing agencies and 1 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

5 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide e 2 lists the agencies and benefits covered by institutions that would administer those federal benefits. Tabl IRCA. SAVE was created in 1987 out of a previously existing pilot program to comply with these IRCA requirements and to oversee and administer the automated system used to verify immigration status and natural ized or derived citizenship. Soon after its creation, subsequent legislation built upon and expanded SAVE’s role. Agencies and Benefits C overed by IRCA. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) Program • Medicaid Program • Certain Territorial Assistance Programs • Food Stamps U.S. Department of Labor (D OL) Unemployment Compensation Program • ation (D OE) U.S. Department of Educ • Title IV Educational Assi stance Programs U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) • Certain Housing Assistance Programs removed the Please Note : The Pers onal Responsibility and Work Oppo rtuni ty Reconcili ation Act of 1996 IRCA . with SAVE that state agencies veri fy elig ibility for food stamps rement re qui 2.2.2 The SAVE Progr am Evolution of the a decade after SAVE was created, the About Work Oppo rtun ity Reconcilia tion Pers onal Responsibili ty and Act of 1996 (P RWORA), Pub. L. No. 104-193 , was passed and provided addi tional restrictions for cert ain programs funde d by federal, state and local governments. PRWORA establis hed stricter citizenship or immi gration status elig ibili ty re qui re ments for many programs and re ndered cert ain categori es of non-U .S. fits. citizens ineligible for many bene Unde r PRWORA, an app Illegal fits. The alif ied alien” to be elig ible for many bene lic ant must be a “qu the gration Reform and Immi grant Responsibilit y Act of 1996 (IIR IRA), Pub. L. No. 104-208, and Immi Balanced Budge alif ied alien” as: t Act of 1997, Pub. L. No. 105-33 defined a “qu An alien who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence under the Immigration and Nationality Act • (INA) [8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.]; An alien who is granted asylum under Section 208 of the INA [8 U.S.C. 1158]; • A refugee who is admitted to the United States under Section 207 • of the INA [8 U.S.C. 1157]; 2 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

6 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide • An alien who is paroled into the United States under Section 212(d)(5) of the INA for a period of at least one year [8 U.S.C. 1182(d)(5)]; An alien whose deportation is being withheld under Section 243(h) of the INA (as in effect prior to • April 1, 1997) [8 U.S.C. 1253] or whose removal has been withheld under Section 241(b)(3) [8 U.S.C. 1231(b)(3)]; • An alien who is granted conditional entry pursuant to Section 203(a)(7) of the INA as in effect prior to April 1, 1980 [8 U.S.C. 1153(a)(7)]; • An alien who is a Cuban/Haitian Entrant as defined by Section 501(e) of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980 [8 U.S.C. 1153]; or • Certain aliens who have been battered or were subjected to extreme cruelty [8 U.S.C. 1641(c) ]. applies only to nonexempt “federal public benefits” and “state and local public benefits.” Thus, PRWORA PRWORA restrictions do not apply to all federal, state and locally funded activities and programs. Further, access to important emergency health services, public health assistance and community -based services necessary to protect life and safety remain accessible to all non-U.S. citizens. Benefit-granting agencies al public should determine whether the particular program or benefit they administer is providing a “feder ” Once benefit” or a “state or local benefit. Title whether is determined, the benefit provider can decide this IV of PRWORA or other applicable laws require verification of an applicant’s citizenship or immigration status . A “federal public benefit,” as defined in PRWORA, is: 1) Any grant, contract, loan, professional license or commercial license provided by an agency of the United States or by appropriated funds of the United States; and 2) Any retirement, welfare, disability, public or assisted housing, post-secondary education, food assistance, unemployment benefit or any other similar benefit for which payments or assistance are provided to an individual, household or family eligibility unit by an agency of the United States or by funds of the United States. appropriated According to PRWORA, the definition of “state and local public benefit” is identical to the federal public benefit, except that it substitutes “state or local government” for “the United States.” A “federal public never be a “state or local benefit,” and vice versa, because a benefit cannot meet both benefit” will definitions. Accordingly, if any federal funds are used, a benefit is by definition federal regardless of whether state or local funding is also used. Furthermore, IIRIRA as amended, requires DHS -USCIS to respond to inquiries by federal, state and local benefit-issuing agencies seeking to verify or determine the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any lawful pur -USCIS is currently using the pose. DHS SAVE Program’s automated and manual verification processes to provide federal, state and local benefit- agencies and institutions with information that will assist in verifying an individual’s immigration issuing status. Note that DHS uses the Law Enforcement Service Center operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to provide immigration information to eligible law enforcement agencies. Please also note that SAVE verifies the immigration status, or naturalized or derived citizenship of certain individuals, but on whether an applicant qualifies for any specific or recommendations does not make any determinations benefit. 3 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

