Library of Congress Classification Outline: Class A General Works


1 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CLASSIFICATION OUTLINE CLASS A - GENERAL WORKS (Click each subclass for details) Subclass AC Series. Collected works Collections. Subclass AE Encyclopedias ss AG Dictiona Subcla nd other genera l reference works ries a Subclass AI Indexes Subclass AM Museums. Collectors and collecting Subclass AN Newspapers Subcla Periodica ls ss AP Subclass AS Academies and learned societies Subcla ss AY Yea rbooks. Alma nacs. Directories Subcla ss AZ History of schola rship a nd lea rning. The huma nities

2 Subclass AC AC1-999 Series. Collected works Collections. AC1-195 Collections of monographs, essays, etc. AC1-8 American and English AC9-195 Other languages AC200 ers Collections for Jewish read AC801-895 Inaugural and program dissertations AC901-995 Pamphlet collections AC999 Scrapbooks

3 Subclass AE AE1-(90) Encyclopedias AE5-(90) By language

4 Subclass AG AG2-600 Dictionaries and othe r general ref erence works

5 Subclass AI AI1-21 Indexes

6 Subclass AM Museums. Collectors and collecting AM1-(501) AM10-100 By country AM111-160 Museology. Museum methods, technique, etc. AM200-(501) Collectors and collecting

7 Subclass AN AN Newspape rs

8 Subclass AP Periodicals AP1-(271) AP101-115 Humorous periodicals AP200-230 Juvenile periodicals AP(250)-(265) Periodicals for women AP(270)-(271) Periodicals for Blacks

9 Subclass AS AS1-945 Academies and learned societies AS2.5-4 International associations , congresses, conferences, etc. By region or country AS11-785

10 Subclass AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories AY10-2001 AY10-29 Annuals AY30-1730 Almanacs AY2001 Directories. General works on the compilation of directories, etc. Class directories by subject in B-Z

11 Subclass AZ History of scholarshi p and learning. The humanities AZ(20)-999 AZ101-(181) Philosophy. Theory AZ191-193 Evaluation AZ200-361 History AZ501-908 By region or country

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