7 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide The Real ID Act of 2005, Pub. L. No. 109-13 further enhanced the role of SAVE. This Act establishes certain minimum standards for the issuance of state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards in order for those documents to be acceptable for official federal purposes. The Real ID Act defines official purposes as “accessing federal facil ities, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft, entering nuclear power plants, and any other purpose that the Secretary [DHS] shall determine.” To meet the requirements of the Real ID Act, states must verify the immigration status of every applicant for a Real ID driver’s license U.S. citizens. and identification card. States must use SAVE to verify the immigration status for non- States may also use SAVE to verify certain naturalized or derived citizens. L. SAVE’s role was further expanded under the Patient Protection and Affordabl e Care Act of 2010, Pub. No. 111- 148 , which provides for a variety of healthcare reforms includi ng health insurance benefits for qualif ied “aliens lawfully present in the United States.” The legislation creates state-based health insurance benefit exchanges through which indi ls can pur chase coverage, with premium and cost-sharing credits vidua availa ble to lo w-income individua s. The legislation requires the Secretary of Health and familie ls and with DHS, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Human Services, in consultation vidual’ Treasury, to establis h a program for determining an indi s elig ibilit y for enrollm ent in Aff ordable Care Act benef its and for certain existing benefits, such as Medicaid, through the exchanges. As part of this elig ibili ty determination, exch to verify the human services agencies use SAVE anges and health and immi gration status and naturaliz ed or derived citizenship of certain applic ants. Pub. L. No. 114- The Federal Aviation Administration Extension, Safety and Security Act of 2016 (FAA Act), 190, § 3405(d) (July 15, 2016) , directs the Secretary of Homeland Security to authorize Airport Operators to have direct access to E -Verify (the electronic employment eligibility verification program administered by USCIS) and SAVE to determine the eligibility of individuals seeking unescorted access to any security has directed USCIS and identification display area of an airport. The Secretary of Homeland Security the to coordinate their responsibilities concerning implementation of this Transportation Security Administration Some Airport Operators are private non- requirement. governmental entities. 4 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

8 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide MEMORANDU M OF AGREE 3. SAVE MENT bil ity Crit eria Eligi 3.1 agencies. Besides private airport operators authorized SAVE provides verification services to over 1100 under the FAA Act, only federal, state and local benefit-granting agencies may register for to use SAVE. to engage in an activity or provide a benef it for which immi gration The agency must be authorized by law red. status verification is requi AVE, an izing submit electro nic copies of all appli cable legal authori ties author To register for S agency must agency to: the • Issue the stated benefit or lic ense or engage in other activity; and before issuing the stated benefit or lic ense or pur • suant Verify the immi gration status of its applicants to engaging in the other activity re views the legal authori ties to ensure that the agency is authori zed to part icipate in SAVE . USCIS If the agency meets the elig ibilit y cri teri a to part icipate in SAV E, the agency is re qui red to execute an MOA the purp with DHS/USCIS outlin ing the ose and responsibilit ies for part icipation in the program. A user agency is one that has executed an MOA to use SAVE. agency must revise its SAVE MOA A user can use SAVE it for any purpose or benefit not outlined in its MOA. before it ’s Responsibili ties SAVE 3.2 rdance with the MOA, SAVE will: In acco Provide acce • ss to and maintain the SAVE system • itted verification requests from the user agency by providing the Respond to properly subm as stated in the Purp ose Section of the MOA information Process and respond to properly subm addi itted • tional verification requests submi tted by the user agency through the SAVE system or (when specifically autho rized by SAVE on a case by case Request basis under extraordinary circumstances) on USCIS For m G-845, Verification regarding the laws, polic ies, training and information • Provide operating instructions, and gui danc e, and procedures that safeguarding, using, maintaining, and disclosing certain govern verify ing, citizenship and immigration status information • Provide SAVE point of contact information for que stions or problems regardi ng the user agency’s participation in the program • Provide acce ss to USCIS For m G-845 and other forms and/ or suppl ements as appr opriate, which may be reproduc ed and/or comput er generated 3.3 SAVE Transaction Charges (ACA) that contains ndum sign an Anticipated Collections Adde Addi tionally , the agency must complete and fundi agency’s financial information and the ng oblig ations. 5 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

9 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide verification upon assesses charges bas ed For the number and type(s) of transactions an services, SAVE its eac h month. An electronic initial verification request incurs a base transaction charge. agency subm The current SAVE transaction charges are located on the SAVE public website. 3.4 User’s Responsibili ties In acco MOA, the us er agency (or airport operator) must ensure that each user who makes rdance with the SAVE requests for verification or manages cases follows the requi rements set fort h in the MOA. For more information on the res ponsibili ties of a user agency , refer to your agency’s off icial MOA, SAVE Guide this Program MOA and other documents incorp orated by reference in the notifications and . The ssment Guide (r eferenced in section 4.5.1 below) that can be found once a user is logged SAVE Self-A sse in to “R esourc es” also SAVE at provides information on how to com ply with SAVE requ irements. Note: documents to assist users in understanding immigration The “Resources” section has numerous guidance information and how to use SAVE. Proper System Use 3.4.1 procedur All users are re sponsible for follo wing the SAVE Pro gram polic ies and es as outlined in this guide, the agency’s MOA, the SAV E tutori al, other documents incorporated by reference and upda tes to these SAVE System, emails, tifications in the form of ticker messa ges on the requi rements. SAVE may make no SAVE Website lette rs or via the . Users only on benefit applicants. If an individual is applying for benefits on verifications SAVE may run behalf of another person, a user may, under federal law, only verify the status of the person who will actually be receiving the benefits. See Department of Justice Interim Guidance Concerning the at 62 Verification of Aliens under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act ample, if a child is seeking benefits based upon his or Fed. Reg. 61344, 61347 (Nov. 17, 1997). For ex SAVE verif ication must be made her own eligibility, the on his or her parent(s). This is on the child, not also relevant to the definition of an applicant in other contexts. For example, for a grant application filed on behalf of a corporation, the SAVE verification should be run on an applicant who is an officer, director or employee with a direct interest in the corporation’s receipt of the grant. Respons Failure rement violates the MOA (See sections III. Purp ose and IV.B. to follow this re qui ibili ties) and may result in the individual user or the entire agency losing access to SAVE. /or Users must perf orm any and all addi tional verification procedu res SAV E requi re s and the applic ant re quests. When SAVE re turns “I nstitute Add itional Veri fication,” “R esubm it Doc” or a re sponse of tional cates that tional verification is re qui red, or the otherw ise indi ant re quests addi addi benefit applic veri fication, the us er must continue the veri fication process to ensure that SAVE can conduc t the necessary researc h on behalf of the b enefit app licant. This is necessary because user agencies may not ation for benefits unl ess the agency has followed all SAV E re ly on a SAVE re sponse to deny an applic veri fication procedur es. Follow ing SAVE verification procedures, requires user agenc ies to respond to a re quest for addi tional review when prompted by SAVE or requested by the applic ant by submitting any re ceiving SAVE’s final nd ant’s applic the additional information or documents a response regarding 6 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

10 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide gration status or records er agency may deny elig ible pers ons benefits that they are immi . Otherw ise, the us lawfully entitled to re ceive. Accordingly, SAVE requires the agency to have instituted additional verification and before it can deny a benefit based on the SAVE response. If an agency has alternative followed all verification steps processes upon which to base its decision to grant or deny a benefit, additional verification is not required. in SAVE gencies must ensure that they hav User a identify the applic ant and to ensure e taken appropriate steps to gration lic ant’s immi that the SAVE re sponse matches the immi gration status indicated on the app documents. Deter minat ion of Bene fits 3.4.2 SAVE veri fies the immi gration status of benefit applic ants, but does not make a recommenda tion re garding nefit. The the applic ant’s eligibilit y for the be user agency has the responsibility to use the inform ation provided by SAVE ine the applic ant’s benefit elig ibili ty based on the agency’s cri teri a. Refer to to determ the “Guide to Understanding SAVE Verification Responses” under Resources in the SAVE System for assistance with understanding the response . 3.4.3 Due Process ants who are denied benefits bas ed solely or in part on the SAVE response must be provided with All applic ct their so that they may corre ry to contact DHS ation necessa adequate written notice and the inform records in a timely manne ts that user agencies should give to all of their has Fact Shee r. SAVE ants who they deny a benefit based on SAVE’s response regarding their immi gration status. The Fact applic Sheet s are availa ble in Appe ndix B, as well as in “Resources” l ocated on SAV E’s System. Notice is sufficient if a user agency provides their applicant s with the appropriate SAVE F act Sheet in Appendix B to correct their records. or one they created that contains the information the applicant needs are d enied a benefit based upon User agenc ies should also provide all applic ants who E re sponse a SAV appeals process. ty to challe nge the d enial through the age ncy’s existing tuni oppor with the 3.4.4 Non-discr imination It is the user’s obligation to comply with any federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination against applicants. Responses from the SAVE System should not be used to discriminate against applicants based upon their national origin, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, disability, or other characteristics protected by law . A user may not make any determination about an applicant’s immigration or citi zenship status, or the need to institute additional verification based upon the factors listed above, the applicant’s ability to speak English, manner of dress, or any other prohibited factors . 3.4.5 SAVE Verifi cat ion Case Check allows applicants additional verification processing status online at the SAVE CaseCheck to check their SAVE public website using their date of birth and the number from the document used by the agency to run about this process in the SAVE System notices to give applicants . Users can find the query their SAVE 7 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

11 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide “Resources .” User ies may also provide applicants with the 15 digit verification case number under agenc case to check the status of their s. 3.4.6 Training It is the user agency’s responsibility to ensure that all users complete the necessary training prior to tting reque sts for verification in the SAV E System. At a minimum, all users must: submi • Complete the SAVE tutorial rstand this SAVE Program Guide; and • Read and unde Maintain a working knowledge of the verification process and procedur • es To ensure compliance, user agencies must monitor SAVE notifications to be aware of upda ted requi rements and training tutorials and to ensure that their users know about these upd ates. See the training options referenced in Section 6 of this guide. Privac tions 3.4.7 y Protec protect the pr ivacy of applic ants whose pers onal inform ation User agencies must through is processed SAVE. Users are re sponsible for ensuring that all per sonal information is safeguard ed and used only for the purpos es outlined in the MOA and by re ference in this gui de. Failure to protect an indi vidua l’s information can re sult in identity theft or fraud can cause considerable inconvenience, harm , or and embarra ssment to the indi vidua l. All users must comply with the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552a , and other applic able laws, polic ies and must at minimum implement agencies that end, ations. To regul safeguards: the following • ized users to access SAV E Allo w only author Secure acce ss to SAV E by protecting passwords • ation only for official purpo Use and distri but e pers onal inform basis ses on a need-t o-k now • • Copy or print pers onal inform ation only when necessa ry and mark all documents with “For Off icial Use Only” before transmitting Use a coversheet when faxing pers onal inform ation and notify the r ecipient • ation immediately by • Report suspicious or inappr opriate requests for pers onal inform calling 469-2563 rt at (877) Customer Suppo nly use SAVE for the purpos es outlined in their agency’s MOA. In addi tion, unde r the Pri vacy Users must o Act, all users must: ers onal inform • Notify indi vidua ls appl ying for benefits that the p agency is colle cting ation that their will be gration status through SAVE used to veri fy their immi • vidua ls appl ying for benefits that they do not hav e to provide the information Advise indi consequences of not providing the for benefits of the information • Advise indi vidua ls appl ying For additional guidance, refer to the Fact Sheet, “Information for SAVE Users: Your Responsibilities for SAVE System under Resources Handling and Protecting Personal Information,” in the . 8 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

12 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide Dispute Resolution 3.5 for reaching final resolution of a disput S-USCIS procedures ing an MOA are based on the DH e concern authori ty. In the event that a disput e canno t be Depart ment’s delegations of SAV E resolved between the Pro gram and spute would be elevated within USCIS and possi bly to DHS , with legal your agency, the di USCIS Off ice of Chief Counsel and, if necessa ry, the DH S Off ice of General Counsel. assistance from the final authori ty to settle a The DH S General Counsel has nd Depar tment. all legal matte rs within the decide S General Couns el can issue a final DH S decision re garding a dispute over the interpretation of an DH MOA provision. 4. SA FEGUARDS USCIS, user agencies and contractors must protect rights to the fullest extent of the of benefit applicants law . 4.1 USCIS SAVE Pro gram has been implemented in a manne r that provides for veri fication of immi gration status without re gard to sex, color, ra ce, re ligion, national ori gin, disabilit y and other protected chara cteri stics of to safeguard its confidentiality. the individual involved. USCIS store s inform ation in a secure area in order re sponsibili ties indi ies and age is restri cted to pers ons whose dut Data us d for its re view. cate a nee 4.2 Participating Use r Agencies ant with a reasonable opport uni ty to furn ish evidence of satisfactory User agencies must provide an applic gration status. The user agency should appl y any relevant legal authori ty to determine for itself immi applic provided on an interi m or temporary basis to an ant whether benefits should be pendi ng completion of SAVE for Medicaid, the For example, IRCA’s statutory provisions requi ri ng use of SAVE process. une mployment compensation, and other f agency responsible ederal benefit programs gener ally prohibit the for determining denying, benefits or terminating ing, re duc elig ibility for thes e benefits from delaying, pendi SAV E veri fication. ng 4.3 US CIS Record Keepi ng To comply with the Privacy Act, USCIS retains record s submitted for any addi tional verification process. ubm USCIS may dupl icate and forward any documentation a user s its to a status verifier that indicates criminal misuse of government documents, information, or the SAVE Program to U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) or other law enforcement agencies to initiate an investigation or prosecution under federal criminal law. The user agency should follow its own guidelines for investigation and prosecuting cases of fraudulent documentation . s, USCIS te or correct records. If there are da ta discre pancies in an app licant’s re cord SAVE cannot upda ant will be re qui generally , the applic re d to intera ct with USCIS to can upda te the r ecord as necessary; but ct their record. corre 9 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

13 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide 4.4 SAVE Moni toring and Compliance (M&C ) SAVE’ s M&C Bra nch monitors all sys tem use to ensure complia nce with policies and procedur es. User agencies agree to allow M&C to monitor and re view all syst em usage patt ern s, tra ining re cord s, user t site visits and/ data; conduc take ts to re view complia nce; and or desk audi acce ss, and other re levant corre er to addre ss all lawful re qui rements. Refer to your agency’s MOA, ctive measures in a timely mann SAVE notifications, SAVE Self-Assessment Guide and ot her documents incorporated by reference in the this gui MOA and de for more inform ation regarding SAVE’s monitori ng and complia nce activities. 5. VERIFICATION PROCESS OVERVIEW 5.1 The Verification Process to SAVE offers electronic access an applicant’s status when requesting public benefits information verify ing check a benefit applicant’s immigration status . SAVE uses online systems to under normal circumstances information against records contained in DHS databases. When applying for public benefits or licenses at an agency that uses SAVE, non-immigrants, immigrants, naturalized or derived citizens must present information from an immigration document. This may be a Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551) , also known as a “green card”, an employment authorization document (Form I -766) , a valid foreign passport, or some other immigration document. Additionally, naturalized or derived citizens may present information from a certificate of naturalization or citizenship, in which case their citizenship could be verified through SAVE. In order to verify an applicant’s immigration status or U.S citizenship, SAVE requires a numeric identifier (such as an Alien Number, Arrival -94 Number, SEVIS ID Number , Certificate of Naturalization -Departure Record I Number, Certificate of Citizenship Number or Unexpired Foreign Passport Number) from the appl icant, the applicant’s first and last name, date of birth and the benefit that the applicant is seeking. The user agency f should enter the name that appears on the applicant’s most recent immigration document. Nevertheless, i SAVE finds a match on initial verification, it will return the name used by the user agency to run the verification, regardless of the aliases that SAVE encounter when checking the records available to may SAVE. SAVE cannot verify status using only the applicant’s name and date of bi rth or social security number. The user agency submits an initial request for verification based upon the information provided by the applicant. SAVE compares this information to federal government records and returns a response with the he majority of corresponding immi gration status information. T SAVE requests are resolved on initial verification. However, in some instances, status cannot be verified immediately through initial verification and SAVE requires additional information or copies of the applicant’s immigration document in order to does not necessarily mean that the applicant is not authorized to be complete the verif ication. This result in the United States or is ineligible to receive the benefit. It means that the user must submit an additional : Refer to 3.4.1.for guidance on verification request so that SAVE can conduct further research. Note proper use of SAVE and when additional verification is required. the When submitting documents to SAVE for additional v erification, users only need to provide copies of efer to “ the applicant provided. R original cards, forms, and documents A Guide on Immigration Documents 10 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

14 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide ” under “Resources” in the SAVE System for examples of these Commonly Used by Benefit Applicants documents. The user must return the original document to the applicant. If an applicant does not have documentation because, for example, the document was lost or stolen, users should refer the applicant to USCIS to obtain new documentation before submitting a verification request. Refer to the SAVE System User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions under “Resources” in the SAVE System for additional information about the Verification Process. Electronic Verification 5.1.1 ies with the appropriate method to access SAVE based on the agency’s needs . SAVE provides agenc methods: Currently, the SAVE Program offers two access Web-based Access – Offers secure Internet acce • ss to SAVE using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. • Web Services – A type of interface designed to supp ort a machine-to-machine conne ction over a network, such as the Internet. Web Services agencies must build ction to meet the SAVE their conne ent (ICA). Agencies have one year to incorporate new requirements when Interface Control Agreem ated based on changes to the SAV E Syst em. the ICA is upd Under either s may submit both initial verification requests and additional verification access method, user requests based upon the information provided by the applicant. Initia l Verifi cat ion For the u ser subm its a re quest using inform ation contained in the document presented by initial veri fication, cant’s nefit applic ant. SAVE searches databas es available to DHS for records that match the appli the be nt cant’s curre appli electro nic re sponse with the an will provide , SAVE inform ation. Within seconds immi the user to “I nstitute Addi tional Veri fication.” ge prompting gration status or a messa appli cant’s immi gration status is confirm ed, the veri fication process is complete. If the status is not If the ser or applic ed, or the u has a concern ant confirm about the verification response, the veri fication process can continue by the u ser requesting addi tional veri fication. Additiona l Verific ation to complete the There are times when it may be necessary to conduct addi tional verification steps examples include verification process. Some : • When the user receives the response “Institute Addi tional Verification” (IAV). Users must not interpret an IAV response to mean that the applic ant is not in an elig ible immi gration status When • the user receives a response to “Resubm it Doc” • If the applic ant is concerned about the response • if the returned by the SAVE Syst em - For example, If the user has concerns about any information document information E response does ant’s immi gration not match the applic SAV Note : Refer to 3.4.1.for guidance on proper use of SAVE and when additional verification is necessary. 11 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

15 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide SAVE has two addi tional verification levels, which are referred to as second and third level verification. Second level verification offe rs the user agency the option to submit addi tional information. The user may submit: • User Case Number - the num ber the agency uses to track the verification case • name or alias ant’s maiden The applic • Another num ber identifier - I-94 Number or Passport Number and Country of Issuance to the status verifier • Special Comments - the user may send comments regarding the case • with or without providing additional A copy of the front and back of the applicant’s document, information for verification using Scan and Upload. This could avoid the possibility of having to go to third level verification Once the user submits the additional information (or submits the request without any additional information) for second level verification, a status verifier searches the appropriate databases for the applicant’s the applicant’s status or a request to records. Within 3 to 5 respond with federal working days, SAVE will applicant’s immigration status is confirmed, the verification process is complete and .” If the “Resubmit Doc the case is closed. However, if the response from SAVE is “other” and the user has concerns about any information provided SAVE on the second level response, the user may request third level verification or contact SAVE at by 877-469-2563. Under any other circumstances when an agency has concerns about a SAVE second level response, the agency may contact SAVE at that telephone number. If the documents were not submitted by Scan and Upload at the second level , third level verification may be required to c omplete the request. If the user receives a response to “Resubmit Doc” , they must attach a copy of the front and back of the applicant’s document with or without providing additional information and submit the verification request by Scan and U pload. submit the , a user agency may be allowed to Under extraordinary circumstances as determined by SAVE cation by printing and mailing the Form G third level request for verifi -845 to the agency’s designated Status Verification Operations (SVO) Office address along with photocopies of the front and back of the applicant’s immigration document(s) . If a G -845 is not submitted without prior approval by the SAVE Program, it will be rejected. response will occur within three to five When the documents are sent by routine Scan and Upload, the because of extraordinary business days. If the G the document(s) are mailed -845 and copies of approval from SAVE circumsta nces and pre- , the response will be mailed within 10 to 20 Federal working and the attached immigration document(s). days from the date of receipt of the Form G -845 If the applicant’s immigration status is confirmed, the verification process is complete. If the status is not confirmed, Examples of SAVE will provide additional information or guidance concerning how to proceed. “Unable to Verify, Advise Applicant to visit local USCIS office to such responses and instructions include inquire” or “Unable to Verify, Advise Applicant to visit local CBP office to inquire about incorrect data on I- 94.” 12 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

16 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide Additionally, if the user has concerns about any information provided by SAVE on a third level response, the user may contact SAVE Customer Service at 877-469-2563. Paper 5.1.2 -based Verification -based verification method that may SAVE provides a paper be appropriate for agencies in only determined by the SAVE Program . Submissions of paper G-845 -based extraordinary situations as verification requests without prior approval by SAVE will be rejected. When approved, user agencies may submit a request to verify an applicant’s immigration status by mailing a USCIS Form G -845, Document Ve rification Request, with photocopies of the front and back of the applicant’s immigration document(s) to a designated SVO Office. The SVO office has 10 to 20 federal working days from the date of receipt to -845 to the -845 and copies of any related immigration document(s) and mail the Form G review the Form G agency with the applicant’s current immigration status or the action necessary to complete the verification process. If the applicant’s immigration status is confirmed, the verification process is complete. If the status is not -845 will provide additional information or guidance concerning how to proceed. confirmed, the Form G 5.1.3 Verification Response Times The design of the verification process allows USCIS to respond quickly to submitting agencies’ requests. Initial verifications take a few seconds. Additional second level verifications take three to five federal working days. Depending on the complexity of the case, the third level verification will take approximately three to five federal working days following receipt of the electronically scanned and uploaded document. If by mail with specific approval by SAVE , the response should be mail ed the documents were submitted 10 to 20 working days. within 5.1.4 Special Circumstances In certain situations, such as when a user suspects fraud or when an applicant is medically disabled, the verification process may be modified or expedited. The following sections describe how to handle these situations. Lack of or Expired Documentation If an applicant is unable to present any immigration documentation as evidence of his or her immigration status or only has an expired document, refer the applicant to the USCIS Contact Center, found at to obtain documentation of his or her immigration status. You can also refer the applicant to fact Records Fast Facts for Benefit Applicants” so they may download a copy of the “ sheet in order to contact the agency that originally issued the applicant’s document. a Lawful Permanent Resident’s Permanent Resident card does not mean the end of An expiration date on an individual’s lawful permanent residence status. If an individual has not lost status, SAVE may still be able to verify lawful permanent residence status from an expired card. Additionally, in some instances, USCIS may issue extensions for certain expired documents. In such situations please refer to USCIS and SAVE announcements concerning extended validity of certain expired documents. 13 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

17 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide Exceptional and Expedited Cases In exceptional circumstances, SAVE may be able to assist with expediting a verification case. A SAVE user agency is required to show good cause for such a request (for example, that the applicant is hospitalized or disabled and cannot obtain an immigration document). In these cases, the agency should contact Status Verification Operations (SVO) at 877 -469-2563 and discuss the case before submitting it. SVO will consider the request and advise whether it is appropriate to submit as an “exceptional” case for additional assistance or expedited processing. If so, SVO will provide further instructions for submitting the case. If the applicant can only provide an identification document, rather than an immigration document, or no e but cannot guarantee that immigration status will be found and document at all, SVO will research the cas provided, as the applicant did not provide the required immigration identifiers. Counterfeit or Altered Documents that appears to be counterfeit or altered (e.g., it shows characteristics such as photograph A document or substitution be used for ink discoloration) can an initial verification with a request for additional and comments that the user su the document to be fraudulent spects submit the will verificati on and to SAVE for verification. document 6. SUPPORT SAVE is committed to providing outstanding customer service. To that end, SAVE offers the following training options and customer support. Training Options 6.1 SAVE provides users with several training opportunities including webinars and customized training to meet an agency’s specific needs. All trainings are available upon request. To make arrangements for training: • Visit the SAVE Website Resources or • Contact us at: (877) 469-2563; or l us at: [email protected] • E-mai “TRAINING REQUEST: “ Desired Course Title” . I nclude in Provide your agency’s name, telephone number and e-mail address . the subject line. All users are required to take the SAVE Tutorial which is available when a user logs on to SAVE. On an as-needed basis, SAVE will tailor training to your agency’s specific needs. Training courses (including the updates. Tutorial) are subject to change, so user agencies should monitor SAVE notifications for tutorial 6.2 Resources In addition to the above training options, SAVE provides various resources and reference material s to assist you w ith using the system. The following resources, among others, are avai lable by selecting SAVE’s Homepage: “Resources” on – Defines all terms and concepts used throughout the online system Glossary of Terms • 14 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

18 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide • – Provides a listing of COA codes and a description of the Class of Admission (COA) Code Table immigration status associ ate with each code • User Reference Guide – Provides detailed instructions on proper use of the SAVE System • Self -Assessment Guide – Offers a tool for agencies to perform internal monitoring and compliance integrity of their the overall assessments to support proper use of SAVE and improve SAVE verifications. It identifies general SAVE requirements that must be followed by agencies • A Guide on Immigration Documents Commonly Used by Benefit Applicants - Provides assist ance in identifying the immigration documents commonly used by benefit applicants - • Guide to Understanding SAVE Verification Responses Provides general guidance for interpreting SAVE responses. • Fact Sheet: Information for SAVE Users: How to Verify Citizens of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands – Provides guidance on how best to verify these individuals in SAVE. - Evidence of Immigration Status for Temporary Fact Sheet Information for SAVE Users • - Provides guidance on how to identify automatically extended Protected Status Beneficiaries Form I-766, issued to individuals with Temporary Protected ocuments Employment Authorization d Status when verifying immigration status with SAVE . 6.3 Contact Information assist you with any additional questions. Pl ease direct your inquiries to the SAVE is always available to listed below: appropriate contact sources Program Assistance • Program -wide inquiries • Program policies and procedures • Registration questions/concerns (877) 469-2563 7:00 Phone: Time, Monday through Friday from pm Central am to 5:00 Email [email protected] : – Please include the name of your agency Technical Support • Technical problems or questions regarding the SAVE system • Inability to gain access • System failures • Unusually slow response times available (800) 741-5023 Phone : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Case Status Support • Status of electronic verification requests pending over 10 Federal working days 15 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

19 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide nding over 20 Federal working days • Form G-845 requests pe DHS Case in Continuance pending over 20 Federal working days • • Congressional inquiry cases • Any concerns about a SAVE second or third level response Phone: (877) 469-2563 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (Agency Use Only) . Please have the case verification number available when making your inquiry . SAVE Website • SAVE Program information, including governing laws, transaction charges, the verification process , registration process, SAVE Resources and SAVE CaseCheck USCIS Website • USCIS policies and resources • Immigration and naturalization information RONYMS AND AC IX A: 7. APPEND IATIONS ABBREV Term Definition ACA Anticipated Collections Addendum Benefit Applicant An applicant ( whether a noncitizen or U.S. citizen) applying for a public benefit CMA Computer Matching Agreement COA Class of Admission DHS Department of Homeland Security ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement IIRIRA Responsibility Act Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Immigration and Naturalization Service INS Immigration Reform and Control Act IRCA M&C Monitoring and Compliance MOA Memorandum of Agreement PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act SAVE Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Program CIS) -US Status Verification Operations (DHS SVO 16 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

20 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services User Agency An agency that maintains access to SAVE 17 Page 9 201 MARCH Revised

21 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide ND 8. APPE IX B: FACT SHEE TS General Records Content Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Fast Facts for Benefit Applicants Where to Go for Help to Correct, Obtain, Renew or Replace a Record What is SAVE? The SAVE) Progr am prov ides a fa st, secure and efficient verifi cation Systematic Alien Verification for Entitleme nts ( service th loc al benefit-granting and licensin g agen cies use to verify your status as a non- at fede ral, state and grant or natu raliz ed/derived c when you apply for a license or gov ernme nt benefit. The immigrant, immi itizen igration Service (USC IS) adm iniste rs SAVE. To Department of Home land Security (DHS) U.S. Ci tizenship and Imm /save. www. t SAVE, visit the SAVE website at: le arn more abou oes SAVE need in order to verify y our immigrat ion status? What d status, the cy mu st pro vide SAVE with your curre nt biographic To verify your benefit-grantin g/licensin g agen fi rst name, last name and date of birth) and a nume ric iden tifier (such as; Alien Numbe r, Form I-94, information ( ival/ De partu re Record Num ber, Student and Exchange Visitor Information Syst em (SEVI S) ID number or Arr reign Passport Unexpired Fo r). Numbe appens What h t ver ify yo ur status? if SAVE canno immi or update your may correct status, you t immi with record If SAVE cann ot verif y your curren gration gration SAVE cannot corre You ent of Ho meland Secur ity (DHS). partm ct, re new or replace records . the De mu st ency that issued contact the DHS ag your record. WHERE TO GO FOR HELP TO CORRECT, OBTAIN, RENEW OR REPLACE A RECORD ection (CBP) U.S. U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services ( USCIS) nd Border Prot Custo ms a For instructions an obtain, correct, d forms on how to in tment s:// my.u http renew or replace a: • Certifica te of Citi zensh ip or Certifica te of Natu raliz atio n visit: www or www .uscis .gov/n -600 For visit: nt Card • side m I-551, Pe rmane nt Re www -90 For m I-766, Emp loy ment Authorizati on • visit: www Card • For m I-94 issued by USCIS visit: www -102 For ons and assistance: questi Call the USCIS Call Center at: 1 (800) 375-5283  For information abo  ut schedul ing an appoin tment to ta lk to a USCIS off icer in person isit: at a local USCIS off ice usin g INFOPASS v 18 Page Revised 201 9 MARCH

22 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide rect your if you need to replace or cor CBP Contact 94 issues dedicated to responding to Form I- par ture Record. I-94 , Arrival-De Form (SEVP) Stud ent and Excha nge Visitor Program Form CBP will cor rect the  I-94 recor ds that d to visitor are a stud and nee If you ent or exchange originated at Deferred I nspection S ites CBP's record: ect your corr (DIS). Visit the CBP website at: deferred- cument/ guidan http w.cbp. gov/do ce/ s://ww designated school official (DSO) or  Contact your lis t of a ll DIS’s for a inspection-sites responsible officer person ca nnot (RO). If that help you, con tact the SEVP Response Ce nter NFO Center at  Or v isit the CBP I (SRC ) at: 1 (703) 603-3400 or at [email protected] INFO Ce nter s The is taff s:// help.cbp. gov. http 20 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

23 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide elan d Security U.S. Depar tment of Hom mmi gr at ion Services itiz ens hi p and I U.S. C Wa shi ng ton, DC 200 24 Verificat ion Division Fact Sheet Information for Registrants: Verification of Citizenship Status and How to Obtain Your Document or Correct Your Record with USCIS Many federal, state a nd local agencies verify the imm igration or citi zenship status of benefit ts to e applican ve nsure that only qualified aliens or naturalized and derived citizens recei benefits. These agencies verify imm igration or citizenship status by using the Systematic Alien rity, Verification for Entit lements (S AV E) Progr am of the U.S. Department of Homeland Secu U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The voter registration agency in you E Progr am for r state has submitt ed information to the SAV f your verification o canno t conf irm you r citizenship status citizenship. Because the USCIS based upon information provided by t he agency, you must be given an oppor tunity by t he voter rds with USCIS registration rovi de the c orre ct documentation or corre ct you r reco agency to p and/or appeal the d enial o f your voter registration . Please not e that t here a re a num ber of o reas may not ns why USCIS citizenship, e.g., USCIS cannot confirm be able to verify your your naturalization record because the record is still in process AV E . The inability of the S am to v erify your Progr that you are not a citizen of the citizenship does not necessarily mean United States a nd are ineligible to vot e. If you need a replacement of you r Naturalization Ce rtificate or Ce rtificate of Citizenship or believe that the USCIS e to t he voter registration agency did not provide accurate respons information about your citi zenship status and you need to make corre ctions to you r citizenship record, pleas e contact USCIS b y using one of the following methods : Fil e a F 1. orm N-565 to obtain a replacement of your Naturaliz ation Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship. N-565 and instructions for fili ng can be found on the The Form at: USCIS Website -565 and Form N -565 Instructions Form N 2. Schedule an appo intment for an in-person interview at a local USCIS offi ce to correct your record. ntment at a local USCIS offi ce on the USCIS You may schedule an appoi website , USCIS Infopass or by calling the National Customer Service Center, 1-800- 375- 5283 . Scheduling an appo intment is the fastest way to corre ct your records. We recomme nd r n evidencing you bring to your ntment this Fact Sheet, documentatio appoi that you Revised MAY 2018 19 Page

24 For Official Use Only SAVE Program Guide ation rning citizenship status, and any inform provided by the voter registration agency conce why you r citiz enship status could not be verified. Submit a request in writing to corr ect your record. If you know the informatio 3. n that needs to be correc ted in you r record, you may subm it a reque st to corre ct you r records to the Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) Office at the follo wing address: Privacy Act Amendment igration Services U.S. Citizenship and Imm Nation al Records Ce nter FOIA/PA Offi ce P.O. Box 648 010 Lee’s Summit, MO 64064- 8010 ing i We mm end that you include the foll ow reco nfor mat ion in yo ur submission, if avai lable :  nefits status documents on naturalizati immigration/ Copies of your  State that you were denied be rate that is inaccu rate  Reas on it is inaccu Information   Propo sed change(s) to the record  A-File num ber and/ or the full name  Date and pl ace of birth  Notarized signature of the applicant A return add st in locating that may assi Other information rd the reco   ress the information you need to correct, you may submit a written request to If you do not know , FOIA/PA Request obtain your reco rds by submitti -639 ng Form G . This form is available from the nearest USCIS office or USCIS Website Form G -639 . You shou ld use the a ddr ess specified “Privacy Act Request” rather th an “Privacy Act Amendment.” enve lope e, but mark the abov 20 Page Revised MARCH 201 9

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